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Fuck of the Year-2008

2008 was a year of many interesting fucks. However, there can only be one winner for "Fuck of the Year." Some of you may have already guessed it, but the award for Best Fuck of 2008 goes to Lexington Steele. The competition was close, but in the end, Lex came up on top.

Here's to hoping 2009 brings many great fucks for all. Happy New Year everyone! Be safe.

Real Women that Love to Fuck


Are there any real women left who are part of a couple out there besides me that genuinely love to fuck men? Or, is your man forcing you into this? I can honestly count the number of sane, swinging women who are a part of a couple whom I have met on one hand. Just a few minutes ago, I received an email from a woman who was organizing a New Year's Eve Orgy stating that she is canceling. Really? Less than 24 hours before the party? Wow, can you get anymore flaky? I thought I had some good flake couple stories, but this takes the cake. Congrats to this couple for making the Wall of Shame. Hit me up with your best worst experience story-I will feature the best one on the blog.


We all set out goals in life. Some people dream to be a doctor, some dream of becoming the president of the US. But me, I recently set a goal to meet Lexington Steele. Why Lexington Steele? Have you seen his pornos? Actually, in a way, Lex has brought Rocco and I closer together. When we first started fucking dating, Rocco and I would make watch a lot of pornographic movies. Before we started exploring our sexuality, we would love to watch Lex's movies both in private and among friends. The man is an entertaining genius. Some of our favorite hits starring Lex include the Black Bastard, Balls Deep and Little White Chicks and Big Black Monster Dicks. He is perhaps best known for his monstrous 11" long and THICK cock. He is also known for his infamous grunting moan of "UHHHHHH" right when he cums. So yes, you can say, I've been a big fan of his for a while.

When I found out Lex was going to be back in NYC for a post-Christmas swinger's party, I changed all my plans just to be there so I could meet him. Little did I know, my fantasy of fucking Lex's beautiful, thick, porn cock would come true. When I met Lex, I was a bit tongue-tied but I managed to introduce myself to him. Rocco snapped a picture of the two of us (with our clothes on). I could not believe that the man I had watched, fucked to and masturbated to numerous times was in front of me! And ladies, he is even more sexy in real life than in the movies. I was wearing heels but I still felt like he was almost a foot taller than me! I gave him a hug after introducing myself, as I did not want to linger around and look like some obsessed fan. That's not my style. Still, throughout the night, I could not help but fantasize about his huge cock that I had only seen on DVD.

Rocco and I engaged in some adult fun in the play area of the club. Later in the night, I met up with my friend the "Blonde Lady" mentioned in the Halloween Post shown here. I told her that Lex was in the house. She must have seen the excitement in my eyes when I mentioned his name. As she and I spoke, Lex was on the dance floor with a sexy Spanish lady. We watched as the woman practically threw herself at Lex -- and as I moved closer, I saw that she was stroking Lex's dick! Wow, there it was, the real deal. Man, would I like to get a closer look at it, I thought. But then again, I couldn't just cramp the lady's style and sneak up on them. So, I just watched from the background.

The Spanish lady looked up at Lex and tried to go in for a kiss. He turned away and they soon walked off the dance floor. Of course -- why would a porn star make out with a random female and risk disease? His body is his shrine. Blonde Lady and I walked over to Lex, and I introduced her as my friend. I thought that having another woman with me would help me engage in a better conversation with Lex. However, I think she was a bit nervous, so things did not go as well as I thought. He mentioned that he may be leaving soon. I jokingly told him that we could "move this party somewhere else," to which he replied, "I'm down with that!" He then excused himself to smoke a cigar. Oh, I'd like to be smoking something else... What does "I'm down with that" mean, I pondered. Ah, I was so curious to get a closer look at his cock, somehow...but how? If only I could see, I didn't even have to touch. This is what men must feel like all the time when approaching women.

As the night went on, I saw more women swarming around Lex. How could I approach him again without appearing like I was a desperate, crazy fan? My idea of approaching him with another woman was a good one, although I didn't know this at the time.

