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Women Who Love Women...

As you may recall, I posted a poll in 2008 asking the readers what kind of party they would be interested in. The most votes went to a party that would allow single males. We had that party (see More Meat). The next most popular vote went to a couples only party which we hosted at the end of 2008. And the third runner up was a couples and single bisexual female party. Last Thursday night, we held the "Women Who Love Women" party...

To alleviate any confusion, we asked women to take a bracelet identifying whether they were interested in girls ONLY. We put pink bracelets for women who only wanted to play with women and blue bracelets for women who were open to play with men and women. I, of course, was wearing the blue. In the beginning of the night, Rocco and I walked around and introduced ourselves. We met up with a "Unicorn" (a single female partying in the swing scene) who was interested in playing with girls and had never had the opportunity to do so. I was glad to talk to her and found it refreshing to meet a lady who knew what she wanted and was not being pressured to engage in sex by her male partner. Several other single females came to the party, including a lesbian female.

Since I am a proud new owner of a Sybian Sex Machine (for those that don't know what a Sybian is, check Wikipedia), I decided to share my new little friend with other ladies at the party.

A few of the ladies were familiar with the Sybian as they had heard about it on Howard Stern. Sadly, many women had no idea what it was, however, they were interested in trying it out. Many places rent out the Sybian but since I own one, I thought it would be nice for me to bring it to the party. I'm glad I did. I have many inserts at home but I only brought a couple of them with me. The most popular one was the clit stimulator but two horny women ended up trying out the G-spot insert. For those that think the Sybian is like an ordinary vibrator or dildo or a hand-held device, you are dead wrong. So many women were getting wet and excited on the Sybian that I plan to start developing a course built around it for School of Sex. Just as long as I have Rocco's dick in hand after I step off the machine to fuck the shit out of me, I'll be alright.

It seems like every party we host has at least one really memorable event. That is part of the reason why I started writing about these experiences in my blog. At this Girls, Girls, Girls party, I will never forget meeting a female by the name of Jackie. It was Jackie's first time attending one of our parties. She came with her long-time boyfriend and was looking for action. At first, it was difficult to decipher what Jackie was looking for, but as I noticed her blue bracelet, I knew she was open to playing with both men and women. Jackie drank some cognac and opened up about her sexual desires. She said found me very attractive and would like to play with me. After a little talking and getting to know her and her man a little better, we walked over to a play area. Before I knew it, Jackie was on top of me and started making out. She was aggressive, but not overly-she just knew what she wanted. And she let me know. She took my breasts out of my top and started sucking them. She started getting me really horny and wet as I made out with her. I had a few experiences in the past where men were very vocal and very much into me, but this was the first time a lady had so passionately wanted to be with me. Jackie was sexy; curvaceous body and a hot, juicy ass. She told me later on that she was an exotic dancer, and I could see why. As she grabbed my body, she called me a "Sexy Bitch." At first, she made me laugh with her humorous personality; but then, she made me moooooan.

She laid me on my back and took my skirt off. She pushed my legs aside and started licking me. I was not only turned on by her oral skills, but also by the fact that she was truly enjoying herself. Just like all the other girls who have eaten out my pussy in the past, this lady was very, very good. Don't get me wrong, some men can eat out very well, and a few have made me orgasm, but something about a sexy lady eating me out drives me wild. She swished her tongue around from my clit down to my pussy. I started giving Rocco head. Jackie took a finger and slowly put it inside my pussy all the while licking me. I was so horny that I told her to put her finger in deeper. Jackie's man was next to her enjoying the scene. I grabbed his dick and started rubbing it. Jackie started working up finger deeper and faster as I moaned and begged for more. She reached up in just the right area and was a trooper. She didn't give up until she made me cum hard on her finger and mouth. The cool thing was, she seemed to enjoy it as much as me. Rocco had his dick ready to pump. I looked over at Jackie and laid her down. She wanted some dick inside her. I didn't blame her. So, we each grabbed a hard dick and took them by the balls. I watched her get fucked hard, and she kept asking for more. Jackie loved the dick, too. Her blue bracelet held true.

As we were engaging in some fun, some random females came over to try out the Sybian, adjacent to us, WITH their clothes on. What's the fun in that? Another girl got on and then was too shy to do anything and then got off. As we took a break from our fun to grab a drink and take a breather, we walked around and noticed that some other females were engaging in on the fun. Some males that were part of couples that came watched their girls go at it. I saw a 4 girl train in one area. Picture this: one girl was laying down a bed being eaten out by a second girl while a third girl stuck her head upside down on the second girl's pussy and the third girl was then being eaten out by a fourth. Some of you may have seen this in a porno, but for those of you that came to the party that night, you saw it live. I walked over to take a closer look and enjoyed the show.

