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Swinger Love

Rocco and I were fucking horny and went over to Rick's Club (not to be confused with Rick's Cabaret, LOL) looking for some wholesome fun. As we walked in, Rick made a phone call. I changed out of my hooker boots and school-girl skirt into a towel. After a little while of observing the scene, I see a very attractive young man heading towards me. We'll call the hot boy "Snake." Rick introduces us and we say hello. Snake walks around the club and I notice his amazing body. MY GOD. He's RIPPED and gorgeous. His arms and chest are very manly (features that I find very attractive). I see his abs peeking out and they are very defined. This guy looks too good to be true and he definitely has the body of a model. How did Rick know this guy?

Snake comes back to us after talking with Rick. He inquires about the "Monsters of Cock Halloween Party." I tell him a bit about it, wondering what specifically sparked Snake's interest (he earned the nickname "Snake" AFTER this conversation). For you others who haven't heard about this party yet, the "Monsters of Cock" is going to be the hottest fucking party NYC has ever seen. Halloween night we're hosting the party for women and straight couples that are interested in men, specifically, those with monstrous dicks. At the party, us women will help judge and crown the biggest and best monster cock. We have different criteria upon which we will base our judgment (including, for example, whether the cock is aesthetically pleasing), but of course, size does matter. The party is open to everyone though, so even if you don't participate in the competition, you can have some fun. I can't wait to see the big monster cocks. I'll be like a kid in a candy shop. 50 Cent should write a song about this one-or perhaps Li'l Kim: "I'll take you to the big-dick shop. I'll let you lick the lollipops..."

Ok, back to the story. Snake is all like, "Well, I may have to check out the party because I was interest in coming, and maybe participating." I'm like "Yeah? We'll have to see what you got" So, not only does this gorgeous man have a smoking body, he swings AND he's got a big dick? As you may know from reading my posts, I am not usually a shy one and take what I want. However, Snake was looking so hot that I was left speechless and then when he said he had a big one, my mind was just wandering. I got a little tongue tied and did not approach him. He walked away to the corner. I was sitting with Rocco and a friend I had previously talked to and played with on one side. Adjacent to us, Snake started getting a massage. At this point, I saw Snake laying on his back and some sort of pipe-like instrument was jetting up in the air. The masseuse grabbed the member and was stroking it. This must be Snake's Snake!

Rocco and my friend were sitting next to me and we started fooling around. Snake was still on the massage table so I had a good view of him while I played with the two guys. Friend's dick in my mouth-Rocco up my pussy. Then, the two switched and we played some more. Friend came and had to leave. He was already late for work. We say our goodbyes and walk back into the play area. Snake is sitting around chillin. He is looking very very fine. I couldn't get up the courage to say something to him, but I was thinking about it when he came up and started talking to me and Rocco. We started talking for a bit and it turns out Snake is very intelligent and articulate. There's only one way this could get better-if I had his dick inside me...

So, at first we start talking about swinging and how safety and cleanliness is important to us. As we're talking, Rocco starts touching my thigh and stroking his fingers up and down my leg. He exposes my boobs and starts licking. I reach over to snake and start touching him. His body is so tight, I could've came right there. But I didn't, yet. I ask him if it's ok for me to touch him. Snake has really good manners and is not at all pushy or jerkish like some other men. I couldn't even grasp his penis around my hands. It was not only the biggest dick I have EVER seen in my life (yes, MUCH more amazing than the previous biggest dick holder seen in my first blog entry). I am well versed in the big dicks appearing in porn these days (such as Mandingo, Lexington Steele, etc), and Snake rivals these men.

However, this beautiful penis was not only large, but his girth was so thick! I couldn't wait to put my lips all over it. So, I got down on my knees and put it inside my mouth. Well, as much of it as I could get inside my mouth. I licked the top of his dick and then slid my mouth on top of it. I wanted to see how far I could deep throat. As far as I could go, 1/4 of the dick was left exposed. Damn, this was a monster of a cock! I kept sucking his dick and got it all nice and sloppy, dripping wet with my spit. Rocco was playing with my pussy but I was focused on the big dick. Rocco came around and I put my hands on Snake's dick while sucking Rocco's. Damn, these dicks are so fucking hard right now. Snake didn't loose his hard-on for a MINUTE which is pretty rare in these situations and especially, when a man has a humongous dick.

