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Jazzy and the Double Headed Dildo

This article is written by "Rocco."

Our first threesome was quite a tale. You see, Sex Kitten had briefly flirted with the idea of doing porno. After all, we were still in school... and there could have been some serious money. We had been in contact with a producer, his name was Marvin. He had an amateur website and some very very hung male-friends, who would star in his videos. We were pretty impressed with the website, and actually liked the fact that it was amateur -- less of a chance that anyone we know would would ever find her videos.

So we were discussing a possible shoot with Marvin. Sex Kitten wanted to know which of his hung friends might star, as she was very excited over the prospect of having a big black dick to play with. Well, Marvin was quite odd and the details of the shoot were not very clear. But Marvin also mentioned that he would be meeting with a girl visiting from California -- a busty beauty with a massive ass named Jazzy. Apparently, he wanted Sex Kitten and Jazzy to do a scene together.

So, through the email forwards of her pictures that Marvin sent, we got Jazzy's email address. I used Yahoo to instant message Jazzy, and we began talking. What a sweetheart. She was extremely sexual, very much like Sex Kitten, but also very down to earth. Apparently, her plan was to do porn over the next year to finance her education. We hit it off right away, and said -- to hell with Marvin, if he can't get his act together, let's just meet!

Well, meet we did! Jazzy hitched a ride with her cousins to our place. It wasn't a very far ride, but they got pulled over -- racial profiling perhaps? Little did we know, Jazzy liked to come prepared to her sexual rendezvous. She had some rolling luggage filled with dildos, outfits, and other sex toys. As she later told us, the officer searched her luggage -- and found the stuff! How embarrassing! But apparently, she didn't let that bother her at all -- even if her cousins had to find out she was a freak ;)

We met Jazzy at a predetermined location. She came out of the car, and we see this beautiful, shapely black girl. Gigantic tits, and a HUGE ass. She comes over to give us a hug and a kiss, and we see she's also got a tongue ring... mmm, fun!

Sex Kitten was totally intrigued at Jazzy. We had never been with a black girl, and certainly no one with those assets!! Sex Kitten hadn't given much thought to our afternoon -- but I certainly did! I had been fantasizing about our first threesome for quite some time. Of course, it wasn't ALL about sex -- so we started with some lunch. We took Jazzy to our favorite brick oven pizza place in the Little Italy of the city. Jazzy was so thankful for everything, she said that she hadn't met people, outside of her family, who treated her so nicely. I appreciated the compliment, but I kept looking at those juggs... I couldn't take it anymore!

So, I suggested that we go to the sex shop in town. As I mentioned, I had given some thought to the prospects of a threesome, so I knew that a double headed dildo would be a great accessory to get. We walk into the sex store, and start looking around. Jazzy was right at home, she was telling us which one of the dildos were her personal favorite, etc. I was rock hard when she started revealing her stockings, and telling us about one of the outfits she brought... whew, this was going to be great!

We picked up the double header, and all of us were really REALLY horny. Well, I knew I wanted to have fun with the girls -- but I also knew that Sex Kitten may not want to be on the sidelines for so long, so I made a call to a hung Internet friend of ours. Mario was a guy that we had been meaning to get together with for awhile -- he was muscular, and very hung. Sex Kitten had wanted him for quite some time. It was already 5pm, and I told Mario to come over by 9pm. 4 hours by myself with two girls would be plenty of time... Let the games BEGIN!

Jazzy went to the bathroom to change. She was taking awhile. Sex Kitten had a skimpy pink suspender thong that I told her to wear... it's my favorite because it's so SKIMPY. You can see all of her breasts in that thing, and I love breasts :) So, we start making out while Jazzy is changing. I'm in my boxers.

Jazzy exits the bathroom. WOW. She was incredibly hot. She had some sexy lace lingerie on. Sex Kitten and I were taken aback. We went over to her, and started touching her. She had oiled up her body too. She felt incredible.

Sex Kitten and I went straight for those breasts. We sucked on them together, right in the hallway to the bedroom. My cock was super-hard. Jazzy wanted a piece of Sex Kitten's breasts too, so she started sucking them. I was in breast heaven...

We led Jazzy to the bedroom. She started caressing my body with her long finger nails, and I was getting chills down my spine. Sex Kitten was busy licking those beautiful tits of hers. Jazzy started blowing me, and wow... it was good. Sex Kitten knew exactly what to do -- we had watched enough pornos for her to know that 2 girls and 1 cock is a recipe for success (at least, from a guy perspective). Well, she joined Jazzy. Both girls knew how to deep throat, so they took my cock all the way down and then came up for some air and traded with the other. They tried it all, one girl on each side of the girl sucking the balls, one girl deep throating the shape. It doesn't get any better than this, honestly.

I love head, but I also love to lick pussy. Jazzy was soaking wet. I was fingering her on and off during the blowjob, and I wanted to return the favor of her great oral skills on me. I licked her pussy while she made out with Sex Kitten. I didn't forget about the double headed dildo, either. So I pulled out that puppy and slid it inside both girls. I handled the middle portion, and the dildo did the rest of the work, fucking both girls simulataneously. The huge dildo riled the girls up even more. Jazzy was begging me to fuck her, and started fingering Sex Kitten as well. So, I grabbed a condom, and put it on my cock. I was ready to enter Jazzy.

