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The "Unicorn"

The "More Meat" post-Thanksgiving party kicked off on Black Friday. You would think that the name of the party would be self-explanatory, however, once again, some men brought their girlfriends/wives without telling them the theme of the party! Lovely. "Classic" is what I would call the look I get from these poor females when they realize that this is a party for girls who want multiple men! This look was exactly what Alex's girl expressed when she entered the party.

I had talked to Alex earlier in the week. He told me his girlfriend was very much into having multiple men -- in fact, he wanted me to help plan a gangbang for her in the future. The night of the party, we were eagerly anticipating their arrival -- and put our own fun on hold in order to wait for them. After all, we figured this new girl would be the life of the party. I called Alex about 11pm to see if they were still coming. He told me that he was on the way, driving from Staten Island. Well, Alex could have been honest with me and had a great time but no, he chose to lie to both me and his *shocked* girlfriend. What kind of party did she think she was going to?? I can only imagine what these men tell their girls...

Fortunately, there were only two losers that did not disclose the details to their female partners that night. The other 15 couples that attended were not only aware but gladly joined in on the meaty fun--as did I. A note to the men: if you bring your girl to my party and surprise her ("Oh, yeah, I forgot the's a gangbang/orgy party hun")-- the joke will be on you. While the rest of us women who know what the parties are about and want to have fun, you'll be the only one NOT having fun. Ladies, I'm trying to empower us. For those of you reading which have lying boyfriends, leave their asses. Let's face it, women who read my blog love to fuck, who am I kidding? (Yes, I got your emails.) Enough on that.

So, what is a "Unicorn" you ask? It is the term used in the scene for a single, bisexual female who parties. And, by "parties," I mean likes to fuck -- 3-some, orgy style, or gang-bang style. Why a Unicorn? Because these single, bi women are supposedly as rare as unicorns. So, to those guys -- and couples -- searching on the internet for single females: don't be surprised if a "female" who just sent you some hot pictures but won't talk on the phone turns out to be a man. With that being said, we had not one but two unicorns attending this party. In fact, we had two unicorns that attended the Halloween Party as well.

Around midnight, I waited for douche-bag Alex, from Staten Island and his girl to arrive. According to what he told me on the phone mere days ago, she was ready to get wild on all the men at the party -- and I was looking forward to it! I also didn't want to stop my own action in order to greet them at the door, all out of breath!. I know, it might offend some people, but come on, I'm there to FUCK. Once again, not only was this douche a douche-bag but he arrived late. In the meantime, I walked around inspecting some dicks and saying "hi" to everyone. Ladies were already getting fucked at this time and people were having a great time. I was craving some cock. After douche-bag Alex and his Botox-imbibed girl came and left, I was free to go fuck. Funnier yet was that this girl was NOT the girl in the photo he had sent me. Thanks, ASS.

Well, things got a lot better. Rocco and I met up with Sandy, a lovely "Unicorn" who came out to the party from NJ! Some girls know what they want, and those girls kick ass! After talking with her for a while, I could tell we had a connection. She was beautiful, and very intelligent. Needless to say, it didn't take long for us to start having some fun. I had grabbed a friend whom I had spoken with before. Let's call him "Jerry." Another man-let's call him "European," engaged in short conversation with me. English was not his first language, so I tried my best to interpret what he had to say. Basically, something along the lines of "I likka you. I likka sex. I want you, you want me?" Great lines, seriously -- straight out of Borat's playbook. Although he did not turn me on with his whack pick up lines, he was kind of cute and interesting. While I was making out with Jerry, I cupped a feel of European's dick as he was getting closer to me. "Very nice, great success," I thought. I was wrong. What a waste of a big dick.

Rocco, Sandy, Jerry, European and I found a spot to have some fun. Sandy started making out with Rocco. I took my boys and started playing. I felt what European was packing but now needed to feel up on Jerry. I grabbed him by his hard-on and sat him down. As I was engaging with him, European in a forceful and not sensual manner grabbed my chin and started making out with me. OUCH, my jaw, first of all. Second, the guy had a ton of goatee and mustache stubble. It was like sandpaper on my face. I immediately refused him. However, he didn't get the clue because maybe in Europe, no means yes. This time, he said, "May I kiss?" I said, "OK," let's try again--maybe I was in a bad position or something and gave him the benefit of the doubt. No. He grabbed my jaw, which is not very big to begin with, and tried to put his tongue in my mouth. This time, I had to speak up and I told him he was way too aggressive. And, I didn't want to rub his sandpaper-face while making out with him. He understood this time and let me get back to my fun.