In one room, I observed the lesbian female eating out another lady. Girls were hooking up everywhere. It was wild. I'm so glad that we were able to host a party where girls could feel comfortable enough to do whatever they pleased-especially, as this was the first sexual on-premise party that most of these girls had ever been too. As for me, I had never experienced being ravished by another female as I did that night. She made me feel so good and the fact that she was so turned on by me, made me feel even better. And, to top it off, I got to fuck hard dicks. Gotta have my cake and fuck it too. I loved partying with the ladies, but it was good to have the option of fucking dick as well. Speaking of fucking dick, make sure to check out our website for our next party on Saturday night.

Parisian-style Bath House

What is it about the French? Je ne sais quoi ... And, why do the better blog entrees always include a French-tastic experience? Perhaps, because they're more free than us. Perhaps, because the women-not just the men-want to engage in orgies and group fun. Or, maybe it's because the French couples are less flaky?

Located in a residential part of Montreal, there is an on premise sex club by the name of Le 1082. "On premise" means that you can fuck on-site as apposed to the cock tease counterpart known as "off premise." We don't waste our time at off premise facilities. Sorry, but isn't that what bars and clubs are for?

When we first visited Le 1082, we didn't know what to expect. We were told that the downstairs area consisted primarily of a large, indoor hot tub/jacuzzi. There was also an attached dance club and lounge.

We checked out the club a few times, as we visit Montreal fairly often. So, we had scoped out the scene about three or four times before engaging in the extra-curricular activities. The first few times we visited, there was also not much action going on because the "Fantasy Room" was locked -- so we just hung out, enjoyed the jacuzzi, etc. But, the last time we went...the Fantasy Room was open!

When we entered the club, we were greeted by a sexy lady who, in her broken English, asked us to pay our dues. We gladly did and proceeded. Yes, my fellow New Yorkers (and others), there was no "tour" provided to us. No, you could not "check out what was going on" to decide if you could stay or not. I'm not sure why people in NYC think that they can be given tours of sex clubs/parties before paying the entrance fee--but trust me on this one, no clubs that I have been anywhere in the WORLD allow a sneak peak of the activities occurring inside. This is for a lot of reasons, including the obvious-you do not want people off the streets coming in to "preview" the fun at a sex club. We're not circle freaks here for your entertainment.

After we changed into our towels, we walked through a bar/lounge area, took a quick shower and went in to the bath area. As I took off my towel and stepped into the bath, I thought about the Roman bath houses. Why aren't there more places like this? The temperature of the gigantic pool was just right, without being burning hot. I looked around and noticed several men smiling at me. I smiled back with a "Bon Soire." Rocco touched my breast and gave me a kiss. It didn't take him long to get excited as I could feel his penis expanding near my leg. No shrinkage here -- no even after getting out of the cold shower. I don't know who started the shrinkage rumor, but there was no shortage of hard dicks in this spa.

We played around with each other and I hoisted myself on top of him so we could make out some more. He grabbed my ass and sucked on my breasts. The atmosphere was so relaxing but at the same time, we were so horny. We walked out of the bath and made our way up to the play area. There were several rooms for rent in this upstairs area. It looked sort of like a motel-but we'd be doing a different type of "sleeping." The private room sounded alright, but we already had a nice hotel room and that's why we never played up there in a room before during our last few visits. Private room--what's the fun in that? So, we made our way to the Fantasy Room and put the special key that was given to us into the doorlock.

As we walked in, we saw a bar to our left and a changing area. In the front was a functional sex swing suspended from the ceiling. By the swing, there were 3 or 4 mattresses laid out. To the right of the room, there were some couches and a huge mirror. It was by far the most interesting room I had seen. We walked over to the mattress area and saw two couples playing independently of each other. A few pumps here and there missionary style-nothing too exciting. We saw another couple come up and go for a ride on the sex swing. For those that haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it.

