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Kitten Eater - Danielle

I am writing this post for any woman (or male) who has wondered what it's like to be with a really bisexual woman. As you may know, I run the School of Sex (SoS) in New York City. The main goal of SoS is to promote sexual awareness and help women find a safe, comfortable environment to discuss and fulfill their sexual desires. How do we do this? We offer many seminars including the infamous Female Orgasm Workshop where women can come to learn how to achieve the best orgasms of their lives.

One might wonder how my workshop is different than many other workshops offered by sex toy stores throughout the city, some of which are taught solely by men? Firstly, unlike the sex toy stores, I am not trying to sell any products. REALLY! Secondly, there is a full demonstration of the tips and tricks we discuss. What good is a workshop if there isn't a live demonstration? If women were only provided with a lecture, couldn't they have stayed at home and read a book? Third, I get on the Sybian Sex Machine and show women how to use it before they get to individually and privately try it for themselves.

What if a woman has attended the workshops and is ready to take it to the next level? What if she wants to get fucked by 2 or 3 men? I hear you on this one, ladies. I love fucking thick, big cocks so you're not alone. This is why I try to have parties where single men are invited. Where else in Manhattan can a woman satisfy her craving for cock meat in a safe, sexy environment and take her pick of men? I always make sure to have a bunch of REALLY attractive, hung guys at my parties.

Finally, what if a woman is bisexual or curious about other women? As long as your boyfriend, fuck friend, sex buddy, Internet hookup or husband is not forcing you to pick up another girl to fulfill his fantasy, you can come to one of my couples and single females party. Similar to the fantasy about being stuffed by multiple cocks, you are not alone in this fantasy.

Now, on to my related story. This is a post about my friend Danielle. A bisexual female who was more bi than any other woman I have ever met (not including lesbians, of course).

Rocco and I were visiting our favorite and most famous swing club in Montreal in it's heyday circa 2005, L'Orage (it doesn't exist anymore). The party was happening and couples were fucking around us. We watched a lot of action but didn't engage with anyone. It was tough, because we don't speak French very well. Most people in the club spoke French exclusively and some didn't understand (or want to understand) much English. But Rocco and I had our own fun, as we always do. We had fucked in all the different play areas. Our favorite was the couch area because it was the first thing guests saw when they walked in. We also fucked in a room that had a live camera in it. The camera was broadcasting out to the dance floor area so that couples could see what kind of action was happening. We gave them a good show. Hopefully they weren't recording, or I might be in an unknown "The Best of Montreal's Swing Parties" DVD!

It was later on in the night, about 1am, and we found a free bed to fuck on. I got on top of Rocco and started fucking him. The French-speaking couples walked by us and said a few words here and there. When we told them that we were Americans, they moved along. Through the right corner of my eye, I spotted a beautiful woman and her cute husband. I didn't say anything to them but kept riding Rocco's hard cock.

When she spoke to her husband, she caught my attention. Not only did she have big beautiful breasts, a pretty face and a fantastic body, but she spoke English! She heard me talking to Rocco, and said to her husband, "Honey, they speak English!" I turned my body towards her (still riding Rocco) and smiled. The two of them walked over to the bed next to us and started playing. To the couples, please pay close attention to the next few sentences because I am about to reveal to you the best way to approach another couple you are interested in. She took his cock out and started stroking it. He had a pretty decent sized member. As she stroked his cock, she politely introduced herself as Danielle and started some small talk with us. She told us that they were from Texas. Why do the hottest women in the country come from Texas? Is it something in the water?

Rocco and I kept fucking and the two of them started to fuck as well. Due to the nature of the bed arrangements, we were unable to reach out to each other because the beds were too far apart. What a stupid design for a swing club play area. Danielle and her man took a break from fucking, but continued talking to us about how they love Montreal. Rocco and I, on the other hand, didn't take a break. We kept talking and continued the conversation as we fucked. We must have talked for about half an hour or so. They looked at us switch positions and started to crack up, "You guys are STILL going at it...and talking?" We all had a good laugh, but we were totally into them; so there was good reason for us to keep going -- we were both HORNY!

It was a bummer that we could only play next to each other so Danielle suggested that we go out for drinks and come back to their hotel room the next evening. Now, normally in NYC, when a couple asks you to go out for drinks, this will almost NEVER lead to sex. Why? Because, most times, both couples are a bit unsure of what to do/expect or one out of the two women is NOT into the idea of playing (even though she may say she is). Also, when couples go out with another couple for drinks, at least one party is bound to get TOO drunk. Sometimes the guy becomes an ass, or sometimes the girl reveals she really wants no part of it. You'd think a drink would mellow people out, but sometimes, it brings out the worst. This is why we never waste our time and meet couples we've never played with prior for drinks and dinner. Isn't that for real friends are for? Keep the swinger friends for fucking. However, because we knew that these two were cool we accepted their invitation.

The next evening, we were a bit nervous but excited to meet Danielle and her husband. After all, we were 22 years old at the time and had never met a couple for drinks under these conditions. But, everything went great. I told Danielle about some of my sex toys and our sex swing. She was fascinated because it was difficult for her to purchase toys in Texas. I recommended a few websites to her. After I finished sipping my last bit of Diet Coke, Danielle invited us back to their hotel.

After the short drive back, we went into their hotel room. It was the Marriott Courtyard and since this was Montreal, I'm sure we weren't the only people having some fun in the hotel that night.

Danielle was very meticulous in everything she did. This was the neatest short-stay in a hotel I had ever seen. They had candles set up, and everything was arranged so nicely! She even organized all her underwear in a separate underwear drawer... but I'll get to that later.

Danielle revealed to us that she was very sexual and loved women. In fact, she had a girlfriend back home in Texas. I looked over at her husband and he said, "Yes, it's true." I told him that he must invest in a double-headed dildo, like the one I had used with my friend Jazzy.

Because we were fairly new to swinging, we were unsure of how to break the ice. Never fear, Danielle was here. She looked at me and complimented my breasts. She asked me what my breast size was. Without even thinking about it, I took my top off and showed her my D-cups. She then did the same thing. She showed me the bras she bought from a Canadian bra store-La Senza. She said, "I like these so much better than Victoria's Secret."

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, she had me out of my bra trying on one of her new bras! What a great pick-up, I had to share it with my blog readers. It was not creepy, it was not forced, it was natural.

Danielle, Rocco and I sat on on the bed while Danielle's husband sat on a chair and watched the three of us. He stroked his cock and said he loved to watch her. That was cool with us. I took Rocco's cock out and started sucking him off. Danielle assisted me for a little, but her interest was my pussy. She took my panties off and took control. As I played with Rocco, she went down on me and put her lips on my pussy. She started out very slow and sensual. I could tell she had done this before. I don't know what it is, but women eat out pussy SO much better than most men. Don't get me wrong, I have met a few men that are very good, but it's something about a woman's soft touch and lips that guys cannot replicate.

I went down to play with her breasts and made out with her. She was so soft. From the corner of my eye, I saw her husband stroking his cock while watching the three of us. He was having a great time. As I took her large boobs and sucked them, Rocco went down on her. I was getting really horny and needed to be fucked. Rocco took me doggy style while I played with Danielle. He fucked me until I came so hard. Danielle's pussy was wet. I touched and kissed her body, softly, as she had done to mine. As I orgasmed again while Rocco's cock was inside me, she was touching herself. Yes, readers, I had met a real, bi woman who was not trying to find another woman for her husband. As Rocco, Danielle and I finished, her husband came while stroking his dick. Everyone had a great time.

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