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Monday Night Foursome

Some like to watch football on Monday nights... (yes, I know, football season is over, but whatever, work with me here). Others are at home watching prime time TV. But, to me, there's nothing better than a Monday night orgy. Starting the week off with a bang is great to enhance one's productivity, and general mood. I would highly recommend it.

Nigel and Julie, the two stars of the St. Patty's "Get Lucky" party, came over for some hot fun... Nigel was originally scheduled to come on Wednesday night, but after some steamy conversation during the day at work -- well, we couldn't take it anymore. So, we made plans to get together in the evening.

And thank goodness too, after a uneventful weekend! Nigel arrived 15 minutes before Julie. I greeted him with nothing but my long jacket, a scarf, a thong, stockings and some heels on. Upon seeing me, he gave me a friendly kiss and hug. There is something about Nigel that makes him irresistible to me. I couldn't keep my hands to myself-I quickly grabbed him and made out with him. I reached for his shoulders and gripped his body tightly. He was wearing a button up shirt and dark pants -- but not for long. I felt him up, allowing my hands to roam his body. I then led him into the "infamous stairwell" and showed him what I was wearing underneath my coat--almost nothing. He was a little shocked and taken aback. I looked down at his crotch--his cock was bulging out through his dress pants. I put my hands on top of it to see if he was fully erect. Check.

I was fully prepared to tease the hell out of him because I knew it would be a few more minutes until Julie would arrive. But I was so horny, I couldn't take it! Just a few hours earlier, I was fantasizing with him online. We had both been raging horny all day!! Nigel grabbed my boobs and began to suck on them. I unbuttoned his shirt in my failed attempt to only "tease" him. The unbuttoning process was taking forever. As I undid the last button, I decided to reach for something with a quick-release zipper. I loosed his belt, unzipped his zipper and took off his pants. Underneath, he was wearing boxers. How does a man with a large amount of cock meat wear boxers, I wondered. What happens if he gets hard? Everyone could easily see-he couldn't possibly hide his hard-on. Perhaps I had discovered one of Nigel's strategy for picking up women? Or maybe not. I don't know of many other women besides me who would pick up a man based on what he was packing...

I got down on my knees and started to suck his big, erect dick. At first, I only used my tongue to go up and down his shaft. I then took the top of his head into my mouth. He bent over, slid my thong aside and inserted his fingers inside my pussy. I was sopping wet with excitement. I stopped for a second to think about my next move. I would've fucked him, but I left my condoms in the apartment! Rats, shame on me. All I wanted to do was slide on top of his big pole, so I led him to my apartment.

When we got up there, his phone made a noise. Julie had txted him to indicate that she was close by. Rocco and Nigel insisted that I greet Julie in the "infamous stairwell." They wanted to see her reaction... I put the coat back on and greeted her in exactly the same manner as I had Nigel. When I went down to meet her, she was wearing sexy glasses. She had changed her hairstyle--I barely recognized her. She looked like she could be the new teacher at school... and Rocco, Nigel and I would have wanted to stay for some after-school help. Perhaps some role playing is in order for the next time she wears those glasses, and I'm not talking about Dungeons and Dragons.

Julie was wearing a cute black top, tight jeans and black boots. Her booty was looking fine, and we were all mesmerized by her. We started talking for a while and I know that Nigel and Rocco must have had blue balls. Although it's not a laughing matter, it gave me a sense of control knowing that Julie and I could have the boys' cocks at attention at our will.

We discussed the Sybian workshop that I held over the weekend, and Julie was excited about trying the "Ultimate Sex Machine" for herself. The next thing we knew, she was naked and riding the Sybian. She started with the clit attachment, but moved up to a bigger attachment rather quickly. She took one of the biggest attachments made for the device. Even I have not yet tried this dildo attachment. I helped her ease on top of the thick dildo. She was wet but she was really tight. She managed to fit the big toy inside of her pussy. The three of us, Rocco, Nigel and I, watched as she rode the Sybian. We couldn't take our eyes off of her!

I massaged her clit while she rode on. Nigel could barely contain himself. I reached for his cock; it was hard, as always. I didn't want to interrupt Julie so I waited until she was finished with the Sybian before unleashing the boys' cocks. Julie finished up; she was a champion. I had never seen a girl turn the device as high as she liked it. Julie asked me if I wanted to ride next. But, I didn't want to waste any more time. When given the choice between two, thick, fresh cocks versus my vibrating friend, I choose the live cocks.

Exactly two seconds later, I was on top of Nigel making out with him and undressing him again. Julie grabbed Rocco and made out with him. The four of us started playing together. At first, we played adjacent to each other; Julie and Rocco next to Nigel and me. As I started giving Nigel head, he reached around to my pussy. His arms were like Stretch Armstrong. As I wrote about before, Nigel loves to please women. How could I focus on giving him head when he had me on the verge of cumming all over his fingers? Julie sucked Rocco's cock as I was sucking Nigel's. Soon enough, Julie joined in to help me suck Nigel's cock. She licked up and down the left side of his cock while I took the right side. We shared the big penis and I then pushed Julie's mouth on top of his head. I made her deep throat him as I licked his balls. He must have liked this because he was moaning "oh yeahhhhh!" I then reached for Rocco's cock and deep throated him as well.

Julie started getting fucked by Rocco as she was sucking off Nigel. He grabbed her from behind and gave it to her nice and hard. He then took her on the couch and fucked her missionary. I got on top of Nigel and started to ride his long, thick cock. I was wet but I needed to open up my tight pussy to accommodate that dick. I spit on his dick so it would go in smoother and it did. His cock curves up so as to hit right up against my g-spot. I was absolutely loving it. After a couple of pumps, I had to hold back because I was literally going to explode my cum all over his cock. My cream was reaching the base of his member. We switched positions and he continued to fuck me. We looked over at Rocco and Julie. He was pile-driving her and she was loving it. We relocated to another, cooler room because we were sweating so much!

Nigel took me from the back. My body couldn't hold it any longer and I started to orgasm. Usually when I cum, I like to pull the dick out after I cum and take a second to breathe. Nigel was being very naughty. Instead of pulling out, he pushed his dick even deeper inside me. I started shaking because he enhanced my orgasm. Rocco continued to fuck Julie; first missionary and then doggy style. We had to take a break... we had been going at it hard for awhile!

When we started playing again a few minutes later, I looked over at Julie laying on the bed. Although I am attracted to women and like to play with them, I rarely go down on them. It was just never something I was into. I don't know why, but looking at Julie made me crave her... and my instincts took over. I opened her legs up and started eating her out. Her pussy tasted really sweet and I loved licking her. I gently sucked her clit and looked up to see Rocco stroking his shaft watching me. Nigel fucked me from behind as I continued to lick Julie's pussy. I made her really really wet and I think she enjoyed it.

Who would've thought I'd like to lick a girl that much? Now I know why some girls turn to lesbianism... girls can be very hot :) Ok, well, I can't deny my love for cock, but Julie's beauty and overall aura attracts me to her like a magnet. She laid back and was touching Rocco's cock. Then she moved to Nigel and sucked his cock. Julie really knows how to give amazing head -- it's extremely hot just watching her. Perhaps I'll recruit her for a future SoS workshop on "How to Give Head" so she could share her techniques...

It was time to switch partners, and that we did. Rocco started to fuck me; I squeezed my pussy around his cock. I made Rocco fuck me hard because I hadn't played with him yet all night. Then Julie started to ride Nigel's cock. I positioned myself next to them and grabbed the base of Nigel's dick and massaged his balls. "OH, Sex Kitten!" I wanted him to cum really hard inside her pussy and was going to try everything to make it happen. Fortunately, I didn't have to try too hard. I first rubbed my hands up and down his shaft as she rode him. I then pushed her body deeper on top of his dick and told her to ride it balls deep. After about a minute of her riding him in this position, Nigel couldn't take it anymore. He indicated to us that he was going to release. Julie worked her magic on him and continued to ride him until he came. He moaned hard upon his release.

We played around with Julie for a little bit more. Nigel fingered her pretty fast until he couldn't finger her any longer. What better way to get sore fingers, LOL! And, there's no better way to start off a work week. Your boss will thank you...

Couples' Drama

You would think that couples looking to get involved with the swinging lifestyle would leave drama at the door. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the majority of couples. And, as you can imagine, the chances of drama multiply when you interact with a couple new to the lifestyle. Often, they don't even know what the lifestyle is about...

"Al" spoke to Rocco earlier in the week and indicated that he and his wife had been to a swing club in Long Island last weekend. They were there to see what the scene was about, and play in front of other people. They enjoyed it, but the fun stopped when, at the stroke of midnight, single guys were allowed into the club. Apparently, the club owner misrepresented that it was a "couples only" night, and a flood of single men came in when the owner wasn't satisfied with the amount of couples at the club. This is the problem when you have a non-swinger or money-hungry owner... couples and females don't feel safe and don't come back. How horrible.