We went and sat down to better observe our surroundings. We were approached by a middle-aged man and his girlfriend. They were an odd couple because the lady was beautiful and her "boyfriend" was not. They introduced themselves and he said she did not speak English so he would translate her French to us and vice versa. At first he tried to make some small talk and we communicated with them the best we could. Then, after that, he very forwardly suggested that we rent out a private room and have some fun there. Private room-noooo. What is with these private rooms? We can't we all fuck here in the FANTASY ROOM? Sorry to those that have a fantasy of fucking in a private room, but that is not my fantasy--I'm a little more of an exhibitionist. I politely told him that we wanted to just stay here for the time being. I was nice to him because he was initially polite.

As the time passed, he kept pushing for it and coming up with all kinds of creative ways of asking us. "If you like, my girl-your girl, real sensual massage, I give." Rocco joked around, "you're going to leave me out?" He replied "No-I don't touch man-no man-man massage." It was becoming clear that it would be difficult to communicate with him. We told him Rocco doesn't "swing" that way either. It didn't matter. The man kept pushing with his "sensual massage idea." He kept insisting: "It would be beauty-to see her olive skin and my girlfriend's dark skin; skin on skin; sensual." Fantastic. We got away from them and decided to take our turn on the sex swing.

I hopped on the main strap and put on the foot straps for "safety." It was going to be a wild ride. Rocco's dick was ripe and he was ready to go. He touched my pussy and it was wet-also, ready to go. He eat me out for a few minutes while I was suspended on the swing. I told him I wanted DICK, NOW and he provided. He grabbed my legs and eased himself inside me. After a few, smooth pumps, I started creaming on his dick. I wanted to fuck hard and told him. He started pumping faster and faster and due to the design of the swing, he was able to reach laterally inside me really deep. He reached the end of my pussy and I was screaming for more. We started to draw a crowd and they watched with excitement. Another couple took the bed adjacent to the swing and started playing as they watched us. I looked around to see if the massage-seeking couple was around as I wanted to see more of the woman. They weren't. Maybe they bought their private room. Rocco started pumping me pretty hard. I held my legs up in the air, tightly. He kept fucking harder and harder. He knows the way I like it. I screamed out with pleasure and the crowd was enjoying it.

If there ever was a voyeur fantasy...this would be it. I screamed out and told him that I'm cumming. I'm pretty sure even the non-English speaking natives understood what that meant. It wasn't long after that I came hard on Rocco. My legs were still spasmodic. He grabbed me off the swing and hoisted me down onto a mattress. We put on new sheets and continued going at it. More couples laid next to us but they were only into showing off -- they didn't want to play. That was fine because we're always cool with just showing off. I took a short break from fucking to go down on Rocco. It was also a good opportunity to see what the other couples were doing. Another couple followed suit and went on the sex swing. I should really become a salesperson for this product because I think people want to try after they see me have so much fun with it.

I looked back up at Rocco who was enjoying the head. I turned over and he started fucking me missionary. Lying next to us was a busty lady who was getting eaten out by her man. Rocco was hypnotized by her breasts. He asked me if I wanted it doggy-as if he didn't know the answer. I got on my knees and he did me from behind. He fucked me with his rhythm-starting out slow and then piling his dick in. As he was ready to cum, I started tightening up my pussy. He continued to fuck me until I came and he pulled out and sprayed all over my butt. We cleaned up and decided to go back into the bath before heading out. A perfect way to end the-now, morning.

Worst Story Winner

Thank you to the readers of the blog for your submissions in response to my request for sharing your best worst sex-related experience. I decided to share the following story with the readers. Please note that I have removed any names.

I wanted to let you know about a horrible swinging experience that my girlfriend and I had. We were "newbies" in the swing-world, and we had only had one threesome previously. We spoke about attending a swing party, and started to check Craigslist. One post peaked our interested -- a hot, play group meeting after work in Manhattan. My girlfriend and I responded and we thought the event would be a good one based on the what was described. Although we had some experience, we were still relatively new in the scene and thought a party would be a good way to meet new people without any pressure. It seemed like our kind of party.

But when we got to the party, to our surprise, we recognized the hosts! No, they weren't business associates or friends -- they were two obese, middle-aged people who we had seen on Craigslist before. The fat man had a mustache, and his wife wore glasses. We saw their "mw4w" ad a few days earlier, and couldn't believe that people so unattractive would have any hope of finding a cute single girl, let alone post their pictures on the Internet.

