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Mind Your Manners....

The swing scene often has a negative connotation associated with it. Many involved in the "lifestyle" are older, and it is no surprise -- often couples that are my age (mid-twenties) or below are too immature to get their act together and go to a swing club or party. My parties actually attract a majority of young, attractive couples. The average age is typically 30 to 35 -- about a decade or two less than ANY other parties I have ever attended, anywhere in the world.

With the benefits of a young, hot crowd comes the immaturity. Often, I have to talk to couples who are very insecure about themselves or their relationships. Many of these couples are very curious, but other times, they just want to see what is going on at a party... all that is fine, and I generally have a great time talking to these couples and trying. However, at my Mardi Gras party, I was insulted by perhaps the rudest people I have ever met -- this is their story.

Harry was quite hairy, and sported a full beard and wild, long, unkempt hair. She was a brunette with a pretty face, and I really can't say too much about her looks other than, she was young and very thin.

So Harry comes over to Rocco after having his third drink at the bar. "So... I don't see anyone here we like. Is there any way we can get our money back? We only were here for about five minutes..." Rocco looks at him in disbelief. First of all, at $40 per couple, this was a very inexpensive swing party. Second, we're not sure why some people think that a swingers party should have a money back guarantee -- of everything and anything they desire. You are paying entrance to get into a club, the same way you pay to get into Webster Hall. It was 10pm! If you don't like the crowd at Webster Hall, do you EVER get your money back?? We already had a dozen couples there and the hour was 10pm, but that wasn't good enough for Harry.

So Rocco says "Listen, we have been to swing clubs and parties all over the world... at the majority of these things, we didn't meet ANYONE we wanted to play with. In fact, at MOST of the places we've been, the average age was roughly TWICE our age. We made the best of it, saw some wild stuff, and had our own fun. How do you expect a guarantee of finding another couple that you and your girl are into? Besides being highly subjective, that's just down right ridiculous!" Rocco then told Harry, "But don't take my word for it, go to clubs like Checkmate, Trapeze, etc. -- go anywhere in the US, and even abroad... you will find an older crowd at most events, and you will also find a lot of SLOPPY people." Everything Rocco said was certainly true, our event had a great crowd as compared to the majority of events we've been to. And again, it was 10pm!

But the problem wasn't our party. I looked at Harry's girl, Nicole. Then I looked around. Harry was looking for girls like Nicole, she was 100 lbs and extremely thin. Absolutely no breasts, no ass. Normally I really wouldn't judge but I was trying to understand what Harry might be looking for. Another bone-thin girl, 21 years of age girl. I'm sorry, but that night we had a lot of hot females present, a beautiful Brazillian blonde with gorgeous breasts, an Asian cutie doing the salsa with her man on the dance floor, and another dozen... at 10PM!!! The party hadn't even kicked up yet! But no, I'm sorry, there were no 100lb Nicole Ritchies there. Money back guarantee, was this guy kidding? Apparently not.

I went over to try to coax the situation, a woman's touch perhaps? Rocco walked away, he didn't want to loose his cool and knew I'd handle it. "Hi there, is everything OK?" He responded, "No, not really. I don't find anyone attractive here. I was expecting at least 5 or 6 people we'd be into." It was funny coming from him, considering how unattractive he was -- wild beard and gap-tooth. So I asked him, "So not one person? I'm here..." Next he responded -- and I'm not kidding -- "I'm sorry but we're not into you." Unbelievable, this guy was an absolute asshole.

Instead of getting worked up over this prick, I took the high ground. "You know what, you're right. Your girl looks like a model. What you need is a different crowd, maybe a smaller event. You should go on Craig's List and attempt to find another couple who better fits your profile... after all, who wouldn't want a piece of such a beauty as her..." He smiled as I rubbed his ego, as did she. They left, thank goodness... and the festivities kicked up. This idiot will likely spend hundreds of hours searching for something he'll never find, because he's got an awful attitude...

