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Girls Uncorked NYC - A Wild Success!

For those readers who are not familiar with Girls Uncorked, I will explain a little about it. Girls Uncorked is a nationwide organization of straight, bi-curious, bisexual and lesbian women who are sexually curious, open-minded, and looking for a great place to socialize with like minded women. While many of the members of Girls Uncorked are swingers or enjoy having sex with multiple partners, we are always welcoming of women who have fantasized about being with multiple partners or are simply curious.  Meetings are 100% free; women merely bring their own wine or appetizer. I know what you're thinking: "Free? Yeah, right... What are you trying to sell?" This is the beauty of these events-neither I nor any of the guests are trying to sell anything, really! Girls Uncorked is a real community of open-minded and intelligent women from the NY metro area.  We all meet, sip a glass of wine, unwind and share some crazy hot stories and fantasies with other, like-minded women. For more information about the events, see the links at the bottom of this entry.

I snuck out of work early to start preparing for our first Girls Uncorked meeting in late October. I was very excited to see some of my old friends from parties past and many women whom I hadn't met before. I personally called all the women who wished to attend, and I was happy to see that all the wonderful ladies I spoke with actually came to the event! That's right, 100% of the women who signed up actually came out. It was clear that these women really appreciated the event and were glad to be a part of this community. You guys rock!

As we all started talking, I noticed that not only were these women gorgeous and sexy, but they were highly intelligent. We were able to talk about almost any topic and although we had a diverse group of women ranging in age from 20s to 40s, we were able to relate to each other and bond.  I was so excited to hear about the experiences of each women, and I could feel the positive energy spreading like wild-fire. I even found a couple of women (well, more than a couple) who love to fuck big dicks and have fantasized about being with multiple men like me! We were definitely the "Samanthas" of the group but we had our share of "Carries", even a "Miranda" and more than a few "Charlottes"!

Although the event was a wine social and we had some wine connoisseurs among us, two other ladies in attendance were not drinkers. Lucky for us, our new friend "T" brought along some non-alcoholic wine for us to sip on and toast to. After we took our drinks outside and stood around overlooking the Hudson River on the rooftop, our conversations got a bit steamy...

We regrouped back inside and a few of the women took their tops off to try on some Pastease. I posted a picture of seashell and star covered nipples in the Kasidie Girls Uncorked group. So, what happened at the meeting after we finished sipping our wine and champagne and officially ended the meeting? Well, what happens at Girls Uncorked stays at Girls Uncorked!

If you're an open-minded lady interested in finding more about our group or signing up to become a member, please check out School of Sex or Girls Uncorked for more information. We hope to see some sexy new faces at our next event!

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