I was standing close to the dance floor with Rocco when I saw that Lex's cock was out again. This is ridiculous! I wanted to get a closer look. I saw he was turned on by a dark, curvaceous and beautiful woman who was dancing with him. The "Porn Beauty" had an amazing ass, huge breasts, and the body of a porn star. I moved closer and closer to her and she seemed to be very attracted to me. I touched her shoulder gently and went to dance with her. Her one hand was on Lex's VERY LARGE hardon. Surprisingly, she was paying more attention to ME than Lex! I put my hand on her ass and grabbed it. She was hot--probably the hottest woman at the club. But as I danced with her, my eyes were on the prize-Lex's member that is. She gently whispered in my ear: "Go ahead, girl, touch Lex's dick." YES, YES, she didn't have to tell me twice. I looked over at him to make sure it was OK and he looked back so I figured it was. As I grasped it, I felt the girth was beyond my grip. It was slightly thicker than the previous biggest dick holder-by the name of "Snake"- and longer as well. On the inside, I was jumping up and down. On the outside, my pussy was wet, wet, wet.

The three of us continued to dance, but another lady tried to creep in on the fun from the side. At this point, we developed a lust triangle. Porn Beauty was eying me and I liked her but my eyes were on Lex and he was touching Porn Beauty. I popped out Porn Beauty's large, supple breasts and exposed them on the dance floor. I grabbed them and licked her nipples. I told Rocco, who was a few feet away watching the action, to come over and feel her juicy booty. He touched it and concurred. She took my breasts out and licked them as well. I could tell she was really turned on. I rubbed my tits on top of hers. We made out on the dance floor as I held Lex's cock. She asked in my ear if it was ok for her and I to play together--and no men, as her boyfriend did not want that.

Although I did not want to leave Lex, I was horny so I said yeah. As we walked over to find a free play area, we were followed by a few people. The minute I sat her down on the bed, out of NOWHERE, Lex makes an appearance! "I just want to watch," he said. YESSSSSSSS. Porn Beauty makes an announcement that no men are allowed to play. I said, "Wait a second! Lex can do whatever the fuck he wants," and I meant it. She reluctantly said, "OK." He sat on an inflatable, plastic chair while I played with Porno Beauty on the adjacent bed. She again hesitatingly asked if Rocco was alright with me and her playing together. I said yes, and told her not to worry. Rocco stood right behind me and respected Beauty's wishes. As I put on a PG-13 show with Beauty for Lex, I was really beginning to crave some cock. Already, I knew Beauty did not want any other man to be with us. But, that sucked because I needed some cock too. You know me, gotta have cock. So, I told her I was interested in Lex. She said "Girl, don't ruin your relationship with your man." Man, she just didn't understand. Rocco and I are not at some sophomoric point at our relationship. We love and fully trust each other--duh, or we couldn't be doing this. But, I saw that I could not explain this to her as her man had some rules for her, which was a shame. Nevertheless, I look over at Lex and see him stroking his big, hard dick. I lick my lips and look over at him as if to ask permission to suck his dick.

I saw a large amount of pre-cum soaking Lexington's 11" dick. Man, I wanted to lick that right up off of him. But, I was respectful - and Lex said, "I'm OK for now," as if he was content just stroking his dick. After all, he did seem to be really turned on -- maybe he just wanted to jerk it himself rather than get bombarded. I totally understood, because we were surrounded by dozens of girls who were ready to throw themselves at him. I went back to play with Beauty, but it was now clear to me that she was not going to be engaging with Lex. I'm not sure why she grabbed his cock on the dance floor only to give him blue balls, but I'm glad she did. When I turned around again, he looked in my eyes and motioned that it was OK that I come closer. I just put my mouth on top of his succulent dick because I couldn't take the girl on girl PG-13 tease any longer. Hey, a girl has needs. As I looked up in his eyes while I sucked him off (like I saw many girls in his pornos do), I smiled at him. I could tell he was enjoying himself. He licked his lips. I moaned at having his cock in my mouth. I gave him a very wet, sloppy blowjob. I tried all the different techniques I could think of at the time. I then gave him my favorite--I opened my mouth wide and took his dick as deep inside my throat as I could, being careful not to make contact with my teeth. In one hand, I massaged his balls-he liked this. In my other hand, I held Beauty's breast. I had my hands and mouth full. Now, I just needed something else filled.

