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How Sex Kitten Unwinds

It seems like everything has been going wrong at work this week: international correspondents received incorrect documents, clients are withholding payments and my secretary forwarded an unedited email to a client. Overworked, stressed and drained-what's a girl to do? After a rough week at work, I like to unwind with a thick, hard dick or two.

Some professionals in the city like to drink their sorrows away. Others like to smoke up or shoot up. The only thing I'm smoking is a juicy dick and the only thing I'm drinking is yummy cum or take a shot of it on my chest. I invited one my favorite fuck buddies, Nigel, over to come help me de-stress. Nigel, always a gentleman, showed up on time. I was already creaming after thinking about fucking him and Rocco all day. We talked for a little before we started turned on one of Totally Tabitha's pornos. I love how Tabitha takes on really big cocks. I watched Tabitha cream all over the monster dick and I just couldn't contain myself any longer. I mounted Nigel and grabbed his body. Rocco helped me take my top off. I helped unleash their hard dicks. I got down on my knees and sucked Nigel's thick dick as I held Rocco's in my left hand. I knew Rocco was waiting to enter my pussy so I backed my ass up into him and let him take me from behind as I sucked off Nigel. This is one of my favorite positions because I'm giving pleasure as I'm getting it.

We decided to take a mini break and I gave Nigel a massage using my new After Glow Candle by Babeland. This candle melts down to a massage oil when burned. Nigel switched positions with me and gave me a deep-tissue massage. It helped me relax but also made me even hornier!

I had bought a new butt plug that I wanted to try out while being fucked. I had also come across this amazing product called Anal-Ease. I think it's the best kept secret amongst porn stars but the secret is out! Ladies, if you like (almost) painless anal sex, this product will be your new best friend. Rocco helped me ease a butt plug in as I played with Nigel. As soon as my ass was plugged, Rocco grabbed my legs and thrust his dick inside my pussy. The feeling of being completely stuffed was driving me wild! After we fucked, Rocco brought out my double headed dildo (yes, the same one that the painters found by mistake!). He lubed the big dildo up and slid it inside me and fucked me so hard with it. I squirted so hard as I came. But, I wanted to replace the plastic with some flesh!

I asked Rocco to take the butt plug out of my ass and put his dick inside. He slid inside with help of AnalEase. I needed a distraction while he entered me, so I asked him to play with my clit. But that wasn't enough distraction. So, Rocco put the dildo back up my pussy and that was the distraction I needed. As he eased into my ass he started pounding my pussy with the dildo and my ass with his dick. I was getting really close to cumming so I told him to go faster. As he let out a moan, I knew he was about to cum to. I held him close to me and let him give me an ass cream pie! It was one of the best anal fucks ever and no pain! Thanks AnalEase and thank you to Rocco and Nigel for a fabulous evening of de-stressing.

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