Now, Jazzy was a bigger girl. I learned a very important lesson as soon as my dick entered her. YOU CANNOT JUDGE A PERSON BY THEIR IMMEDIATE PHYSICAL APPERANCE! Jazzy was, and still is, the TIGHTEST girl I have ever fucked. I'm not saying that I expected her to be "loose" but I certainly didn't fathom that she would be so tight!!! I fucked the hell out of Jazzy's tight pussy. Thank goodness Jasmine and I had fucked like rabbits the day (and morning) before this threesome, otherwise I might've cum within minutes of fucking the tightest pussy I ever put my cock into! But instead, I kept going, and going, and going! She loved doggy style, and this was the first time I fucked a girl with such a large ass. It was awesome -- so soft, amazing to grab while I was plowing her pussy with my cock.

All the while, I didn't forget about Sex Kitten. As I was fucking Jazzy, Sex Kitten was making out with her, sucking her tits -- but I knew her pussy was probably lonely, especially hearing Jazzy's moans! So I fingered Sex Kitten while fucking Jazzy. At this moment I was really thinking, "wow, I think I got the hang out this -- I'm pleasuring TWO girls at the same time, and they're both LOVING it!" I was thrilled.

My cock was swelling from the tight condom, and I wanted to fuck Sex Kitten -- so I pulled off my condom, and slid my dick into her pussy. Mmmmm, that's one thing about Sex Kitten, she's always as wet as a slip and slide! I fucked her so well. My girl had let me fuck a beautiful girl, and wasn't just "OK" with it -- she was totally into it. Most guys would say "she's a keeper!" but I already knew that :)

As I was fucking Sex Kitten, her phone goes off -- MARIO! He's crossing the bridge, and will be over soon. Was it already 4 hrs?? Sex Kitten got in a few more hard pumps, and then put on her nighty and bundled up to go outside to meet him. Well, Jazzy was quite irrestibile, and even though Sex Kitten and I always play together -- I thought it would be very interesting if she walked in with Mario and saw Jazzy sucking my cock. That would really help speed things right into action... and I knew Sex Kitten wanted Mario, so I figured, why not?

It was taking awhile, so I just massaged Jazzy -- she had changed into another hot outfit. This time, it was red and lace. I couldn't help popping those massive juggs out every few minutes to suck... they were delicious. Soon, I heard the elevator come up to our floor -- "ding!" -- and, wham, Jazzy started sucking.

Well, suffice to say, the action kicked off. Sex Kitten was thrilled to see Mario's huge member. He was about 9" and thick. He was in great shape too -- very well defined abs, etc. But, unfortunately, he couldn't get it up. Ah well, can't let a soft thing ruin my fun -- I kept fucking the girls all night, while he got his dick sucked by the two. On occasion, he'd get hard enough to fuck for a little -- but it was a short while. It's all good -- I didn't mind looking like a sexual olympian. I was ready and willing to take all the pussy these two beauties could provide!

The hour was late, and Jazzy really liked Mario's style despite the fact that he was a bit intimidated and couldn't get his member hard. So, instead of calling her cousins, she hitched a ride with Mario... I heard from her that they wound up chillin' that night for a few hours, and she finally got him comfortable enough for him to maintain an erection. Good work, Jazzy!

As for Sex Kitten and myself, that was the first and last time we saw Jazzy -- except, for a magazine cover which I spotted at a newstand in NYC. Apparently, a few months later, Jazzy was on the cover of "Big Black Butt" magazine! In her hardcore shoot (complete with dildos and anal beads) and interview, Jazzy mentioned that her wildest sexual encounter was "with a hot couple I met up with. We got a double headed dildo, and fucked all night!"

What a compliment! :)

First Fuck Fest

In the School of Sex sessions and elsewhere, Rocco and I often get asked the question: "How did you start in the sexual exploration scene?" While we've always been horny people that fucked like rabbits that had sex anywhere and everywhere, our first group sex session was in Montreal.

Why Montreal? What is it about the French? Why can't more Americans be like them? I don't have the answers to these questions, but these people love to fuck.

We always had fun at female strip clubs all over the world and did all kinds of rated R stuff amongst strippers (detailed story will be told in another post), but our very first experience in the scene was about 5 years ago. Although Montreal also has it's share of fun female strip clubs, I cannot endorse them for two reasons. First, the women I met looked miserable doing their jobs. If you're going to be a stripper (or anything else), at least have fun with it. Second, some of the strippers hand out blow jobs for an extra fifty. Not trying to pass judgments but we're not looking for hookers. And why would anyone want a hooker in Montreal, when you can go to publicly known swing clubs and fuck women who WANT to fuck because they're horny-not because they want money?

And yes, there are plenty of swing scenes to choose from that are among other business, residential areas and one even in the seas. Please keep in mind that I am taking you back 5 years ago and the place I am referring to no longer exists. Also, the current swing scene in Montreal is not what it used to be. You've been warned.