As Beauty watched, she got in on the fun as well. Because she didn't want to (or couldn't because of her boyfriend's limitations) suck him off, she did the next best thing. She took my hair in her hand and shoved my head on top of his dick. She gagged me a little on it and I was comfortable to take his dick as far inside as I could at this point. After sucking him off, my pussy was calling out for some lovin'. But, how do you ask one of the world's most famous porn stars to let you fuck him? Well, I had nothing to loose, so I told him "Your dick feels so good in my mouth, I would love to feel it inside me" in a sexy, soft voice. To my surprise, he said "Really?" YES, YES, it was like better than winning the lottery, for me anyway.

I didn't waste anytime and asked one of the two dozen men surrounding me and watching (among another dozen women or so) for a Magnum. Within a SECOND, about 3 or 4 hands from random men reached out, equipped with that well-known gold wrapper. We could have shot a commercial for Trojan. Lex insisted that he wanted to use one of his condoms, as he is super safe and smart. But he couldn't locate his condom, and after inspecting that the donated condom was Lex-worthy, he was ready. Perhaps he should have autographed the wrapper for the guy. I looked over at Rocco and gave him a shit-eating grin. This is it, what we've all been waiting for. I couldn't believe I was about to fuck the legend (the REAL legend, not "Legend").

Lex put on the condom so fast-after all, he is an expert. He must have been fucking horny from all of the teasing on the dance floor. I was going to take care of him. I slid down on top of his cock as deep as I could go. "OH MY GOD!" was all I could say, repeatedly along with my screams and moans of pleasure. He grabbed my ass with his large hands and aided me as I went up and down on his dick like it was a trampoline. Bouncy, bouncy. The chair was difficult to maneuver in but I made the best of it. Yes, it was the best feeling cock ever. I wish I could fuck a cock like that all the time. He didn't have to pump his cock for long before my pussy gushed cum all over. I was so aroused, not just by the act of fucking but also by his presence. His body was muscular and he smelled so good.

I put my lips on his neck and continued to fuck him. I don't know how that stupid inflatable chair held us, but I didn't want to mess up our flow so I just went with it. He really made me go crazy on him and the cock went so far in. I screamed in pleasure, but I noticed I was screaming in his ear. I took his big hand and stuck his finger in my mouth to quiet the screaming a bit. As I was cumming for a second time, I held my pussy down on top of his dick as far deep as I could go. He hit some new areas up there. I told him it really felt good and he held me down on top of his dick for a long time so I could cum properly. He was a pro.

At this point, I was shaking and sweating from the amazing sex. I think he thought perhaps I needed a break so I pulled off of him for a bit. I definitely could have gone for a third orgasm, but I wasn't sure if he wanted to fuck other women. I saw him look up at me and smile. Our performance was followed by the applause of dozens of people who had watched. After all, it's not every day people get to see a porn star fuck live. And Lex was good, too ... just kidding. He took the condom off and replaced it with another one. At this point, I decided not to be greedy and hoard him, so I let another sexy lady from earlier in the night who was trying to get with him on the dance floor have him. Although, I certainly could've gone for round 3, 4, infinity. Yes, he was that good.

After he finished with me, he went on the bed to fuck the other lady. Damnit, a bed. Double-damnit, doggy-style! He was fucking her but I noticed that the lady could not take his thick dick. She yelped out "OW" and her male partner comforted her. No, no, that's not how you take a big dick! I should have gave this lady some lessons but I respectfully watched. Although it sounds rather mean, I have to say that after I watched him fuck her and cum, I thought, "What a waste!" But alas, I had my night with Lex and man oh man, was it fucking hot. He can fuck me BALLS DEEP anytime. Perhaps maybe one day again, I will get to fuck him. As for now, Sex Kitten has fulfilled a very hot fantasy. Who's next? Rocco, unfortunately, he has contracted some diseases. I need some more big, CLEAN cocks like Lex's.

*Rocco's Perspective*
For the purposes of this long entry, I am also including sub-headings.
We were looking forward to this party ever since our "More Meat!" party... we found out in late November that Club Casbar would have Lexington Steele at their post-Thanksgiving party on the same date as our party. We weren't sure that we missed anything, and we had a fantastic time at our own party -- and met Sandy, the Unicorn! But when we heard Lex would be back to the club, we marked our calendar and counted down!