Then, Al dropped the bomb. According to Rocco, Al asked him if I would "initiate" his wife. "Sable" was "shy" and Al didn't know how to get her comfortable. He indicated that "she was open to it" and that they had fantasized about another girl joining them. I don't think people understand, so I will say it again. Number one, I am sick of men who are trying to drag their girl into the lifestyle when the girl has absolutely no interest (as it turned out with Sable). Number two, I am not interested in "initiating" women who have no interest in this lifestyle. I hold "Swing School" sessions to counsel couples about the lifestyle. I guess, that's part of the problem -- "newbies" have no idea what the lifestyle involves... so here's a quick list of first-timer tips:

1) If you ONLY want to find another girl to bring into your bedroom, you are probably NOT a swinger.
2) Most swinger couples are comfortable with "full-swap," meaning that both partners swap. At the very least, swingers are comfortable with "soft-swap," meaning that both partners want to touch or perform oral sex with another couple.
3) When a female says "I'm open to another girl" that does NOT mean she's open to swinging, most times she is JUST saying that to satisfy her man.

Well, Al and his wife Sable were in the city and wanted to know if we'd like to go out to dinner. Usually, Rocco and I do not go out to dinner with people we don't know, but in this case -- let's just say we had something in common in our personal lives. We were not at all attracted to them, but we never hold that against people. After all, this was just dinner. Specifically, I wasn't attracted to Al because he was grossly overweight and a bit full of himself. Sable was OK, but she was very indifferent and removed.

Now, Rocco had told Al on the phone that I would not be the "initiator" that he wanted for his girl. Rocco specifically said that on a sexual level we look for full-swap couples. The soft swap thing might happen with a less experienced couple at a club or party, but the readers of this blog know, I want to fuck some cock. I like girls too, but when it comes down to it I want a man who knows how to fuck. I'm up front with what I want, but that doesn't mean I'll just take anyone -- and telling people I look for full swap couples never means that just because you're open to it, you're guaranteed anything -- there ALWAYS has to be attraction. So guys, please do not try to email/chat/send pictures and ask, "Are we compatible?" Attraction is more than just looks, it has a lot to do with personality. When I meet someone at a party that I like, they usually know it -- swinging is not about bullshitting people or playing too hard to get. But I never push people. If a couple isn't ready... I just don't go there.

Due to a miscommunication, Rocco and I invited Al and Sable back to our place after dinner. I thought Rocco had some interest in Sable. Unfortunately, Rocco later told me that this was not the case. As you might predict, the rest of the night was a disaster. Al wound up taking Sable's breasts out and started playing with her. I gently touched her breast and even sucked her nipple. I was not trying to "initiate" her into the lifestyle, I was just in the moment. It was a little hard because I was so turned off by Al. Sable's reaction was... nothing. So, after the cold reaction to my touching her boob, I totally backed off.

In fact, got kind of upset. At first I thought, was it me? Was I being rejected? Then, when the two of them started going at it... I realized, Sable did not want to be here. She was doing this for her man. She couldn't even LOOK at me, or Rocco. She was a dead fish, even while getting fucked by Al... and I honestly felt bad for her.

Rocco and I attempted to do our own thing nearby. Unfortunately, we were both majorly turned off by the negative vibe. We just wanted the night to end. So Rocco and I both faked orgasms, and went to the shower. Before we knew it, they were gone.

As you can see, couples communication is essential in swinging. We made a grave mistake in inviting Al and Sable back to our place. I know the story was not really a turn on, but I'm writing this for a reason. Guys, please do not drag your girls out to swinger events or to meet other swinger couples. The whole evening reminded me of the typical "Craig's List dinner meet," where couples meet, go to dinner and either (1) do nothing or (2) have a horrible night because one of the girls have absolutely no interest in playing. Wasting another couple's time is not cool... so please do not misrepresent the interests of both you and your partner. This is also a REALLY good reason to talk to the female on the phone before meeting, or even chatting online.

To top that horrible interaction, we got an email from Al later that night. Of course, he knew something was off but wanted to know how to improve things "for our next meeting." Uhhh, next meeting??? He made the presumption that Rocco and I were both into them, and he assumed that we were offended that they didn't want to swap. This is what I meant before, this guy was FULL of himself. I've been with some HOT couples, but no -- I should have to beg people like Al and Sable for the chance to touch her boob! And I really wanted some of what Al had to offer.... yeah RIGHT!

I wasn't cruel enough to say that I wasn't into him (don't worry, he doesn't read the blog so all of these comments won't affect him -- he indicated at dinner that he isn't much of a blog reader and had no real interest in reading this), but I was pretty blunt in saying that Sable had turned me off after rejecting me. I also suggested that friendship and swing-partners may be mutually exclusive. He took that as a cue that we should retain friendship, and asked if we could fix things and remain "life-long friends." Not only that, but he insisted she WAS into it... "She said didn't mind when you touched her breast." Wow really??? She didn't mind?? I'm so turned on by the fact that she laid there with her eyes closed and didn't mind.... Sheesh! Keep fooling yourself, Al...
Ahhhh, the drama with these couples!

Craig's List Fakes

Over the past few years, Rocco and I have frequented the treacherous abyss known as Craig's List. Many people flock to Craig's List for "Casual Encounters." Unfortunately, this section should be renamed, "One in One Thousand Chance at a Casual Encounter." The worst thing about Casual Encounters is the sheer amount of fakes and time wasters. If you search for "mw4mw" [male-woman couple for male-woman couple], you will find hundreds of posts -- many of which have been posted by a male without the permission of his female. If you respond to enough of these, you will start to see that most people don't even respond back. They just put the ad up to collect pictures. The ones who respond will try to chat with you, for hours on end. It's a complete waste of a time, for the most part.

I run a seminar on "How to use Craig's List and Swingers Personals Sites." Using the techniques I teach, I can show you how to make real connections and increase your odds of getting laid exponentially....

As a public service, I will use this entry to post "fake" pictures and posts that have been used hundreds of times, if not more.

#1 - A Beautiful Cock

I first encountered this picture four years ago when searching CL in Michigan, and I still see it posted on CL today -- all over the country. If you observe the details in the background -- for example, the beige case computer and keyboard, you can conclude that the picture was probably taken circa 2000. It's a lovely cock. I honestly wonder WHOSE dick it is! If anyone knows who the guy is, please let me know! So many men have used this cock pic that he's become something of a celebrity

#2 - Indian Orgy

Every few days I see a post on Craig's List for an "Indian Orgy". The post generally includes the following description:

There are 3 couples that are very interested but ideally I would like to have 5 couples. The utmost discretion would be afforded to everyone in this party. You must be disease free. We are looking for open minded people. Send info, stats and a picture to get on the guest list

Utmost discretion, my ass. In fact, this person has been using this post as bait to collection pictures of Indian couples (perhaps some of the rarest swingers) for over a year now. Quite unbelievable, but he keeps posting -- and no doubt receiving lots of pictures. This is the quintiscential "pic collector" post.

#3 - "Muscle man"

This is obviously a professional picture. I asked the guy who posted this to see more pictures, and he sent several muscle men -- all of whom were obviously different people. This is an obvious example of "using professional pictures that are too good to be true."

#4 - "Mid-week Play Group"

This is a real group -- DDevious Delights. This picture is constantly posted by them to advertise on Craig's List. I'm inclined to think it's fake -- or it was the one night they actually managed to find good-looking people. When I visited their mid-week play group, and was asked to draw a name out of a hat for purposes of hooking up with whomever's name I received, I ran the hell out of there -- there were NO quality couples there. Read on the reviews on these guys throughout the net and you'll find the same "forced hookup" and very "old and nasty people" reviews.

If you have any info or links to posts that you've seen hundreds of times... send me an email at

Ask Sex Kitten - Any fun to be had for a single male?

This week's question comes from Single:

I am a single male in my twenties. I have been to a swing club before, in Louisiana. I had a great night, met loads of people, misbehaved a little with one couple but generally used the night to watch and learn how things work.

I'm very excited about taking more steps into this lifestyle and would appreciate any advice? you have any recommendations on my next steps to get more involved in this environment I would be gratefully appreciative...?

Hi Single,
As a single male, you are in a difficult position. There are not many clubs or parties in the city that cater to single males. The ones that do typically are not really representative of the lifestyle, either. You should make a critical assessment of any event open to single males. For example, I have seen gangbang events that are really just a group of men paying a prostitute... Similarly, other events are actually just porn shoots for an amateur female. This is really not swinging. Swingers choose to be sexually adventurous without having to be bribed or bought.

