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Ask Sex Kitten - Do Women Drag Men into the Lifestyle?

I received an interesting question this week --

Sex Kitten, you've written at length about men who drag their significant other to a swing party -- but does the inverse, women dragging men, ever happen?

In my experience, women do not drag their man into the lifestyle. A woman may suggest to her man that they check out a party, but women do not use tactics which constitute "dragging." For example, women do not threaten [directly or indirectly] to cheat if the man doesn't attend or guilt trip her man. Not only that, but if a man does attend, a girl can't force him to get his cock up and fuck another girl. On the other hand, a man can say to his girlfriend, "Babe, just take his cock, I want to play with his girl..." It's sad, but I've seen it happen!!

Men really mind-fuck some of their women in a manner that can't be replicated by the ladies. For example, women who are totally unsure about swinging will visit a party or club convinced that "this will save our relationship." I met a woman who knew her husband was regularly cheating on her, and she was coming to a party because it was a "last resort" for her. When a woman isn't coming of her own free will and desire, it really creates a problem. The couple will probably not find what they are looking for because other people sense the woman's uneasiness, and will stay away. The body language typically speaks volumes.

Sometimes the male dragging his woman does get some action. I call this scenario the "admission ticket." Once inside a couples-only party, the man may move on and ditch the woman. He'll try to get involved, by himself, with another couple or single woman. At my parties, I try to avoid this scenario at all costs. By screening and talking to all female guests, I get a good idea of whether someone really wants to come. And yes, I do reject people who are not on the same page.

But if I ever find a male is being dragged by his female, I will surely report on it. I've certainly seen scenarios where a man isn't as into swinging as his woman is... but it's typically because he is shy or timid. It's quite normal for men attending parties to have performance anxiety. But I've never seen a man cowering in the corner while his wife is getting hammered by another male. The whole idea of swinging, for a couple, is enjoying the sexual exploration together!

Penthouse Pimpin'

As my readers probably know, I have been throwing lifestyle parties in NYC for quite some time. Typically, these parties are thrown at large venues and accommodate dozens of people. Rocco and I decided to switch things up this month. Instead of a large event, we threw an intimate party at a penthouse apartment in Manhattan. We invited less than a dozen couples and a few single women. We knew about a quarter of the guests from our previous parties. This turned out to be one heck of a party!!

In traditional SoS fashion, we conducted a Swing School session for beginners during the first hour of the party. A wonderful couple, Jackie and Lawrence, attended as well as a single woman, Tina. During our discussion, more guests arrived. By 10pm, nearly half of our guests had arrived. I guess they took my advice about arriving early! Everyone bonded quite nicely, and got pretty comfortable. The guests enjoyed the open bar on the rooftop, and took in the view. It was getting chilly out, so we started to congregate inside. The bedroom was set up with dim candles and two large beds. We spread a feather bed on the floor of the living room, alongside the couch, large ottoman and sex furniture. There was plenty of room for everyone to play... and it didn't take long.

At the strike of 11, we noticed that most of the guests were in the bedroom area. There was some heavy petting going on. Nigel, my hung regular, was the center of attention for a tall German bombshell and a sexy Russian woman. The theme should have been "International Night," because we had it all: Caucasian, African-American, Latin, German, Russian, Greek, Asian... Nigel got close to another couple, Brad and Gina. Brad was a blond stud-muffin, and Gina was his gorgeous lady. These people were hot! The tall German woman was extremely sexual, and started off the action. By 11:10pm, clothes were coming off. The next thing I knew, even the shy lady from swing school, Tina, had her top off. I guess the German woman was pretty convincing...

One of the four Musketeers, "Killer" Kate, from the St. Patty's party was on the bed as well... I had no idea that Kate had such an amazing body, because I didn't see her in action during the last party! Kate, a gorgeous brunette, has one of the most amazing asses I've ever seen. In fact, she won the hearts and cocks of quite a few men that night. I looked over and saw Kate taking Nigel's big dick. She was on top of him, riding it for a long time. She mesmerized the rest of us as we watched her booty bounce up and down on his thick cock. Brad was fucking the German woman, while Gina lay underneath, stroking them both. The German woman was also making out with Tina. The orgy had begun!

My friend Mate arrived and met Athena. I had told Athena about the size of Mate's member, and how well he fucked. So, it didn't take much time for them to start playing. Mate slid on a condom and started fucking the hell out of her. I was getting really horny, but because we were expecting more guests -- I stalled a bit before engaging in on the fun. If only the rest of the guests showed up on time. But, I knew I'd be having my fun soon. Another couple or two trickled in, along with another one of my hung friends... You could hear moans from the bedroom, and everyone was about to get in on the fun.

The placement of the bar on the roof, which was only accessible through the bedroom, made for some hilarious introductions. The new couples wanted drinks, and I showed them to the bar outside. They walked through some of the hottest orgy action I've ever seen at a party. Women on top of guys, guys on top of women, fucking and sucking from every which-way. This is what happens when you come too late!

I noticed that our bartender, Jerry, was MIA. I looked around and saw him getting head from the Russian woman. They were completely out of view, in a dark corner of the roof. Jerry, a frequent guest at our parties, has a way with women. He's a cute guy, but his personality is what seals the deal. He manages to comfort women and make them feel very sexy. Apparently, the Russian woman was too shy to get in on the orgy, but wanted to get frisky -- so she pulled Jerry aside and took his cock in her mouth.