As a side note, I later found out from another couple who had briefly talked to Harry that Harry and Nicole were REJECTED from Checkmate a week earlier. They think they were so hot? I think not.

Curves Are Back

I'm not sure why curves went out of style. Perhaps it was the fashion designers who told women they should look like toothpicks or Hollywood's portrayal of "true beauty." I'm happy to report that that curves are back and better than ever. There's nothing like watching a busty beauty get fucked from the back--her ass jiggling, smacking up against a dick. I must say I've lately been really turned on by women with assets. Who doesn't appreciate a Kim Kardashian ass or a Jessica Simpson chest? I met two amazing women last weekend that I want to tell you about...

At our "Horny Girls from Around the World" party, I met with experienced and first time couples and single women alike. I decided to kick the party up by jumping on my Sybian sex machine. I wanted to show the other women how to use it so I gladly gave a full demonstration. I put on the clitoris attachment and rode on it for a bit. I didn't want to be selfish, so I let others give it a try. Although I was wet and horny after my ride, I held off on more fun to stay around and help other women try it out. The next lady who tried it was nervous. "I don't want anyone else to watch." So, I emptied out the room to ease her tension. When she got on it, she couldn't mentally get into it. I think she was still too nervous--being a newbie and all. It was a strange juxtaposition. Usually, some men at parties get stage fright and are unable to perform or get fully hard. I guess this was the female equivalent of performance anxiety. It was interesting to see the shoe on the other foot.

After I made sure I introduced myself to everyone and all the women were comfortable, I went over to a play room where two women were getting naughty with their male partners. I sandwiched myself in the middle of the two couples and sat on top of Rocco. To my right was a young, sexy couple in their mid-20s. The girl, a pretty Asian, was a little shy at first but I helped her take her shirt off and she really got into it. To my left was a blond woman who exposed her very large breasts through a black criss-cross top. Her boyfriend was very much excited about his first time at a sex party. He asked me Rocco earlier if it was ok to walk around in the nude, as he had seen another couple doing so after taking a break from fucking. When Rocco told him, "Of course!" he was as giddy as a school boy.

As the Asian girl to my right went down on her boyfriend, he expressed pure ecstasy on his face. As she took her man's cock, I also went down on Rocco. I decided to break our uniform acts by joining the Asian girl. I went up to her and started sucking on her breasts. Next, she grabbed mine and reciprocated. I helped position her mouth on her boyfriend's cock and watched her suck it. I had Rocco's cock in my other free hand. As she came up for air, I looked at her boyfriend and he was in heaven. He was moaning and I joined his girlfriend and told her to lick one side of his cock while I licked the other. What can I say; they were new, he was cute, and I wanted to make his dream come true -- and he had a nice, long dick. He started having mini spasms and started screaming "Oh, oh..." I was having so much fun watching him that I decided to try some more tricks on the poor guy. I told her to lick the one side, while I licked the other and meet me up on top of his head. I made out with her on top of his penis with my tongue and snuck a peak at him from the corner of my eye. He was completely loving it. I had some more fun with those two and decided to give him a rest because he was either going to cum or explode. I went over to the blond lady and felt her up. Her breasts were so large to begin with and her top emphasized them even more by squeezing them out. I grabbed and sucked on one titty while Rocco took the other. I went over to Rocco and licked his dick. As I was doing so, we noticed two, very attractive and curvaceous women looking at us from outside the play room. They were fully dressed, and had just arrived at the club. I then did something I had never seen anyone do at a sex club before. I stopped playing with Rocco and went over and introduced myself to the two ladies with all of my clothes off. Gutsy--yes, I know, but that's me.

The two women were pleasantly surprised that someone engaging in fun would come over to them just to say hi. After a brief, friendly introduction, I left them to return to Rocco and played some more. The two women were shy, but did not stop watching the two of us. I wondered, are these two a lesbian couple, or are they bisexual? Could it be? Unicorn squared? As it turns out, they were friends and one of them had a boyfriend whom I didn't meet until later on. He didn't speak English, except a few words here and there. No problem.

