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The Big Dick That Wasn't ...

After having a fun time with Fred, aka, "Biggest Dick," I wanted to meet up again to see if we could get a better rhythm going and have some more fun again. We got his number from a friend and txted him to see what was up. I always use Rocco's phone for obvious reasons. Fred txted us back and I thought that it would be cool to meet up again. The day after the text exchanges, Rocco gets a call from a blocked number. It was a woman on the phone asking to speak to Rocco and Jasmine. "Yes, this is Rocco," he replied. The woman on the phone started yelling: "Well, this is Fred's wife and I wanna know who this Jasmine is. Did she fuck my husband? Is she a whore? Is she a stripper?" Oh great-the bastard is married. Of course he is. And where was his wedding band the night he put his dick inside me? Now I understand the reason why he had an "assistant." The assistant was probably his alibi so the wife would think Fred and his "buddy" were just out and about. Maybe the assistant was married as well. Who knows what kind of lies these men were telling. And, if you are lying, make sure you delete your texts, maybe? So what now, I have to have like a skills and honesty test for these men? The thing that bothers me the most is that these guys that are cheating on their wives/partners are doing exactly what swinging is supposed to prevent-cheating. Well, one lie leads to another, and Rocco tried to tell Fred's wife that the was not certain what was going on but he'd try to ask Sex Kitten if she's running around on him. He also threw her off by adding, "Sex Kitten is not a stripper, she works in a nursing home." Well, good luck to Fred's wife because I don't think her husband's cheating ways will stop. It's a real shame that men and women do this to each other. Of course, I want no part of men that are liars.

And, speaking of liars, a man contacted Rocco and I a few weeks back. He claimed to have 10" dick in length; 6" in girth and 7" when soft. He sent us a few pictures of his cock taken at a strange close angle. So, he had my attention. Rocco spoke to him on the phone. He had called our number from a "blocked" number. That should have been a sign. The guy seemed nice and genuine. He claimed to have such a huge XL cock, that he had "trouble" finding women that could handle him and that his fantasy was to be with a couple. I found this hard to believe, but was even more intrigued. He even said he belonged to a support group for large cocked men on the Internet. He didn't speak to me on the phone, which I found odd (second sign) but committed to meeting up at our place. We told him a date and time and I told Rocco to have him call us before coming so we would reveal our exact address (we told him the cross streets). I find so many fakes and losers that commit to meeting up and never showing up. If I had a nickel for every asshole liar (even couples) that stand us up ...

So this douche doesn't call us until 20 minutes before he was supposed to show up. This situation of people standing us up has happened so many times to us that we now make alternate plans for the time some asshole claims he will show up and doesn't. This way, our time is not wasted sitting around. So of course, after not hearing from him, we went for a walk in the park instead. Douche was all like "I'm sorry, I can still make it..." (third sign). We being the nice people we are say "Ok, you know what, another time."

We were going to a sex party on Friday and told Douche to meet us there if he wanted to hang out. Since we were bringing him with us, he wouldn't have to pay an entrance fee and on top of that, he was pretty much guaranteed free, quality ass and a great time. Only a fool would not take advantage of the situation. And, the party was VERY close to his apartment. Douche calls us up and is all like "yeah, I'll see if I can come, I don't know how late I'll be or when I'll get there" (fourth sign). Ok, Douche, whatever, if we see you there we see you there.

We get to the party and it turned out that there was no party there tonight. Rather, there was a party, but not our kind of party haha. It was a gay male event. So, we got out of there and not having Douche's number (as he refused to give it to us and as he had blocked his call), we emailed him right away to let him know what was up. Still, Douche could've came over our place or invited us to his or whatever. A man that is smart and resourceful will find a way to get laid. We leave the party sexless and come home. No response from Douche and I think to myself, "Gee I hope Douche got our email and didn't head to the party." Oh yeah, Douche got the message but couldn't be bothered to respond (fifth sign). Douche messages us on the COMPUTER at like 1PM and says "are you guys up?" Like is this guy retarded? So, we talk to him online the next day and ask him "Douche, give us your number because this is dumb and stupid and we're sick of playing whatever game you're playing." Douche is all like "Oh, but I have a gf and I have to lie to her to get together with you. But, you should appreciate me and what I'm offering here because you are the 'lucky' couple I chose. I am an XL dicked man and I'm a novelty item and I would want to have an exclusive deal with you where you would be honest with me." Is he serious? We're the LUCKY ones ... We say our goodbye to this liar and cheater. Good riddance.

We decided to do a little detective work on Douche and found some more pictures of him. While his dick was big, it wasn't nearly as appealing as the angled pictures he had previously sent. Another Google search for his screenname turns up a face picture of Douche. He looked like a guy from a horror film. A creepy, shaved head guy that might be revealed to be the stalking killer at the end of the movie. And, he told us he had a "swimmer body." Douche was like so fucking ugly and scrawny that I wouldn't touch him if I was getting paid. I'm not trying to exaggerate-Douche was hideous. Scam artist and waste of time. But, it was a lesson learned.

It's sad that there are cheating men (and women, I suppose) in this world. It's even sadder that they sometimes get away with cheating. I guess sometimes, this is why it's good to find a married couple or committed couple to swing with. At least you know they're not filthy liars and there's no chance of you wrecking a home.

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