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Mardi Gras Affair

The Mardi Gras event kicked off with a bead contest the likes of which New Orleans has never seen.  So what did the ladies do to earn the beads?  What didn't they do is the question which should be asked.  With the help of a big boobied guest, I started the night by explaining to a sexy guest who had come all the way from Canada what it takes earn some beads.

During the night we also celebrated our friend Leilene's 27th birthday.  Things got heated when Leilene was being eaten out by one girl while getting her boobs sucked by another.  I couldn't resist and joined in on the three ladies.  Soon, I was joined by several more sexy ladies including Hera and another cutie who was was attending a sex party for the first time. 

Before we knew it, there were half a dozen sexy ladies front and center all helping celebrate Leilene's special day!  We looked up at the ceiling to see our reflection on the glass overlooking the gorgeous Manhattan skyline.  BCD arranged for another fantastic multi-million dollar venue--clean, posh, upscale and "user-friendly."  To accommodate all the hot guests, there was an L-shaped sectional couch.  As we looked up from the girl on girl fun towards the couch, we saw every last inch of the couch being utilized by the guests who had conveniently started playing.  Couples were even getting frisky against the walls--everywhere we looked, hot people were hooking up.

In attendance was Mr. and Ms. Titan.  I was so horny from being teased, I grabbed Titan's foot-long, throbbing cock and asked him to strap on a condom and fuck me.  It was my first cock of the night (but not my last) and I picked the largest cock at the party!  I don't really remember many details as the fuck session all seemed like a magical blur--but I do remember cumming once and continue fucking until I came for a second time.  After that, I had to take a break.

My friends Leilene and Charlie who I hadn't seen in so long came back upstairs to play.  I couldn't resist Charlie's good looks and fantastic cunnilingus technique.  Boy, does he know how to use his tongue!  He kept eating me out and teasing me until he got to the end and then, he used his finger and finished me off.  I then laid the two of them down and sucked Charlie off while fingering Leilene.  I successfully multitasked -- pleasuring both of them.  As soon as Leilene was about to cum, I felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter and she squirted ever so little before literally pushing my fingers out of her pussy (she has a crazy amount of muscle control down there!)

There was so much sex going on everywhere, it was hard for me to focus in on any one thing.  I handed Hera two cocks to put in her mouth--Titan's and her husband Apollo.  It was wild.  Needless to say, no one has ever seen ladies do such crazy things as they did for beads that night.  The winner of the contest was a sexy lady who was on a mission to do whatever it took to win--and let's just say showing her boobs was only the beginning...


On top of the world at BCD

For the past four years, BCD has redefined the swing scene and introduced the selective swinging movement.  No longer were young, hot couples and single women forced to endure disappointing events or skeevy clubs filled with geriatrics.  BCD has remained a beacon of hope for a scene which was tired and, quite frankly, extremely nasty.

To celebrate four years, BCD pulled out all the stops.  The festivities took place at a penthouse that was selected as one of Manhattan's hottest.  With a guest list filled with dozens of gorgeous guests, I knew we were in for one incredible night.

It was an incredible August  evening.  Guests were able to enjoy the plentiful outdoor space available on each balcony.  As guests arrived, they rushed outdoors to see the jaw-dropping views of Manhattan's most famous skyscraper.  We had a feeling that there would be some fun taking place outside, but we had no idea how hot it would actually get...

We had planned to wait for the porn stars and have a contest, but our guests couldn't wait.  It was barely 11pm and clothes were beginning to come off.  Guests couldn't help getting frisky, as the vibe was super-sexy and one glance around the space revealed dozens of hotties.  

So, the fun began.  Jack and Noreen, two of our regulars who have become BCD "ambassadors", shocked guests as Jack clipped a collar and leash on Noreen.  Truth be told, I had given it to them as a gift, and they had used it once before -- but this time, Jack would pass the buck to several other guests.  It began with a wild blow job, Noreen's specialty.  Front and center, all eyes were on them.  Suddenly, more people approached and an all out orgy began around them.  Jack has a special way about him; while he's definitely dominant in bed, he's also a complete gentleman.  He gauges his playmates and is careful before pushing the envelope.  But women are always putty in his hands, because he knows exactly what he is doing.