The first female had a beautiful face. I could see she had curves, even though she had clothes on. Her friend was also curvy, although in different proportions. Rocco and I took a break from our fun to walk over to another play area room. Good thing we did because the females followed us. From a distance, they watched us go at it. I invited them in to have some fun with us. They had informed me that they had been going to sex parties now for about a month to try to experience something different. Unfortunately, they said they had never found the right people to interact with. This was the first time the two girls had come together -- they said it was strange because they were friends and asked for my advice. I told them that they could play next to each other and it was not necessary to touch each other if they didn't feel comfortable. So, they took my advice. As I helped the first woman take off her clothes, she had HUGE breasts. I had seen implants this size before...but upon touching and sucking her boobs, I realized they were natural! Next, I noticed her waist. It was unproportionally small compared to her assets. Mainly, her breast/ass to waist ratio was easily 2:1. Her ass was juicy but TIGHT. It looked like J-Lo's ass but was firm! She reminded me of a girl that could only exist in the comics. We shall call her Jessica Rabbit -- and she did fuck like a rabbit!

Jessica's friend looked like a hotter version of Raven Simon--although she was not African-American but Spanish. Raven was a lot more shy than Jessica, probably because Jessica had her boyfriend with her and Raven was unicorning it. Jessica made out with me while Rocco took me from the back. She was a very good and sensual kisser. This turned me on even more and I got even wetter. She took her soft lips and put them on top of my pussy. She ate me out really well. As she licked my clit, she took a finger and put it inside me. Out of my excitement and attraction to her, I came from her fingering and licking me. Her man then came over and fucked her from the back. He fucked her hard and then came on her ass. You can tell a lot about what a lady wants by watching how her man fucks her. She liked it nice and steady at first and then harder and harder. Her man went to go clean up but Jessica wasn't done. She wanted to cum too. She took Rocco and told him to fuck her. I played with her while she was getting fucked. Rocco, in return for the favor of making me cum, made her cum. We make a great team. However, she didn't stop there. She told him to fuck her doggy until she came again. She just kept fucking him and he kept making her cum. She said he made her cum four times that night.

After her man returned from cleaning off, he was ready for some more action. He didn't want the fun to stop. Raven asked her friend Jessica if she could suck off her man. Jessica replied, "Please," as if she didn't have to even ask. There were two other couples who started having some fun near us. One of the men from one of the other couples grabbed my breasts while he was fucking his woman. Normally, I wouldn't mind, but he started squeezing my nipples a little too harshly. I love nipple play just like anyone else, but to squeeze someone's nipples that hard for no reason was not cool. I quickly turned away from him in hopes that he would take my body language to mean "No." However, now that my ass was within reaching distant, he took a finger and placed it on top of the crack of my ass. WTF was this guy thinking? I'm not a circus animal ready to do tricks at a man's beckoning. I doubt he could pick up ANY woman with these lame skills. I walked away and went back to having some fun with Raven this time.

As Jessica's man's dick grew nice and hard, he managed to say a few words of English to me that he knew. "You want fuck?" I laughed a bit and then said, "Yes, I want fuck." Then he said, "Come, yes." He saw the young Asian college woman I played earlier looking at us. He said the same thing to her: "Come." She didn't want to and just watched instead. It just goes to show, you don't have to speak much English to get some ass, BUT, you do have to be a gentleman. And yes, us women can tell the difference between the real nice guys and the jerks pretending to be nice.

I was going to ride his cock but he decided to treat me to some doggy style instead. And a treat it was. He had a pretty long cock so he reached the end of my pussy. As he worked up a rhythm, I backed my ass up into him. He fucked me a little deeper, a little harder. As he held my waist while pumping his last pump, he made me cum. I turned around only to see he came too. Good timing!

By the time we finished, it was already 4:00AM. Time flies when you're having fun. The other couples, with the exception of one, had finished their fun as well. Couples exchanged numbers and were arranging future hookups.