I became focused on Snake's dick and asked him to fuck me. He nodded his head and slid on a condom not nearly made for his thick and long penis. His penis was sloppy wet from my blow job and the condom was secure. I was ready. He placed himself behind me and Rocco stood next to me, watching and stroking his dick. When I think about the first time he entered me, I still get shivers. He took his time and put his fully erect and hard penis right into my pussy. He started out slow and and then the pumps got a little faster and went in deeper. I couldn't help but scream on the top of my lungs because of what I was feeling. His thick dick touched the sides of my pussy and then thrusted in and out. Rocco put his dick in my mouth to deaden the screams. Well, lessen, not deaden. Snake really had a rhythm going and it felt really good. He grabbed my ass and moved my body closer to his. My pussy was his. He knew it, and he didn't stop. He was so fucking ripped that he could fuck for hours and hours. He had some good moves. I told him while he was fucking me that my body felt so incredible. His thick penis reached new places that only dildos had reached before. The whole time he fucked me, it felt like a loooooooooong orgasm. He just kept pushing it deeper in, just the way I liked it.

We walked over to lay on the bed and continue fucking. Rocco put his penis inside me. I tightened up my pussy while his dick was inside me. He said it felt so fucking good to be inside me. While Rocco fucked me, I stroked Snake's dick. My pussy was getting sore from the big ass dick and I took a little break. I took both penii in my hand and started stroking them. I looked over at Rocco and he was having a good time. I looked over at the gorgeous man, "Snake" and thought, damn, this big-dicked man has the whole package. He was looking so fucking hot. I was in swinger-love.

We started back up again in a few minutes. This time, I wanted to be on top and slide on top of him so I could control the fucking with my pussy. He grabbed my ass with his hands like a man should and propped me on top of his dick. I tried to push the dick as deep inside me as I could. It felt so good that I started shaking like an earthquake. I was literally shivering but I kept fucking. He put his legs into it too and we had a real good rythm going. I could feel his dick on the sides of my pussy. I kept tightening and contracting. He told me to suck him some more, I think because he was about to cum. I told him to hold on a minute because I was just about to cum again! My g-spot must have been so hard and I came all over him. His condom was covered in my white cream. I jumped off of him and grabbed his dick. I took the condom off, wiped the condom juice and started sucking. I was really enjoying myself here. Rocco was playing with me and I grabbed his dick with my other hand. As I was giving Snake head, I felt him shake and ready to cum. He grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth off of his dick. He erupted all over and I tasted a little in my mouth. Even this man's jizz tasted good. Mmmmmm ...

Snake fucked like a fucking porn star. He's got a great rhythm and really knows how to fuck. I can't wait to fuck him again!

Massage = sex

If a woman goes to a swinger's party and gets a massage by a man, you are going to get fucked. It's inevitable! So, if you don't want to get fucked, do not go near the massage table -- especially if hot, chiseled man is offering up a massage. Although, if you go to a swing party and have no intentions of fucking, you're probably at the wrong place.

Some fans of this blog have told me that they use my stories to jerk off to. Since I depict events that have actually occurred, it's actually quite flattering to know that my readers can re-live my fantasies. So, here is another good story to whack it off to. Or, for the ladies, as my friend Kate says, it's a good one to "rub one out" to. Just try to complete your masturbation before the closing paragraph of this post.

Rocco and I were hanging out after going to a Broadway show. We decided to hit our favorite sex party afterward. The decision was strictly based on the fact that we happened to be in the neighborhood after the show. There wasn't any premeditation.

As we walked in, the place was not very crowded. I was not sure I was going to be sucking any cock or getting fucked at the club. Not to say that I wasn't going to do any of that at all, because there's always home, with Rocco. We started a conversation with a man who was not very experienced in swinging. The gentleman hinted that we should "get the party started." Another muscular man approached me and Rocco and was very friendly towards us. Friendly- +1 point for him. We'll call the muscle man "Jim." Jim had a very defined upper-body--it was very sexy. His face was cute too, and his shaved head seemed to work a la the muscle man motif. Jim was there with his girl but she was in another play area. We started talking about some of our swinging experiences and he told us about how the people he meets online are sometimes so strange, that is, if they actually show up to meet. His girl walked over and told us that Jim is an excellent masseuse. "Yes, a massage," I thought to myself, would be very nice. Yes, a massage indeed-did I forget where I was?

I happily stripped down and got on the massage table, eager to receive my massage. Men, take notes. Jim started rubbing down my back in a slow, sensual manner. He told me that he did not start off rough but slowly worked his way to give a harder massage when I was more comfortable with his touch. The harder the massage got, the harder his dick got. He moved his hands from my upper back, to my lower back. Then, he grabbed my butt and put put some more oil all on my lower back. At this point, the massage turned from *just* relaxing to relaxing and seductive. I could feel my pussy getting extremely wet and turned on as he worked his hands around my legs and butt. Then, he reached into massage my inner thighs. At this point, my body was practically begging him for more -- I was quivering at points. He played with me for a little, driving me more and more crazy. He could see that my body was totally relaxed and I was ready to have done whatever it is that he wanted to do to me. Like putty in his hands ...

