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Happy Anniversary! And, Charlie and Leilene Are the Best People Ever!

School of Sex and Behind Closed Doors were happy to celebrate our one year anniversary in November 2009.  We invited all of our approved members who previously attended our events to come out and celebrate this special milestone with us.  But since our credo is to introduce beginners into the lifestyle, we also extended a few invitations to couples who haven't had the chance to attend one of our parties.  And how did we celebrate our anniversary?  By taking care of all the expenses and providing our guests a chance to attend a party at absolutely no cost!  But wait, I know what you're thinking-you've never heard of a free on-premise couples party before.  Was Behind Closed Doors trying to up-sell anything?  Were guests forced to purchase bottle service or Swing School lessons?  What was the catch?

If you've read about my past parties, you probably know that I like to do things a little differently than other swing parties you may have heard of or been to.  So, no, I wasn't trying to up-sell any items, services or anything like that.  In fact, we even provided a free Swing School--no strings attached.  School of Sex took care of all the affiliated costs of hosting a party at a prime location in a cozy but sexy midtown Manhattan space.  With the help of our friend and sponsor, Sam--the original King of Swing--we were able to host an amazing party and provide the community with a totally unique party the likes of which New York has never heard of!  Who would be crazy enough to lose money on a free event?  People who are not trying to profit off swing parties but are trying to grow the swingers community and provide people with many sources of information, counseling and a place to meet other, like-minded individuals such as themselves--that is the principal behind School of Sex and that is what makes us so different than anything else out there.

Our Swing School session was very popular, as usual.  We were fortunate enough to see so many of our old friends who wanted to help out the newcomers during Swing School.  Our friends included Julie, who brought a girlfriend and a boyfriend along, Leilene and Charlie, Larry and Sidney, Liza and Berry, and Mr. and Mrs. Kinky.  Leilene was extremely helpful during the Swing School, taking the opportunity to share her experiences in the swing scene thus far.  I'm thinking of inducting her as a School of Sex instructor and enlisting her help in teaching the oral sex classes (yes, she's THAT good)!  Her positive energy spread like wild fire and soon everyone was engaging in stimulating and naughty conversations.  She came over and told me that she was so glad to see so many new people come out and she couldn't wait to make new friends.  And that's why Leilene and Charlie, who was equally helpful and enthusiastic, are the best people ever!

As soon as the School ended, I made my rounds and introduced myself to all the new faces.  A few of these new guests were shy, others were more outgoing.  One couple was pretty nervous when they arrived, but managed to feel a part of the group as soon as we introduced them to some other couples.  I turned around and noticed that Leilene and Charlie had already made their way to the play areas!  They brought some new friends over with them and it didn't take long for them to start playing.  It was barely 10:30 PM and the party was already kickin'.

Liza invited her friend who was dressed a pin-up girl -- yes, she had the aura, outfit, the hair, and the makeup! This beautiful babe was HOT, and she had some cum-tastic curves.  She and Liza both wore tight corsets (and I mean TIGHT).  Their boobs were looking juicy-licious and the outfits were perfectly framed for their bodies.  In fact, Liza's friend was a costume designer and she obviously had some talent.  She wanted to take the Sybian for a ride and I was more than happy to help teach her how to use the machine.  As soon as she increased the vibration speed, she started moaning.  Watching a pin-up girl on a Sybian...was I having a dream?  No-it was really happening!  She was loving the ride and started gently moaning.  In addition to the moaning, she had these incredible facial expressions that could make a person cum just by watching her.  Along with her "Oh's" and "Ah's" she tightened her lips and closed her eyes as she rode the Sybian saddle like a cowgirl.  With her last "Mmmm" she came.  Phew!  The women around her wanted to be next in line to ride after she got off (literally).  And, if you're still looking for the "catch" to our free, on-premise swingers party and were wondering if I charged women to ride the Sybian--think again, almost a dozen ladies got to ride the $1350 "ultimate vibrator" made famous by Howard Stern and numerous ladies in porn including Jenna Jameson for free.  There really was no catch!

The gorgeous Mrs. Kinky and her hot husband started talking to me and Rocco.  I was already turned on by our conversation but then she brought out her lethal weapon!  She had a vibrating glove that she rubbed all over my body.  I was already so very horny but she put me over the edge!  What a sexy vixen and what a naughty toy.  I wanted to make sure all the guests, especially our newbie friends, were relaxed and having a good time -- I knew they were when I saw smiles and sexy conversations all around, so I went over to the play area and started playing with Leilene.

I was having a hot time playing with Leilene, Charlie and two of our Private List friends who dropped by.  I love to watch the reactions of my playmates while getting down with them -- especially when they are vocal or physically expressive.  Leilene gave me her best moans and reactions as I slid my fingers deep inside of her.  I licked her sweet clit while my fingers were still inside; I could feel her tightening up on me so I inserted yet another finger inside.  She contracted her muscles and moaned louder and louder.  I could see the look of pure ecstasy on her face as she shook and came again.  She tightened up so much around my now dripping wet fingers that I gasped in disbelief.  What amazing keigel control!  All I could think of was how amazing it would feel for a cock inside her...

I looked to the corner and saw three of the beginner couples who had never been to any swing parties before.  They were all going at it!  It was so hot to watch and I felt really happy that I was able to make them feel right at home.  I also saw Sydney (who had been to a party previously) get comfortable enough for her first full swap ever!  The swap had actually been preceded by her first girl-girl session, so it was a night of many "firsts" for Sydney!  As always, we had a fantastic crowd of welcoming, friendly, open-minded friends with great attitudes -- but the fact that we got all our new couples to be comfortable enough to play and show off in front of others...well, let's just say that was the icing on our anniversary cake!

Thank you to all the Behind Closed Doors members for making our first anniversary such a fantastic and wonderful one.  Cheers!

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  1. It was a fun time! And the divine Miss M really enjoyed her Sybian ride.