This place we visited was called Les Libertines. It was a cold night and we arrived to the party. I was wearing a skimpy skirt, ignoring the snowy weather. We walked in to the club and were told to sign up for membership and pay our dues. Afterward, we walked into a dance floor area. We danced in the club for a bit and got some drinks. As we sat around, we talked about the fact that perhaps we drove all the way there expecting something that didn't exist. Women were looking hot and dressed scantily but no nudity (yet) and no fucking. I wanna see some fucking! And, I wanna fuck! So, we walked around and danced some more. One older woman with huge knockers started dancing up against a mirror. She had a friend with her and the friend de-topped her. They started touching each other, but it was still too mild for my taste (even back then). So, I say to Rocco, "Are you sure this is a fuck club?" He's all like yeah yeah. So, where's the party at?

Slowly, one by one we see people leaving the club but not through the front entrance which we came through. No, they were leaving through what appeared to be an Emergency Exit. Where are all these people going? We should have just asked someone when or where the fucking would begin, but our English-French dictionary did not contain that phrase. Bummer. So, do as the French do. We followed the rest of the people down this shady stairwell. Beds, I see beds down there on the bottom of the stairwell, I thought to myself. But no, these beds were in like a basement/storage area. And, no fucking going on. Next, we followed a couple of locals outside the club area into an apartment complex. What the fuck are we doing and now we're covered in snow. Someone rings a doorbell. "Bonjour blah blah" and someone opens the door. Finally. We walk in and watch the people in front of us strip themselves of their wallets and cell phones. What is this, we thought. Next, the people are handed some towels and some more "Bonjour ... Viva Les Quebecois ... Voulez-vous" conversations go on that we cannot understand. Whatever. So, now it is our turn in queue. "Bonjour...blah blah" here we go again. "Ah, do you speak English?" we ask. Yes yes, they do. "Please eh, give your wallet to me." Is this a stick up? Haha. They tried to explain to us in whatever broken English that they would store our items in lockers and we were to go strip and take a shower. What kind of sick place is this, I thought to myself. Is this safe? Is this a club or some sort of camp...

Well, we were already here and I wasn't going back out in the snow, so whatever. We had the same concerns as I'm sure some of the newbie couples we meet now have. Nevertheless, everyone was acting like nothing was wrong, so we figured, nothing was wrong. We followed suit and changed into our towels. As soon as we come out, it was clear to us that this was indeed a sex club. There was a room with a bed that had glass walls so everyone could watch but only a select few could play. Neat idea. This particular lady was taking on two cocks and a swarm of guys surrounded her glass wall. It was a hot scenario. We walked around to another area which lead to some sort of dark basement level. It was the dungeon, I suppose. That was not our thing, so we got out of there. Back upstairs was a large jacuzzi area. Yes, what a good idea to warm ourselves up. In the jacuzzi, we were joined by some French-speaking men. We shot the breeze and then, Rocco and I went to the play area.

We started fucking in a room adjacent to the glass bedroom. The wall separating the glass bedroom from this room was made out of glass as well, so you could watch what was going on. I de-toweled myself and started giving Rocco a sloppy blow job. Before I knew it, an army of men had swarmed us. At this point, Rocco decided to switch it up and went down on me. No sooner did he go down on me when hands appeared on my body from everywhere. Perhaps it could have been hot, but, there were too many people. I would say maybe 10 to a dozen. Rocco took me aside to a couch hoping to fuck me. He started fucking me missionary and random men grabbed my legs and started holding them up. I felt very uncomfortable. So, we moved positions again. We kept fucking and I felt a hand on my crotch. Some sneaky man had reached out from underneath my butt to touch my pussy. Rocco was not enjoying man hands underneath his balls so he immediately got up. I like surprises, but not like this. We decided to walk into a different fuck room hoping that the men would get the clue and not follow us. No. They followed us right in. There was one or two man I would have *potentially* played with, however, this was just overwhelming. So, instead we sat in the corner and just decided to watch. An elder couple was screwing on a couch/bed area across from us. As Rocco and I engaged in conversation, some man approached us to have a conversation. He explained to us that tonight was "Gang Bang Night!" No wonder! This was another phrase we did not find in the French dictionary. So, not only did we come to the craziest fuck party for our first time, but we got caught in the middle of Gang Bang Night. The gentleman recommended that we go back upstairs to the club and enter the the top floor which was the "Couples Only" area. So, we got dressed and went up.

We saw a beautiful loft that was converted into a swing suite. The loft included 3 jacuzzis, a huge shower big enough to fit six to eight people, a locker area, a sauna, a kitchen, and lots of beds. The locker area had a bunch of older locals that were sitting around chilling in the nude. In the sauna, a couple had hooked up with a male from another couple. The lady took on both cocks. We started having a conversation while we were in the jacuzzi with a younger couple. They were fairly new to the scene too. We talked for a while. When we got out of the jacuzzi, Rocco and I walked over to one of the bed areas. The couple also wanted to fuck. Rocco and I fucked each other but it was more of a show. The couple next to us were also engaging in their own fun. It was kind of hot watching them and others while we did our thing. Rocco fucked me missionary and then turned me around and did me doggy. We felt some eyes on us, but it was really hot. We switched around and fucked for a while. At the end of the night, we had a pretty wild and crazy time. It was so much fun, we decided to go back the next night. And things have never been the same since...