I made my way into one of the other play areas, when I happened upon a shocking scene.  As you probably realize, it takes a lot to shock me -- but I saw an awesome display.  In the massive bathroom I saw two couples and a gorgeous single female.  Two of the girls were eating out the other, while the men took turns fucking them.  Yes, it was Greg and Lynn introducing some of our newer members to BCD etiquette, sharing is caring.

The single girl in the scene was a first timer, and in fact, a college girl!  Young and ready, she jumped right into the fun.  I was definitely impressed.

And then, Nigel came.  It had been quite some time since I had seen him, as he's been busy with work and relocated away from NYC.  But we always have undeniable chemistry, so whenever I do get to see him -- it's a wickedly good time.  Since Rocco is always so busy helping me manage the parties, I took the liberty of inviting Nigel as my date.  

I quickly showed Nigel around.  He was impressed at how BCD had grown and how classy it had truly become.  I didn't care about the compliments, I wanted to get down to business.  I grabbed him and took him to the play area.  Rocco found us, and before I knew it was jerking one cock with each hand and switching back and worth as I sucked each of their cocks.

Jack had made his way over to the same area and I also saw one of our new members who had impressed me at the last BCD event.  Scarlet had been insatiable at the last event, and loved the way Jack took her.  I knew she was down for fun after seeing her in action, so I introduced her to Nigel.  Her eyes lit up when she saw his massive member.  "Wow, that's a big dick!" she exclaimed.

I told her to take Rocco and Nigel and suck them both off.  Scarlet did, beautifully.  Then, Nigel took his big dick and slid right inside my wet pussy.  I moaned in ecstasy as he built up the pace.  He pounded my pussy so well, and I begged for more.  It didn't take me very long to orgasm, but Nigel held it in.  I knew he wanted to fuck some more girls, and I wanted to introduce him to some.

Rocco fucked Scarlet furiously until he came.  He must've been really turned on by her dirty talk (and boy, does she have a FILTHY mouth -- I loved hearing her!!) because he wouldn't cum so quickly!  When he was done, Nigel took right over and began fucking her doggy style.  It was so hot to watch.

What happened next was something I had not ever seen.  It was one of the most amazing sex scenes ever. I mean EVER... I've seen lots of sex, but seldom am I am so shocked and impressed that I literally gasp.  Up until around 1AM I was focused in the play areas.  But when I notice that people were outside on the balcony, I went out to take a look.  Literally rail to rail, the balcony was FILLED with bodies.  In one corner, a couple was taking turns eating out Scarlet.  In another corner, couples were swapping on a couch.  In the middle, a girl-girl-girl-girl scene.  Another couple was standing up; she grabbed onto the rails and leaned forward while he was taking her.

All this with a million dollar view of the Empire State Building on the most perfect summer night.  As Rocco and I got involved, I thought I was dreaming.  Up in the clouds, on top of the world at BCD...  I took Nigel's big cock for another ride while sucking off Rocco.  They traded up a few times, and I was in pure ecstasy.  Greg joined in on the fun and I took turned sucking the three boys' cocks.  A beautiful blonde was getting eating on while spread eagle on one of the balcony's tables.

All this continued for the rest of the night.  Nigel didn't cum until the very end, while the gorgeous Lynn rode his big cock in the "cowgirl" position on one of the couches.

Best party I have ever been to?  I think so ;)

Hot Orgy, Summer in the City

It was almost a hundred degrees outside, but the real heat was at Behind Closed Doors' Summer Heat event.  Located at our new posh penthouse location in Manhattan, guests admired the stunning views from around the gorgeous space as well as each of the balconies. One couple commented, "This is unbelievable.  How do you find such amazing locations while charging so little?"  I believe that location is key in throwing an unbelievable party.  Attending BCD should be everything that attending any other "swinger" club or party is not: sophisticated, classy, and extremely sexy.

And, because making money has never been a motivating factor at BCD, we have the ability to screen our guest list and pull out all the stops for invited guests.  It's a unique concept, and it only works because Rocco and I have decided to be swing philanthropists in order to welcome hot, young couples and single ladies to a comfortable, laid-back environment. 

Swing School welcomed eager newbies who wished to learn a bit about the lifestyle.  We ended the session with a champagne toast and got started on the night.

Couples poured in -- and so did the single females.  With a ratio of 1 single female for every 4 couples, there was plenty of opportunity to make that "MFF" threesome cum true.