It was our first time at Club Casbar. The club is in Brooklyn at a large warehouse space with lots of parking. It wasn't too far from Manhattan, but we decided to rent a car because we knew we would be home very late (and would probably need the car again for some post-Christmas shopping the next day). We invited a few friends as well, including Sex Kitten's Hero and Beautiful Blonde (both veterans from our Halloween party).

The question on our minds was -- would Lexington Steele actually do anything at a party? And, more specifically, would Sex Kiteen have a shot with him? We had discussed this very question ad nauseum for months! We had been so disappointed at so many of the parties and clubs we had been to that we decided to go to the party with minimal expectations. Lex would probably just sign autographs and chat. We had been to many (non-swinging) parties "hosted" by Playboy playmates, and those girls would never even dance let alone leave their designated autograph area. But of course, despite our low-expectations, we had secret high-hopes.

The First Fuck

We weren't about to wait for anything to happen, as often the fun at swing clubs doesn't kick up until hours into the party, so we began our own fun. We saw Hero and her date, whom she told us was packin'. So we explored the play areas of the club. About ten private rooms were lined up in a row, most of which had doors to ensure that no invited guests would come in. We gazed upon a large play area, and a bouncer told us that it was for couples only and that no uninvited guys could enter. This area was a voyeurs paradise, about 12 futon mattresses on the floor next to each other, all within clear view of the bouncer and a roped off area for all others to watch. And in the back, a sex swing suspended from a movable beam. Great! Hero's friend asked about the swing, and Hero said she had yet to use it. So I suggested that Sex Kitten demonstrate how it worked.

Sex Kitten made her way to the sex swing. Let me tell you, Sex Kitten was looking HOT. She was wearing a short skirt, high heels, and a Spanish-inspired cleavage top. She took a seat on the swing and opened up her legs. "This is how you position yourself to get fucked..." Hero's man, John, touched her foot, which she had positioned in the stirrup. He told her how much he liked her feet, and began massaging them. After a few minutes, Sex Kitten got off the swing and sat on one of the dozen futon mattresses, arching her back. Her beautiful tits practically popped out of her shirt. I made my way toward Hero, who was smiling at me. Hero has extremely large, beautiful breasts as well. I touched her chest as we started to make out.

I look over and see Sex Kitten stripping down as she was making out with John. Her legs were slowly spreading open, and I could see how wet she was. I encouraged Hero to take off her clothes too. Her top came off, and I started sucking her huge melons :) I was rock-hard, and I took out my manhood. She sucked my cock, and I watched Sex Kitten unleash John's cock from his pants as well. I was getting some great head from Hero, she was practically taking the whole thing down her throat. It felt so good. I couldn't help but notice that John was not getting hard.

Sex Kitten had recently implemented a new rule -- if a guy isn't getting it up, she's not going to be sucking it for the next hour to try to help. This has been a common problem at swing parties. Guys get stage fright. We're not being mean about it, but it's true. We have met guys who looked pretty hung, but it's of no use if you can't stay hard. Similarly, if a guy drinks too much, he has issues. So Sex Kitten went to a more neutral position of making out with John. I was too horny, so I strapped on a condom and began to fuck Hero's dripping wet pussy. I fucked the hell out of her for awhile, but I realized that Sex Kitten wasn't getting what she wanted. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming...and thank you to Lexington Steele for being here." The announcement came at a perfect time, and Sex Kitten and I threw on our clothes and made our way over to Lex.

Sex Kitten Meets Lex

We looked around the club. It was really getting packed, dozens of people had arrived. We looked around and saw a bunch of older people -- the norm at any swing club. Of course, we were looking for Lex. Our eyes wandered to each tall black guy by the bar and dance floor. There were about half a dozen! Finally, Sex Kitten saw him. "Rocco, here he is!" I took a few steps back, this was Sex Kitten's moment, not mine. She starts chatting with Lex and after a few minutes asks me to take a quick picture of them on my iPhone. Good thing I just got a new app for night shots!

Sex Kitten gave him a hug and said it was a pleasure to meet him. I smiled. She was happy just to meet him and take the picture. "Wow, he's cute. He looks better than the pornos!" Lex was wearing a tan, casual suit. He did look cool. We both noticed that he was surrounded by a guy in a pimp suit complete with a hat and a cane.