Swing School/TGIF Orgy Update

Our Swing School session was a relaxed 101-type informal session for newbie couples interested in the scene. We started out the session by sharing our personal experiences with the attending couples. Another topic we discussed was the flaky-ness of couples at meet-ups (a topic almost everyone attending could relate to). We shared our success stories with the attendees as well as some of the humorous stories. My goal was to talk to the couples-especially the women, and make them feel comfortable with sexual exploration. I look forward to hosting more of these sessions in the near future. In addition, I really believe we need to get some of the single men to attend a special session so they can learn proper swing adequate. I'm talking to the fish-hook guy ...

On to the party. As promised, we had sectioned off an entire floor for the couples. Sorry single men. Sometimes, I am not certain of what couples attending a sex party are looking for. I've been to clubs and parties where almost no action occurred all night long. Rocco and I have often attended dead parties and started up the action, or the only action. However, at this party, all the couples were engaging in fun. It was a hot scene and anyone who even peeked in to see all attractive couples would agree. Of course, we always have single men trying to crash the party. I'm not sure why guys have to lie about having a girl who is interested in swinging, when A) there is no girl or, B) the girl is NOT INTERESTED. Like, I'm sorry gentlemen, I cannot convince or trick your female to swing. Not to worry, our bodyguard took care of these tricksters who thought they could get into a couple's only area. Guess you can't blame a guy for trying. I'd be trying to get in to one of our parties too...but please understand, you cannot force a woman to fuck you. However, we will have an event where everyone is invited. So, don't despair-just come to the "More Meat" Thanksgiving party on Friday, November 28th. Just remember to bring your manners.

Our newbie couples party was open to other couples interested in swinging as well. While the party was going on and I had a dick inside me, I stopped, not once but TWICE to go greet couples that wanted to come into the party. I do not mind doing so, because I wanted everyone to feel comfortable and show them that we're hosting in a relaxed atmosphere where we do not force anyone to do anything that they don't want to do. And believe me, we have attended parties where the hosts DO FORCE. But, that's for another post. With that being said, I also do not like to be pulled away from cock for no reason at all. So, the first time I went to greet a couple, I fixed myself up and covered myself with a towel-just as everyone else in the party was in (except for the naked people). I introduced myself and the lady half of the couple refused to shake my hand. In fact, she looked at me as if I stole her car. I'm not a criminal-just saying hi. So, her boyfriend recognized me as the hostess but was also acting strange. Obviously, he didn't disclose fully to his girlfriend what kind of a party this was. The lady was so fucking scared, she walked right out. Ok, great-while this was a little funny, it was also very sad. A gentleman attending the party put it best-"It's up to the ladies." To the ladies that only attend these types of events to "please" their men by hoping to hook up with a single female to fulfill his fantasy-all I have to say to you is good luck. When all is said and done, if a girl doesn't truly want it, it ain't gonna happen. No amount of liquor or drugs can convince her. As a woman, it's kind of disturbing and disgusting to see this over and over again. Later on, I also left my personal fun to greet another young couple who also tried to make an excuse to leave the party after asking to "peak" into the play area. People-we are not zoo animals. Maybe next time I go see a movie or a Broadway show, perhaps I can ask if I can "preview" before purchasing a ticket. Nevertheless, before they could even get an answer, they ran off with whatever excuse. Guys, please stop lying to your women and forcing them to do something they don't want to do. It's insulting to other real women such as myself that want to have fun. And, if you come to a party late and have me come greet you a bit out of breathe, now you know why ;) Be on time!

Sorry to go on a rant, but it needs to be said. I just don't get it. Anyway, back to sex...

Since it was many couples' first time at this type of party, there was a lot of voyeurism. One couple was very acrobatic and loved to show off. The lady was upside down on the man's lap in a chair and, as he ate her out, she stretched her legs to the top of his head. Later on, she sucked off his long dick and fucked it after she had gotten it nice and wet. Another couple took center stage and fucked in front of everyone. As for us, we had met a real sweet couple at the Swing Session that we played with. Although I like men a lot, I do like to engage with some women, as you know. The couple, I will call them "Mimi & Sol," when clothed, looked as if they could have been models. When Mimi stripped down, she had an erotic, porn-star body. She had long, beautiful legs and an amazing ass. When I touched her, her body was so soft and sensual. Her breasts were beautiful. I have seen a lot of hot people in the scene and at parties, but I was taken aback with Mimi.

She stripped Sol out of his towel and took his cock in her hand. He was very excited and erect. He had a very nice, long penis. He had a nice body and his cock was beautiful. Mimi took his dick and put it in her mouth. She started sucking him off slowly and propped her butt on top of his dick. As she started fucking him, she was moving her booty in a hypnotic motion. Our eyes were on her and even couples in different areas were enjoying the show she was putting on. Sol exchanged sexual positions with her and did her missionary. He was fucking her like a man should. Already I could tell that this man knew how to fuck!