Venus, who had found out about BCD from my feature article on Above the Law, came out on her own.  Venus had been a seasoned swinger in her previous relationship, but had decided to try it out by herself.  I knew she would like our masseuse, Colossus, since she had mentioned that she had a particular interest in tall, muscular blonde men.  They hit it off right away.

As the bikini competition started, I heard Venus' screams as Colossus started to pound her pussy.  Normally, I would have gone over, but I was taken aback by the gorgeous women parading around in bikinis.  It may have been hot outside, but it was sizzlin' inside!  We actually had two winners, one of whom was a gorgeous petite asian girl who had attended her first party mere months ago.

When the contest ended, the action started.  Colossus continued to fuck the hell out of Venus, while Jack and Noreen got started on a bed.  Jack always puts on a show as he is a true sexual Olympian.  Hera, one of my favorite guests with killer pierced nipples and an amazing ass, dragged me to the bed and we began making out.  Before I knew it, Rocco joined us, as did Apollo.  One of the wildest girls I know, Mandy, also jumped in and started sucking Rocco's cock.  Greg, with his big block cock, and Lynn also started up with us.  It became a maze of bodies, writhing together in ecstasy.  A few newbie couples even decided to join into the orgy.

I've seen a LOT of hot sex, but I think this scene stands out in my head because the swapping was quick and efficient.  After getting their fill, the guys would seamlessly grab condoms and switch partners.  Team-work was strong as members of the orgy passed condoms to the needy.  At one point, our hostess tossed condoms out like they were confetti -- we were using the rubbers at record rates.  Kudos to safe sex!

Titan made his appearance and did his rounds.  Hera and I sucked his cock together and prepped him for a session with Lynn's tight pussy.  Two female guests, who had come together, were flabbergasted when they saw Titan's foot-long member.  One of them had sucked outside, on the balcony, while the other tried her hand (err, mouth) at it in one of the bedrooms.  They had only intended to watch, but couldn't resist trying out one of the biggest cocks they had ever seen.  When Titan tore open the Magnum XL wrapper, the girls said, "Oh, I would hate to be wasteful with a condom.  Let's try it out, just for a bit..."  Suffice to say, Titan made them believers.

We may have started the orgy, but the guests continued it.  I saw sex in each and every room.  Orgies, threesomes, foursomes, and, of course, a bunch of beginners who were excited just showing off.  It was Mission: Success.

By the end of the night, eager guests asked: "So when is the next one!?!"  That's the best comment I could hope to hear.

January's Wall of Shamer

January's Wall of Shame is a single woman who broke the cardinal rule of swinging--don't piss off one partner in hopes to hook up with the other.  This lady, let's call her "Jezzebel," had hooked up with me and Rocco in a three-some.  However, during the three-some, I was rather bored by her cock-hogging ways and selfishness.  Don't get me wrong, I had a great time with Rocco as I always do, but this lady just kept trying to take the cock as if she was the only woman in the room.  A cock-hog in a MFF threesome is a recipe for diaster.  But, I was a good sport about it.  As she took the cock, I ate her out and touched myself.  I thought Rocco and I made the best out of the situation and regardless of the fact that Jezzebel had a bad attitude, I still managed to have a good time as did Rocco.

A few days passed and Jezzebel started sending Rocco text messages about how hot the three-some was.  I'm sure Rocco was flattered and it would've been great if she left it at that.  However, this lady wanted to bring her drama along for the ride.  She would send me an email saying opposite of what she would tell Rocco.  Often, she tried to make up scenerios and situations hoping that a rift would be created between me and Rocco so she could have him all to herself.  Silly girl.  Didn't she know Rocco and I are swingers which means we communicate and are not dishonest with each other?  At first, I laughed at her tactics, but eventually when she wouldn't stop, she started to get a bit on my nerves.  She brought her drama into my life and thought she had a chance to break apart our relationship. 

She eventually sent me an email to apologize for any problems she may have caused.  Maybe she was ready to leave the drama at the door and have some true, no strings attached sex.  After all, I wasn't looking for a troubled girlfriend and neither was Rocco.  I thought it would be appropriate for me to not be so hard on her and give her a second chance.  So, we invited her once again to have some fun with us.  Luckily, it wasn't the three of us alone again because if so, I would have needed a plastic cock because I wouldn't be touching a real one all night.  I was distracted playing with other friends as she and Rocco played together.  So, everyone was happy.