So, what's left for a single guy? At the present time, there are no swing clubs open to single males. XXXtreme Events is one of my favorite groups that DOES allow select single males to their events. Or, if you would rather go the personal ads route, you may be able to find couples who are specifically interested in MMF threesomes or possibly even gangbangs. Those couples can be found on swinger personals sites. Yes, sometimes they post on Craig's List, but many of the ads on CL are fake.

Each avenue has it's ups and downs. You may go to a club, spend over $100 for admission, and find nothing. That's actually pretty likely. In our experience, it's a total gamble going to certain clubs, even as a COUPLE. Sometimes, a club may be completely dead. Or, there may be a couple or two present, but in their 60s. Keep this in mind. With regard to the personal ads approach, it can be a tremendous waste of time. When you consider the amount of fakes, things become very frustrating. "Couples" may be single men posing, or a guy with a girlfriend who has no interest in his fantasy.

This is precisely why I try to hold parties open to single men. In my experience, the swingers who come out to these events are hardcore. It doesn't mean all the couples will hook up with single men, or do gangbangs, but at least you have a good chance of something fun happening... And of course, the crowd will be much bigger, and hotter than the usual swing club party. The vast majority of the men who came to the St. Patty's Day party EARLY, acted like gentleman, and talked to the couples and ladies actually GOT SOME! The guys who creeped around and didn't say a word, only managing to pull out their cocks every time a girl started doing something -- well, they didn't get nearly as much.

And for that reason, I'm going to be offering a class for single men. It will take place over two separate days, and will offer all the skills necessary to get laid in this scene. Stay posted on that -- but it's going to be really intense. Think VH1's "The Pickup Artist" for would-be male swingers.

But, to answer your question, start establishing yourself on personal sites and check out the scene at some clubs... and maybe apply to attend one of my parties.

Inspiration All Around

The second blog entry I wrote was about a gentleman named "Mate." My night with mate was so good that it inspired me to write about the experience the next morning. Since that time, we've met up on several different occasions -- but always at a party. But last night I finally invited Mate over to my place to have some fun. And, he did not disappoint.

Fun on a Wednesday night? Well, this all started last week. One of the girls, "Flake," who had RSVP'd for the St. Patty's "Get Lucky" party couldn't make it. I spoke to her on the phone, and she sent some pictures to us. She suggested that we get together and suggested Wednesday night. We told her our place was close to the subway station, and she said it was not a problem getting there. It was a date, or so we thought.

Well, in true flaky-girl fashion, the girl's phone goes "out of service" the day before so we couldn't reach her. Wednesday arrived, and we got ahold of her -- on Instant Messenger. She said she'd be there but that she had to get cab money together, which she was working on. What happened to taking the subway? So, we figured she was flaky and counted her out. Rocco and I took bets on whether Flake would even bother contacting us, because we knew she wasn't coming. This has all happened before, so it doesn't even surprise us anymore.
[Update 4/21/09] About three weeks later, today, we sent an IM to Flake asking her what her deal was and why we never heard from her. A few hours later she responded, telling us that she was offended that we called her a flake. When we asked why she never contacted us, she had no explanation other than "I lost my phone." It's the 21st century, you can't use that excuse -- you have IM and email. And if we had not been stood up before, we might've wasted our time waiting for her.
In anticipation of the Flake's absence, we contacted another single female friend of ours and asked what she was up to that night. She responded to Rocco's text, "I'm fucking you." Concise and to the point. Great. Rocco talked to her sporatically via text for the next few hours. She told us that she wouldn't be finished with work until 9:00PM. This was a bit of a bummer because I would have ideally liked to play earlier than that so we could fuck for a loooong time. However, we re-scheduled our plans to fit around her availability. This was a big mistake.

Even though I had trusted that our friend would come, of course, she did not. What the fuck is wrong with people in this city? Why is no one ever on time? And, this was not a dinner invitation where you can swagger on in fashionably late. After all, this was a FUCK session! And, you can ask anyone who attended the St. Patty's Day party and they'll tell you that the early bird catches the worm. You would think people would show up on time (if at all) when they commit to something so as not to inconvenience other people. But, they don't. Well, I guess there is still at least one gentleman left in New York City...

At the strike of 9:00PM and not a moment too later (I kid you not), Mate buzzes to get in. Now, Mate's a big fan of my blog and knows about my "one strike" policy. For those that are not familiar with it--let me tell you about it. If people fuck up (usually by standing us up), it's over. Unless, of course, something happened beyond your control. But even then, in the modern age, you can text someone "SHIT I CAN'T MAKE IT!" Why such a strict policy? Because I don't have time to waste. And, by experience, when someone fucks up once, they'll do it again. So, you fuck up once; you lie to me once; you stand me up once WITHOUT giving ample notice, and you're out of my circle. And believe me, those that are kicked out of the circle regret it...

I was excited to see Mate because I didn't get a chance to play with him too much the last time I saw him. That is because the last time we met, at the Mardi Gras event, I set up a gang-bang with multiple men and my attention was divided. I was also excited to see him because I knew that he was a great fuck! I was very horny thinking about him all evening. When he walked through the door, I gave him a big kiss on his lips and hugged him. He was looking HOT! He's pretty tall with a stocky, muscular build -- and an extremely thick cock.

Mate always dresses well, as he is in the fashion industry. However, I must confess-I wanted him to strip out of his clothes ASAP. After talking for a while and catching up, I started telling Mate a hot story about our last vacation. One thing led to another... and I jumped on top of him and started making out with him. I grabbed for Rocco's cock, which was throbbing, and threw off his pants. I put my hand's down on top of Mate's jeans-yup, two for two hard cocks. It wasn't very long until I reached for his zipper and took his cock out. Sometimes, I forget how thick his cock is-but he made sure to remind me. There was a little foreplay involved but you know me-I wanted to go straight for the meat. Plus, you can't keep two horny men with big dicks waiting...

As I started sucking Mate's cock and deep-throating him, Rocco grabbed my ass and slid his dick inside my pussy. My pussy was almost too tight for a few seconds but Rocco opened her up to fit his cock inside. He should have opened her up a little more for Mate's huge dick. I wanted to switch up and was ready to fuck him. I strapped a condom on him and sat on top of his dick. It was really thick and I was not used to this amount of thickness. I forced myself as far down on top of his dick as I could get. Although it was difficult at first, as soon as my pussy got wet enough, I was sliding on top of him and his dick faster and faster. He grabbed my ass and shoved his dick deep inside until he reached the end and then some. He made me squeal... I was enjoying every inch of him.

Rocco, Mate and I took our fun to a more comfortable spot, the bedroom. Now, Mate is a very dynamic lover. What I mean by that is that he changes up positions and angles to better please a woman. For example, when he started fucking me missionary style, he put a little twist on it. He grabbed my leg and bent it slightly to get a better angle at my pussy. He would then flip me around and grab my ass to push his dick further inside me while doing it doggy style. I think I'm going to have to use some of his techniques and show people what I mean during my next Kama Sutra workshop. Hey, he didn't make up the moves but he perfected them.

As Mate started doing me from the back, Rocco grabbed his cock and stroked it. As soon as Mate started slamming my pussy and shoved his big, fat dick deep inside me, I knew I was in trouble. I was going to cum any second. I told him exactly that, and he kept his speed up and perhaps went even faster. All I remember is that he positioned his dick to rub right against my G-spot -- and I started cumming. When I told him that I was cumming and as I was cumming, instead of withdrawing his dick he grabbed my body and held it against his. This intensified my orgasm and he made me squirt all over his dick. Not only did he make me cum-he made me cum really well! I was a little exhausted and I needed a tag team partner to help me out in the ring. However, the single female did not show up; did not tell us where she was and lost out on some crazy fun. After taking a little break, I went right back into the action. At the point that I had cum about 2-3 times, my pussy was feeling good. After Mate fucked me some more, I let Rocco slide back in. Mate had left my pussy really open -- but Rocco took me in the missionary position and fucked me hard.

As I was fucking the two of them, they must have done a mind meld with each other while I was screaming and having the time of my life. Mate situated me on top of his dick and Rocco put his dick up my ass! These two were trouble. They wanted to do DP! I did too, but I had never done it with two cocks this thick! There wasn't enough room in me! Mate, being the team player that he was, held me down as Rocco entered me from behind. Rocco did manage to get it in there, but Mate's ridiculously thick cock was making it a bit too difficult to sustain. I'm going to have to practice with a big dildo and Rocco so that I can manage with Mate the next time when he comes over.

