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NYC Swingers Clubs

The Definitive Guide

This post serves as the definitive source of information regarding all on-premises (meaning that sex is permitted on-premises) Swing Clubs in New York City. These are the only physical clubs that exist in NYC. The post was last updated in July of 2009.

Le Trapeze [aka “Trapeze”]
Address: 17 East 27th Street (between Madison and 5th Avenue) New York, NY
Price: Door cover is $110/couple on Wednesday & Thursday nights. On Friday & Saturday nights, the door cover is $120/couple. Single men (or women) are NOT allowed but a couple may elect to bring an extra girl for an additional $30 on any night


The Low-Down

Trapeze is a couples-only establishment, and the most well-established on-premises swingers club in the city. “Special Events” take place every few months, and attract larger crowds. A buffet is provided. The locker room has an attendant, and the club provides towels.

What’s Good: This is one of the “go-to” swingers clubs in the city. If you’re a couple looking for fun on any given Friday and Saturday night, Trapeze is a NYC staple. Large play areas, and lots of open-minded people who are ready to play.

What’s Bad: Since single men are not invited, this club is plagued with “couples” consisting of a man and his hired help. Escorts specifically advertise to this extent. To make matters worse, many of the real couples attending are very unattractive, as there is no screening process – so there are lots of older, overweight, and/or unattractive people present on any given night. Many people also describe the ambiance as “too skeevy.”

Checkmate [aka “Check Mate” and commonly referred to as “Checkmates”]
Website: [non-functional]
Address: 227 East 56th Street - Basement Level (between Second and Third Avenues) New York, NY
Phone: 212-421-3313
Price: $140/couple; Open on Friday, Saturday.


The Low-Down

Checkmate in an on-premises swingers club with a BYOB bar, dance floor and DJ. The modern d├ęcor is reminiscent of the 1970s. In fact, the DJ hails from Studio 54 itself! There are five play rooms: three small rooms contain full-size beds suitable for 2-3 couples, and two larger, “orgy” rooms.

Checkmate has a locker area with an attendant (keys are not distributed, so you must wait for the attendant to open your locker for you), and provides guests with robes to change into. A shower is also available for use.

What’s Good: This is another “go-to” swingers club in NYC. Decent play areas and lots of dancing. You might find a few attractive couples here who simply have no place else in the city to go.

What’s Bad: The “manager” at the door is an ass, and will hassle you no matter how good-looking you may be. If you are a minority, or don’t know someone at the club, you might be turned away. Many couples who frequent this club are quite pretentious. The good-looking females are typically trophy-wives of much older, sloppy men -- and typically don't play. Lots of tease on the dance floor, not a lot of swapping in the play areas. Play areas did not have condoms, which further stifle playing. Overwhelming, despite a self-proclaimed “velvet rope” policy, a very large population of individuals over 50 (and as old as 70).

Casbar [CLOSED!]
Address: 117 25th Street in Brooklyn, New York 11232
Phone: (718) 788 – 2580
Price: Friday – Couples $40, Males $90, Females $10; Saturday – Couples $80, Females $10

NEWS FLASH (APRIL 2009): Club Casbar has been shut down by the Dept. of Health!

An open letter from Casbar:
We are sorry to inform you that the City of New York has closed Casbar permanently. Wanda, Steve and I wish to thank you all sincerely for your patronage and support over the years.

I will be working with various personal rights organizations, to over turn the statutes which allow the government to intrude on our individual liberties and lifestyle. I will keep you informed of our progress.

On a happier note, although the Casbar club is shut down this does not mean the Casbar family must disappear. I will be hosting very private meet-and-greet parties through out the year at a beautiful luxury loft in Manhattan. I will be in touch with more news about that, and I hope to see you all very soon.

CasBar 117 25th Street BKLYN, 11232 718-788-2580

The Low-Down

Casbar is an on-premises swingers club in Brooklyn. The 5,000-square-foot space offers BYOB bar service and a buffet. Rooms are also available (at no extra cost) due to the massive size of this club as compared to the Manhattan clubs.

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