Afterwards, I received countless emails and messages from Jezzebel once again.  She would send me the stupidest text messages during work and I really didn't appreciate it.  So, I did the decent thing and just ignored her.  However, she continued to lie and betray me and Rocco.  After I kept ignoring her, she would make up lies and message Rocco giving him details about "the conversation Sex Kitten and I had."  I'm not sure if she realized that she was having a one-way conversation or cared.  However, shame on Jezzebel for attempting to create a rift between two swingers.  It's a good thing Rocco and I have been doing this for a while because I can see if Jezzebel acted this way around a newbie couple, it could have turned ugly.  She could use a dose of Swing School and an Intro. to Swinging.

A Red-Carpet Affair-the XXXtreme Oscars Party

The XXXtreme party started kicked off Oscar weekend and I was glad to end my week with a BANG.  It is so difficult to find single males to invite to XXXtreme, as most of the men who apply are rejected.  I am always getting e-mails from men asking "Why can't I come, Sex Kitten?"  If you have to ask, this event is not for you.  But, have no fear--there are about a dozen so called fake "swingers" event in the city who will gladly accept you into their disgusting, dingy parties.  Sorry, but if XXXtreme is going to be the world's only truly selective swinger party open to select single men who are not only hot and hung but gentlemen, we can't accept every Tom, Dick and Hairy (yes, Hairy as in the unkempt losers who can't bother grooming down there).  As they say, with great power comes great responsibility and I have to look out for the hot, horny women of NYC who attend my exclusive events!

With that being said and not to my surprise, we again had more women attending the intimate affair than men because, as I have described, XXXtreme goes for quality over quantity.  I guess us ladies had to deal with the dick shortage the best we could--by sharing.  As soon as the ladies changed into lingerie, it was time to get it on.  Rocco and I met Sandra and Mitch only a few months back at a BCD party.  Even though these two were newly introduced to the lifestyle, they were not shy and totally confident about themselves and their relationship.  They must have a very special relationship to attend the XXXtreme party which is ONLY for full-swap couples (we don't want gawkers, just people who are open to playing -- for those who aren't ready, there is always BCD).  I just love to meet such open, honest and sexy people.

Sandra wore a black corset top showing off her beautiful boobs and a sexy, itty-bitty skirt.  It didn't take us long to get her to take her top off and hook up.  We started playing with each other and our respective partners put their cocks inside of us.  I heard her moans next to me and I knew this lady was a firecracker.  Mitch swapped with Rocco and strapped on a condom and slipped his dick inside me.  I'm not sure if it was all the build up during the night or the fact that I just need some good cock, but I came pretty fast with Mitch's technique.  He teased my clit while he fucked me, but ever so gently.  This was the first time I had a chance to play with these two and I was glad they both brought their A-game.  I saw Rocco and Mitch double team Sandra and provide her with two cocks while I took a break and watched.  Mitch almost wore me out!

Our Brazilian cock-loving friend with amazing big, natural breasts (winner of our first annual Mardi Gras party in 2008) was getting it on in a different play room.  Rocco couldn't help himself and fucked the shit out of her.  Ms. Brazil is one insatiable lady -- I saw her grab a few more cocks to continue to fuck her.  "I need more single guys!" she told me as she was getting fucked.  I thought, "Don't we all!?" -- but sorting through a dozens of guys to find even ONE good one is a daunting task.  She was able to find more dicks as the guys rotated over to her and I saw her make at least two of them cum!

At the end of the night, as I was beat, I joined the ladies for some conversations and a glass full of water.  Can't wait for the next one; I hope we can fill Miss Brazil's fantasy next time around!

BCD Valentine's Day Lock & Key - A Cocktail Orgy

A few times a year, I am invited to attend some of the hottest cocktail reception and red-carpet affairs in the city.  Most of these posh events, however, are often pretty boring.  Women come in to these affairs wearing cleavage-bearing dresses and that scream "I am ready to fuck!" but nothing really goes down--unless the occasional rumors about two people hooking up for a quickie in the bathroom are true.  Even still, if I'm all dressed up, I'd rather fuck AT the party then in a sketchy bathroom.  Besides, Rocco and I have already been there, done that.  So, I thought to myself, why not host a Behind Closed Doors party at one of these posh penthouses on top of the world looking down at the city lights and the Manhattan skyline?  Why not host the party for Valentine's Day and appropriately host it during Fashion Week?  It took a lot of planning, but we made my vision come true!