Wandering the Club

We walked around for awhile, circling the club to see if any new action had popped up in the playroom. An asian girl kept bringing new men to the couples only area, one at a time. She had been playing while we were with Hero and John. Not many people were watching them because she moved to a back corner of the large play area.

The dance floor was hoppin' so we went over to dance for awhile. About a half dozen girls were eying Lex. One very fit Latina in a tube top seemed to domineer the dance floor, and Lex. She was all up on him. She had some great moves, and as we danced, we watched her take Lexington's dick out of his pants. Sex Kitten was mesmerized. I told her, go over and join in. The next thing we knew, Lex put his monster cock back in his pants. The Latina had tried to give him a kiss, but he pulled away. Sex Kitten looked over to me and said, "Obviously the solution is not to throw yourself at him. He's being bombarded here. There's got to be a better way."

We walked off the dance floor and circled the club. Hero was getting a massage, and we notice bright flashes from the couch area. "Ladies and gentlemen we are filming a porno here," the announcer said. This is new, amateur porn during a party at a swing club? I guess it was good entertainment for the crowd. Dozens of people flocked over just to see two couples swapping. I could see some making out... Eh, whatever. We moved on.

"Rocco, this is getting kind of lame," Sex Kitten said. I agreed. Lots of older couples. The two or three other hot chicks would simply dance all night and never engage in any action. We sighed and repeated the cycle of dancing and walking around searching for action about a half dozen times... This is where our parties differ from those at swing clubs. We always have guests who want to fuck ALL night long... and an overwhelming majority of young, hot couples.

The Party Kicks Up -- Craziness in the Play Area!

Our friend Beautiful Blonde had arrived with her husband. We went over to them and chatted for awhile. These two were always fun. She had a nice dress on, with her beautiful cleavage nicely exposed. Sex Kitten took Blonde to meet Lexington. This time Sex Kitten told Lex, "There's not going on much... we should really kick up the party." Lex told her, "I'm game" but then went for a smoke. We weren't sure what that meant, but again, we weren't about to wait. We saw a large crowd head over the play area.

"Excuse me, coming through," I raised my voice. We got through the crowd and into the couples play area. Three older couples in the back going at it. Nothing too exciting, yet. A huge crowd was watching everyone behind the ropes. We were standing up and the bouncer told us, "You guys can't just watch if you want to stay here." Ok, whatever, we'll sit and play, we had intended to anyway, we just wanted to see what was going on.

Blonde and Sex Kitten were getting along nicely, making out and playing with each others boobs. Whoa there -- hold on a second! I look over to the far end of the play area and see a good looking woman surrounded by 4 or 5 guys. Hot! Sex Kitten lifted her head up from Blonde's luscious boobs and says "Wow..." The guys were being pretty rough. The lady was wearing a collar and the guys kept switching up. One guy rammed his cock down here throat, another fucked her pussy, and two on the sides were squeezing her tits.

Sex Kitten and I made our way over to that area and Sex Kitten spotted that one of the guys was nicely hung, easily 9" and very thick. He was a good looking white guy, and we introduced ourselves. Sex Kitten told him, "Now, I like it a bit more gentle than her," pointing to the gangbang lady. The problem with gangbangs at a swing club that allows single men is that it quickly becomes a free for all. Sex Kitten and I have standards -- and if she wants a guy, she gets him, and likes to get fucked hard. We quickly noticed that even the gangbang lady had her limits, her husband was directing he action, and only select guys could play with her.

Sex Kitten started sucking the large white cock in front of her, and within a few minutes he was ready to fuck her. As she was taking his cock and screaming in ecstasy, we notice a flood of men coming over. What gives?? Apparently the gangbang woman had indicated that it was OK for single men to come in the area. Sex Kitten spotted three hung black guys and invited them over. This was turning into quite a party...

The hung white guy came and I started fucking Sex Kitten. One of the black guys was jerking off, and was so turned on at the scene that he came all over Sex Kitten's boobs. The other two were ready to fuck. I slid my cock out of Sex Kitten and each of the two took their turns. Sex Kitten was loving every minute of it!

