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After the Party ...

I throw erotic events in NYC for fun because my husband Rocco and I wanted to introduce something entirely unique to the city; a selective party that attracts open-minded, attractive people and cultivates an entirely organic sexual experience. New Yorkers are some of the hottest (but most stressed) people in the world, and we wanted to provide them with a clean, classy, erotic environment to explore their sexuality. We simply wanted to throw the kinds of parties that we would want to attend. I run all the parties and make sure the ladies have a great time. My parties are all about female sexual empowerment. I also screen all of my guests to ensure everyone has a fantastic time. Hosting the parties and School of Sex seminars is not my full-time job. In fact, I have a very successful career and do not run the School of Sex to make money. I guess you can call me a sexual philanthropist -- between my time and the expensive venues I utilize, I am lucky to break even on an event at the low prices we charge.

In order to manage my personal life with my philanthropic efforts to help other, young, like-minded people explore their sexuality, I live a "double-life." In fact, you may have read about my double-life in publications such as Time Out NY.  I never mix my swinger life with my life outside the parties. But I recently made an exception in order to combat a stereotype I overheard at a local Manhattan diner.

After hosting our after-eXXXotica party, Rocco and I decided to make a pit stop at one of our favorite diners before heading home. We have a tradition of having a 5am breakfast after a party where we discuss all the crazy sex and fun we just saw (and had). Our minds are racing and it is the ultimate "high" to see and experience all of your fantasies come true. This is in part a reason why I started writing the Swing in the City blog. I never want to forget all my sexy adventures and want to share them with the world. This also gives the both of us a chance to talk about any fun the other had not seen seen. For example, Rocco told me in the diner about how crazy it was to see Totally Tabitha suck so many cocks and eat out Bella. Can't believe I missed that!

As Rocco and I finished our eggs and discussed the steamy details of the party, we heard someone else use the word "orgy" in conversation. Then we heard the word "swinger." I didn't say it, neither did Rocco--so who else could be talking about orgies at 5:00AM? I noticed a group, three guys and a girl, sitting in a booth across the restaurant. They were in their early twenties, and were rather loud. So, we couldn't help but listen in to their conversation. The entire group was drunk and it was difficult to make out some of their banter, but they were definitely talking about swing parties.

As we listened closer, we heard the girl say to her wasted male friends, "Well, I just don't know anyone who would do that. And, aren't the people that come like really gross? I mean, what girl would want do that? You don't even get to choose who you sleep with; I think you just have to do everyone there!" I smiled at Rocco; we both knew what we had to do. We went over to their booth and Rocco politely interjected, "I'm sorry, but we couldn't help but overhear your conversation...We actually just came back from the hottest orgy in the city."

Intrigued, the girl looked over at me. I told her, "I actually arrange the parties, and they're nothing like what you guys were talking about. Our guests are hot and intelligent; no one is ever forced to do anything that he or she doesn't want to. " She asked me, "Well, how does it work? Because my friend is telling me that the women don't have a choice and they have to just fuck everyone!" I looked over at her misinformed friend and smiled at the fact that she thought he was the authority. I explained to her how the parties work and how women choose what they want to do and what they don't want to do. A third friend of theirs, who was probably one drink short of needing medical attention, looks over at us and says, "So, you guys are like are like this milkshake?" I was puzzled at his statement because no one was actually drinking a milkshake at their table. At first, I thought he was making some sort of intellectual analogy but then he opened his mouth up again after taking a sip of his mixed drink and proved himself to be just another wasted drunk. He looked at Rocco and asked, "Can we please trade watches?" This dude was wasted.

The girl told me, "Well, my friend here says he wants to host an orgy at his place." OK, well that explained why he informed her that all the women attending must fuck all the men -- he wanted some!! "Well, good luck with that," I interjected. He asked me, "Wait, how can I get into your party? Can you give me a business card?" I replied, "Sorry. Our parties are by invitation only and have become popular through word of mouth. But, you can read all about me in Time Out NY." The ultra-drunk friend says to us "Wait!" as we walked away. I heard him say, as we made our way out, "Whoa, did that really just happen to us?"

I know that couples have been to some sketchy swinger clubs and parties in the city and that's where these types of rumors about "gross people" at sex parties start. I'm trying to end all that by providing a party that New Yorkers have never experienced before... and it's working!


  1. Yes it's very funny how some people can hold such misinformed opinions of the lifestyle people choose to live. Yet they have no life of their own so they try to find one in the bottom of a beer bottle rather than living life to the fullest and enjoying the short life that we all have to live.So goes the saying "opinions are like assholes everybody has one."

  2. Vanillas are the anti-swingers and often discriminate us and categorize us weirdos. That's OK though-people in the lifestyle are the coolest people and have the best relationships that Vanillas cannot even dream of having.