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2009 Fuck of the Year

Last year's Fuck of the Year was porn star Lexington Steele.  I know many of you ladies do not know of Lex, so I'm embedding a video for your viewing pleasure:

I actually saw Lex again this year at several parties but did not get a chance to play with him.  At the most recent party, a very controlling husband hooked his wife up with Lex and decided to lock the door while Lex played with her.  He had a fantasy of watching her get fucked by the 11" wonder-cock.  Another lady and I wanted to open the door and have some group fun (after all, it was a swingers party not a rent-a-porn-star-by-the hour party) but we were rudely greeted by the controlling husband who told us to give his wife some "alone-time" with Lex.  I didn't like the way this douche was talking to me and I was not his mime of a wife, but I kept my cool.  I'm a strong woman and I always speak my mind and that worried the husband.  Instead of creating a scene and giving him a piece of my mind, I simply walked away.

Luckily, this year's Fuck of the Year tops even my previous experience in 2008 with one of the most famous and biggest dicked porn stars in the world.  This year's hottest experience goes to my double penetration (DP) experience with Rocco and Nigel--my own personal porn stars!  As you ladies may know, the DP is one of the most difficult moves to pull and you need exceptional men who are gentle, attentive and have the ability to keep it up.  Thanks to Rocco and Nigel-the winners of Fuck of the Year 2009!

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