At the end of the night, Rocco fucked me until he came. Mate and I tried to get him to cum, but he just kept going and going. After nearly two hours of wild sex, the boys successfully tired me out -- and since it was late, Mate left without ejaculating. That's always a bummer to me, but he insisted that it took him forever to cum sometimes. I understand that, because sometimes it takes Rocco HOURS to cum. Mate told me that for him, he gets off from seeing a girl cum -- and he had a great time. But that's no excuse, I owe him one for next time.

The moral of the story? Find a RELIABLE fuck-buddy. My suggestion is "ONE STRIKE" and you're out -- or you'll spend more time WAITING for your fuck-friend than actually doing anything.

Gold-digging bitches!

Rocco and I do not look for single females very often. When we are lucky enough to meet a quality girl at a party, and we hit it off, great. But we do not regularly cruise Craig's List or any of the various swingers networking sites for girls. Why? The odds are not very good... There is only a minuscule chance of finding someone of quality who is truthful about her looks, is sane, and isn't looking for "sugar." Well, readers, after you read about the type of girl we talked to today... you'll understand.

So Rocco and I are having a "Female Orgasm Workshop" this Saturday. We are charging couples $100 and single females $20. Why? To cover the location costs and our assistant. We intend to invite around four couples and a single female or two. We got an email from a single female, we'll call her "Becca," who was interested in attending:

[actual email]

hi there:
i'm a single female, have always been curious about the "ultimate vibrator" as you call it...i would be coming alone, which would be i'm wondering if perhaps you could host a single female another time? without a bunch of couples there??

So Rocco responds back saying that it could definitely be a possibility, maybe we could do a workshop for single females who want to try the machine without any males present. And so, she responds:

[actual email]
wow, crazy/iinteresting idea...i'm not interested in attending the class, or paying money for it....sorry, more interested in finding a couple with one who is willng to share, and is open to the idea of 3some play!

Hmmmmm, trying to suggest something, Becca? But $20? Like Harry, this bitch was just being cheap. But Rocco played along, as we were curious about her deal. So he asked for her pictures and told Becca that we might ask for more than $20 for single females if there are no couples present. He also asked if she was propositioning us (obviously she was). She responded, and then started chatting via IM.

[actual email]
oh, i see....ok, cool....yeah, well $20 isnt that big a deal, but i'm recently laid off, and even still, i'm not sure i would want to take the chance of going to an open class and potentially knowing people there....scary though.....i'll send a few body pictures in a moment....and i'll inivte you to g-chat too....

Of course, I'm not going to publicly post pictures of the girl -- but let's just say she looked like trash; not nearly as good as the literal "gold-digger" chick pictured to the right...

Here's the conversation with my comments in brackets
Becca: what is swiing school? u teach ppl how to be swingers? haha [disrespectful bitch, we knew right from the start that she had issues, you contact US and laugh at us? read the website, dumb-ass]
Rocco: Yeah, actually a lot of couples don't know what to expect. It also gives a chance for those people inexperienced with swinging to meet each other.
Becca: well, i'm not a swinger.....i just enjoy naughty hobbies from time to time and like to hook up on CL... i guess you guys are swingers...? [of course she hooks up on CL but would never consider herself a "swinger" ... what a high quality female! I guess she didn't get the context clue that the instructors of "Swing School" would likely be swingers themselves, nor did she read the first paragraph on the website.]
Rocco: Swinging is not for everyone, as we like to say, it just enhances already strong relationships.
Becca: so you guys throw big parties?
Rocco: yeah... ever since Sex Kitten was written up in Time Out NY and Fleshbot, we've been reaching lots of new people. So we had a great turnout at our last party... it was WILD!
Becca: yeaah, to me, that just screams "stds" to me.... no offense. is the TONY article online still? [what a dumb whore, seriously... does she think people do things unprotected like she does??]
Rocco: Actually STDs are not a problem in the swing community. Everyone is careful, respectful and always uses protection. Certainly, it's a LOT safer than random hookups on Craig's List.
Yes, the link is right on her blog, just click "Media"

5 minutes later...

Becca: Wow, so you and Sex Kitten are well-to-do professionals? I thought this School of Sex thing was your business and you were hippies or something. [of course... I can see what's going on in her head "chaaaa-ching- cha-ching"]
Rocco: Yes, we're professionals. As I mentioned, we don't operate the School for profit. We are here to spread the word that sexual exploration is a GOOD thing!
Becca: k so you have these parties, but do you also play with others on the side? like have you ever had a long-term girlfriend? and did you get my pictures? [of course, she's basically trying to whore herself... she feels out a couple who is comfortable financially, and she hopes she can become their gf and get some sugar]
Rocco: Actually we make connections through our parties, and from going to other parties. Sex Kitten has had a long term boyfriend of sorts, "Lt. Love" on the blog. We've never met a girl who was the right fit for us, so no, never a long term girlfriend. And yeah, we got your picture, you look nice. [Rocco is too nice sometimes, but I think he was mildly entertained by the conversation -- she looked trashy.]

At this point Rocco sent her some pictures. This was her response:
Becca: wow, not what i was expecting....
Rocco: What were you expecting?
Becca: i odnt know, porn star-looking pple -- you look average, and I was expecting that she would be taller, and white.
Rocco: Sorry to disappoint you. [After Harry, Rocco doesn't even loose his cool -- I respect that.]
Becca: anyway, i dont think i want to do it, sorry.....

"I don't think I want to do it"??? This gold-digging bitch actually thought we wanted her! Boy, she had some nerve. First, the $20 for the seminar was an issue... She expects a "personal" session to use the Sybian in exchange for a threesome [first sign she's a whore]. Then, she finds out we make a good living and asks about whether we had a gf [second sign she's a whore]. Then, she insults me!! Yes, I'm non-white. Yes, I'm not six-feet tall. Perhaps if SHE looked hot, I would say "Ok... she's just in a different world, she's a model..." But she WASN'T.... [I wish I could show you readers, but I respect people's privacy, even if she's a bitch]

Rocco told me that he kept talking to her b/c even based on the initial responses, he thought she was a bitch, and a perfect example of the type of girl you never want to meet. She was also the epitomy of a low-quality CL hookup girl. So he continued the conversation for purposes of the blog.

As we often say, many of the single girls who are on CL responding to or advertising for MFF threesomes, sadly, are bitches like these. They waste tons of time because they're stupid -- you saw how much Rocco had to clear up, she clearly didn't even take two minutes to look at the websites or try to understand what we were talking about. And the worst thing about these types of girls is, they want "sugar!" She disclosed that she was fired, she's obviously desperate for money... I'm sorry ladies, but we're looking for real fun -- not to support a girl who is looking for sugar and is just a cock-tease.

And as for my looks, I don't post many pictures for a reason. I value my privacy. I post this blog anonymously. But, for everyone who is curious, here is a pretty clear picture of my booty taken by Rocco. And to those who don't like me, learn some tact -- whether at a party, or even under the anonymity of the internet, don't insult someone for no reason. If you're not into someone, you can simply brush them off, nicely. Or say, "You're just not my type."

So, Becca, kiss my ass!

P.S. I have nothing against working girls. But it is a disservice to swinging to claim to be "wild" or in the "lifestyle" when you're just seeking a sugar-daddy, or a sugar-couple. You're not fooling anyone.

Update on Lt. Love... and some lessons on swinging

I guess all good things must come to an end... Rocco spoke to Lt. Love, my long time fuck friend, on the phone last night. The good news with that Lt. Love has found "love." Unfortunately, the girl is not a swinger -- so, I am sad to report that this is probably the end of his fun adventures with me. I'm honestly happy that he has found a companion. It is interesting that Lt. Love had been holding out to find a girl who would be open to the idea of swinging -- and he had previously rejected several "regular" girls because he suspected they would not be open to swinging. Apparently his logic in dating this new girl is that because she's "wild" in bed she may eventually be open to swinging.

But just because a girl is fun in bed does not necessarily mean she will be open to swinging. Jealously issues typically come out in this kind of situation (especially when one partner has significant experience swinging), and this could potentially ruin their relationship. I don't want to do that to her! The desire for swinging should be shared. Lt. Love knows this. He specifically told Rocco that he did not want to scare her off by telling her about his desire to swing and his past. Lt. Love also is the type of guy who always tries to put his best foot forward -- but that severely complicates things here, because he won't be completely honest with her about his desires.

Lt. told Rocco, "Well, she is ONLY 28." But Lt. can't be an agist [one who judges a person based on age] and use this excuse, since I am actually younger than his girlfriend. He then told Rocco something that made me loose a lot of respect for him. He said, "Perhaps Sex Kitten can talk to her about swinging and slowly convince her." Sheesh... Why do men not want to TALK to their partners openly? Why should I freak her out as soon as I meet her?