These two black guys were really nice -- and they were looking out for Sex Kitten too, swatting away any guys who we obviously had no interest in. I moved over to the gangbang lady to see what was going on. Her husband was winding down the action because he was about to come... he asked Sex Kitten if she could grab the lady's collar and open the lady's mouth with her fingers. She did exactly what he asked and the lady's husband had her swallow every drop. After it was done she said, "Thank you master."

We had about two dozen people watching, and another dozen guys hoping to get in on the action. We started talking to the two black guys, who were awesome! Apparently we had met them before at a party three years ago -- we had left quickly because Sex Kitten had a bad experience (we'll have to write about that party!) -- and they were wondering about us ever since.

And then, the main event happened... Sex Kitten's encounter with Lexington Steele! (Scroll to the top of this post to read all the details)

The Idiot's Guide to Swing Parties

This article is written by Rocco.

I use the word "Idiot" in the title because the vast majority of guys we see at parties are idiots. Most are jackasses. Some fake it, but beneath the false exterior, there is a guy who doesn't give a shit. Even if you think you're a nice guy, you should read this article so that you are not AWKWARD at a party -- or just, for the entertainment value of hearing what men DO at parties -- and beyond!

Over time, jackasses are wearing Sex Kitten's patience thin. A girl who LOVES cock and is looking for NSA. But no, you can't just leave it at that, you have to push it--EVERY time. From our educational seminars to our swing parties, men try to push the limits. They talk to Sex Kitten -- and me -- with a complete lack of respect. Just because Sex Kitten has opened her imagination to the world doesn't mean you get a shot with her, or get to disrespect us.

Congratulations -- you read the blog, so did thousands of others. Because you are a fan doesn't not mean you have an automatic ticket to fuck Sex Kitten. This blog is one of the most entertaining pieces on the net. It's real, and it's raw.

So, we start off with recruitment. Men (and couples) ask the following questions while we are planning the party. So here is a brief FAQ:

Q: What is the racial mix-up of our parties?
A: The same racial mix-up as the Great Lawn in Central park on any given weekend in the summer. Vague enough? That's because we do not choose our guests based on race, and we live in one of the most diverse cities in the world. Classiness is another story. We only invite (and subsequently invite back) individuals who are classy. But the answer to the question is, our parties are diverse.

Q: Do you have single women attending?
A: We pretty much always do. If you are asking this question because you are only interested in single women, then you had better make sure we are throwing a "Bi-Ladies" party, because parties with single men tend to welcome women who LOVE men... and yes, we've had single women come just to fuck a lot of cock. At these cock-loving types of parties, a single girl won't necessarily be impressed by you and your hot girlfriend.

Q: Do I get to fuck Sex Kitten?
A: Sex Kitten is not a whore. If you're asking this question, you have no class and no tact and will NOT get any action from Sex Kitten. In our experience, a guy asking this question probably won't have enough skill to pick up any woman at the party either.

Now, on to other matters. At the party itself, here are a checklist of things NOT to do. These are all *REAL* things that men (or couples) have done at parties that we have attended over the past few years:

- Do NOT massage another man's back while he is fucking a girl in an attempt to say "good job man, keep fucking her."

- Do NOT trail couples or single women like you are a stalker.

- Do NOT harass a woman who has already said no. NO MEANS NO!

Simply put, be polite and don't act desperate or be forceful. It's really not hard! And, if you think you're "the shit" -- check that kind of attitude at the door. Not many women like pompous guys. If you know you're packin' -- display that cock in a non-creepy way! Especially at a party that caters to women who love men!

Be honest with us, and with your girl. If you lie about your looks, your pics, or your girl's predisposition about the whole "swing" experience -- don't bother coming. We'll find out, and you won't be invited back.

Finally, if a couple, or a single lady, wants to meet outside of a party. DO NOT STAND PEOPLE UP! At the first sign of trouble in your schedule, call or text to indicate that you will not be able to make it. Be courteous! Sex Kitten had two great sessions with "Snake," a guy who could've had NSA ass on a regular basis. He screwed it up, big time -- by standing her up twice. Sex Kitten knows that there are lots of good men in this city, so she won't waste her time with a guy who stands her up.