When I say obese and unattractive, I mean it! We try to be open because my girlfriend is not a small woman -- she is curvy in the right places and takes good care of herself. Although we are in our late 30's, we take care of ourselves and are attracted to others who feel the same way. The hosts looked like they were two unkempt, nasty hicks from the Midwest, and not hosts of a supposedly "hot" Manhattan orgy. We decided to stick around in hopes that the guests would be better looking and have better social grace than the hosts. We paid our money and walked around to mingle.

To get the party started, the hosts insisted that we all sit down in a circle. We started to talk to a couple we had met at the door and were making conversation. The hostess forcefully told us to be quiet because she was in control. I looked at my girlfriend and whispered, "Did we enter a Nazi orgy?" When we laughed, we were again told to keep our mouths shut in a very rude manner. Things only got worse after this. The hosts insisted that we play an "ice breaker" game. We had to pick names out of a hat and perform sexual acts on the person who we were matched up with. We glanced around the room at the other guests that we would be forced to play with and besides the couple we briefly spoke with, no other couple was even remotely attractive. Not just that, my girlfriend was not comfortable with a guy she never even talked with jumping her bones, as "talking" was forbidden before the game began. The other couples were much older than us-in their late 50's and older. These people had really let themselves go. Pot bellys are NOT an attractive feature, and neither is gray hair. As soon as the game begin, my girlfriend and I and the other couple we spoke with dashed out of the party. We didn't even say goodbye-we literally ran for our lives. We were so traumatized, we never went back on Craigslist to look for parties again.

Wow, it sounds like these two had a terrible time. Thanks to "Mike" for sharing his experience.

Checkmate – The Last Generation

A swing club in NYC with a "velvet rope" policy to ensure that only the hottest couples and females are allowed to enter. That's how Checkmate wants you to believe they operate. I must admit, it sounded great. Our visit to the club, however, proved that it was anything but high-end and selective.

We arrived at 227 East 56th Street at about 10pm. We like to arrive early to get a taste of a club's atmosphere and watch as the crowd builds up. We've been to some clubs that remain dead all night. Of course, you can never guarantee a successful night at any swingers club as you may not meet anyone compatible.

Outside the reception area of the club, there was a small hallway on the basement level and on the door was a sign "PRIVATE PARTY TONIGHT." We're not stupid-we know that such a sign is designed to keep out people and give the illusion of selectivity and exclusivity. We waited at the door, and after a minute we were buzzed in. At the front desk of the next small room was a man who looked up at us. "How can I help you?" he asked. Rocco responded, "Well, we're here for the club--the party tonight." The man frowned. He was wearing a black suit with a black shirt and a black hat. He looked like Chamo from "I Love New York."

"Well, do you know a member?" We responded that we did, and gave the name of someone we knew. But that wasn't good enough for Chamo. He tried his best to make us feel like we may not be good enough for the club. Fortunately, we're not that stupid. We may not be Barbie and Ken, but we know we deserved to get in. Frankly, if I'm good enough for Lexington Steele, I'm good enough for some underground swing club-as judged by Chamo who doesn't even prefer to fuck females. But this practice of giving people a hard time works well–most people, especially the elite Manhattanites, think that they're special if they can gain entrance into such an establishment. So, I can understand the marketing ploy.

Of course, we were let into the club. Chamo told us that this was a "temporary" entrance and that if things worked out he might ask us to return. The poor treatment at the front door left us with a sour taste. But we figured that this was how he treated everyone who came in. In fact, most of the patrons actually return. "Please, sir, insult us some more!"

We walked into the main room. There was a stripper pole in the middle of the room with couches on two sides. There was a very nice bar with a few raised bar tables and chairs. Another couch was located by the front entrance. We looked around. Elite? Selective? Was this a joke??? I felt scammed as I looked at a man by the bar. He was in his late 40's with a bald spot and wearing jeans. Wow… I was shocked. He looked just like Steve Balmer from Microsoft! As you can see in the photo, my description is accurate. And then, no joke, another older man goes up to the stripper pole and starts doing a little jig. What was this??? I could not contain my laughter, so I walked to a different area.

The décor looked like something out of Scarface. It was tacky, and straight out of the 1970s. Normally we don't care much about the décor of a club (it's all about the people you meet, anyway), but we were told by countless people that this was upscale -- and we were expecting something special. Alright, maybe Chamo spent awhile putting all this together; the white couches, the paintings, the Roman statue, the disco balls… fantastic. It just felt cheesy, and not very classy-and it definitely didn't excite me. You can see the pictures and judge for yourself.

