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Update on Lt. Love... and some lessons on swinging

I guess all good things must come to an end... Rocco spoke to Lt. Love, my long time fuck friend, on the phone last night. The good news with that Lt. Love has found "love." Unfortunately, the girl is not a swinger -- so, I am sad to report that this is probably the end of his fun adventures with me. I'm honestly happy that he has found a companion. It is interesting that Lt. Love had been holding out to find a girl who would be open to the idea of swinging -- and he had previously rejected several "regular" girls because he suspected they would not be open to swinging. Apparently his logic in dating this new girl is that because she's "wild" in bed she may eventually be open to swinging.

But just because a girl is fun in bed does not necessarily mean she will be open to swinging. Jealously issues typically come out in this kind of situation (especially when one partner has significant experience swinging), and this could potentially ruin their relationship. I don't want to do that to her! The desire for swinging should be shared. Lt. Love knows this. He specifically told Rocco that he did not want to scare her off by telling her about his desire to swing and his past. Lt. Love also is the type of guy who always tries to put his best foot forward -- but that severely complicates things here, because he won't be completely honest with her about his desires.

Lt. told Rocco, "Well, she is ONLY 28." But Lt. can't be an agist [one who judges a person based on age] and use this excuse, since I am actually younger than his girlfriend. He then told Rocco something that made me loose a lot of respect for him. He said, "Perhaps Sex Kitten can talk to her about swinging and slowly convince her." Sheesh... Why do men not want to TALK to their partners openly? Why should I freak her out as soon as I meet her?

Instead, Rocco suggested that the Lt. discuss the possibility of swinging with her himself, or suggest coming to Swing School with her. I think Rocco wanted to see if Lt. would ever breach the subject. Lt. of course said no to this. My advice to Lt. would be to get to know the girl and just have fun with her because I'm not out to convince any women to join the lifestyle. Yes, I run Swing School -- but I NEVER spring it on unsuspecting women. One of the first things I do is try to find out whether BOTH partners in a relationship want it. If a girl doesn't, there's really nothing I can do. It's like convincing a vegetarian to eat meat! I don't go there -- swinging is NOT for everyone.

Besides, does Lt. really think his new girlfriend is going to want to hear all about how I sucked him off in the stairwell of my apartment building, how I grabbed him while he ate me out in an elevator and how I made him cum three times? Or, forgetting the past, what would she think when she SEES that both of us have so much chemistry? I had more sex with Lt. over the past two years than most people have in relationships! I know exactly how he likes his cock sucked, I know exactly what positions get him off -- it's not fair to the girl! But if I ever find out that SHE wants it, I would gladly invite them over for some fun. Until then, Lt. Love is just a friend, and not a friend with benefits.

At least I have Rocco, and Nigel on speed dial...

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