He slowly put one finger inside my pussy and started playing with my clit. His other hand massaged one of my butt cheeks. At this point, I slowly started moaning indicating I wanted more. He took his manly finger and went in a bit further. He was probably trying to figure out if I enjoyed the clit stimulation or penetration of his finger more. He got more moans from the latter and figured it out pretty fast. He was a quick learner. At this point, I arched my back up to him so that he could reach in further. With my ass in the air, he was better able to finger me. He kept working his finger in but at a proper pace. As he kept going and going, I kept moaning and screaming. He worked me up to a point where I could not take it anymore and I came all over his finger. Mmmm, I'll take this kind of massage anytime.

Jim kept massaging me as his girl and another lady walked over to us. There was a crowd around watching the spectacle as well. The other woman started giving me a massage on the top portion of my body, while he worked on the bottom. Rocco was by my head touching me and stroking his cock while watching me. He said it was a hot scenario to watch. Others men kept asking if they could grab a leg or massage an arm. I had to politely decline because I was enjoying this massage way too much. Jim asked me to lay face up. At this point, I saw his penis was fully erect. I looked up at his muscular body and was turned on even more.

He first rubbed my shoulders and then could not help but kiss my erect nipples. I was soooo excited. He first kissed my breasts softly and then sucked the nipples with a little more force. Mmmm, I really liked this. I grabbed his strong arm as to indicate to him that I wanted more. I took his penis into my right hand as I was laying down and started stroking it. He had a very nice cock. It was biggest at the head, but very nice and thick all around. At this point, the crowd was getting out of control.

Since I was primarily concerned with the hard dick in my hand, I had ignored the fact that at least a dozen men had gathered around me. Before I knew it, someone was touching one of my legs, another person touching the other, and lots of people were hovering over us to see what was going on. I still didn't realize how many people were actually hovering around me as I was occupied with Jim's beautiful penis which was inside my mouth at this point. I leaned over to lick the bottom of the shaft and his thick head before inserting the whole thing in my mouth. He liked it best when I deep-throated it. Of course, a lot of men seem to like that :) So, I teased him a bit and then took it deep. I gave him a very sloppy blowjob to thank him for the massage. I really wanted to fuck his cock and take it all inside.

The crowd had really gone wild as I had his dick in my mouth. Before I knew it, a man JUMPED on top of the massage table and starts rubbing his cock on my back. What in the world was going on? The guy began to whack off, frantically. When I tried to push him away, he quickly shifts position and attempted to lick my pussy. Although I love a good pussy licking, this man was too creepy and lacked manners. So, I pushed him away and Rocco asked him to get the hell off. When a woman is indisposed and occupied by sucking a cock, this does not make it a free-for-all.

We walked over to another area to get away from the crowd and started to look for a free
bed in the play area. We were unable to find anything, so we stood around and talked a bit and tried to get some fresh air. Talk about a cock-block... Bad manners should have no place at a sex party. As I was trying to talk to Jim and his girl, yet another impolite man starts playing footsies with me! What is this, grade school? Gentlemen, if you do not know the proper etiquette of swinging, PLEASE go to Swing School. Instead of turning women off by being rude and inappropriate, perhaps you can learn how to turn a woman on and get lucky. After all, that's why everyone comes to these swinging events. At that note, Rocco and I had to make our exit. However, I think Jim's hard dick is going to be inside my pussy, not just my mouth, next time ...

Fair Paris

I am on a mission to visit swing clubs/events all over the world and share my experiences with all my readers. Recently, Rocco and I visited a very popular club in Paris, L'Overside. After partying at the swing clubs in Montreal (details to be discussed in a later post), we knew that the language barrier could be a problem when visiting a foreign sex club. However, we decided to go anyway.

We showed up at the address of the swing club listed on the website. However, we do not see a sign for "La Sexy Club." Rather, the listed address was a hotel. Rocco and I walked around a bit looking for a club, a party, sounds of loud music...anything! Finally, Rocco gave up. But, before heading back, I thought to myself at the least I could ask the hotel where the swing club was. Maybe they moved? So, I walked into the hotel to talk to the concierge with my slutty clothes on. When I asked him about the swing club, he replied "It is located over there. [Points] This is NOT the place! We are a hotel, madam!" I told him how I read the address of the club on the website to the be the same as the hotel's. I told him it was probably a mistake. He replied "No, we have the same address." So, we found the outside entrance and walked to the below-ground level to enter the club. I can imagine many non-Parisians seeking out this club would have probably walked away -- because it was quite difficult to find the club.

As we walked into the club, we were greeted by a gorgeous woman who sold us our memberships and charged us the club entrance fee. At this hour, the club was hosting couples-only and served a buffet. Yes, that's right. An all-you-can-eat food (and pussy--but that's later) buffet inside a sex club. They restricted entrance to the club from 8pm to 10pm so that the couples could mingle and get to know each other. We sat down on the second-level area above the dance floor to scope out the scene. The French couples were chit-chatting and meeting up with other friends. Some couples were not mingling as much but merely observing the scene like us.