We sat at the bar tables and looked around. It was almost 11pm and more people were coming in. I was wearing a sexy cleavage top with a skirt, and Rocco was looking hot. Not a SINGLE person approached us. Most of these people looked really obnoxious. I did see one overwhelming theme throughout the night--older men in their 40s and 50s with some eye candy, aka gold-diggers. The more attractive girls looked like hired help. But then, more and more older women started coming in. One of them looked like Joan Rivers! I was seeing so much plastic surgery that I felt like I was in an episode of Nip/Tuck!!

Again I thought, how exactly does this place consider itself selective? Old, bald guys were wearing jeans and obviously didn't give a crap about what they looked like. I'm not talking designer jeans either; these jeans looked like Wrangler classics! Finally, we saw a young couple that had been to one of our parties in the past. We gave them a hug and felt so happy to see an attractive couple at this geriatric convention. But they started to give us the cold shoulder. We knew that the girl was primarily interested in girls, but why was she avoiding us? My best guess -- these two were not a full swap couple, and she got mad at him (and apparently, me) for fucking at the party I had hosted. Oh boy… please people don't mix drama and swinging. If you aren't down with your mate being with someone else, at least make that clear to him/her-and others!

Well anyway, our former guests were good for one thing-they were talking to another hot couple. Rocco turned around to them and introduced himself. Steve and Heather were really awesome. We talked for about an hour about all the clubs we had been to, and we slowly found out that Heather was really into everything hardcore. She was fascinated by a glory hole party she had heard about. This was my type of girl! We made sure to give her our card and exchange numbers. And since I always like to help make fantasies come true, I'm going to provide her with her fantasy of a glory hole party at our next event!!

So, yes there was a silver lining-Steve and Heather. By the time we looked around at midnight, there were dozens of new couples that had arrived. The party was kickin' (if you consider dozens of out of shape senior citizens to be kickin') -- and yes, there were a few good looking people there (about a dozen good-looking people, mostly women, total!). I must say, however, the men did not match the good looks of their female counterparts. Then, more really OLD people arrived. One man was around 70, but had a much younger Asian girl at his side.

Selective, hm? I think I figured out the formula that Checkmate was using. If the girl was half decent, a couple would be allowed in. But there were two groups that was missing from all of the fun: African Americans and Hispanics. Yes readers, Checkmate has a racist guest policy. In fact, I met an African American gentleman at a different party who had warned me about Checkmate in the past. He had told me that he could not break the velvet rope and gain entrance at this club because of his race. In total juxtaposition, I always love to see girls (and guys) of every race and creed -- a predominantly white, Wall Street "over-50" convention is not my idea of a hot crowd. The moment that you assume that certain types of people do not belong, or aren't "classy" enough-you are doing a disservice to the swing community. One of the tightest girls Rocco has ever fucked was African American, and one of the nicest guys I ever met at a club was Dominican. I considered the irony of Checkmate's homosexual "manager" excluding minorities. Chamo was Hispanic himself! Ah, the double standards of the world amaze me.

At 1am, some of these old geezers were getting tired. After all, it must have been way past their bedtimes. They were the first ones in the changing room, getting ready to strip naked -- and fuck. The set up is pretty stupid. Instead of giving out locks, an attendant had to open and close your locker for you. So, changing took forever and the changing area was really crowded. Rocco and I tried to shield our eyes as we went back there. But it was no use… I saw the fakest boobs on some of the oldest women I had ever seen naked. I turned to Rocco, "This is really a turnoff, how could anyone think this is hot?"

Swinging often has a negative connotation associated with it. But for the longest time, Rocco and I forgot why. We have established a great network of friends, and throw our own events at which we have some of the hottest couples in the city attend. We got spoiled. The patrons of Checkmate were downright disgusting, and illustrate why many young couples won't set foot in a "swing" club -- they don't want to see old, nasty people. I saw a man with a hairy back that rivaled that of Ron Jeremy, and men who were old enough to be my grandfather. I have been with older men who took care of themselves, and I often prefer an older guy, but these nasty guys were a long way away from caring. After all, their trophy wife will fuck them and, if they're lucky, try to recruit another girl.

The play areas were decent. There were only two rooms that were a practical size; big enough so that many couples could sit on the couch, or next to each other on the bed. Other rooms were just big enough to fit a full size futon mattress and surrounded by mirrors to give the illusion that the area was bigger than it really was. In total there were 2 big rooms, 1 room with a futon and love seat, and 2 smaller rooms just big enough for the futon.