Instead, Rocco suggested that the Lt. discuss the possibility of swinging with her himself, or suggest coming to Swing School with her. I think Rocco wanted to see if Lt. would ever breach the subject. Lt. of course said no to this. My advice to Lt. would be to get to know the girl and just have fun with her because I'm not out to convince any women to join the lifestyle. Yes, I run Swing School -- but I NEVER spring it on unsuspecting women. One of the first things I do is try to find out whether BOTH partners in a relationship want it. If a girl doesn't, there's really nothing I can do. It's like convincing a vegetarian to eat meat! I don't go there -- swinging is NOT for everyone.

Besides, does Lt. really think his new girlfriend is going to want to hear all about how I sucked him off in the stairwell of my apartment building, how I grabbed him while he ate me out in an elevator and how I made him cum three times? Or, forgetting the past, what would she think when she SEES that both of us have so much chemistry? I had more sex with Lt. over the past two years than most people have in relationships! I know exactly how he likes his cock sucked, I know exactly what positions get him off -- it's not fair to the girl! But if I ever find out that SHE wants it, I would gladly invite them over for some fun. Until then, Lt. Love is just a friend, and not a friend with benefits.

At least I have Rocco, and Nigel on speed dial...

St. Patty's "Get Lucky" Party ... and boy did we all!

When I first started swinging, I used to pat myself on the back for getting the nerve to venture out to a party or club. I always thought it took some real "chutzpah" to get out there and check out the scene. I have only attended events as a couple, with Rocco at my side. I could not imagine going as a single female -- and I've always had the utmost respect for a "Unicorn" who decides to attend a party by herself. At a party, you are lucky to see one or possibly two single females. One thing that I have never seen, or heard of, is having THIRTEEN single women attend a hardcore, on-premises swing party that also allowed SINGLE MEN. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the SoS event for St. Patty's Day made history!!!

To those brave, horny, beautiful girls (and yes, they were gorgeous) -- my hat's off to you! Not only were you all gorgeous... but you were some of the most intelligent women I have ever met! It was seriously like attending a Mensa meeting. As I spoke with the girls, I experienced such a rush. The rush was not only because of my physical attraction to the ladies but also because they stimulated my mind. These girls had wonderful stories to share, and we spoke about our fantasies and past experiences. Overwhelmingly, the girls were so happy to have a safe, accessible party available to them -- and it was my absolute pleasure to throw it! Many of the girls heard about this blog, and my parties, from my TimeOut New York feature. So now I am on a publicity mission -- it's time for ladies to find out that there are events held by real, horny women where they can meet like minded people and have mind blowing fun!! If you have any suggestions on how I should reach out, PLEASE email me!!!

We kicked off the party with Swing School. As a few of the couples started getting comfortable talking to me and Rocco, I saw four beautiful young women walking toward us. They seemed to be together. Rocco brought them over to a couch and assured me that they were here for OUR party! I shall call these four girls the Four Musketeers--four brave, young women in their mid-twenties embarking on one heck of an adventure together. As I spoke with them I wondered, where the hell do you find friends like this??? And if they weren't cool enough as it was, these Musketeers were so intelligent! The Four Musketeers told me that they were fans of this blog and wanted to meet me in person-but I am now fans of theirs! Cheers, ladies.

My new friend "Julie" came to the party by herself because she wanted to check out a party. We spoke on the phone before the party and had already talked a bit about what she might want -- and multiple men were on the menu. Boy, she had picked the right party to come to. Julie had beautiful, dark, long curly hair. Her eyes were filled with excitement and later, her pussy would also be filled. She was of Mediterranean decent. She had a gorgeous face, amazing body and the cutest dimples. As she walked through the door in her high heels, conversations turned silent and eyes turned to her. On any other night, there would have been no way in hell that such a hottie would attend a swing club -- but in for this particular parties, all the stereotypes of the attendees at the swing club were broken. I had so much fun talking to Julie. We talked for a long time and the more I talked to her, the more she turned me on. If I was a guy, she would have my dick at attention.

I also made some new friends with some fabulous couples. The first couple-I shall call them, "Joanna and Tim," were very excited about the St. Patty's party. I spoke to Joanna on the phone prior and instantly knew she was very special. She and Tim have been together for 10 years and have an amazing relationship. I could tell that Joanna was a naughty girl - just like me. Another couple I was excited to meet were "Gregory and Lynn." I suspected Greg was packing--but I had no idea he had a monster cock. A third couple-I'll call them "Larry and Sidney" were also really cute and playful. Sidney was a beautiful Asian girl... a bit shy at first, but boy did Sidney break out of her shell!

Of course there were many other couples in attendance-including a hilarious vacationer from Texas who was big pimping it with his wife and their girlfriend in NYC. They wanted to see how the city folk partied. My "Hero" also came--and later, she CAME. Jerry, Rocco's "twin dick" was in attendance but we didn't get to play because he was busy fucking other ladies. And, my boy-toy Nigel came again. I knew that he would have a great time because he is not only hot but a true gentleman. And, not to mention his big thick dick-any woman that saw it would not be able to resist. So, I told him that he could play around and have fun with all the other guests in attendance but he would have to give me the honor of the first fuck...and what a fuck it was.

As soon as I saw him, I got really turned on and my pussy started getting wet. He has that affect on women. I watched Hero (also known as Laney from the Halloween party) and her man kick the party off right. Her man, "Adam" has a magnetic personality and women can't help but be attracted to him. Adam was the first to hook up with one of the stars of the party -- a beautiful, petite Cuban woman with GIANT natural breasts! "Maya" had the type of body men (and women) dream about. When she arrived at the party, Rocco looked at me and said one word: "Wow!" Rocco loves busty women, and she was one of the hottest, most exotic women we could imagine. As Adam worked his magic, Rocco and I moved in. We walked over and played on the bed next to Adam and Maya. I took out Rocco's now fully hard cock and started sucking it. I played with Maya and she took Rocco's cock in her hand while getting fucked missionary style. She was a lady who knew what she wanted and went for it. I spotted Nigel and seductively gestured for him to come join us. He came right over and I grabbed his body. I felt him up a little but could not tease him too much because I wanted him so badly. I put my hands over the fly of his pants--yes, ladies, he was hard. Scientists need to extract Nigel's DNA and analyze it so they can create the perfect man for women to fuck. Needless to say, it didn't take me long to take his clothes off. Mine came off exactly a second later.

At this point, Adam and Maya had been fucking for a long time and Adam was making her scream. Not only was Maya ridiculously hot, but she had the kind of bedroom dialogue that make fantasies come true. Yes, she was a dirty talker!! Adam was about ready to cum and she instructed him, "I want you fuck me hard and cum right inside me!!" He followed those directions to the letter, and filled his condom with cum as he fucked the hell out of her. As they finished up Rocco, Nigel and I took over the bed. The second I took Nigel's dick in my mouth and Rocco's in my hand, we were surrounded by spectators. Due to the layout of the room, we got a little overwhelmed by the amount of people surrounding us. This sort of thing is common at a party, you have to find the optimal fuck spot. So, we decided to move the party to the couples only area so we could fuck in a more intimate place. I knew when I started fucking those two in a large, open area, things were going to get out of control. I wanted to be in control and I'm glad we picked the couples area.

The play area had sheer curtains, so everyone in the party could watch the action. Across from us in the play area sat Joanna and Tim. Joanna kind of hypnotized me as she was rubbing herself all over Tim. We saw the backside of her sexy black panties. I couldn't help myself-I went over and smacked her booty and grabbed her ass. It was so yummy. She then turned around and showed us her fantastic rack. Next to them sat Larry and Sidney-a bit timid at first, but excited nonetheless. Finally, floating around was Greg and Lynn. Greg was a seasoned swinger and a genius. He made an announcement and said "everyone in this area must take off their clothing in 5 seconds." He knew everyone wanted to start having fun but some needed to remove the rest of their clothing. We all got completed naked... my skirt, which was the last article of clothing I had on, came off and the festivities began.

At first, I got a little greedy and took both Nigel and Rocco's hard dicks in my hand. But, I couldn't forget about Julie. She had met Nigel, and I could tell they liked each other. So, I went over to Julie and told her that Nigel, Rocco and I wanted to have some fun with her. She told me, "I'm ready!" And boy, was she ready, willing and able.