Meanwhile, I saw Sandy with Rocco making out. Mmm, big boobs she had -- so I went so I got a little closer and helped Rocco suck her tits. She touched my face and made out with me. Yes, it's so much fun to kiss girls, and no face stubble! Rocco and I played with her for a little and then I went down on my friend Jerry. I looked into his eyes and I was very much attracted to him. He was young, in his 20's like me, and hot. He was like someone I'd see in the streets and say, "Wow, he's cute" but here I was sucking him off. He was totally a sweetheart and handled me like a man without being too forceful. Is it that hard? Rough sex is great, but not within the first 5 seconds of initiating the action!

I look over to Rocco and he's strapping on a condom. I take a break from sucking dick to watch the show. As he put his thick cock inside her, she started screaming and moaning. Oh, this girl loves dick like me. I made out with her and kissed her breasts as Rocco pumped her. Then, I asked her if she likes it hard. She nods yes. She says to me "Rocco fucks well." I reply "Wait until he fucks you doggy-he starts off slow and works up a pace and fucks you so hard till you come." She seemed to get excited about this and got wetter and wetter. She was gushing down there. I touched her clit briefly and it was soaked. I got back to Jerry and I made out with him. He had nice lips and kissed well. Now, I wanted some dick. I got his dick nice and wet and grabbed a condom for him to slip on. Next to us, Rocco started fucking Sandy doggy-style. I sat on top of Jerry's cock. It was a curver-upper and it hit my g-spot. Mercy, mercy. I rode his cock up and down as he made out with my breasts.

I saw Rocco pumping Sandy and watched his dick enter and exit her wet pussy. I kind of sat on top of Jerry's dick and watched. I encouraged him to fuck her hard. She started screaming more. I start smacking her ass and tell him to pump it harder and harder because I knew she liked it. He fucks her so hard the floor practically starts shaking. Meanwhile, I'm multi-tasking and moving my hips on top of Jerry's dick. Mmmm. Sandy's moans are now so fucking loud. He makes her go crazy. She leans into me and makes out with me and then tells me she hasn't been fucked in a long time. I tell her to use that fucking cock and cum all over it.

I am so turned out at this point that I shove my pussy hard onto Jerry's cock. He grabs my ass and makes it go down even faster. The faster he goes, the better it feels. He gets a decent speed going and I cum. Damn, this is a great party. We all decide to take a bit of a break and check out the rest of the scene.

My Hero is back -- we made sure to invite her to this party -- and fucking whichever dick she wants. Another girl is taking dicks one after another. One couple is watching everyone in a corner. Now, this is a party.

After taking a break, I see Sandy making use of European's big cock. Rocco had fucked her silly, but she wasn't down for the count. And hey, at least she didn't let European's cock go to waste. In the meantime, my Hero wanted a gangbang and gathered up a few men. I walk over to Jerry and he starts giving me a massage. Rocco fucks Hero, the way she likes it, hard, deep, fast. This girl is fucking awesome, let me tell you. Fucking men like she was a porn star!

As I'm getting massaged by Jerry, he makes me hornier and hornier. I jump on top of him and after sucking his cock, I fuck him again and again. He's too much fun. I ride him until he cums. Just in time too, because after a few hours of fucking, I'm getting a bit tired!

I join Hero and help her suck off her man's cock. We have a little bit of fun and I watch Hero for a bit. Heroes never quit. On another floor, fun still continues so we watched for a bit.

Rocco and I see all the guests out and call it a night. And, Unicorns rule! Apparently this special Unicorn, Sandy, hadn't fucked in six months -- and Rocco had the pleasure of making her cum over and over again.

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  1. Mmmmmm I had a fucking awesome too. I came so much because ha such a good cock and knows exactly how to use it. I loved this party. Hope to meet and gush all over his cock again. Miss Sex Kitten I hope to eventually eat your sweet pussy ..I loved kissing your soft lips.