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Women ... who don't know what they want!


Of course, a women does not have know exactly what she wants before going to a sex party, especially her first time. Part of the fun is sexual exploration. In fact, I had no idea that I would like being with a woman so much before I actually tried it at a party!

As you may know, Rocco and I run the NYC School of Sex, so we meet a lot of "newbies" and it is often their first time at a swing party. This post is specifically aimed at my WOMEN READERS (the ones who find my blog on their own, the ones whose partners are honest enough to tell them about the blog and share their thoughts, and the ones who find out about my blog only after I tell them about it at a party because their partner didn't disclose all the information--"Oh yeah, honey, I read her blog-but I never shared it with you"). So read on ladies...let's all get together and make sure we're fucking, sucking, licking and sticking for the right reasons!

I write this blog to help women. I want girls (and men) know that it's OK for us to have sexual desires and a ferocious appetite for the risque! With that being said, I get very upset when I see a woman at a swing party because her man dragged her there to find a single woman for him to fuck with strict instructions that she is NOT to get with another man. This type of restriction stunts a woman's opportunity for exploration. In fact, more times than not, the woman wants to try another man but is too afraid to say it! Yes, many of us want to sample other men... Part of the reason we don't say it to our man is because most men are very insecure. But of course, so are women -- yet it's typically OK for a guy to say "I want another girl!"

So ladies, if you had the chance to fuck your favorite celebrity or porn star -- wouldn't you?? Probably yes, especially if your mate was secure enough to be cool with it. You get Brad Pitt while he gets Angelina... fair right? Well, that's what I think. And if you both want Angelina, that's fair too. But guys, why forbid your girl to get Brad??? It's a double standard, and it's not cool. We're in this for sexual exploration. If a guy can open up, he'll get better at sex, and get more girls than he ever imagined!

I have seen it ALL when it comes to women who attend sex parties for the wrong reasons. For some reason or another, it almost always starts off with alcohol. The intoxicated female's partner thinks that by getting her drunk, he can get her to "loosen up" and somehow, do things she really wouldn't want to normally do. It's one thing to have a drink or two to calm your nerves, but an entirely other to get piss drunk. This is one of the reasons why I ALWAYS fuck sober. When you catch me drinking WATER, it is to quench my thirst so I can go back and fuck some more, not to feel HAMMERED. I want to get hammered, but not in the same sense.

One recent experience reminds me of so many others that I decided to share it with you. I met Felicity and her boyfriend by the bar area at our party. She seemed very outgoing but told me she was nervous about her first swing party. I talked to her to try to tell her that no one ever forces anyone to do anything they don't want to do-at least not at my parties. As for others, well at least the experience one reader shared with us, I can't say. I can't imagine playing ice breakers or lame-ass games to hook up with people. If there's chemistry, something can happen -- you can't force it.

Felicity's boyfriend seemed eager to bring her to a party. He had attended other parties in the past. I saw her take a drink -- and then another, and then another. As she drank more alcohol, she got louder and more and more obnoxious. She was openly insulting other guests, people she found unattractive. She went from a fun party girl to one drink shy of alcohol poisoning as the night progressed.

At first, Felicity told me she wanted to fuck MEN, not just women. I told her that I could understand where she was coming from. "Girls are fun but they just don't do it for me," she said. But, that's the good thing about a couples party--you can have men and women. Then she said to me, "But he [pointing to her boyfriend] only wants me to recruit other women so he can be with other women at the same time. But, I want men-MEN-you know what I mean?" Her boyfriend reassured me that this was the first time Felicity had mentioned she had wanted cock and she always told him she only wanted to mess around with other women.

As I acted as a counselor between the two, I didn't know whether her boyfriend was really uncomfortable with her desire to be with other men or whether he really didn't know about the desire and was willing to work with her. Clearly, they didn't discuss this at home, so I was hoping they'd at least discuss it with me. I let them talk on their own and hoped they'd come to some sort of agreement--even if it was the realization that they are not ready to engage in this type of fun.

After about an hour or so of mingling, Felicity found me and came over and started talking to me. In her intoxicated state, she tells me, "OK, I got it now, Sex Kitten. I love women. Men just don't do it for me-you know? I like women." Now, me being in my most sober state had remembered her comment earlier about how she wanted to be with other men. Nevertheless, I didn't pass judgment and went about my fun. Felicity followed me, but never really expressed to me what it was that she was looking for -- she was very uneasy. This just made me think about all the times I had seen a woman (through direct or indirect pressure of her man pushing her to do so) get piss drunk to face the fact that she is attending a sex party. In my experience, these women go home drunk without having any fun and probably have a major hangover the next day. This was also the case with Felicity.

And on a final rant note, I always find it fascinating when some men convince their women to go out on a recruiting hunt and bring back a female specimen for their enjoyment. "Oh, my husband thinks you're SO HOT--he's never fucked anyone like you before." Good for your husband! Can't he at least talk to me if he wants a piece? If you want me, that's a different story. I rarely see these men "recruiting" other MEN to come over and gang bang their ladies -- another double standard I suppose. If your man is telling you that he can fuck other women but forbids you from engaging in on the fun with other men, I feel sorry for you. That's not the point of sexual exploration. Everyone has their limits and rules, but the double standards have to end. This is why you will not see me "recruiting" women for Rocco. If I go up to a woman, it's because I want her or we both want to mutually engage in some fun. Rocco can hunt on his own -- and he DOES hunt for other hung men to please me, so I'm always a happy girl!

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