On a final note, I do have one rant. Earlier in the evening, Rocco and I met a couple who were shameless promoters and had no interest in our party, other than recruiting for their OWN party the next weekend. The female did not say a single word to anyone the entire night. The male walked around as if he was God's gift to swinging. "I am VERY smart; I have my accounting degree from Stern and I run my own business," he told Rocco. Congratulations. The shameless promoters walked around and invited a few of our guests to a gay men/gay women party they were throwing the next week. Since all of our male guests were straight, I think the promoters were preaching to the wrong crowd. However, this would have been fine if they were actual swingers. But they weren't. The shameless promoters handed out a few cards, showed off to other guests about their unimpressive careers and walked off. I'm not sure what it was these two wanted, however, I thought it was funny that they wanted to "help" us throw our parties. No thanks. I think these two will be getting on our Wall of Shame for February.

"This is my wife-this my girlfriend"

...said the man in a French-Canadian accent. On our second visit to the Parisian-Style bathhouse, Rocco and I met an older gentleman who introduced himself, his wife, and his girlfriend to us. His girlfriend did not speak any English, but the man and his wife spoke just enough to communicate with us. He wasn't involved in polyamory or a polygamist type of relationship with the two women. It was just how the three of them rolled. And they weren't weird or anti-women about it. They were having some good old swinger fun with each other.

So, I got to thinking about three of them and I thought that it would be funny to walk up to someone one day and say the opposite, "This is my husband, and this is my boyfriend!" And now, I can.

It's not easy for a woman to find her knight in shining armor with a bulging hardon beneath, as I have found in Rocco. He's a man that's confident enough in his relationship with me to sexually explore and engage in fun with others. Yet, he does it for me every time and fucks me just how I want it. Plus, he always fulfills my desire for having my pussy stuffed with thick, hearty meat. Now, being in Manhattan, a city in which women can't even find one good man, was I pressing my luck looking for a second??

We held our first annual Super Bowl Party two years ago. The details of that party will be discussed in a later post. However, that night we also met a nice couple who just had enough time for a brief visit. We has spoken with them online, and they wanted to drop by to assure us they were real and serious. They came over and we had a great conversation for the better part of an hour, but they were unable to stay for the rest of the party. He was one of NYPD's finest and his partner seemed like a nice lady. I was instantly attracted to him upon first glance. He was hot. His partner, Gina--not so much. Nevertheless, we seem to hit it off and discussed meeting up with each other in the near future. And, we did.

Gina and "Lt. Love" came over to our crib a few weeks later, and we both knew we wanted to play! Gina seemed confident and expressed to us what it was that she was looking for. The two of them were very new in the scene, so it was refreshing to find a woman that could express her desires. He was a bit shy at first, but let us know that he always wants to make sure Gina was comfortable and having a good time. Although I was initially physically attracted to Lt. Love, I was also turned on by his genuine personality and his kindness. You could tell he really cared for Gina. Gina said she wanted to experiment with women, but I was not as into her -- I wanted Lt. Love's cock. So, Rocco and I swapped partners and he went with Gina instead. Rocco doesn't mind a MILF every now and then, but even he said the chemistry "wasn't quite right." Rocco knew I wanted Lt. Love, so he took one for the team.

Anyhow, back to me... I put my hands all over the Lt. while we made out. I felt his biceps through his shirt and they were very defined. As I ran my hands up and down his body, I felt his rock-hard abs and amazing body. I immediately took his shirt off; a change of pace for me, as I usually get straight to the point and go for the pants. Lt. knew how to work out -- not only was the rest of his body tight, but his chest was bulging out. He didn't skimp on those free weights and it showed. All the kissing and touching made me really wet. I reached for his belt and took off his pants. At this point, my top was already off. He grabbed my boobs as I took his dick and put it in my mouth. He got hard, fast.

As I had Lt. Love's dick in my mouth, he looked over at Gina and Rocco. The Lt. and his wife exchanged some glances, and his cock grew softer. What was wrong? He obviously had received some signal with her, maybe one of them was uncomfortable? Well, I was on my knees, and as soon as his eyes locked on mine, his dick got harder. Obviously something was up with his wife, and that had scared him a little. We moved closer to Rocco and Gina, who were on the couch, and I played with her for a little. But, I wanted to get back to the Lt. -- or play with Rocco instead. I wanted some cock, bad!

