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December's Wall of Shamer-Another Drunk

This month's Wall of Shamer has a lot of similarities to The Clown.  He came into the Girls Uncorked Annual Holiday event (where boyfriends and husbands of the women of Girls Uncorked are allowed in) with his lady and seemed nice at first.  I even thought he was kind of cute and started chatting with him.  However, as soon as this Clown 2.0 started drinking, it was like deja-vu all over again.  A life-of-the-party type guy turned into the party asshole as soon as the alcohol kicked in. Why?  My guess was he was extremely uncomfortable.

As you may know, the Girls Uncorked is a social event for women in the swinging lifestyle.  There is never any charge associated with attending the Girls Uncorked events.  The goal of Girls Uncorked is to empower women and help establish a strong community of swinging, open-minded, non-vanilla women.  The holiday party was completely free and the women and couples were welcome to bring a bottle of wine and appetizers.  So, how did Clown 2.0 get drunk off wine? Well, he didn't.  He brought in a flask of scotch concealed in his pocket.  What a high school level trick to pull.  I don't understand why a douche would bring a secret stash of alcohol to this kind of party.  After all, what is so great about getting drunk, acting like a moron, turning off all the ladies and prohibiting yourself from maintaining a hard-on at such an amazing party?  Maybe he should have taken his flask and gone to the AA holiday party instead. But, this lucky jerk was invited to an amazing, free erotic event in NYC with the sexiest, young women and couples and just couldn't mind his manners.

As soon as people started getting a frisky, Clown 2.0 started acting up.  He approached one woman who was flirting with his girlfriend and encouraged her to do "clit shots."  At first, we laughed at him and his comments, but as the night progressed, Clown 2.0 started getting more and more annoying and pushy.  He started raising his voice and screaming "THIS IS THE BEST PARTY I'VE EVER BEEN TO!"  Obnoxious, yes, but still not that bad.  Then I was began to hear all kinds of fucked up complaints about this tool and had to kick him out.  If he had only visited my blog and read up on proper etiquette maybe he wouldn't have acted like such a jackass.  In fact, a few of the ladies were very interested in his girlfriend and he probably would have had the time of his life if he stayed sober and acted like a gentleman.  I'm talking multiple threesomes at the least!  But, he didn't and you may be beginning to see a pattern with some of these Wall of Shamers.  In fact, I received an email from two women who throw parties in Canada who thanked me for posting the Wall.  They said that they encounter the same types of individuals that written about on the Wall.  They thanked me for being brutally honest and sharing my experiences.  Ladies, it's my pleasure!

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