Greg told her that he made the area a clothing-free zone and she gladly obliged to the rules. "Can I keep my shoes on?" Julie asked. "YES, YES" we all replied because sexy heels are the ONLY exception -- and boy were her heels sexy. She exposed her beautiful breasts and I went straight for them. I licked them softly at first as I wanted to respect her boundaries. However, I quickly learned that Julie was not a fluffy or uncertain girl-she was hardcore. She made out with me and she was very sensual. I slowly moved my hands near her pussy and felt her clit. As she got more and more excited, I inched my fingers up inside deeper. She took Rocco's cock in her mouth and started sucking him off. She was very tight but wet. Since Rocco and Nigel's cocks were thick, this was going to be very interesting. Rocco put on a condom and started fucking her from the back. Julie was so into it-she was vocal and you could see on her face that she was in ecstasy. She then took Nigel's cock in her mouth while Rocco fucked her. I held her hair back and watched her take the two dicks. I couldn't resist any longer so I joined in and helped her suck off Nigel's cock. It was hard, like steel. I told him I wanted to fuck his cock. I could barely contain myself. My heart was racing and I wanted to jump up and down and say PLEASE, PLEASE give me more! Nigel knew I wanted him. He put on a condom and took me next to Rocco and Julie. He put his dick inside me and held it there for about 10 seconds while my pussy adjusted to his large size. He then THRUSTED himself inside when he knew I was good and ready. How he knew that I was ready, I don't know... but Nigel is always VERY aware of what his lover is feeling. Of course, I had gotten really wet but that was not something he would necessarily have felt instantly through the condom. Call him a mind-reader-I don't know, but he knew. He then went at it and slammed my pussy so hard. As he took me from the back, he performed his signature move. He fucked me so hard that it did not take long at all for him to make me cum. He withdrew his cock after I came all over his thickness. Julie took his cock and started sucking him off. I grabbed Rocco and told him to fuck my pussy immediately after Nigel did. He took his dick and put it inside. I watched Julie give Nigel some amazing head. It was a sight to behold, she had a great technique and was very skilled at using both her hand and her mouth to give a top-quality blowjob.

To the opposite of us, the other couples were engaging in their own fun. As Rocco started fucking me, his favorite female peeked into the play area. It was Maya-the petite girl with the huge breasts. Rocco's eyes lit up. Rocco fucked me hard, and after a few minutes, it was time for a break! Rocco walked over to Maya. I'm not sure what he said to her, but whatever it was made her want to fuck him. They made their way into our little area, but there wasn't any room left, except for a corner of a futon. However, this was not a problem for Rocco. He told Maya that that they should simply go to the lounge area and fuck. Yeah, there was dozens of people there, but Rocco said the couch in the lounge would be much more comfortable than the corner of the futon. And who cares if everyone watched -- it's a sex club. He took little Miss Maya right out to the lounge area and fucked her right in the middle of everyone! He didn't have any performance anxiety and was on a testosterone high. I watched the two of them going at it...and it was HOT! He later told me that she was extremely tight and he could barely get his cock inside her. I heard the two of them moaning and watched from a distance as Larry and I decided to have some fun.

Larry had soft lips and was a very good kisser. He kissed my lips and then kissed my other lips. He really made me feel good. I had watched him from the corner of my eye fuck Sidney and I could tell he was good. I wanted him to fuck me and he slid his long cock inside me. As the two of us were fucking, I saw Rocco fuck Maya hard until he came. Apparently, Maya was making men cum left and right. One man came by looking at her. Maya told him to stroke his dick after Rocco had finished, and she asked the gentleman to show her how he could blow his load. It was his pleasure to stroke off to a girl who looked hotter than a porn star!

There was almost TOO MUCH crazy action going on at the party... One of the Four Musketeers had hooked up with a sexy, bombshell woman and her man. The other Musketeers had scattered around and found their own fun. There were people fucking in the shower area. I wish I had seen it all, but for that, I would need to clone myself...

The prize for the lady with the most beads went to Maya. She had earned them!

After taking a break and introducing ourselves to new guests, Rocco and I jumped back into the action. We went back and played with Greg and Lynn. Not to our surprise, Nigel and Julie were back at it. Nigel was eating her pussy out while Julie laid back and enjoyed. She had so much stamina that she actually wore Nigel out! I watched the two of them go at it from different angles and try all kinds of different positions. Nigel loved it when Julie sat on his face. He truly enjoys pleasuring women. I took Greg's cock. Lynn had fell asleep on the couch because when she cums, she CUMS. It takes her all when she cums and we all heard it. And by "we all," I mean the whole club! When Lynn finally woke up, the action was re-starting. Greg motioned for her to come keep Rocco occupied while he played with me. Greg was tall and muscular but he maneuvered his body to fit the area and ate me out so well. Even though I was a little worn out, he revived my pussy up and filled it with his cock. I watched Rocco and Lynn fuck right next to us. Greg's fucking speed slowly started increasing and he was getting more and more excited. He made me squeal more than a couple of times when his thick cock hit my g-spot. As he came, he moaned and grunted so loud-he would put Lexington Steele to shame. However, he wasn't the only one that came-to our right my friend Nigel was also cumming as Julie had his dick in her hand. There were moans all around, but not just the females! These guys were very vocal and it was really hot. Rocco was the last man standing and he enjoyed his time with Lynn. The two of them went at it until Rocco came. It was about 3:30AM and we were all exhausted. People had been fucking for HOURS! What an insanely hot night...


Although this party was by far the hottest and most fun Rocco and I have ever had, it was not without some "misses." However, there were only two "misses," which wasn't bad considering we had dozens of guests to the party. First, I was approached by a single man I did not know who questioned how I could run the School of Sex. He said to me, "You're too young--you don't have life experience." I didn't even justify this idiot with a response. Some people love to make assumptions... no life experience? Hah. I guess I must NOT have any life experience-or any experience in's not like a I write an entire blog dedicated to it.

Our second blooper was actually a douche-bag that almost won a spot on the Wall of Shame. I say almost because I had to walk away from him. He first informed me that he and his coworkers read my blog and he has a hard-on when reading it every-time. He then told me that he showed off to his coworkers telling them that he was going to meet me and they told him that he may land himself on the blog. Congrats! You did make it-but not for being a great fuck-just a fucking asshole. His pickup skills were non-existent. First, he questioned whether I really fucked Lexington Steele. Great way to start a conversation. He was really testing my nerves. Some of these guys have no fucking manners. Even if a guy passes a questionnaire, or is subject to the screening process -- he may still be an ass. What can you do? And the ban list grows longer...

Douche looked at Rocco and says to him, "YOU must write the blog-I know it has to be a man." Yes, Rocco writes about how good *MY* pussy feels when being filled up by a big, thick dick that reaches my g-spot and the ends of my pussy. It must be him! This is obviously written by a man, right? Ridiculous. He then mentioned he had a big dick--and whenever a man tells me that, I know that his dick is actually very small or thin. And what do these guys really think? They tell me they read my blog, they have a big dick and I'm going to automatically fuck them? Not happening...

I should have walked away at that point, but I was engaging in a great conversation with one of the Four Musketeers, who was right next to him. The final straw was when the prick whispered in my ear, "So, if I'm with you, Rocco's gotta be there right?" If you're with me?? Was this guy dreaming?? Acting like an ass is not the way into my pants...or the next party. I tried in my most cordial manner to say to him, "What kind of stupid question is that?" and walked away. What I really wanted to say was a lot more graphic than that, but I held my tongue. He was obviously single because what kind of woman would put up with this shit? I wanted to slap him across the face after meeting him for five minutes...

One, Two, Three Cums a Charm

Lt. Love, Rocco and I got together for a more intimate fuck fest at my apartment. This time, we decided to invite The Unicorn over to meet Lt. Love. As Lt. Love is always on time, he was at our place for a few hours before Unicorn came over. So, naturally, I couldn't resist taking on his beautiful cock. We were watching some TV, and Lt. Love was massaging me -- he knows the recipe for success. I got so turned on from his fantastic massage that I started rubbing his crotch. Before I knew it, his penis was out -- and seconds later, in my mouth. Lt. Love's cock is the perfect size for me to deep throat, and I love giving him a wet, sloppy blowjob that will drive him wild. Lt. Love and Rocco then took turns fucking me while I sucked the other off... it was hot! We were afraid that Unicorn would be uncomfortable meeting Lt. Love in his birthday suit, so after we heard her buzz in, we all threw on some clothes.

I should emphasize how awesome Unicorn is. I knew she was as kinky and horny as I am based on our first meeting at one of our parties. I also knew that Lt. Love and Rocco would provide her with her fill of cock. Lt. Love, out of respect for me and Rocco, excused himself so that we might have some time alone with Unicorn. Upon hearing that the Lt. was leaving for a few minutes, I decided to play a little game with Rocco. "Oh, I'll come with you, Lt. Love," I announced. I intended to leave Rocco alone with Unicorn while I went downstairs to check up on Lt.'s car with him.

