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Ask Sex Kitten: Do I Have to be HUNG in the Swing Scene?

This week's question is from "Shortie," who asks:

What swinging opportunities are there for guys who are poorly endowed? Is there any chance in hell they won't be ostracized at a swing party? If not, what are the alternatives? Thanks!

Dear Shortie,

I have encountered many men claiming to be 8 inches in length who turn out to have a cock closer to 8cm! So, I appreciate your honest email and question.

First of all, let me tell you that I am one of the few females I know that has a fetish for big cocks. Most of my friends say that they actually prefer NOT to have to fuck such a large cock. Imagine that! So, in terms of women's preference for cock size, every woman is different, and for every woman like me who likes a big one, there are two that would rather not "go there." Most women, after all, cum from clitoral stimulation and do not mind a cock that is average, or even below average, as long as the man takes the time and effort to pleasure her.

Now, the question about what kind of chance you stand at a swing party--I have yet to go to or throw a party (and believe me, I would LOVE to) where men stand in a line up with their hard dicks in hand for women to pick them out like they're being dispensed from a vending machine. Even when men congregate for a gangbang, seldom does a woman pick her man solely based on his cock size. Generally, a woman chooses based on her attraction to you, your hygiene, and other factors that you could probably guess.

If you're a single male at a party, you've got to step up to the plate. Women will not go out of their way to pick you up, even if you're a male model. As in any other type of club, you have to make the move. There is no way for a girl to know whether you are packin' something huge just by looking at you -- and let me make it clear, despite the picture above, NOT all black men, or tall men for that matter, are hung! (I will write a post dispelling this myth once and for all in the near future). So, without making a move, a man with a 12" cock might stand in the corner all night with his pants on and not have a single female approach him. Why? Because, one has to make an effort to talk to a girl, or a couple.

If you manage to hit it off with a woman and she indicates interest in sexual play with you, I doubt very much that she would ostracize you due to your smaller penis size. There are a few reasons for this: First, many men have trouble even getting to this step (as I indicated, there are many men who are wall-flowers and think women and couples should go to them first!). And second, often, nervousness kicks in -- so your hard, shorter penis will appear to be the same size as some of the other "hung" men's half-hard or soft penii. So if you've found yourself at this point at a party and a woman wants to play with you and others, don't blow it. If you have erectile problems and need a couple of minutes to bring woody back up, play with the female. Finger her, eat her out, suck on her breasts--do whatever you have to do to get woody back up. Finally, if you're dick is up and you're ready to fuck her, strap on a rubber and use plenty of lube.

Here's the million dollar secret--you do not have to be a well-hung adonis to have fun at a swingers event. But, you do have to have a good attitude and act with respect and proper manners. All women have different preferences, but I have NEVER rejected a man for ONLY having a small penis. Hope that helps!

As for the alternatives, there are many ways to pleasure a woman. That's why I offer a course, via my School of Sex, in how to pleasure a woman.

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