Rocco and I started playing next to them. It was as if a porno came to life right next to us! She looked over at me with her seductive eyes and asked if I liked girls. As I was answering "YEAH" (and ladies, even if you are not very much into women-she probably could've convinced you to be come a lesbian) she started making out with me. Rocco started sucking one of my breasts. She licked the other one. I was in heaven-I love having my breasts sucked by two (or, three).

Mimi and I started playing together. She kissed softly. It is so different to make out with a woman compared to a man. She grabbed Sol's dick and started sucking him again. I asked if I could suck the left side of his dick while she sucked the right. We ran our tongues up and down his dick and met up on his head with our tongues. I looked over at him and could tell he was enjoying it. I put my finger inside her pussy and she was extremely wet. She wasn't the only one ...

I grabbed Rocco's member and sucked him. Meanwhile, Mimi plopped down on Sol's dick and took the whole thing inside her. I grabbed her butt while she worked it on top of his dick. While I was playing with Rocco, we saw them go at it. They should have gotten paid for this show! I saw Sol pull a signature move on Mimi that made me crave his cock. As she was riding him, he grabbed her ass and pushed the entirety of his dick inside her. He made sure he got every last inch in. Makes me shiver just thinking about it because I love maximum meat inside me.

We swapped partners after everyone was comfortable (as it was their first time) and started going at it. As I was ready to put on a generic condom on Sol's dick, he goes "No, no" and pulled out his Trojans. "This is MUCH better," he said. Yes, he could have done an infomercial at this point. Rocco and Mimi were already going at it. He was behind her, doggy style. If I know Rocco, doggy style would make him cum. Sol had gotten the condom on and politely asked how I wanted it. What manners-what a fucking turn on. I told him I could ride him, as I saw Mimi had so much fun. He let me start off slow to feel comfortable. My pussy was wet and asking to get fucked by him. As we started fucking, he grabbed the side of my ass and made me fuck him faster. YES, yes.

As we were fucking, Rocco fucked Mimi and came. Her pussy must've been tight. Sol must have read my mind and took his dick and push it ALL the way in! Yes YES. Why don't more men know this move? I've only had one other man who knew how to use this technique that I have been with. But, Sol was better. I told him I was going to cum on his cock. He fucked me harder and harder. Lucky Mimi-she gets this every night. We kept fucking and I orgasmed. I normally cum from other positions-not this one-so, when I tell you he was good, he must have been good to make me cum.

Being the gentleman that he was, Sol made the lady cum before cumming himself. A true, classy man. Thank you, Mimi for sharing-and for a fun time.

After writing this post, I'm so fucking wet and horny. I'm going to go fuck Rocco now. Until next time...

Lay-dees Night

Round two of the Halloween Weekend extravaganza included a couple's only party. Couples playtime meant no single men were allowed in, which was what most of the couples attending wanted- especially since it was many couple's first party. However, I did not realize that so many bisexual women would be in attendance.

The attendees started coming in steady an hour into the party. Some were dressed in costumes, others just stripped down and got right into the party. I was judging the best costume contest that night. The prize of "Best in Show" went to a horny lady who played almost all night. She received a vibrator encapsulated in a dildo sleeve-picked out by yours truly, of course. I love dildos, but I thought this would be the best of both worlds-dildo+vibe all in one. The prize pack also included some dirty dice which could spice up any party. The best costume winner was a very sexy couple that came dressed up to the party. The lady was wearing a naughty Cleopatra outfit complete with a gold wig and her partner was a hot, muscular gladiator. Glad-he-ate-her. The lady looked very exotic and was eye-candy. The couple brought friends who were also wearing interesting and original costumes.

The two exotic lady friends didn't waste much time before starting to play with each other. One of the women laid down on a suspended platform swing. The other woman placed her head near her friend's crotch and started licking her. The two exotic women started 69ing each other. One of their boyfriend's grabbed his cock but let the women play with each other and watched. The women went down on each other and sucked each other's breasts. It could've been a scene from a real-life porno, but these women were playing with each other for pleasure-not business.

On the other side of the room, I started dancing on a stripper pole and gave Rocco a show. Adjacent to us, a lady was sucking her boyfriend's cock. Everyone just started going at it. We started to have some of our own fun and another male of a couple joined us. Our fun ended abruptly because as I started fucking, I felt the man's finger on my lip fish-hooking me. I know I scream a lot, but if you wanted me to quiet down, you could've asked me. And, if you thought you were turning me on by this, fish-hook man, you were not. I told him to please stop doing that (hopefully, he takes it into consideration and never does it again to anyone) and we took a break, as fish-hook man completely turned me off.

On a different floor, more couples were playing. We walked over to watch two women pleasuring each other. One of the women grabbed my hand and pulled me into the fun. She had beautiful brunette hair. Her body was so hot and tight. She and her boyfriend were a younger couple, but were definitely not shy. I sucked the two girl's breasts and made out with the hot brunette. She was very beautiful and I was extremely attracted to her. Behind me, Rocco was rubbing his member and enjoying the hot scene. The Brunette went down on the other lady we were playing with. I grab Rocco's cock and see the boyfriend of the lady getting eaten out standing next to us. I went up to him and flirtatiously touched him. He was packing a big one!