Generally, we find that people who are not willing to share phone numbers are hiding something. We all value discreetness, but when you can't contact another person -- 9 out of 10 times, you're getting stood up.

For more information, visit our website Sex Kitten and I do private coaching sessions for individuals interested in improving their game and getting some action at swing clubs/parties.

The "Unicorn"

The "More Meat" post-Thanksgiving party kicked off on Black Friday. You would think that the name of the party would be self-explanatory, however, once again, some men brought their girlfriends/wives without telling them the theme of the party! Lovely. "Classic" is what I would call the look I get from these poor females when they realize that this is a party for girls who want multiple men! This look was exactly what Alex's girl expressed when she entered the party.

I had talked to Alex earlier in the week. He told me his girlfriend was very much into having multiple men -- in fact, he wanted me to help plan a gangbang for her in the future. The night of the party, we were eagerly anticipating their arrival -- and put our own fun on hold in order to wait for them. After all, we figured this new girl would be the life of the party. I called Alex about 11pm to see if they were still coming. He told me that he was on the way, driving from Staten Island. Well, Alex could have been honest with me and had a great time but no, he chose to lie to both me and his *shocked* girlfriend. What kind of party did she think she was going to?? I can only imagine what these men tell their girls...

Fortunately, there were only two losers that did not disclose the details to their female partners that night. The other 15 couples that attended were not only aware but gladly joined in on the meaty fun--as did I. A note to the men: if you bring your girl to my party and surprise her ("Oh, yeah, I forgot the's a gangbang/orgy party hun")-- the joke will be on you. While the rest of us women who know what the parties are about and want to have fun, you'll be the only one NOT having fun. Ladies, I'm trying to empower us. For those of you reading which have lying boyfriends, leave their asses. Let's face it, women who read my blog love to fuck, who am I kidding? (Yes, I got your emails.) Enough on that.

So, what is a "Unicorn" you ask? It is the term used in the scene for a single, bisexual female who parties. And, by "parties," I mean likes to fuck -- 3-some, orgy style, or gang-bang style. Why a Unicorn? Because these single, bi women are supposedly as rare as unicorns. So, to those guys -- and couples -- searching on the internet for single females: don't be surprised if a "female" who just sent you some hot pictures but won't talk on the phone turns out to be a man. With that being said, we had not one but two unicorns attending this party. In fact, we had two unicorns that attended the Halloween Party as well.

Around midnight, I waited for douche-bag Alex, from Staten Island and his girl to arrive. According to what he told me on the phone mere days ago, she was ready to get wild on all the men at the party -- and I was looking forward to it! I also didn't want to stop my own action in order to greet them at the door, all out of breath!. I know, it might offend some people, but come on, I'm there to FUCK. Once again, not only was this douche a douche-bag but he arrived late. In the meantime, I walked around inspecting some dicks and saying "hi" to everyone. Ladies were already getting fucked at this time and people were having a great time. I was craving some cock. After douche-bag Alex and his Botox-imbibed girl came and left, I was free to go fuck. Funnier yet was that this girl was NOT the girl in the photo he had sent me. Thanks, ASS.

Well, things got a lot better. Rocco and I met up with Sandy, a lovely "Unicorn" who came out to the party from NJ! Some girls know what they want, and those girls kick ass! After talking with her for a while, I could tell we had a connection. She was beautiful, and very intelligent. Needless to say, it didn't take long for us to start having some fun. I had grabbed a friend whom I had spoken with before. Let's call him "Jerry." Another man-let's call him "European," engaged in short conversation with me. English was not his first language, so I tried my best to interpret what he had to say. Basically, something along the lines of "I likka you. I likka sex. I want you, you want me?" Great lines, seriously -- straight out of Borat's playbook. Although he did not turn me on with his whack pick up lines, he was kind of cute and interesting. While I was making out with Jerry, I cupped a feel of European's dick as he was getting closer to me. "Very nice, great success," I thought. I was wrong. What a waste of a big dick.

