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Ask Sex Kitten - Any fun to be had for a single male?

This week's question comes from Single:

I am a single male in my twenties. I have been to a swing club before, in Louisiana. I had a great night, met loads of people, misbehaved a little with one couple but generally used the night to watch and learn how things work.

I'm very excited about taking more steps into this lifestyle and would appreciate any advice? you have any recommendations on my next steps to get more involved in this environment I would be gratefully appreciative...?

Hi Single,
As a single male, you are in a difficult position. There are not many clubs or parties in the city that cater to single males. The ones that do typically are not really representative of the lifestyle, either. You should make a critical assessment of any event open to single males. For example, I have seen gangbang events that are really just a group of men paying a prostitute... Similarly, other events are actually just porn shoots for an amateur female. This is really not swinging. Swingers choose to be sexually adventurous without having to be bribed or bought.

So, what's left for a single guy? At the present time, there are no swing clubs open to single males. XXXtreme Events is one of my favorite groups that DOES allow select single males to their events. Or, if you would rather go the personal ads route, you may be able to find couples who are specifically interested in MMF threesomes or possibly even gangbangs. Those couples can be found on swinger personals sites. Yes, sometimes they post on Craig's List, but many of the ads on CL are fake.

Each avenue has it's ups and downs. You may go to a club, spend over $100 for admission, and find nothing. That's actually pretty likely. In our experience, it's a total gamble going to certain clubs, even as a COUPLE. Sometimes, a club may be completely dead. Or, there may be a couple or two present, but in their 60s. Keep this in mind. With regard to the personal ads approach, it can be a tremendous waste of time. When you consider the amount of fakes, things become very frustrating. "Couples" may be single men posing, or a guy with a girlfriend who has no interest in his fantasy.

This is precisely why I try to hold parties open to single men. In my experience, the swingers who come out to these events are hardcore. It doesn't mean all the couples will hook up with single men, or do gangbangs, but at least you have a good chance of something fun happening... And of course, the crowd will be much bigger, and hotter than the usual swing club party. The vast majority of the men who came to the St. Patty's Day party EARLY, acted like gentleman, and talked to the couples and ladies actually GOT SOME! The guys who creeped around and didn't say a word, only managing to pull out their cocks every time a girl started doing something -- well, they didn't get nearly as much.

And for that reason, I'm going to be offering a class for single men. It will take place over two separate days, and will offer all the skills necessary to get laid in this scene. Stay posted on that -- but it's going to be really intense. Think VH1's "The Pickup Artist" for would-be male swingers.

But, to answer your question, start establishing yourself on personal sites and check out the scene at some clubs... and maybe apply to attend one of my parties.

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  1. Dear Sex Kitten:
    Thank you very much for the extensive and clear answer. I am in the same situation in NYC, and, hopefully, I will apply to go to your next party that is open to single men.

    One important thing you mentioned: one MUST behave as a gentleman and not as a redneck. I am a believer that good manners always work better with people in any situation. Some people have the misconception that because they are getting in a "prohibited" lifestyle that they are allowed to behave rudely. That is simply not true.