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Craigslist Corner

If you are reading this blog, you are probably familiar with Craig's List. With all the amusing posts and people that are on CL (Craigslist), as well as the fact that couples and single males seem to flock to CL to find "single girls" or other playmates, I thought it would be fitting to make dedicate a section of my blog to CL. For the introduction to this section and my first post, I would like to share a CL ad/editorial I found. The writer of this editorial best sums up why you cannot find a non-pro, sane, single female on CL.

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What will happen in CE for the uninitiated (editorial) - w4m - 39 (Manhattan)

Date: 2009-03-05, 10:26AM EST

W4M Ads are mostly fake. You can pretty much tell if one is real, if you are intelligent. I won't explain this further. To add to the confusion, some of the fake ads are actually real ads that have been recycled by spammers. The clues to these are mismatching details in the title / body, i.e. a 19 year old woman that has "been divorced for 4 years", or an ad in NYC that mentions Wilshire Blvd.. Say you do actually come across a real one. Figure you already only have a 50% chance, because hey, lets be realistic: girls may post ads but be afraid to actually meet up and seal the deal. Add to that that one w4m ad generates over 200 responses in a 24 hour period. You will need to be able to write like a published author, and produce a photo that puts you on the top shelf. Lets face it, you are not the hottest dude in new york city no matter now big your ego or dick is.

Lets say there is actually a real person behind that w4m ad. Now you need to consider that there is a 99% chance that the woman you are responding to is a MAN. Welcome to the fucking internet. Some of these men will be up front about their intentions.. real example: "Hey bud, would you be into getting sucked off by a bi guy?" There are all types of enticements for dudes here, money, drugs, non reciprocal oral sex, toe sucking, salad tossing, stick your dick through a hole in the wall, etc. etc. Gay and bi dudes have ALOT of sex ... holy shit. Ladies take notice, your boyfriend/husband sucks dick too, I know because he sent me an email about it.

Some of the guys that email you are trannys. They will send you a grainy picture from 10 years ago when they were 17 and will not identify themselves as Transgender until you have already taken the "hook". There is the occasional exception that says right off the bat that they are trans. They just want to be loved, and suck a lot of dick.

The most evil of the guys that are out there (besides the rapists, thiefs, addicts and disease spreaders), are the female impersonaters. They will engage in terse email conversations, usually overly sexual. They will persuade you to send countless pictures of yourself to them, while sending you fakes back. They will ask you to go on cam (theirs is "broken", or they are so destitute that they can't afford $20). they will also mysteriously not be able to use a telephone,
CB, telegram, blackberry, or any other mode of communication. They will reply relentlessly until the second they orgasm from their fucking with you. Then nothing. They will never email you ever again no matter what. Some will ask you to go to a fake address (usually a known vacant), and then tell you to come down the street for a blow job. There you will meet a man in womens underwear in a wheelchair, with no teeth, in a very dark room.

Are you scared straight yet?

Unfortunately the womens section is shorter, because most of the people you are dealing with are MEN. This section applies to the real women that you may answer ads of, or real women that answer your ad.

The first type will send a single three word email, usually in all caps, something like "NICE PICS! SEND MORE". You will never hear from them again unless you are brad pitt or whoever the fuck is so damn hot these days.

Oh yes, the hoes. They want roses, donations, help with rent, etc. etc. Bargains to be had! You are now a "Trick" though if you go this route. You can be a pimp or a trick. You choose.

Sometimes you get an email from a girl that actually wants to "hook up", and is willing to follow through. Congrats, this is the holy grail of CE. DON'T FUCK IT UP. Give her your phone number. Be able to host.

Be available NOW. Don't be dirty and smelly. Change the sheets. Mop the floor. Work out regularly, shave.. This stuff is common sense, guys. You deserve it, you fended off 1000 homosexuals and put in 600 man hours reading and answering posts. Make you take care of business up in the sheets and stay up! You may get to hit that again...

My hook ups briefly:
1. 42 yo Jewish woman in stuy town. First time anyone ever deep throated me. Spent the night, fucked 3x. One rape roleplay at her request.

2. 28 yo Black/Spanish bbw. went to hotel, mutual oral sex, crazy sex all over the room. Missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, light spanking :)

3. 36 yo schoolteacher, she was very obese, pretty face. This was the biggest woman I ever had sex with. She gave me a great blowjob. Went to her place.

4. A very tall pretty black girl, she wanted to be slapped, choked,spanked and treated roughly. Went to Liberty Inn! This was a first for me, I got in touch with my inner asshole.

5. 42 yo blonde woman, married to a celeb of 2 decades ago. Holy shit she was so hot. We ended up making out on the street corner after drinks, then going to the Liberty Inn and fucking for 2 hours straight. She really let me do what I wanted, and was very petite and sexy. I fed her my dick, and flipped her around every which way.

6. 33 yo black woman in Brooklyn. Agreed on email to just make out and eat her pussy and ass, then take it from there. After I ate her 5 straight hours (I'm that good), my dick was so confused it wouldn't even get hard any more when she finally decided she wanted to fuck. We took a nap and fucked like bunnies before I left in the morning. Went back for 5 more nights with her. Ahh summetime.

These were spread out over 4 years, the last one was over a year ago!

Sincerely, the CL Sexy Mofo

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