Rocco, Sandy, Jerry, European and I found a spot to have some fun. Sandy started making out with Rocco. I took my boys and started playing. I felt what European was packing but now needed to feel up on Jerry. I grabbed him by his hard-on and sat him down. As I was engaging with him, European in a forceful and not sensual manner grabbed my chin and started making out with me. OUCH, my jaw, first of all. Second, the guy had a ton of goatee and mustache stubble. It was like sandpaper on my face. I immediately refused him. However, he didn't get the clue because maybe in Europe, no means yes. This time, he said, "May I kiss?" I said, "OK," let's try again--maybe I was in a bad position or something and gave him the benefit of the doubt. No. He grabbed my jaw, which is not very big to begin with, and tried to put his tongue in my mouth. This time, I had to speak up and I told him he was way too aggressive. And, I didn't want to rub his sandpaper-face while making out with him. He understood this time and let me get back to my fun.

Meanwhile, I saw Sandy with Rocco making out. Mmm, big boobs she had -- so I went so I got a little closer and helped Rocco suck her tits. She touched my face and made out with me. Yes, it's so much fun to kiss girls, and no face stubble! Rocco and I played with her for a little and then I went down on my friend Jerry. I looked into his eyes and I was very much attracted to him. He was young, in his 20's like me, and hot. He was like someone I'd see in the streets and say, "Wow, he's cute" but here I was sucking him off. He was totally a sweetheart and handled me like a man without being too forceful. Is it that hard? Rough sex is great, but not within the first 5 seconds of initiating the action!

I look over to Rocco and he's strapping on a condom. I take a break from sucking dick to watch the show. As he put his thick cock inside her, she started screaming and moaning. Oh, this girl loves dick like me. I made out with her and kissed her breasts as Rocco pumped her. Then, I asked her if she likes it hard. She nods yes. She says to me "Rocco fucks well." I reply "Wait until he fucks you doggy-he starts off slow and works up a pace and fucks you so hard till you come." She seemed to get excited about this and got wetter and wetter. She was gushing down there. I touched her clit briefly and it was soaked. I got back to Jerry and I made out with him. He had nice lips and kissed well. Now, I wanted some dick. I got his dick nice and wet and grabbed a condom for him to slip on. Next to us, Rocco started fucking Sandy doggy-style. I sat on top of Jerry's cock. It was a curver-upper and it hit my g-spot. Mercy, mercy. I rode his cock up and down as he made out with my breasts.

I saw Rocco pumping Sandy and watched his dick enter and exit her wet pussy. I kind of sat on top of Jerry's dick and watched. I encouraged him to fuck her hard. She started screaming more. I start smacking her ass and tell him to pump it harder and harder because I knew she liked it. He fucks her so hard the floor practically starts shaking. Meanwhile, I'm multi-tasking and moving my hips on top of Jerry's dick. Mmmm. Sandy's moans are now so fucking loud. He makes her go crazy. She leans into me and makes out with me and then tells me she hasn't been fucked in a long time. I tell her to use that fucking cock and cum all over it.

I am so turned out at this point that I shove my pussy hard onto Jerry's cock. He grabs my ass and makes it go down even faster. The faster he goes, the better it feels. He gets a decent speed going and I cum. Damn, this is a great party. We all decide to take a bit of a break and check out the rest of the scene.

My Hero is back -- we made sure to invite her to this party -- and fucking whichever dick she wants. Another girl is taking dicks one after another. One couple is watching everyone in a corner. Now, this is a party.

After taking a break, I see Sandy making use of European's big cock. Rocco had fucked her silly, but she wasn't down for the count. And hey, at least she didn't let European's cock go to waste. In the meantime, my Hero wanted a gangbang and gathered up a few men. I walk over to Jerry and he starts giving me a massage. Rocco fucks Hero, the way she likes it, hard, deep, fast. This girl is fucking awesome, let me tell you. Fucking men like she was a porn star!

As I'm getting massaged by Jerry, he makes me hornier and hornier. I jump on top of him and after sucking his cock, I fuck him again and again. He's too much fun. I ride him until he cums. Just in time too, because after a few hours of fucking, I'm getting a bit tired!

I join Hero and help her suck off her man's cock. We have a little bit of fun and I watch Hero for a bit. Heroes never quit. On another floor, fun still continues so we watched for a bit.

Rocco and I see all the guests out and call it a night. And, Unicorns rule! Apparently this special Unicorn, Sandy, hadn't fucked in six months -- and Rocco had the pleasure of making her cum over and over again.