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MARDI GRAS and the Three-Strand Pearl Necklace

No, I'm not talking about the kind of *pearl* necklace that Jackie O' would wear during her glamour shots... The pearl necklace I am referring to would most likely be worn by Samantha from Sex and the City. For those that are still confused, I found a definition for pearl necklace on's encyclopedia:

A pearl necklace is a slang term referring to a sexual act in which a man ejaculates semen or near the neck, chest or breast of another person. The result is said by some to look like a necklace of pearls because of the stringy translucent white clumps of semen that are deposited there.

I'm repolishing this term to define the Triple Strand Pearl Necklace. Here's how I received my prize ...

At the Mardi Gras party, I was extremely excited to meet up with some of my favorite single male friends. I invited these great guys because I was interested in doing a gang bang with some of my best fucks. And what better occasion to fuck half a dozen throbbing cocks than at Mardi Gras? Some girls show their boobs for beads...but I was willing to work a little harder for mine. Although I received plenty of beads throughout the night, my eye was on the pearly white beads.

A gentleman I had befriended at the Lexington Steele party, Lance, came over to Mardi Gras party. Throughout the night, he was joined by a few of my other male friends. After making sure all the ladies were comfortable and taken well care of, I decided to have my own fun. At this time, two ladies had already engaged in gang bangs. One of them included "my hero." Another was a blonde Brazillian sensation, a busty beauty who must have set a new record for most men fucked in a gang bang that I have ever witnessed. At the end of the night, she won the most beads contest as she had earned the most beads of any of the women.

Needless to say, I was very horny and wanted to start my own fun. I walked around and gathered my boys. I took them all to an area that was large enough for all of us. Rocco and I started with each other. Another couple had joined our area and were going at it. She was an exotic, beautiful lady attending a swing party for the first time. Rocco and I thought she was so stunning-she had gorgeous big breasts with a tiny waist and a beautiful ass. She was blessed. We were admiring her as she gave head to her man and I reached over to touch her. Both Rocco and I got goosebumps as we kissed her body. Her man was enjoying watching her with us but got a little nervous from all the people that had gathered around. I almost forgot about my gang bang because I was so distracted by her looks-she had us hypnotized. Hey, I said "almost forgot."

I took Rocco's cock in one hand, my friend Drew's cock in another and started sucking off my other friend Jerry. Yes, this is the same Jerry as in the blog post about The Unicorn. Jerry's cock is very familiar to me because he has almost a twin lookalike of Rocco's cock. So, naturally, I just go right for it every time. It would be funny to put Rocco and Jerry together in a room and put a blind fold on me to see if I could distinguish the two. I'm not sure if I could, at least based solely on the cock!

Drew had some performance anxiety so I focused more on Jerry and Lance. And of course, Rocco. At the point where I was ready to get fucked by Jerry, some jerk tried to push his way past all my men and jump in on the action. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL THESE MEN THAT THEY HAVE TO ASK PRIOR TO JOINING? ARE THEY RETARDED OR JUST NOT LISTENING? So, the creep screwed up our mojo and Lance told him to back off. Just in time, my buddy Mate came in and joined the scene. This is the same Mate seen in the blog post entitled Surprisingly Good Time. I grabbed Lance's cock and he slid on a condom. This was the first time Lance and I were actually going to fuck. Not only is Lance a chivalrous gentleman through and through, he can also fuck! He took me from the back as I rotated all the dicks between my hands and mouth. Just when I thought Lance would give up, he kept going and going. He actually wore me out! I called him the Energizer bunny.

After a short water break, I went back to having more fun. This time, Mate got on top of me. He was ready to go fast and hard. After fucking him for a little, I told him to change positions and take me from the back so I could better play with the other cocks. Although I had more than enough cocks in front of me, I took notice of a gentleman who had a really big, very thick, erect penis. He was stroking it in front of me, watching me going at it but he was respectful enough to keep his distance. I looked over at Rocco and he nodded at me and said "go ahead, baby." It's funny that I noticed his penis before I really checked the rest of him out. I looked up at his face and he was really cute. Clean, slim, cute and ready to fuck. He was so respectful and communicated well with me, even amongst the chaos. He was dressed very well, almost too well for a swing event but at least it showed he cared about his looks. I will call him Nigel.

Nigel took the invitation and made his way over. He told me that this was his first time. He threw off his suit jacket. I was really surprised because he had no performance anxiety of any kind. I took his penis and started sucking him off. Rocco took me from the back. I was also playing with some of my other friends' dicks but I was primarily focused on this new toy. No matter what we did, Nigel's cock stayed rock hard. He had the Viagra gene in him. I really got wet and wanted to feel him inside me. In all my excitement, I didn't realize that I had left Rocco's magnums at home! Yes ladies, Nigel needed a bigger, more comfortable condom. Not any condom would do. Fortunately, he had something that fit him and strapped on the condom. All the while, he kept complimenting me and making me feel really good through his words-which made the sex we were about to have even better.

Nigel's cock felt really good inside and although usually I love to get fucked hard, I think I was a little worn out from the earlier cocks. This didn't stop him from fucking me like wild. Because he had long arms, he reached around to my clit as he fucked me from the back. He was extreme, but in a good way. Me, being the champ that I am, took him on... he fucked me so well.

At this point, quite a large crowd had gathered around to observe. I should have passed out ear plugs to the observers because Nigel made me scream as he fucked me. I grabbed him and held him inside me as I came. I came all over his cock and whispered to him, "You made me cum." He must have heard, "Make me cum" because he responded, "You want me to?" I replied, "NOOO you just did!" We shared a little laugh and agreed it was time to give me, the gang banging champ, a rest. As I sat next to him and spoke with him, I realized that this guy was not just a great fuck, but a genuinely nice man. The two of us actually had a lot in common. He was able to carry on a conversation which is a HUGE turn on. I told him he really made me feel good to which he said, "I'm not Lexington Steele." He was so modest. But to his surprise, I told him his cock (which was still HARD after 10 minutes of talking) was the same girth as Lex's. He was happy to hear this. I wouldn't be surprised if Nigel goes into porn--he is THAT good. It's not often that men wear me out. Usually it's the other way around.

The party progressed and I saw some crazy things. Towards the end of the night, I found my way to Nigel again. I made out with him and touched his cock. Yup, hard again. I took off his pants and took his dick in my hand. I literally dragged him by his cock to a play area. I had to section the area off because it was the end of the night, and I just wanted to have some fun with some of my favorite boys without worrying about others jumping in. I took Nigel, Rocco and Jerry followed us. He had already cum and wanted to watch me with Nigel and Rocco, initially. Even though I politely asked all the men to leave the area sectioned off and not join us, some bozo took it upon himself to try to join in... which obviously didn't work. I just don't understand why guys can't say "hi" BEFORE the action begins. At least everyone else was very happy with just watching. And, we did give them a show. I took on Rocco and Nigel until I came again. I wanted to do double vaginal penetration, but I was a bit exhausted. Instead, I told the two to cum on my chest and give me a pearl necklace. Before I knew it, I had Rocco cumming all over my breasts. Nigel followed with a monstrous load. He must have been keeping that in all night. Then, out of nowhere, Jerry joined in and presented me with his second load. I had more cum on me than ever before. It was really hot to have all three men cum on top of me. I felt like a porn star. And, of course, the boys loved it too. There's nothing like the Triple Stranded Pearl Necklace.

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