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Surprisingly Good Time

We sometimes feel cynical as a result of our past experiences in swinging. 7 out of 10 times people either stand us up or lie to us. My man and I try to be honest and expect the same back. Since we will be fucking, don't you think people should be honest with each other? It's very simple really, the whole point of swinging is to break down walls and to be MORE honest-not the other way around, my friends. We've learned a lot from past experiences and are still learning. Before meeting up with people that we've only spoken to on the phone with and/or online, we like to make sure we get certain things out on the table. Most of the questions we have when we speak to people involve likes/dislikes, safety issues involving STDs (whether people are "DDF" meaning drug and disease free). Up until recently, we also thought couples like us typically included heterosexual males and bi or bi-curious or straight females. Now, we have another question to ask people before we engage in sexual activities--"are you a straight male?" I'll leave that story for another post ...

Last weekend, we told a couple (referred to us by a friend) to meet us at a sex party. We got to the party and changed into our towels. Once people are in towels, I suppose they feel less inhibited. Well, most people. Not us-we'd fuck with clothes, without clothes, half clothed, whatever. As soon as we get in our towels, the host felt bad about the Fred situation. So, knowing my interest in big dick, he offered me a substitute dick that was also extra-large, supposedly. It was kind of like a peace offering. However, this big dicked man gave a very poor first impression. "Sup, I'm Legend." I'm like "and that's your name, 'Legend'?" The man proceeded to sit back down, waiting until I summoned him. The man thought he was the shit and didn't bother saying very much to me. What a turn off. You think that just because you have a big dick you're going to get laid tonight? What a waste of a big dick (if it was even) because he did not get laid at all because of his pompous attitude, and because as you will hear, I was a bit occupied.

We waited 15 minutes or so for the couple to arrive. We didn't expect anything and sometimes we set ourselves up to expect the worst (especially if people are not punctual, chances are, they might not even show up). So, we walk around the party, I get a massage. The couple shows up to the party. Rocco tells me "She's gorgeous." I thought this is kind of exciting. She stripped down to her bra and put the towel around her. We went to meet her for the first time in person and introduced ourselves. She was really cute, pretty face and big knockers. Rocco's woody was alive and ready. She brought with her a man. I guess he was more of a playmate for her than a boyfriend. After talking to her for a few minutes, we noticed that she was really nice and worldly. She was a nice change from some of the ditzy women we sometimes meet. We sat down on a couch and she started telling us about some of her sexcapades. Her mate was very respectful and nice. While talking, she started getting very flirtatious and starts rubbing Rocco's leg. She and Rocco were in the middle of the couch and the playmate and I were on the ends. I put my hand over Mate's and we made contact. At this point, I know Rocco wants to suck on those nice and supple breasts. She initiates sexual contact, which is always a good thing. If a girl knows what she wants and goes for it, it's really hot. Right away, I see her and Rocco hit it off. At this point, my towel comes off and the mate starts sucking my breasts while Rocco sucks on hers. I start kissing up on his lips. He has very soft and large lips. Mmm, it's really nice and he doesn't shove his tongue down my throat-bonus points. It's hard for me to see what Rocco and she are up to because I'm busy enjoying myself-although they're sitting right next to us. I remove the mate's towel to check out his well endowedness. It's always good to see a nice, thick erect dick. At this point, I'm very excited. I see her rubbing Rocco's hardness. Two hard cocks and two wet pussies - it's a recipe for fun! I reach over and touch her breasts. They're soft but firm, even for the large size. Rocco takes one, I take the other. Then, she feels up on mine. Oh yeah, it's going to get hot.

I reach for Mate's cock. It was love at first touch. I had to have it in my mouth-so I did. Sometimes, my eyes are bigger than my mouth. I lick the head of the dick and slide my tongue down and all around. And then, I just go for it and shove it down my throat. He loved the deep throating-don't they all? That has to be one of the guys' favorites. Bigger dicked men appreciate a deep throater. Hey, not every girl can do this, so if you can, you're going to make a man real happy.

We continue on and Mate starts fingering me. I like these large fingers inside me. I'm very VERY wet at this point. My body feels amazing yet sensitive to every touch. He continues to finger while I suck him off. I go up and make out with him. These kisses are very sensual. Too many people in the swing scene nowadays watching pornos and thinking that kissing someone means giving them a tongue bath. Tongue must be controlled, friends.

Next, I see him taking out a Magnum XL from her purse. YES YES YESSSS-this is it. My pussy practically begging to get fucked at this point. He puts the condom on and situates me on top of his cock. The first slide is very exciting. My pussy is tight but very wet. Even with the dryness of the condom, no lube or spit is required. I feel his thickness go inside me and deep further in. I continue riding him up and down for a while. We switch off and he gets on top. Yes, this is what I love-to get fucked. I'm still very excited. He pushes his penis inside me and I feel it. He pushes more and he makes me scream out loud. He pushes further, and I tell him "YES further, further." I love the feeling of the thick, hard cock reaching the ends of my pussy. It feels so amazing and he gets a good motion going. Rocco is putting on his condom next to us and getting ready to fuck too.

The four of us are rocking the shit out of that couch! I want Mate to turn me around and fuck me doggy like a good man should. He does and I scream louder and louder. I tell him "GO harder, don't stop." He continues to push it inside me, deeper and deeper. My screams are very loud at this point and I'm loving it. I'm right on the edge and I tell him "FUCK ME HARDER." He smacks my butt and it feels sooooo good. I know I'm ready to cum and is fucking me exactly like I want him to. He's going harder and harder and faster and my pussy releases and explodes. It just feels fucking amazing and I slow him down right after my orgasm. A little bit of squirt even came out from the excitement, I think. Either that or it was extremely wet inside me because I touch my pussy and feel liquid. MMMM Mmmmm I make out with Mate to thank him for his good fucking. In a minute, we're ready to go back at it.

This time, he starts fucking me and wets the tip of his finger and tries to play on the outside of my ass. At first, I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I let him go for a bit. It feels good. He takes his cock out of my cummed pussy and makes a gesture to show me that he's going for my ass. Whoa there, what was your name again? I'm not ready for this type of fun right now -- I usually don't do anal on the first date ;) So I say "no" and put his cock right back in my wetter hole. A complete gentleman with a very nice dick, mmm.

All four of us are having a great time. I see some people watching us from the corner of my eye. Legend starts watching too, but he was too cool to approach. It turned out that the big breasted beauty beside me would probably have LOVED to add another cock into the mix (she told us she had done multiple men at a club previously), but Legend didn't bother coming over... This is why being pompous is not a good thing, we're not going to stop fucking to run over and grab this dude. After fucking for a while, we decide to take a break and go to the upstairs area. We talk for a while, and then switch partners and start back up again. These men have so much stamina-the only ones that came were the women! So, we start fucking side by side and I play with her beautiful breasts. The boys are fucking us real hard and that's how we like it. When play time is just about over, they shoot their loads--Rocco cums on me and the other guy I think inside his condom.

It's getting late, but we had kick started the party. As we're leaving, we see a couple fucking on the massage table. The guy lifts one of his girl's leg up and is pounding her. I guess we really got the party started.

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