At the magic 10:00PM hour, single men were allowed into the club. This is when the party kicked up. People moved from the dance/food area into the play area. It seemed like dozens of single men were piling in to the play areas. The scene was mad. The first playing we saw was an older woman and her husband. He opened her pussy up on a bed and invited other single men to join him. No one volunteered. Everyone's attention shifted to the next bed where two very attractive blonde women and their mates started playing. I must admit, having seen a few of these soft-core "shows" put on by hot, porno-looking women at swing clubs, I was a bit judgmental. I saw these two women rejecting single men and only touching each other. "Oh great, another tease," I thought. But Rocco had a more positive attitude and sat me down. He caressed by boobs and stripped my top off. He then took off my bra and exposed my breasts. Crowds of men and a few couples started crowding around again.

We were sitting adjacent to the hot blondes. One of them had very nice breasts and a beautiful face, she looked like an even hotter, bustier version of Gwyneth Platrow. Her friend was also attractive -- very fit and sexy. I looked over at Rocco and one of the hot women grabbed my hand and lured me unto their sex bed. She grabbed Rocco's hand next. I was surprised to see that the hot women were actually very much into hard-core sex. American women-take note! These were no teases. We quickly swapped men and I started hooking up with the lady's husband. He had a cute face and started kissing my breasts. In the meantime, the rest of the immediate orgy was left to swat off the pushy, single men.

At this point, I understood the hot blondes' perogative. They were looking for another couple to party with because most of the single men were very pushy and too aggressive. Good thing they spoke French and told the single men to "back off a bit." I look over to see Rocco getting sucked off by the hot woman. He's had his head tilted back and was enjoying every minute of it. I continued to have fun with the French man. He was very sensual but a bit nervous. I could not get his manhood to stay hard enough to fuck me. So, I instead continued sucking him off. I watched the third couple-the woman was sucking off the man. He had a delicious, huge one. The crowd was all around us and as much fun as we were having, I needed a break.

Our crowd split up and Rocco and I walked around to see the rest of the fun in the club. I went to the dance area where there were still a lot of couples sitting around. What were they doing? The fun was in the play area! Ironically, I saw some of the minglers from earlier -- still clothed and still mingling. What a waste. Some hot women were dancing on the poles. But, my kind of fun was not in this area. We walked back into the play area to find all different types of people fucking. A bald French man tries to solicit me into engaging into play with him. I tell him "Je n'ais pa francais." He continues talking. Then, I say "NO COMPRENDE," hoping he would understand that. "Ah, espanol?" "No, no, anglais, anglais," I say. He continues almost harassing me and Rocco and I walked away. We see him walking up to another couple that is standing behind a bed with bars. He quickly joins them and the female starts licking her pussy. She looked on and sucked her man's cock while the bald man ate her out. Another man joined in the cramped area and took over the boyfriend's position. He forced his cock inside her mouth. More crowds started crowding around so we walked away to a free play area.

Rocco and I started touching each other in the free area. One of the blondes and her husband (the couple we were playing with earlier) approach us again. They're happy to play with us again and the feeling was mutual. However, this time, the husband was a lot more confident and relaxed than last time. We de-clothed and started making out. To my surprise, I see his dick get very hard and very LARGE. He really got the blood flowing. He puts my face on his dick. I gladly take in as much as I can inside my mouth. I notice that he likes it when I go deeper in. Rocco is having fun with the blonde and straps on a condom. I go over to her and make out and she grabs my boobs. I suck her natural, large breasts. Mmmmmmm, I kiss her and say "Belle." Not much conversation has to take place, as I guess. Meanwhile, his dick is ready to pile me. He puts on a condom and inserts his large, thick dick inside my pussy. I'm soaking wet and waiting to be fucked. The initial thrust felt so good. He goes in really deep and I yell out a scream. He likes it when I scream so he continues to fuck me deeper and deeper to hear my screams.

Crowds of men are attracted to my scream and stand around us. I feel someone grab my leg. The blonde's husband turns me around and fucks me hard. He knows "Yeah, harder" translates into "Oh, oui, oui!" We don't even swap back. We continue to have fun. I make him fuck me harder and harder until he came. Rocco and the blonde also had a great time and when we finished, we were sweating hard. After we kissed our goodbyes and thanked each other, Rocco and I walk away to cool off. The party continues and people keep fucking. These French know how to have a fuck fest. It seems like the party goes on and on. What a great time. It was one of the wildest and most happening parties we ever went to. The crowd was actually into fucking and although there were some teasers and voyeurs, there were enough people fucking that they didn't matter. We can't wait to go back to this and other swing clubs in Paris.