After making sure that both Lt. and Gina were OK, I gave him mouth to dick resuscitation. The Lt. told me he was REALLY into licking pussy, so I spread my legs. He went down on me for quite a while; but I was so horny that I needed some serious meat in me. After making sure that Gina was OK with him doing me, he strapped on a condom and fucked me. Gina and Rocco were going at it as well. At first, we tried a few normal positions. We were going at it for a while, and so were Gina and Rocco. After about an hour or so, Rocco went for the "power fuck" and fucked Gina hard until they both came. But the Lt. was not ready to cum.

Although Gina looked like she had a lot of fun with Rocco, after the two of them finished, her body language showed a bit of envy. Well, we had one man down, one to go so I wasn't going to give up until the second man, the Lt., came. I invited Gina over to play with us by looking at her, but I guess she wasn't into sharing--or Rocco had just worn her out. Earlier, I had also tried to share Rocco's and the Lt.'s cock with her, but some girls just did not do that well in Kindergarten. What a disappointment, when a girl can't share a cock! Guys love it when two girls are licking the sides of his shaft together, but that wasn't happening that night.

Anyhow, I went back to the Lt. and he kept trying newer and newer positions. I was having a lot of fun--although, I wanted to tell him to fuck me harder at times. I guess he was just being respectful because I've fucked him MANY times since, and he was holding back that night. Anyway, that night was one to remember, the Lt.e flipped me and got on top of me with my belly facing down. For avid readers of the Kama Sutra, I would call the position a variation of the airplane move (and yes, this is a most excellent application).

The Lt. later told me that it really pissed Gina off that he did me like that because this was apparently "her move." Sorry to break it to you, Gina; this move had been invented thousands of years ago. Gina and Rocco sat and watched the two of us fuck until we both came hard. Even though everyone seemed to have fun that night, we never saw Gina again. Things between her and the Lt. didn't work out and all that is history. About a year later, I had hooked back up with the Lt. I can easily now say that he is a reliable and amazing sex buddy. He is also drama-free and never stands me up. We have had a lot of fun adventures together and he has remained a gentleman and is always first and foremost respectful. I will write about some crazy threesomes and foursomes the three of us have had in upcoming posts. And yes, I can now gladly say that I'm pimpin' it!

Women ... who don't know what they want!


Of course, a women does not have know exactly what she wants before going to a sex party, especially her first time. Part of the fun is sexual exploration. In fact, I had no idea that I would like being with a woman so much before I actually tried it at a party!

As you may know, Rocco and I run the NYC School of Sex, so we meet a lot of "newbies" and it is often their first time at a swing party. This post is specifically aimed at my WOMEN READERS (the ones who find my blog on their own, the ones whose partners are honest enough to tell them about the blog and share their thoughts, and the ones who find out about my blog only after I tell them about it at a party because their partner didn't disclose all the information--"Oh yeah, honey, I read her blog-but I never shared it with you"). So read on ladies...let's all get together and make sure we're fucking, sucking, licking and sticking for the right reasons!

I write this blog to help women. I want girls (and men) know that it's OK for us to have sexual desires and a ferocious appetite for the risque! With that being said, I get very upset when I see a woman at a swing party because her man dragged her there to find a single woman for him to fuck with strict instructions that she is NOT to get with another man. This type of restriction stunts a woman's opportunity for exploration. In fact, more times than not, the woman wants to try another man but is too afraid to say it! Yes, many of us want to sample other men... Part of the reason we don't say it to our man is because most men are very insecure. But of course, so are women -- yet it's typically OK for a guy to say "I want another girl!"

