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A Pleasant Surprise

Rocco and I typically meet couples at parties rather than through online personals sites. The reason for this is rather simple. We, like many of our friends, have been let down by couples that we have met online. Typically, it is the male who is sending correspondence. Many times the woman doesn't even know what her partner is planning. As a result, when it comes time to meet, a last minute excuse often comes into play. We've been through it all -- and the worst is when I get ready (makeup, hair, and a hot outfit) and we receive a last minute call: "Oh sorry, we won't be able to make it; my partner is !" I must say, however, that when I speak to the female half of the couple on the phone early in the "courting" process, the likelihood of a successful meet-up increases dramatically. But even still, it is by no means guaranteed. On the other hand, at a party, if a few couples don't show up it's not the end of the evening. There is still plenty of opportunity to meet people and have a fantastic night.

I found Desiree and Ron's ad on a very popular website which is always filled with fake ads -- men pretending to be women, men pretending to have a female partner, and even prostitutes. Most people know which site I am talking about. Most experienced couples try use swinger personal sites such as Kasidie and SexxyMofo to find real hookups. I have seen so many fake ads that I can actually pick out the real ones, like the ad posted by Desiree and Ron.

Rocco and I immediately emailed Desiree and Ron to see what they were all about. I also wanted to warn them about the time-wasters who troll the website their ad was posted on. Could Ron be using fake pictures of Desiree to lure couples in? Was their relationship filled with drama? Luckily, after five minutes of talking to Desiree, Rocco and I found out that these two were the real deal and were relatively new to swinging.

As we talked to Desiree, we became more and more interested in her and Ron. She told me she loves MMF (male-male-female) threesomes! It's always refreshing to find an intelligent, open-minded young lady that is liberated enough to admit exactly what she wants (and, is lucky enough to have an equally intelligent, encouraging and open-minded husband such as Ron). I love meeting these women and couples. After speaking to Ron and Desiree, Rocco and I really wanted to hang out with them -- so we invited them over. The work day was ending in a few hours and Desiree was just as horny as us. She spoke to her husband Ron and he was able to take some time out of his demanding career to have some fun. That's why I always say, sex before work, people! Sex before food, sex before sleep, sex before drinking, smoking...well everything! These two were true hedonists, just like us!

We were planning to meet Desiree and Ron at our place. However, the subway on the way to our home decided to skip our stop! So, we were forced to walk home briskly from the next stop (about 10 blocks up) and rushed to get ready. Desiree called us as she left her place and we were happy to hear from them. It's always good to hear a woman's voice on the other end of the phone confirming that she's on her way instead of a man's voice stating: "Guys, my girl just got her period/isn't feeling well/isn't feeling like swinging/does not exist, can I come to play by myself instead?"

I was just finishing my hair when Desiree and Ron walked in. These two were punctual and we always appreciate that. I went over to greet them and I had an instant connection with Desiree. She looked like the type of girl that is so innocent but I knew deep down inside, she loves to have fun. Vanillas (people who don't swing) would look at her and think she's just a girl next door, but we knew better!

After we got to know each other a little better, I was getting a little horny. Desiree and Ron's stories excited us because it showed us how open-minded they are. Not only were we physically turned on by our new found friends but it was really refreshing and turning us all on to speak honestly about our fantasies. We started to mess around and I went right over to play with Desiree. She had some boobtastic breasts and Rocco and I loved sucking them. Ron was excited -- and it showed! I watched Desiree go down on her man and then we swapped partners. I had to stop sucking Ron's thick cock a few times to watch Desiree. Her sexual energy was off the charts and Rocco was moaning in ecstasy! I kept wanting to make out with her, and we took turns sucking each man's cock together. I felt so attracted to her, but I also wanted to feel Ron's dick inside me.

I strapped on a condom and rode Ron's dick. He pushed it in deep inside and held it. His dick was just long enough to reach beyond my g-spot and he knew how to work it. As the two of us played, I watched Rocco plow Desiree's pussy. As she took his dick, she was screaming out of pleasure. The two of them looked so hot. I saw Ron look up at his wife and smile. I LOVE real swingers! Desiree was a spunky one--she even licked my clit as I got fucked by Rocco. This is always an instant way to an orgasm!

We took a little break from fucking and I found my way to Desiree. I grabbed her body close to me again and made out with her. Her pussy tasted so sweet and she started moaning as Rocco and I played with her. We had so much fun with our new friends, but we knew that the next day was a work day so we couldn't keep them much longer. Besides, Ron had to get back to some work. We did manage to have a little more fun with the JimmyJane Afterglow candle and us ladies got amazing massages.

We can't wait to see our awesome new friends again!

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