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Worst Story Winner

Thank you to the readers of the blog for your submissions in response to my request for sharing your best worst sex-related experience. I decided to share the following story with the readers. Please note that I have removed any names.

I wanted to let you know about a horrible swinging experience that my girlfriend and I had. We were "newbies" in the swing-world, and we had only had one threesome previously. We spoke about attending a swing party, and started to check Craigslist. One post peaked our interested -- a hot, play group meeting after work in Manhattan. My girlfriend and I responded and we thought the event would be a good one based on the what was described. Although we had some experience, we were still relatively new in the scene and thought a party would be a good way to meet new people without any pressure. It seemed like our kind of party.

But when we got to the party, to our surprise, we recognized the hosts! No, they weren't business associates or friends -- they were two obese, middle-aged people who we had seen on Craigslist before. The fat man had a mustache, and his wife wore glasses. We saw their "mw4w" ad a few days earlier, and couldn't believe that people so unattractive would have any hope of finding a cute single girl, let alone post their pictures on the Internet.

When I say obese and unattractive, I mean it! We try to be open because my girlfriend is not a small woman -- she is curvy in the right places and takes good care of herself. Although we are in our late 30's, we take care of ourselves and are attracted to others who feel the same way. The hosts looked like they were two unkempt, nasty hicks from the Midwest, and not hosts of a supposedly "hot" Manhattan orgy. We decided to stick around in hopes that the guests would be better looking and have better social grace than the hosts. We paid our money and walked around to mingle.

To get the party started, the hosts insisted that we all sit down in a circle. We started to talk to a couple we had met at the door and were making conversation. The hostess forcefully told us to be quiet because she was in control. I looked at my girlfriend and whispered, "Did we enter a Nazi orgy?" When we laughed, we were again told to keep our mouths shut in a very rude manner. Things only got worse after this. The hosts insisted that we play an "ice breaker" game. We had to pick names out of a hat and perform sexual acts on the person who we were matched up with. We glanced around the room at the other guests that we would be forced to play with and besides the couple we briefly spoke with, no other couple was even remotely attractive. Not just that, my girlfriend was not comfortable with a guy she never even talked with jumping her bones, as "talking" was forbidden before the game began. The other couples were much older than us-in their late 50's and older. These people had really let themselves go. Pot bellys are NOT an attractive feature, and neither is gray hair. As soon as the game begin, my girlfriend and I and the other couple we spoke with dashed out of the party. We didn't even say goodbye-we literally ran for our lives. We were so traumatized, we never went back on Craigslist to look for parties again.

Wow, it sounds like these two had a terrible time. Thanks to "Mike" for sharing his experience.

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