I pulled away from the girls for a little and grabbed Rocco's and the other man's cock. Two dicks-one in each hand. We walked over to a free play area and I put the man's cock in my mouth. It was very nice. I felt he was a bit uncomfortable at first. So, I went over to Rocco and sucked him off instead. The man got back into the groove and I started playing with him again. At this point, I really needed a cock inside me. I asked the man if he wanted to fuck my pussy, and he pointed to his girlfriend and said he was waiting for her. At first I was a little shocked but then I realized that he was keeping his eye on his girl--which was cool. So, I walked over and watched the two exotic women again. They came to the different floor and were playing with a Japanese woman who had walked in. These women were fun to watch. I walked over to Cleopatra and watched her suck off Glad-he-ate-her. His biceps were bulging and his cock was throbbing. How true to his Halloween character! Her friend was wearing a sexy, red stocking. I touched her leg and watched her with another female.

I looked back at the play area and realized that this was definitely "Ladies' Night!" The women were free to play with each other and some of their boyfriends/partners watched in the background. It was a very interesting dynamic. Because there were no single men that night, these women felt free to do whatever they wanted. And, for a lot of the women, what they wanted was each other! Nice.

I found the bombshell brunette by herself again. I had to go back and play with her. Rocco concurred. This lady liked women AND men! Yesss, just like me. Her man came over and was very polite and sweet. He also took very good care of his body-and it showed. He came over and we started playing. I took his cock in my head and put it in my mouth. I was so horny and excited at this point. I gave him a good, sloppy blow job. He put his head back let out a moan. He was loving it. He then politely asked if he could go down on me to return the favor. "YEAH," I said, as if you have to ask. But, maybe he did have to ask because some ladies only wanted to play with other women that night. Which is cool. The gentleman had tongue skills. He also looked right in my eyes when he was going down to see what I liked. Before he went down on me, I had previously came. So, at this point, I was just enjoying being eaten out. I put my hands through the gentleman's hair. When he flicked my clit with his tongue, I tugged on his hair a bit. Rocco was next to me and also getting head from the Brunette. He had gone down on her earlier. I asked him to hand me a condom. The gentleman asked me, once again, VERY politely, "Would it be ok if I fucked you?" WOULD IT? Where'd this nice, sweet man come from? The Brunette had a good man here. I said YES YES. He's like "Are you sure?" AH YAH. I need to hit more ladies' nights so I can find some polite men like this. But, I can share too ...

He got on top of me and started fucking me. He had a good, smooth rhythm going. I saw Rocco with the Brunette. She was driving him wild with her dick-sucking skills. She tells him "I want you to cum." Meanwhile, me and the nice man were going at it. He was rock hard and very excited. Rocco came from the Brunette sucking him off. She had some serious dick-sucking skills. He told me later that she teased him so well that he couldn't help but cum. My polite guy was ready to cum as well. He asked if he could take the condom off and cum on my chest. I told him, "Yeah, cum all over my tits, baby." He listened and moaned as he came. I had his milky cum all over me.

By the end of the night, couples were still going at it. I saw some more girl on girl action and another lady friend of mine going at it with her man and another guy. In this party, there was something for everyone. But, if I had to give it a theme, I would call it "Lay-dees Night" for sure!

Party Like A ... Porn Star!

The Halloween Party for couples and single men was a real hit! I wish I could have captured a scene or two from the party to share with everyone. It was by far one of the hottest parties I have seen so far in NYC. The next one will be even wilder ...

The night started out early. Because of the road/transport delays associated with the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, it took a while for everyone to get in. I had a very sweet and lovely single female friend (Ms. Carolina) who hung out with me and Rocco the whole night. Ms. Carolina wanted to check out the swing scene and it was her first time. She wasn't the only first timer attending that night. Other men from my blog made a surprise appearance at the party including the Dominican and the famous "Fred." Fred was crowned the winner of the Monsters of Cock competition. Even though I did not engage in play with him (because of an earlier incident, see The big dick that wasn't ... ) I saw him in action with a very horny single female with a ferocious appetite for cock and decided that he really was the winner, fair and square. In fact, they went at it at least three separate times ... daaaaaamn. I'm not here to judge, just telling the story.

The Halloween Party was definitely a gentleman's paradise -- and from the women I spoke with, they also enjoyed it. There were many different men for the women to choose from, however, I would once again reiterate the importance of politeness and courtesy. I started playing with Rocco and a friend of mine and was having a lovely time controlling two dicks. However, even after making an announcement stating to the single guys that it is the first time for many of the couples and single women attending and that they should respect the women and politely ASK, the men attempted to jump into the action as if it was a free for all. Guys, when I want a gang-bang, I'll post a sign. But even then, you'll still have to ASK ;) There was an exception-one man, and ONLY one man from Texas politely asked "May I?" He became a friend. It's not really that hard, boys, and you're going to get a lot further by being nice than a jerk. Also, if you are cramping up someone else's space by sticking your dick in their area, their erections will shrink which will again in turn piss the girl off. Finally, *begging* a girl to fuck you will generally not work either.