So ladies, if you had the chance to fuck your favorite celebrity or porn star -- wouldn't you?? Probably yes, especially if your mate was secure enough to be cool with it. You get Brad Pitt while he gets Angelina... fair right? Well, that's what I think. And if you both want Angelina, that's fair too. But guys, why forbid your girl to get Brad??? It's a double standard, and it's not cool. We're in this for sexual exploration. If a guy can open up, he'll get better at sex, and get more girls than he ever imagined!

I have seen it ALL when it comes to women who attend sex parties for the wrong reasons. For some reason or another, it almost always starts off with alcohol. The intoxicated female's partner thinks that by getting her drunk, he can get her to "loosen up" and somehow, do things she really wouldn't want to normally do. It's one thing to have a drink or two to calm your nerves, but an entirely other to get piss drunk. This is one of the reasons why I ALWAYS fuck sober. When you catch me drinking WATER, it is to quench my thirst so I can go back and fuck some more, not to feel HAMMERED. I want to get hammered, but not in the same sense.

One recent experience reminds me of so many others that I decided to share it with you. I met Felicity and her boyfriend by the bar area at our party. She seemed very outgoing but told me she was nervous about her first swing party. I talked to her to try to tell her that no one ever forces anyone to do anything they don't want to do-at least not at my parties. As for others, well at least the experience one reader shared with us, I can't say. I can't imagine playing ice breakers or lame-ass games to hook up with people. If there's chemistry, something can happen -- you can't force it.

Felicity's boyfriend seemed eager to bring her to a party. He had attended other parties in the past. I saw her take a drink -- and then another, and then another. As she drank more alcohol, she got louder and more and more obnoxious. She was openly insulting other guests, people she found unattractive. She went from a fun party girl to one drink shy of alcohol poisoning as the night progressed.

At first, Felicity told me she wanted to fuck MEN, not just women. I told her that I could understand where she was coming from. "Girls are fun but they just don't do it for me," she said. But, that's the good thing about a couples party--you can have men and women. Then she said to me, "But he [pointing to her boyfriend] only wants me to recruit other women so he can be with other women at the same time. But, I want men-MEN-you know what I mean?" Her boyfriend reassured me that this was the first time Felicity had mentioned she had wanted cock and she always told him she only wanted to mess around with other women.

As I acted as a counselor between the two, I didn't know whether her boyfriend was really uncomfortable with her desire to be with other men or whether he really didn't know about the desire and was willing to work with her. Clearly, they didn't discuss this at home, so I was hoping they'd at least discuss it with me. I let them talk on their own and hoped they'd come to some sort of agreement--even if it was the realization that they are not ready to engage in this type of fun.

After about an hour or so of mingling, Felicity found me and came over and started talking to me. In her intoxicated state, she tells me, "OK, I got it now, Sex Kitten. I love women. Men just don't do it for me-you know? I like women." Now, me being in my most sober state had remembered her comment earlier about how she wanted to be with other men. Nevertheless, I didn't pass judgment and went about my fun. Felicity followed me, but never really expressed to me what it was that she was looking for -- she was very uneasy. This just made me think about all the times I had seen a woman (through direct or indirect pressure of her man pushing her to do so) get piss drunk to face the fact that she is attending a sex party. In my experience, these women go home drunk without having any fun and probably have a major hangover the next day. This was also the case with Felicity.

And on a final rant note, I always find it fascinating when some men convince their women to go out on a recruiting hunt and bring back a female specimen for their enjoyment. "Oh, my husband thinks you're SO HOT--he's never fucked anyone like you before." Good for your husband! Can't he at least talk to me if he wants a piece? If you want me, that's a different story. I rarely see these men "recruiting" other MEN to come over and gang bang their ladies -- another double standard I suppose. If your man is telling you that he can fuck other women but forbids you from engaging in on the fun with other men, I feel sorry for you. That's not the point of sexual exploration. Everyone has their limits and rules, but the double standards have to end. This is why you will not see me "recruiting" women for Rocco. If I go up to a woman, it's because I want her or we both want to mutually engage in some fun. Rocco can hunt on his own -- and he DOES hunt for other hung men to please me, so I'm always a happy girl!