Now, if you have never been to a BCD party but have been so very lucky to attend other so-called  "swinger" affairs in and around the city, you may think that posh and swinger party does not go together.  But, my friends, you would be wrong because BCD made it happen once again.

Our first set of guests arrived before the party even began to join us for swing school.  Again, you may ask yourself, who the hell shows up to a "swing" party early?  Again, I say, BCD is no ordinary swing party!

As we walked around and met up with all our old and new friends, I could not help but stop and stare at all the gorgeous people.  I often wonder that if I wasn't the one at the organizing side of the party but was a guest, what would I think when I walked in to these events?  If I hadn't pre-approved each and everyone of the hot guests and shown up as one of the lucky, invited guests to the party, what would I do?  I think I would just be astonished to see so many beautiful and genuine people--there were women that looked like the girl next door, models, women with curves--all with great attitudes and non-pretentious.

I saw even some of the shyest guests come out of their shells and participate in the lock and key game.  Before long, women changed into their hottest lingerie and the fun began.

Our amazing friends Hera and Apollo came dressed in their best.  Hera was glowing in her short dress with her beautiful breasts peaking out leaving us wanting more and Apollo looked hot, sexy and confident, especially next to his special babe.  Apollo is always surprising me with his cunnilingus techniques and he is one of the few men who is as good at eating pussy as he is at fucking it--and he is great at both and has made me cum so good!  At one time, Rocco and Linda started to go down on me while I made out with Hera as she was also getting eaten out.  I was moaning in ecstasy as I came.  I looked up to see a reflection of everyone on the bed with us engaging in fun.  It was a most beautiful location to be a part of an orgy--up in the sky looking directly at Manhattan's most iconic skyline.  I have seen celebrities in photo shoots in this spot before, but what BCD produced was beyond anything that even Charley Sheen could dream up (minus the drugs)--that is, if he wasn't so fucked up.    

I then took a break but not for too long.  We decided to go down to the play room to follow the sounds of moans.  We found ourselves a little corner to start having fun and were soon joined by others.  My pussy was still soaking wet from cumming a little earlier but I really needed my fill of cock.  Apollo came through with a stiff dick as he always does.  He pushed his long cock in one thrust so deep inside that I screamed--both in pleasure and surprise.  It didn't take long for him to fuck me missionary style until I came again.  Although it is often difficult for me to orgasm in this position, something about Apollo's throbbing cock just does it for me.  Next to us were more couples and I saw and heard Rocco give it to Hera.  This lady loves cock just like me and can't get enough!

I decided to take a water break, but forgot to actually get some water because I was so busy engaging with everyone and looking at all the hot action!  People were having sex everywhere and using every nook and cranny.  Do I love BCD's on-premise party--emphases on "on-premise" in every sense of the word!

Every time we thought the party was ending, we were wrong!  The party kept going on and on.  I wanted to have another fill of Apollo and after sucking him off, I asked him to do me.

To give you a background of what went on next, I must make an allusion to porn.  I love to watch porn, as you know, but most of the porn out there just doesn't do it for me.  But that doesn't mean I don't watch it.  I especially watch porn for comic relief and love to watch the real porn performers that carry a signature phrase or action that make them who they are.  For example, I love Lexington Steele's moan on camera.  Unfortunately, Lex doesn't always moan like that in real life when he cums, which I found out by personal experience.  One thing I love about Apollo is he's very vocal in REAL LIFE when he cums--just like Lex in the porn world.  Another favorite porn star of mine (not for the sex, but for comedy) is a trash-talking king that is never a main star of the porn but is always one of the secondary cocks-men.  I'm obsessed with his trash-talk and love to seek out movies where he is featured in the background.  I often love to mimic this guy when I am having sex.  Feeling so free and comfortable with Apollo as he was fucking me, I made a trash-talking blurb about how hot his body was due to his workout regiment that was no short of a sexual blooper.  As the trash-talking porn king makes me laugh, I unfortunately made Apollo crack up!  We shared a good laugh as friends would, even though his dick was inside me just a second before.  Next time, I will leave the silly trash-talking to the porn.  Yet another reason why NOT to imitate what you see on a porno.  Yes, this is for the men who think slapping a pussy/clit or forming a clam-shell by squeezing the pussy lips together does something for women.

