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The Heat is On

This year, I wanted to do something special on my birthday. So, Rocco and I planned the Summer Heat erotic event last Saturday to coincide with my birthday celebration. And, it was a night I will never forget!

We had an array of fun activities planned for the party -- including the Sybian machine, a fantastic body artist, a sexy outfit contest, and a great DJ-- so we didn't want anyone to miss out on any of the fun. So, we instructed our guests to arrive promptly. Now, I know what you're thinking--this is NYC and everyone is fashionably late, right? Wrong. I think I managed to convince them, because our guests were so prompt that two couples arrived half-hour before the party even began! I guess they were excited and wanted to ensure their entrance -- they knew it would be a popular night. I met some of the sweet and eager new SoS members at the door. They informed me, "This is our first time attending something like this." I reassured them that there was absolutely nothing to worry about and there were a lot of first time couples attending Swing School. I was also greeted by a couple who were involved in the lifestyle for a while, "John" and "Lilly." Although they were not new to the scene, they took my advice and came out to Swing School for the opportunity to get first dibs on conversing with the newbies. They also were kind enough to give me a birthday present!

As I greeted the guests, I noticed some familiar faces as they came in. Leilene and Charlie! I met this couple a few weeks ago at a phantom swing party where the host (and ALL other guests) failed to show up. Leilene, Charlie and I laughed about the party -- and the circumstances in which we met. In fact, they wanted me to entitle this blog entry: "Leilene and Charlie go to Their FIRST Swingers Party 2.0." Their second crack at attending a party was a triumph -- they apparently had the time of their lives!

Our friend Liz came with a hunky personal trainer as her date, and he was yummy. Sexxy hottie Jackie wore a jaw-dropping red dress that made me want to sing the song "Lady in Red." Her man, Lawrence was looking sexy as always. Lawrence is probably the biggest Swing in the City blog fan I have ever met! He literally QUOTES passages of my blog to me! I love it! My girl Athena came out to the party and she was looking hot. Greg and Lynn were back-Greg, standing at 6'4", was the unofficial biggest cock winner at the last July 3rd party and his lady looked smokin' in her outfit. Mia and Evan also came to play. I had met Mia at the July 3rd party and inducted her my "lovely" assistant. Zach and Angelina returned as well. For those that went to the July 3rd party-you cannot forget these two. Angelina had put a bow on Zach's huge cock. You've heard of "dick in a box," now, there's "bow on a dick." There were so many sexy ladies and cute guys, I had a difficult time focusing on what I was saying a few times while talking -- my attention would shift to all the hotties I was surrounded with. Also in attendance were some of our new friends including Alice and Aiden who I met via Twitter; a lovely trio-Jordan, Jaquelyn and Josephine who had experienced sexy fun in college but never at a large party and Ariel and Andre and Emma and Jackson--also newcummers. Oh man, that's WAY too many aliases for me to keep track of!

Our body artist immediately attracted the attention of the ladies. He picked up his brush to paint the ladies gorgeous bodies and didn't put it down until the end of the party. I have never seen such a talented and amazing person work so hard. Honestly, Danny of dSetia is like the Michelangelo of body art. He was so passionate and creative--every woman had a different design painted on her body. One lady had gotten a picture of a woman painted on her back. Ariel, an adorable and intelligent young lady, had a painting of a fish covering the entire top portion of her back. I think it took Danny about 40 minutes to paint it! If you would like more information on his work, please visit his website by clicking here. He would love to work with you and can paint at all kinds of parties, not just sexy ones. As promised, I will be posting pictures of his work on the Yahoo group soon!

I set up my Sybian near the dance floor area for the ladies to try it out. Since my other Sybian blew a fuse at the June 20 event and had to be sent to the factory, I ordered a brand spanking new one. It was a complete virgin--I didn't even have the chance to break it in yet. I couldn't wait to give the ladies a chance to ride the machine. I host the Female Orgasm Workshop featuring the Sybian for women and couples but I also like to bring it to the parties whenever I can. For those that don't know, the Sybian is considered the "ultimate vibrator" and has been featured on Howard Stern. Women such as Carmen Electra and Jenna Jameson have rode the Sybian -- and always experience fantastic orgasms on it. I am proud to say that SoS is the only erotic party in NYC to make use of the device, and offer its orgasmic services at parties for no additional cost. Of course, the women of SoS love it!

As soon as I set up the machine, I had an eager volunteer who wanted to ride. This pretty lady was not at all shy. In fact, she was such a cutie that I will call her "Bella." Her handsome friend, Alonzo, watched her hop right onto the Sybian. I had turned the Sybian on for about 30 seconds when Bella exclaimed, "STOP! I came!" I think she may hold the current fastest record for orgasming on the Sybian. The ladies watching her couldn't believe their eyes-they had to try for themselves to see what the hype was all about. One after one, the women came to ride the Sybian and came! Lilly informed me that she had ridden horses before. This experience came in handy because she manned the Sybian with skill! The spunky and energetic Leilene hopped on for her turn. I was soooooo happy to see her and Charlie have such a great night! They really deserve it after their first shitty experience at a so-called "swingers party."