We sat in one of the rooms and watched as the old folks made their way around. At this point we felt like investigation journalists on a safari. The couples kept searching each room looking desperately for action, any action. If they saw something, they'd swoop in and try to get a good seat. Typically it would be the single males (who are not allowed into Checkmate) who engage in the "frantic nomad wandering." But at Checkmate, many couples acted as desperate as even the creepiest single male. We saw a very tall woman, with very large hips and very small breasts team up with her much shorter, bald husband to try to corner couples in the hallway. Their strategy was to make some sort of eye contact and move in for the kill, like hungry lions. I saw them attempt this on dozens of couples including us, with no success. Finally, the tall woman just tried to make conversation in the hallway with anyone. "Oh! Lovely breasts you have dear!" she said to a frightened couple. Rocco and I managed to escape the scene and went back to the changing area.

We noticed the couple who was giving us the cold shoulder had changed into towels along with Steve and Heather. They were honestly the only hot couples (and by that I mean BOTH members of the couple were hot) in the club that night. We attempted to find a room, and that's when more drama came from the cold shoulder couple. We finally found a free bed, and I moved in to touch Heather's amazing body. The cold shoulder couple bailed…and another couple came in their place. The man, a finance executive, knew Steve and Heather. He wasn't my type, so I didn't play with him. He also hadn't said a word to me all evening and I don't fuck complete strangers. He spent a few minutes convincing his blonde date to move closer to all of us. I started making out with Heather. She was really gorgeous. Blonde, beautiful face, amazing boobs, and just the right proportions. I sucked her big boobs with Rocco and proceeded to suck his hard cock.

Heather, who was excited that the action had finally started, helped me suck Rocco's thick penis. I made out with her on top of his cock. She was so delicious. I moved over to see Steve's dick. Nice and hard…I started to suck him. Rocco started fucking me as I took Steve's dick in my mouth. At that point, the finance exec. asked Heather, "Could you please lick my girl's pussy while I fuck her?" Holly responded enthusiastically, "That's hot! It's a fantasy of mine!" The exec. fucked his girl doggy-style while Heather positioned herself underneath them and licked the blonde's pussy. I noticed a crowd outside the doorway. Of course, we had the hottest scene anyone had seen all night. An overweight Asian man tried to get his girl in on the action. Maybe he thought he could eventually get in? Can't blame him for trying.

The bed was overcrowded and our bodies were intertwined. This was an orgy! Rocco kept fucking me, and I came twice. I was having a lot of fun. Then I hear sounds from the next room, "AHHHHHHHH!" It sounded like some girl was in pain, taking a bullet -- not a dick! Another couple moved onto the corner of the bed, so a sloppy looking man could get a better look while he fucked his girl. He fucked her until he came, but in the process her pussy kept queefing. And, she must have been so into it...she kept her clothes on the whole time and looked down on the foor! The mood was totally ruined. This guy's dick was obviously too small to fill her hole, and the sound had made us start giggling. "It wasn't me," one of the other guys said.

I wanted to fuck Steve when things were still hot, but I couldn't find any condoms. What a classy club…BYOC (bring your own condoms)??? I'm sorry, but a swing club shouldn't operate without having condoms in all the play areas. Especially a club charging $140 per couple!! So, without any options to do otherwise, we all went back to our designated mates so we could fuck them raw; given that there weren't any condoms available. At this point, I realized that men were cumming on the sheets in all the play areas all night! Alright...this place is GROSS and will probably earn my title for worst swing club in NYC. I wish I had a blue UV light! And, don't expect Chamo or anyone else to come and change the sheets-they didn't give a shit. No worker ever came back to the play area. They were busy in the front counting their money.

At this point, everyone started locating their clothes and making their way out. What a disappointment. Neither Rocco or I got to fuck anyone else that night. Rocco didn't even cum -- we had to go home to finish him off!

It took another 20 minutes to get the locker guy to open our locker. I was still peeved. I told Rocco, "this place is really lame." Another man overheard and said, "Oh yeah?" I told him that I was a little too extreme for a place like this. After all, my idea of fun is not having sex next to another couple, which the majority of the couples had done -- there was not much "swinging" at this club. I like to see 3somes, 4somes and more-somes; I like seeing big dick, not grandpa's dick…

At the end of the night the tall woman with the wide hips and her bald husband approached another much younger couple. It was like in chess; the younger couple was surrounded, and … CHECKMATE