As we ended an amazing night, we did not want to go to sleep.  A few of us stayed up and talked for what seemed like hours at the end of what I would call a "Cocktail Orgy" to recount a night that we will never forget.  Thank you BCD for making my fantasy a reality.

August's Wall of Shame

August's Wall of Shamer is a single male, Mike, who attended an XXXtreme Event and was extremely rude to the owner of the venue, resulting in XXXtreme losing a nice location at which we had been hosting our parties regularly.  As you probably now, BCD and XXXtreme are roaming parties meaning that we throw events at new locations all the time.  We had been developing a relationship with a particular venue owner in order to maintain our ability to throw parties at his location (as it is always a struggle to find new and interesting places without issues).  The owner, who will likely be next month's Wall of Shamer, was demanding of us -- he wanted to personally approve of almost everything we were doing.  As long as he didn't participate but simply oversaw the operation, Rocco and I were OK with it.  

The owner, a crotchety old man I'll call Snake, was at the bar and flirting with our lovely topless bartender, Rachel.  Everyone else was scattered around the venue, fucking.  Apparently, Snake was telling her a joke and was just about to get to the punch line.  Mike stumbles over and interrupts at that very moment -- "Beer, I need a beer right away!" he yelled, cutting off Snake.  Rachel grabbed the beer just as Snake starting screaming at Mike.  "What the fuck!?  You have no respect!  I was just about to reach the punch line of my joke and you interrupt me!  How DARE YOU!" Snake exclaimed.  Of course, it was out of line for Snake to get that worked up over something so stupid.  But the old man might have been looking for an excuse to be pissed off and to take it out on Rocco and myself.  We could tell he wasn't as excited about the parties, as he probably realized that, as a man in his 60s, he was way too old  (and ugly) to stand a chance of getting in on action with our hot, young crowd.  He actually suggested that we have a "Seasoned Swinger" party for the over-50 crowd.  But, that story is for another day.

Mike could have apologized right there and ended it.  Instead, he poured fuel on the fire.  "What did I do?" he asked.  He went back and forth with the old man.  Then, Mike made things even worse for himself.  Rocco had heard the commotion, separated Snake and Mike, and talked to each of them.  He told Mike he should probably just leave and we'd talk it over.  Mike couldn't leave it at that.  Instead, he interrupted me -- as I was riding a stiff cock, to tell me that he was being asked to leave.  I started to get pissed.  Mike has a thick head, but the fool doesn't know when to shut up.  Now he was making a scene.  I told him just to leave, and that we'd discuss it later.  After all, he had ALREADY had the privilege of fucking me, Mandy, and several other of the hottest girls at the party.  I had even made an exception for his unshaven, unkempt junk -- and allowed him to fuck me because I thought he was a decent guy.  By interrupting me, he had really put the final nail in the coffin.  

On his way out, he continued to bicker with the old man and raised his voice to the concern of many guests.  It was just stupid.  But Mike didn't email or contact me after to apologize.  After 3 months I finally heard from him:
It's been a few months since we spoke and wanted to say hi. I know things seemed weird after the last party, for reasons I still cannot fully understand, but it was an amazing time until the incident. I hope all is well and that we may be able to get together at a future party if things are not problematic. All the best and enjoy the party this weekend.  ~Mike
"Weird"?  No apology.  No concern about what might have happened after the incident (namely, the old man pushing us out of the venue because he didn't want to deal with problems like Mike).  So, I didn't respond.

What a fucking idiot.  Of course, Mike came crawling back because there is no substitute for XXXtreme -- every other party open to single males is (1) crowded with NASTY single men who will compete for any available ass (e.g. women of the night/old maids) thereby making it highly unlikely for even a good looking guy to get any play (due to the typical 20 to 1 guy to girl ratio) , and (2) filled with women of the night, women being paid to be there, and NO "real" women.

All I ask is that a man be a gentlemen.  If you have a disagreement with someone, or made a mistake by saying something disrespectful just say, "Sorry!"  Why is that so hard??

