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Sex Toy of the Year

The We-Vibe was voted as the Sex Toy of the Year by Sue Johanson, LoveHoney and BetterSex. The We-Vibe was developed by a Canadian couple, Bruce and Melody Murison, after Bruce was laid off by Nortel in 2003. Bruce has a background in electro-mechanics and always had an inventor's mind.

The vision for the We-Vibe came during a trip back home to Ottawa from New York City. The Murisons first got the idea of designing a vibrator that a woman could wear while making love, with no straps, no wires, and two separate motors that could stimulate the clitoris and the G-Spot at the same time. “Seven hours in the car kind of makes you go a little crazy for things to talk about,” says Bruce Murison. “It was literally 30 seconds out of a seven-hour conversation where we got the idea for the We-Vibe.”

When the Murisons returned home, Bruce began researching sex toys online that could be used by a couple at the same time. However, nothing of the sort existed at the time. At that moment, Bruce realized he was on to something. There was no dual vibrator on the market that could be worn while making love that would not replace the man. The Murisons gathered money to research and develop their product by re-financing a mortgage on their house and borrowing money from friends and family. Five years later, the We-Vibe hit markets and it's been a best selling sex toy ever since.

The story of the product is very inspiration to me, especially in a weak economy. I read about the care Bruce Murison had taken into developing this product. The We-Vibe is constructed of medical grade silicone and is phthalate free and has no smell or taste. It weighs about 2 oz. and is completely wireless and rechargeable-making it a "green" toy. It has dual speeds and can set to high or low vibration speeds.

I saw the product in action at the June 20th erotic event I hosted. My friends, Felicia and Gregory, brought their We-Vibe with them. I was fascinated by watching the two of them. Gregory mounted Felicia and slid his big dick inside her with a funny looking purple device, which was on top of her pussy. I went in for a closer look and realized, it was the We-Vibe. I watched the two of them switch up positions and Felicia kept the We-Vibe inside for a long time. The two of them kept fucking and fucking. When they finished, I asked them to show me how the device worked. Felicia showed me how easy it was to use. Perhaps as much as its functionality, I was fascinated by the design. An engineering masterpiece, it was very functional while remaining slick, smooth, and from an aesthetic perspective it was "pretty."

A lot of thought and care went into developing the We-Vibe and its shows. Gregory and Felicia were having fun using it, and I was excited at the prospect of reviewing one of these marvels. I had heard very good things about the product from other people and read stellar online reviews. But, was the product really as good as the hype? For those that have come out and taken a ride on my Sybian, you may ask yourselves, "Can any toy be better than this $1300 machinery?"

Well, I am going to answer all these questions in my full review of the We-Vibe that I will publish shortly. Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen, alike. You have never before seen the likes of such an innovative toy that can be used by a woman WHILE she's fucking a man. In fact, I may even try to use it while fucking two dicks (or maybe more!) next time. Now, I know for a fact there is no other toy out there that a lady can use when she's getting naughty by fucking two or more men. Believe me, I've looked. Thank you, Bruce and Melody. You have truly created a one-of-a-kind sex toy. Full review to come, shortly.

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