Lt. and I discussed the possibility that we may walk back in on Rocco and Unicorn engaging in some fun. This made the both of us even more curious about what would unfold in our absence, and we both got really horny. So, on our way back up from checking up on the car, the Lt. got a little frisky with me in the hallway of our apartment building. He diverted me to the stairwell. Since I was wearing a skirt, he grabbed my ass and lifted my skirt up. He got down on his knees and slid my panties aside and started eating me out. I got really wet -- not only from his incredible oral skills but also from the rush of doing it in public. What if someone caught us? We walked closer to the apartment and I felt Lt.'s hard cock. I took his cock out and give him a quick lick before sticking it inside me, right in the staircase leading up to our apartment. I made him fuck me so hard that Rocco and Unicorn could hear my moans. We stopped fucking so we could join the two of them inside. To our surprise, when we opened the door, we found The Unicorn's top off-her beautiful breasts exposed. She was down on her knees, and her mouth was sliding up and down the thick shaft of his cock.

The Lt. and I immediately walked over, and I made out with Unicorn. I took Rocco's cock and shared it with her. I got close to Unicorn and sucked on her big breasts while the Lt. ate me out. Rocco took Unicorn missionary position and started fucking her. I watched him thrust his thickness inside her the way she liked it. The Lt. put his dick inside my pussy. The both of us fucked for a while. Unicorn and I played with each other, making out and sucking each others' breasts, while taking their cocks. After awhile, the boys wanted to switch off. I swapped with Unicorn and told the Lt. to give it to her nice and hard, the way I liked it. I knew this beauty wanted to get fucked hard until she came. The Lt. gave a praise-worthy performance and Unicorn fully enjoyed it. Meanwhile, I took Rocco's cock. There was a porn on the TV, but the orgy unfolding in our living room was MUCH hotter.

The Lt. fucked the hell out of Unicorn... He's always a champion. Lt. took his dick out of Unicorn and I started sucking it. He then slide inside my pussy and did me even harder. On his last thrust, I came again on his dick. He took his dick out and a jolt of cum ejaculated. However, he kept jerking it as if he wasn't done. The Unicorn and I took his dick in our hands.

We thought he was finished, but we were wrong. He then came again and erupted a volcano. Alright, he must be done now, we thought. We continued to play with his penis and found out that we were wrong. A few minutes later, he came AGAIN for a third time. He came not only once, not twice, but three times! This was a record for cumming in such a short amount of time. But the again, the Lt. always has something up his sleeve. Unicorn and I laid there exhausted from the two men fucking us so well. He wasn't the only one that came three times ...

American Swing: A Review

The above YouTube clip is an actual commercial for Plato's Retreat that appeared on public access television in the 1970s.

I was asked to do a review on an exciting new documentary called American Swing. The movie comes out March 27 at Quad Cinema. I was lucky enough to schedule an interview with the directors of the film next week -- so stay tuned for that as well!

American Swing is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The film centers around Larry Levenson and his famous swing club, Plato's Retreat. Plato's opened in 1977 and "for a mere $35, couples checked their judgments and pedigrees at the door at this clothing-optional Disneyland." The film includes interviews with the staff of Plato's as well as many of its patrons. Amazingly enough, none of the interviewees are blurred or their voices distorted. This film is real, and raw.

I was taken aback when I saw the first few interviews in American Swing. Many of the interviewees were senior citizens, but vividly remember their encounters at Plato's thirty years ago. I thought to myself, will this be me in another few decades? It was comforting to see that these people got something special out of their encounters at Plato's -- sexual liberation, confidence, and a unique perspective on life.

Things have not changed much since 1977. People still want a place to express themselves sexually and to find similarly minded individuals. Levenson indicated that each night, around 50% of his guests were new to the scene, many of whom came to Plato's just to see what all the fuss was about. I encounter similar statistics at my parties -- we do have lots of repeat guests, but I always see many new faces who come out because they are curious. Like Plato's, many of my guests just come to watch and see what this lifestyle is all about.

While "on-premises" swing clubs do exist today - and are more popular than ever - I find that there are two main differences. First, the scene today is underground. Plato's was advertised on public access TV and Levenson constantly promoted the club through media interviews. The Plato's Retreat emblem was emblazoned on the side of his club in NYC. These days, most "on-premises" clubs do not advertise in the mainstream media or sport large signs on their exterior. Advertising has been restricted to the Internet, mostly at established swingers' personals sites. Being discreet is probably a good idea, because when a sex club becomes as large and as famous as Plato's, government leaders take notice and inevitably attempt to bring it crashing down. No, my friends, sex clubs are not illegal -- but the government too often tries to protect us from places that they declare to be morally reprehensible -- even though, as one of the interviewees in the movie point out, many of these government leaders are the ones frequenting the club!

The second difference is that Plato's patrons were more open and accepting than many people that frequent swing clubs today. Plato's did not have a "velvet rope" policy -- anyone was let in. So of course, there were lots of average looking people attending. Some patrons were overweight, some were short, and some were downright ugly. But everyone was accepted the fact that Plato's was open to all, and people just did their own thing. If one person didn't like another person, he or she would just move on and look for someone more compatible. That's what swinging is REALLY about -- having an open mind!

Plato's Retreat had personality because of Larry Levenson. It was his club, his party. He was the face of Plato's. Such larger than life personalities do not exist at any NYC clubs today. Part of the reason Rocco and I have had so much success in throwing parties is that we have the sort of fun that Larry had and always try to introduce ourselves to everyone. We believe in our parties, and we believe in swinging. We throw parties and run the School of Sex to encourage sexual exploration. We follow in the footsteps of people like Larry Levenson. And, thankfully, this film gives Larry Levenson, the "King of Swing," the credit he deserves.

As you know, Plato's Retreat does not exist in our city today. The film also documents the decline of Plato's, the most famous swingers club in NYC. But, it was only when the swing club became a sex club that things really started unravelling -- but I won't ruin all that for you, you'll have to check it out yourselves. I highly recommend this film, and encourage everyone to check it out!

I give this film a rating of: "TWO NIPPLES UP!"

**a documentary about the 1970's swing sex club "Plato's Retreat"**

Directed by:Mathew Kaufman (co-director) and Jon Hart (co-director)

The year was 1977 and New York City burned. As the metropolis hurtled into bankruptcy, the city's nightlife hit unprecedented heights. In midtown, the ultra-exclusive Studio 54 was a cocaine-fueled celebrity playhouse. Downtown, at the spartan CBGB's, punk rockers set out to destroy everything Pop. Meanwhile, in the basement of the prestigious Ansonia building on the conservative Upper West Side, Plato's Retreat opened its doors to ordinary couples who came to dance, to swim, swap.

It was the start of a revolution. The brainchild of former wholesale meat purveyor Larry Levenson, Plato's Retreat quickly emerged as the epicenter of public sex for the "me" generation. Previously, swinging was mostly an underground activity, engaged in primarily by the attractive and well-to-do. But Plato's welcomed anyone and everyone. For a mere $35, couples checked their judgments and pedigrees at the door at this clothing-optioned Disneyland. Debutantes got it on next to bus drivers, as movie stars gave secretaries the "starlet treatment". For Levenson and others, Plato's was utopia. For some, it is a time capsule that they are eager to forget.

Utilizing exclusive interviews with former patrons, employees, and family members, intercut with riveting, rare never-before-seen archival materials, American Swing brings this epicenter of sex and excess to the big screen for the first time.

AMERICAN SWING will open in New York on March 27th at the Quad Cinema. 34 W. 13th St. A Magnolia Pictures Release

Running time 81 minutes. Unrated.
Official Film Site:

Ask Sex Kitten: Do I Have to be HUNG in the Swing Scene?

This week's question is from "Shortie," who asks:

What swinging opportunities are there for guys who are poorly endowed? Is there any chance in hell they won't be ostracized at a swing party? If not, what are the alternatives? Thanks!

Dear Shortie,

I have encountered many men claiming to be 8 inches in length who turn out to have a cock closer to 8cm! So, I appreciate your honest email and question.

First of all, let me tell you that I am one of the few females I know that has a fetish for big cocks. Most of my friends say that they actually prefer NOT to have to fuck such a large cock. Imagine that! So, in terms of women's preference for cock size, every woman is different, and for every woman like me who likes a big one, there are two that would rather not "go there." Most women, after all, cum from clitoral stimulation and do not mind a cock that is average, or even below average, as long as the man takes the time and effort to pleasure her.

Now, the question about what kind of chance you stand at a swing party--I have yet to go to or throw a party (and believe me, I would LOVE to) where men stand in a line up with their hard dicks in hand for women to pick them out like they're being dispensed from a vending machine. Even when men congregate for a gangbang, seldom does a woman pick her man solely based on his cock size. Generally, a woman chooses based on her attraction to you, your hygiene, and other factors that you could probably guess.