Two Parties are Better Than One - Round 2

The second round of our anniversary Halloween bash was on Saturday, Oct 30.  Since Halloween was on a Sunday, we were actually partying on mischief night -- and boy, did we get into some naughty mischief.  I was a super revealing Jane of the Jungle outfit, while Rocco wore a matching Tarzan outfit.  My boobs kept popping out, but that is part of the fun of being able to wear lingerie-style outfits to a Halloween party.  Unfortunately, I can never revert to a vanilla Halloween party again... Halloween is just too good of an excuse to wear next to nothing.  And at Behind Closed Doors, nearly everyone took advantage.  We had some supremely sexy female guests (and duos) dressed up.

Thanks to our close friends and BCD regulars, Greg and Lynn, we were pleased to offer a vacation at the infamous Hedonism II in Jamaica as the 1st place prize for the best costume.  We held the best costume contest at midnight around the large pool area.  Adult star Karen Kougar, who was dressed as -- of course -- a cougar, assisted Rocco in judging.  We saw some crazy sexy outfits including sexy vampires, witches, belly dancers, nurses, and even a naughty "Irish" couple, who were a little early for St. Patty's day.  Unfortunately Greg and Lynn were not able to compete in the contest, but they had the coolest Trinity and Morpheus custom-made Matrix outfits. I had my money on two wickedly hot single females who came with each other, but the Irish couple wound up winning the audience over and took home the prize.

And then, the fun began.  The nice thing about our new venue is that there are so many areas to explore.  Many people were able to chill by the massive pool or take a dip, while others went to the private rooms or the large group room.  I chose the latter. 

The back area got hot very quickly.  Couples enjoyed our Liberator sex furniture and new mattresses by christening them with insanely hot sex position.  Then, I met Tori...  Tori came as a single female and this was her second swing party.  In her early twenties, Tori had been looking for a party like BCD for a long time.  She explained to me that her first party was at a disgusting swing club filled with old, nasty people who were extremely pushy with her.  She had almost sworn off swinging until she read about BCD... and here she was.

Many single females talk up a good game but are too intimidated to get into the "swing" of things.  That was not the case with Tori.  Confident and dressed up as a belly dancer, Tori told me she how horny she was.  She had immediately been propositioned by a hot, model-like couple and brought to a private room.  But, the sex was apparently awful and she left quickly.  Although super-sexy, the male simply had no idea how to keep two females, his date and Tori, satisfied.

Tori looked around in the group area and saw Greg and Lynn going at it, along with Jack and Noreen.  Her mouth was open and I could tell she was just itching to jump in.  Watching Jack fuck is truly a sight to behold -- and getting fucked BY him is an experience unlike any other.  He's in a band and has that "alternative" look, and has been blessed with a beautiful cock and the ability to fuck like a jackrabbit.  He goes and goes like the Energizer bunny.  Noreen is a bit submissive and, when in the moment, enjoys gagging on cock, getting pounded by cock, and even light choking.  The pair is fairly extreme, but people love watching them get it on.  And, Rocco and I enjoy hooking up with both of them.

Rocco was rock hard and I began stroking his cock.  Tori took one look at his cock and then dropped to her knees.  She took his erect member into her mouth and started sucking.  I was impressed, if not a bit shocked.  This sexy, intelligent young lady was WILD.  I touched Tori's perky breasts as she got Rocco's cock nice and wet.  I could tell he was dying to fuck her, so I passed him a condom.  She laid back and he slid his manhood inside.  I took Jack's cock in my mouth while continuing to watch Rocco with this sexy vixen.  He worked up a good pace and then started fucking her hard.  "Harder!  Fuck my little hole harder!" she said.  Vocal too?  Wow, this girl was incredible, I thought.

Little hole it was.  Tori is a petite girl, and apparently her pussy was very tight as I heard Rocco groan, "Ohhhhh!"  I could tell she was practically trying to milk his cock.  But he resisted.  Jack saw how Tori liked it, and Rocco proceeded to withdraw for him.  Jack went with a bit more aggressiveness, slapping her ass and fucking her even harder.  "Fuck me like the little whore I am!" Tori exclaimed.  Holy shit, this was intense!  Rocco took Noreen and fucked her next to Jack and Tori.  This was truly live porn.  I grabbed a hard dick, I believe it was Greg's, slid a condom on, and joined the train.
The hottest Halloween party ever?  Check.  Hot people, hot action, and hot memories.  When I finally got worn out, I checked out the pool area and saw couples doing it all over the place -- some were soft-swapping, others were playing among themselves, while still others were watching.  Overall, it was truly incredible!!