So Rocco, our friend and I escape from the plurality of flying penii and decide to go fuck on the sex swing. For those who are wondering, a sex swing allows a woman to sit on a suspended swing made out of cloth. The swing may be attached to the ceiling (as it was in this case) or a metal support, such as a hammock. Rocco helped me place my feet on the stirrups for comfort. At this point, I was leaning back on the sex swing with my feet resting comfortably out and my pussy- wet, ripe and ready to be fucked. Of course there are other sexual positions for the sex swing-that can be another post all in itself. As Rocco thrusted his ready cock into me, I felt him enter and go ALL the way in. Due to the lateral nature and freedom provided by the sex swing, fucking is taken to a different level. As there is no bed to interfere with our bodies, we were free to get into new positions. The dick goes in deeper into the pussy (for those that enjoy it, and you know I do) and in this particular position, Rocco was able to control how fast or slow we were fucking. I really liked the swing, and started rubbing my clit while he fucked me good-nice and deep, just how I like it. Ms. Carolina and others gave me a "bravo" for our performance. I know I may sound like an advertisement for sex swings, but they're really great. And, if you have not tried one and do not think you can explain the presence of a large hook in the middle of your bedroom (the swing detaches), come on out to our next party and try it out for yourself.

At this point, we had no idea how crazy the party had got. We walked down to the floor below us to find a multitude of people fucking. It was a crazy, hot scene. I felt like I was partying like a porn star-but actually having fun too, not faking it. In one corner, I saw my friend, a single female earlier mentioned, getting it on with Fred and another dude. This girl was one cock-hungry lady! In another area, I see a newbie first timer lady of a couple with her man and 3-4 different guys. She was my hero of the night-we'll call her "Laney." To the opposite side, I catch another lady with 3 cocks. Everyone was having a great time and partying it hot and safe.

Of course, these women wanted this and others who wanted to play with each other or with other couples were also in attendance. Everyone's got their own thing. But, I have to say I met some of the nicest, coolest people at the party. A nice couple I spoke with told me they attend swingers parties just to check out what's going on and to meet people. They don't necessarily engage in the parties but like to watch. Why the hell not-who wouldn't want to see a live porno? Hope to see these two again-we'll call them "Fish Boots," collectively. Another couple also watched as it was their first time. And then there was Ms. Carolina-I think we may have shocked her a little.

Back upstairs more shit was going down. I played around a little with another couple I spoke with earlier. One of the attendees said a classic line: "I came here with my husband...and this is my boyfriend." YESSSSSSSSSS, awesome. She had those two spellbound. It was a little crazy, but hot to watch a lady in control.

We started unwinding on a couch and I noticed a beautiful lady with long blonde hair and a hot, red bustier top. I wanted to trick and treat on her. We sat down and talked for a bit. She was absolutely gorgeous and so sweet. There was a lot of attraction between us and I started making out with her. Her partner and Rocco grabbed their dicks and watched us. Laney sat in the corner with her man-I could tell she was exhausted. I exposed her big, beautiful breasts and gave them a suck. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. Oh yeah, she was loving it. I tugged her hair and made out with her again. Just because it was Monsters of Cock Night, didn't mean the ladies couldn't have fun. And we did.

As I carressed her body, her partner went down on her. She told me to share Rocco's cock with her. We made out on top of his dick. My tongue was on one side, hers was on the other. She really must have done well in Kindergarten. Sometimes it's hard when you have a lady who you're playing with that is a cock-hogger. This was not a problem here. Rocco was in heaven having his dick sucked by two fine ladies. I'm not sure what was hotter for me, sucking his cock or making out with her on top of it. 50/50. After we sucked him off for a while, we switched off and shared her partner's cock. It was nice and meaty, also ready to go. While sucking one end, I look up at his face. He looked like he was in ecstasy. I told her to lick the bottom while I took the top. We switched up. It was really hot and both of us were really wet. Rocco got behind the lady and strapped on a condom. He told me later on that she was so fucking wet and tight. I sucked her breast, her man sucked the other while Rocco too her. He was fucking her so well and she was so tight that he came. I'm not sure how many times he came that night! We continued playing and Laney's man walked over to us. The blonde lady with the red top tells him to eat me out. Her man is fingering her. Laney's man sure had tongue skills. He started off slow and then progressively sped up. He was making me moan and squirm. There's nothing like a good eat-out session at the end of the night. He used his tongue so well that he made me cum right then and there. I told Laney that he was good. I took his cock in my head and sucked him off. I asked him if Laney wanted to come join us. He replied, "I think she's done." Let me tell you, she had a long and crazy night! Sometimes, it's hot for the ladies to watch their skilled partners pleasing another woman.

I was so exhausted at the end of the night, I could have literally fell asleep right then and there. What a night, what a Halloween. Trying to catch a cab home though, was another story.

Lameo Soiree in the BK

With all the hot, juicy experiences in swinging, there are also the occasional bad ones. We were invited to a "swinger's party" in Brooklyn by an eager, horny gentlemen. He said he was living out a fantasy that most men could only dream of -- watching and engaging in sex with different women -- just by hosting a swingers party. We made the trek to his place in Brooklyn for the party.