As soon as I finished with the Sybian, I turned around and saw three ladies making Saran Wrap dresses. The gorgeous ladies stripped down and were wearing nothing but Saran Wrap around their breasts and hips. Jordan, Jacqueline and Josphine were running out to grab some water after an extreme sex session. I was happy they could truly enjoy each other as a Male-Female-Female trio. It's great to see a couple and a single lady come out together and have such an amazing time at a swingers party. The ladies looked so innocent but now I know they have their naughty side! Everyone was having a great time!

Our bikini contestants were eager to win when the judging began. One lady, with what I call va-va-voom breasts, was wearing a Pocahontas bikini. She was too shy to enter the contest but she was definitely a contestant. First up was my girl Leilene. Second, was Miss Bella. And third was a young and sweet lady, Emma. I had met Emma and Jackson just two days before the party. The two of them were so young they reminded me of Rocco and myself when we first started out in the lifestyle. Just like me, Emma was the one who brought up the idea of threesomes and moresomes to her man. I'm so glad I did not have to judge the contest--what a task! We let the crowd decide the winner. Anyhow, all three were winners as far as I was concerned and they all received complimentary SoS Membership and admittance to the next party.

Mia and Evan wanted to give me a special birthday surprise. Mia grabbed me and took me on the dance floor. She is such a seductress--I can't even recall exactly what happened because I think I was under her spell. I remember her grabbing my breasts and grinding down on me. She then bent her knees and got down and danced up on me. All I know is, Mia can dance with me any time! I was so turned on; so was Evan. Mia started giving him head right in the middle of everything! Mia, Evan, Jackie, Lawrence, Bella, Alonzo, Rocco and I went back to the play areas. We played along side each other. Mia straddled her man Evan and rode him. It looked like she was giving him a lapdance but she was actually fucking him! I looked down and grabbed her clit as she took her man's cock inside her pussy. She was creaming all over and moaning. Jackie and I sucked off Lawrence. Rocco had his cock out and I gave him a lick. It was so hot--we were putting the HEAT in SUMMER HEAT! On the bed in front of us was Zach and Angelina. If you know these two, they can fuck for hours and hours and they did. She just kept fucking his huge cock; they put on quite a show!

I also got a chance to play with Gerald. I sat down next to his girl and he wanted to go down on me. I saw his girl was a little shy so the two of us played while Gerald ate me out. He made me cum once and then another time. After that, I really needed a cock inside me. Fortunately, Alonzo was sitting right next to me. I took out his dick-hello! He had a nice, big one. I was so excited that I took him to one of the play rooms and grabbed one of my Magnums (yes, I always come prepared - with the gold standard). Rocco was running around managing the party, but I wanted to play with him a bit and have him walk in on me getting fucked by Alonzo. He must have followed the sounds of my moans, because he found me within a few minutes. He walked into the play area and saw me taking Alonzo's long cock. Rocco smiled and unleashed his hard cock within seconds. I quickly changed positions and took Rocco's cock on my mouth while Alonzo fucked me. I kept cumming and cumming.

We switched positions and Rocco fucked me doggy style while I sucked Alonzo's beautiful penis. Another couple started to have their fun. When I looked around to see who it was-it was Emma and Jackson! Emma was riding Jackson, who was on the floor, crabby-style! These two were like acrobats. I actually took a second away from fucking my two guys to look at them! I was fascinated and so glad to see them have a great time! After cumming a few times, I needed a break. But, I wanted Alonzo to deposit his cum on my boobs. I asked him to take his dick out of my pussy, take his Magnum off and jerk off to me. He granted my wish and deposited his load all over my tits and give me a pearl necklace. It was a hot scene.

At the end of the night, the party was over but the couples didn't want to leave. Greg and Lynn had found an awesome couple who had stumbled upon the SoS party by mistake on their way to another swingers party that had either gotten canceled or had relocated without any notice. I spoke with the couple and Rocco and I felt so bad that they had pre-paid for this other party and had nowhere to go. When we talked to them, we decided to invite them in to our party because they were really cool. We were so glad we did because they hit it off with Greg and Lynn.

Meanwhile, Leilene and Greg, who were fucking for a long while now were still going at it! I saw Leilene give her man head. She told me he had a nice cock that curved up and she was right. I watched and licked my lips. Leilene and Greg had hooked up with Andre and Ariel-another fantastic couple. Leilene made not only Andre cum but also Ariel! It was the first time Ariel had cum with another girl. The two couples were super sweet and sexy and I was impressed by Leilene's skills.

What a night-we didn't get home until 6:30AM. It was well worth the lack of sleep the next day! Thank you for everyone that came out and made my day so special. For those that couldn't make it out to the party, don't worry-we're doing it again in September. Any SoS member who wishes to apply for the next party, please use your membership number or email address to reapply. You no longer have to refill the entire application process if you are an approved member and have an active membership. We are also working on a special members only section of the website for your convenience. See you all then!


  1. You two throw a good party. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. You two throw a great party. We really enjoyed it, lots of fun and nice people. We really enjoyed talking with Lawrence and Jackie in particular.

    Look forward to the 18th.