If you're a single male at a party, you've got to step up to the plate. Women will not go out of their way to pick you up, even if you're a male model. As in any other type of club, you have to make the move. There is no way for a girl to know whether you are packin' something huge just by looking at you -- and let me make it clear, despite the picture above, NOT all black men, or tall men for that matter, are hung! (I will write a post dispelling this myth once and for all in the near future). So, without making a move, a man with a 12" cock might stand in the corner all night with his pants on and not have a single female approach him. Why? Because, one has to make an effort to talk to a girl, or a couple.

If you manage to hit it off with a woman and she indicates interest in sexual play with you, I doubt very much that she would ostracize you due to your smaller penis size. There are a few reasons for this: First, many men have trouble even getting to this step (as I indicated, there are many men who are wall-flowers and think women and couples should go to them first!). And second, often, nervousness kicks in -- so your hard, shorter penis will appear to be the same size as some of the other "hung" men's half-hard or soft penii. So if you've found yourself at this point at a party and a woman wants to play with you and others, don't blow it. If you have erectile problems and need a couple of minutes to bring woody back up, play with the female. Finger her, eat her out, suck on her breasts--do whatever you have to do to get woody back up. Finally, if you're dick is up and you're ready to fuck her, strap on a rubber and use plenty of lube.

Here's the million dollar secret--you do not have to be a well-hung adonis to have fun at a swingers event. But, you do have to have a good attitude and act with respect and proper manners. All women have different preferences, but I have NEVER rejected a man for ONLY having a small penis. Hope that helps!

As for the alternatives, there are many ways to pleasure a woman. That's why I offer a course, via my School of Sex, in how to pleasure a woman.

MARDI GRAS and the Three-Strand Pearl Necklace

No, I'm not talking about the kind of *pearl* necklace that Jackie O' would wear during her glamour shots... The pearl necklace I am referring to would most likely be worn by Samantha from Sex and the City. For those that are still confused, I found a definition for pearl necklace on's encyclopedia:

A pearl necklace is a slang term referring to a sexual act in which a man ejaculates semen or near the neck, chest or breast of another person. The result is said by some to look like a necklace of pearls because of the stringy translucent white clumps of semen that are deposited there.

I'm repolishing this term to define the Triple Strand Pearl Necklace. Here's how I received my prize ...

At the Mardi Gras party, I was extremely excited to meet up with some of my favorite single male friends. I invited these great guys because I was interested in doing a gang bang with some of my best fucks. And what better occasion to fuck half a dozen throbbing cocks than at Mardi Gras? Some girls show their boobs for beads...but I was willing to work a little harder for mine. Although I received plenty of beads throughout the night, my eye was on the pearly white beads.

A gentleman I had befriended at the Lexington Steele party, Lance, came over to Mardi Gras party. Throughout the night, he was joined by a few of my other male friends. After making sure all the ladies were comfortable and taken well care of, I decided to have my own fun. At this time, two ladies had already engaged in gang bangs. One of them included "my hero." Another was a blonde Brazillian sensation, a busty beauty who must have set a new record for most men fucked in a gang bang that I have ever witnessed. At the end of the night, she won the most beads contest as she had earned the most beads of any of the women.

Needless to say, I was very horny and wanted to start my own fun. I walked around and gathered my boys. I took them all to an area that was large enough for all of us. Rocco and I started with each other. Another couple had joined our area and were going at it. She was an exotic, beautiful lady attending a swing party for the first time. Rocco and I thought she was so stunning-she had gorgeous big breasts with a tiny waist and a beautiful ass. She was blessed. We were admiring her as she gave head to her man and I reached over to touch her. Both Rocco and I got goosebumps as we kissed her body. Her man was enjoying watching her with us but got a little nervous from all the people that had gathered around. I almost forgot about my gang bang because I was so distracted by her looks-she had us hypnotized. Hey, I said "almost forgot."

I took Rocco's cock in one hand, my friend Drew's cock in another and started sucking off my other friend Jerry. Yes, this is the same Jerry as in the blog post about The Unicorn. Jerry's cock is very familiar to me because he has almost a twin lookalike of Rocco's cock. So, naturally, I just go right for it every time. It would be funny to put Rocco and Jerry together in a room and put a blind fold on me to see if I could distinguish the two. I'm not sure if I could, at least based solely on the cock!

Drew had some performance anxiety so I focused more on Jerry and Lance. And of course, Rocco. At the point where I was ready to get fucked by Jerry, some jerk tried to push his way past all my men and jump in on the action. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL THESE MEN THAT THEY HAVE TO ASK PRIOR TO JOINING? ARE THEY RETARDED OR JUST NOT LISTENING? So, the creep screwed up our mojo and Lance told him to back off. Just in time, my buddy Mate came in and joined the scene. This is the same Mate seen in the blog post entitled Surprisingly Good Time. I grabbed Lance's cock and he slid on a condom. This was the first time Lance and I were actually going to fuck. Not only is Lance a chivalrous gentleman through and through, he can also fuck! He took me from the back as I rotated all the dicks between my hands and mouth. Just when I thought Lance would give up, he kept going and going. He actually wore me out! I called him the Energizer bunny.

After a short water break, I went back to having more fun. This time, Mate got on top of me. He was ready to go fast and hard. After fucking him for a little, I told him to change positions and take me from the back so I could better play with the other cocks. Although I had more than enough cocks in front of me, I took notice of a gentleman who had a really big, very thick, erect penis. He was stroking it in front of me, watching me going at it but he was respectful enough to keep his distance. I looked over at Rocco and he nodded at me and said "go ahead, baby." It's funny that I noticed his penis before I really checked the rest of him out. I looked up at his face and he was really cute. Clean, slim, cute and ready to fuck. He was so respectful and communicated well with me, even amongst the chaos. He was dressed very well, almost too well for a swing event but at least it showed he cared about his looks. I will call him Nigel.

Nigel took the invitation and made his way over. He told me that this was his first time. He threw off his suit jacket. I was really surprised because he had no performance anxiety of any kind. I took his penis and started sucking him off. Rocco took me from the back. I was also playing with some of my other friends' dicks but I was primarily focused on this new toy. No matter what we did, Nigel's cock stayed rock hard. He had the Viagra gene in him. I really got wet and wanted to feel him inside me. In all my excitement, I didn't realize that I had left Rocco's magnums at home! Yes ladies, Nigel needed a bigger, more comfortable condom. Not any condom would do. Fortunately, he had something that fit him and strapped on the condom. All the while, he kept complimenting me and making me feel really good through his words-which made the sex we were about to have even better.

Nigel's cock felt really good inside and although usually I love to get fucked hard, I think I was a little worn out from the earlier cocks. This didn't stop him from fucking me like wild. Because he had long arms, he reached around to my clit as he fucked me from the back. He was extreme, but in a good way. Me, being the champ that I am, took him on... he fucked me so well.

At this point, quite a large crowd had gathered around to observe. I should have passed out ear plugs to the observers because Nigel made me scream as he fucked me. I grabbed him and held him inside me as I came. I came all over his cock and whispered to him, "You made me cum." He must have heard, "Make me cum" because he responded, "You want me to?" I replied, "NOOO you just did!" We shared a little laugh and agreed it was time to give me, the gang banging champ, a rest. As I sat next to him and spoke with him, I realized that this guy was not just a great fuck, but a genuinely nice man. The two of us actually had a lot in common. He was able to carry on a conversation which is a HUGE turn on. I told him he really made me feel good to which he said, "I'm not Lexington Steele." He was so modest. But to his surprise, I told him his cock (which was still HARD after 10 minutes of talking) was the same girth as Lex's. He was happy to hear this. I wouldn't be surprised if Nigel goes into porn--he is THAT good. It's not often that men wear me out. Usually it's the other way around.

The party progressed and I saw some crazy things. Towards the end of the night, I found my way to Nigel again. I made out with him and touched his cock. Yup, hard again. I took off his pants and took his dick in my hand. I literally dragged him by his cock to a play area. I had to section the area off because it was the end of the night, and I just wanted to have some fun with some of my favorite boys without worrying about others jumping in. I took Nigel, Rocco and Jerry followed us. He had already cum and wanted to watch me with Nigel and Rocco, initially. Even though I politely asked all the men to leave the area sectioned off and not join us, some bozo took it upon himself to try to join in... which obviously didn't work. I just don't understand why guys can't say "hi" BEFORE the action begins. At least everyone else was very happy with just watching. And, we did give them a show. I took on Rocco and Nigel until I came again. I wanted to do double vaginal penetration, but I was a bit exhausted. Instead, I told the two to cum on my chest and give me a pearl necklace. Before I knew it, I had Rocco cumming all over my breasts. Nigel followed with a monstrous load. He must have been keeping that in all night. Then, out of nowhere, Jerry joined in and presented me with his second load. I had more cum on me than ever before. It was really hot to have all three men cum on top of me. I felt like a porn star. And, of course, the boys loved it too. There's nothing like the Triple Stranded Pearl Necklace.