When we arrived, there was one other couple waiting for the party to pick up. The male was older, much older than the woman. The woman was a young, college student-cute, but shy. We engaged in some conversations with the host and the oddly paired couple while waiting for the rest of the party guests to show up. The older male was very strange indeed and was concerned about his identity, as he was a lawyer at a big firm in the city. He was a Matt Lauer look-alike. His lady friend was flirtatious but did not go into any details about her swinging/sexual encounters.

Another couple walked into the boring party. The woman was full of herself. On top of that, she was racist -- I'm sorry, but you shouldn't go to a swing party and start talking about all the racial makeups that you don't like! Her man was average looking, which was pretty surprising considering that she had such an inflated view of herself. Next, a red-headed single French woman. Then, the best part of the party arrived -- a guy with a french accent who came with two women, I'll call him the fake pimp. Hours passed, and I started looking at my watch like "is anyone going to ever fuck?" Many more minutes passed by and nothing happened. We came all the way to Brooklyn for this?

The guests, host and us went outside in his backyard to talk and enjoy the lovely summer evening. Matt Lauer and one of the pimp's girls started discussing real estate and the different golf country clubs located on Long Island. "My daddy loves to golf" said the pimp's girl. Fantastic, what a great conversation. It could only go downhill from there. We tried to move the party inside the apartment. The host started going down on the french woman. But, it wasn't hot--she looked like a cracked-out French prostitute. Eh. Naturally, no one was turned on and no one was volunteering to join in with as the nasty looking French prostitute got her pussy licked.

Pimp's girl and racist bitch took this as a queue to change into their "lingerie," as they called it. Twenty minutes after they went into the bathroom, and now, pretty drunk, the girls walked out. The racist girl stripped down to her bra and panties. WOW! How enticing... what a fucking great swinging party. The pimp's girl put on a leotard--something that should only be worn by a ballerina underneath her tutu. The fake pimp decided to strip down himself. Except, he was wearing some K-mart whitey tighties. Pimp was really scrawny and could not sport the look--he was turning me off. On top of that, he was wearing white tube-socks pulled up to his knees. Clearly, the hottest and perhaps most normal at the time woman was Matt Lauer's lady friend.

A few of the guests and host walked into the bedroom area. Pimp's girl in the leotard walked in too. She was looking a mess. We decided to follow the crowd and were hoping to find some action going on. I was hearing some moaning noises on the way there-great! To my surprise, I found the most fucked up thing I have ever seen at a swing party. The girls, Matt Lauer and pimp with tube socks formed a fucking line up -- a ho train indeed! They were all touching each other -- but not in a sensual way. The ooh's and the ahh's we heard were them fake moaning while they touched each others SHOULDERS. Whatever, we've already wasted so much time, so we decided to get the party started, if even to see how they'd react. It was awefully lame. French whore was trying to get all over the host. He got a bit initimated and called for a reinforcement. He phoned a friend.

The friend arrived at the party within minutes and started fucking the French whore. So, we thought maybe we'd at least get a half decent show. But no, this was not at all a turn on. Pimp's girl and racist bitch took the opportunity to go talk to Matt Lauer's lady. I was watching from the corner. Racist bitch was extremely pushy -- trying to pull off the lady's panties! I felt so bad for Matt's girl I almost went to her rescue. "Please, let me lick you-it'll feel good" racist said. "No no no please no!" said Matt's little friend. Racist continued to harass her and her friend, pimp's girl came over. Racist was literally on the floor, grabbing the poor girl's legs. It was like a scene from a horror film.

At this point, it was very clear that this lady was hired help because she was not Matt Lauer's friend, fuck-friend, girlfriend or anything else. She was obviously his "in" at parties and probably clubs for swingers. Who knows what she got in exchange. Cute, but not a swinger. At one point, she tried to shove Matt into me and tried to forcebly hook us up. Um, no thanks, I have standards.

So, no one was doing anything besides the French whore who was just about to break the bed. It was almost time to leave. But, no, I couldn't just leave -- I came to the party to fuck, and I couldn't wait a whole train ride back to the Upper West Side to get some dick. I grabbed Rocco's cock and started sucking him off. French whore was done anyway and tighty whitey pimp was drinking his ass off with the other lame guy-racists' boyfriend. So, whatever, at least we should get off before we hiked back home.

As I started sucking Rocco off, the host came up on us. I grabbed his dick, but he had trouble getting hard. At this point, the host was probably too drunk to get it up. So, I take my lips off Rocco's throbbing dick and put them on the host's. Alright, he's loving it. He's moaning and saying things like "oh, this feels amazing." However, as I am sucking him, I notice his unimpressive manhood shrink down to even a more unimpressive state. *SIGH*. He apologizes and says he's nervous. Normally, I would understand but at this point, what the fuck. Hours have passed and this shit is YOUR fantasy, host. So, I try my best to help him but the limpness never came back to life.

Rocco and I went and did our thing. I sucked him off and got his dick nice and wet to put inside my pussy. We have our fun and host and others watch. We fucked hard, and then walked out. That was it. Pretty lame and strange event. But, it does make for a good story, especially the choo-choo lineup. This is the kind of party we'd NEVER want to throw!