Nearly all of our guests had arrived, so I started stripping down. It didn't take much, considering that I was only wear a short skirt and a very revealing top. I grabbed Mate and started sucking his thick member. It was so fucking hard...and I was very wet. It didn't take long for me to grab a condom, and ride him. My other hung friend was getting ready to fuck me too, but then he saw Kate. Both Mate and my other friend were taken aback. They were mesmerized by her ass and her innocent look. She got in on the action, and helped me take care of the boys.

Rocco got in next to me on the bed with Athena. Rocco and Athena have amazing chemistry, and were already fucking. Kate was getting a lot of attention, and she was moaning in ecstasy. I grabbed Nigel and started giving him head, but then I noticed that Jackie and Lawrence were not in the bedroom area. I looked across the hall to the living room. I had suspected that Jackie wasn't feeling the other couple who had started to fuck on the couch, so I took a quick break from the action and went over.

Jackie and Lawrence followed me back. Nigel was pleasing a few of the ladies and they were loving it. Rocco saw me, and grabbed me. He slid his cock inside and pumped my pussy. I was moaning because he was fucking me well and also because of the sexy environment all around me. I had to take it all in--after all, I can't remember the last time I saw so many young and sexy people engaging in an orgy! Kate was getting pounded and I touched her sexy body. I was so turned on. I had to reach over and suck her beautiful breasts. Rocco sped up and fucked the hell out of me. I came all over his cock!

The fucking didn't seem to end. Everyone just switched partners, as we had a very hot group assembled in the bedroom. But then, Jackie started getting into things. Jackie was a SUPERSTAR. For her first time, she seemed so comfortable. I think Swing School convinced her ;) She knew exactly what she wanted -- cock. I was so glad I invited a few of my male friends. My friends never harass couples, and are usually considered a part of my "entourage." But, since we had an abundance of cock-hungry females, we could have actually used MORE dick at the party! I mean, between Kate, Athena, Jackie and me, it was WILD! I had never seen this much sex at a party...

Well, as the rest of the night unfolded, some breaks were taken -- but the fucking went on. The night was a complete success. Women ran topless outside to get drinks at the bar, so we made sure to dim the lights as much as possible. About 4am, only Mate, Athena, Kate, Rocco and I were left. Mate wanted one more round with Kate, so they went at it. Whew! Mate said that he had the time of his life, as did everyone else. I would suspect that Mate and a few of the other guests will be fantasizing about Kate for a long, long time. Throughout the night, I kept overhearing men moaning, "Oh, Kate, Oh, Kate--you're amazing." And, so where the rest of the super star guests.

The intimacy of having only about a dozen couples was fantastic, and I will be throwing more of these "Private List" events throughout the summer season.

Monsters of Cock CONTEST!

This is the first Swing in the City contest! As you may know, I have a fascination with really big dicks. I personally think there is nothing like a long, thick cock fucking me from behind…. After I met Lexington Steele, I came to the realization that NO dick was too big. I had no trouble riding his monster meat – and contrary to popular belief, it didn’t hurt. Many of my female fans have told me that I’ve inspired them to try it for themselves. The results have been overwhelming – most girls LOVE it (of course, some don't -- and that's perfectly fine). If a guy really knows how to use a massive tool, it can be fantastic.

As featured in my post, Swinger Love, and pictured the the right (yes, that is a REAL 11" cock as big my forearm on MY bed) -- there are some really huge cocks out there. Unfortunately, they are in rather short supply. I’m on a mission to find the biggest, and the best in NYC. So, boys, are you up to the task?

The contest will have two rounds. Round 1 will be conducted via email submission, and five semi-finalists will be selected. Round 2 will consist of personal verification of your size. The grand prize winner will receive complimentary admission to an SoS event, and will be featured on the blog (and will be given the option of putting your email on the blog as well). This obviously means you will have some very interested female fans…

Contest rules [for Round 1]:
(1) Multiple pictures are encouraged, but AT LEAST one picture should contain your penis next to a piece of paper with “SwingInTheCity” written on it. Preference will be given to pictures of cock next to rulers or other objects that give a sense of scale (i.e. remote control, soda can/bottle).
(2) Along with your picture, please measure your penis and specify the length (measured from the bottom of the head to the top of the head) and the girth (measured around the middle of the shaft). Submissions under 7 inches in length (or submissions without penis dimensions stated) will be disregarded.
(3) Picture(s) should be submitted to with “Contest” in the subject line.
(4) All images submitted to the contest become the property of School of Sex and may be displayed for everyone to see. Remember your own personal privacy and safety when taking these pictures.
(6) If you win Round 1, you agree to meet me in NYC for cock size verification purposes.

I look forward to seeing some BIG dick soon!

Ask Sex Kitten - A Cornucopia of Questions

This week's "Ask Sex Kitten" column is a cornucopia of the most common questions that I receive.

Let me begin by saying that I thoroughly enjoy answering your questions. I also enjoy meeting genuine swingers who are interested in the lifestyle. My goal is always to spread awareness of the benefits of this exciting lifestyle. Contrary to the social stigma it faces, swinging is actually great way to explore your sexuality, release stress, and bond with your lover. In the right environment, it is very safe and always exciting.

Do you have a recommendation for a swing club in the city?

Not only have I posted the most comprehensive NYC swing club list, complete with reviews, but I have consistently said that I throw my own parties because I have been so disappointed in the swing school in New York City. But people still email to ask this...

No. I cannot recommend a swing club in the city. Nothing in NYC comes close to the clubs in Paris, or Montreal (in its heyday). What can I recommend? My parties! SoS Events consistently deliver the hottest crowds in the swing scene, and the most FUN. We have couples, ages 20s to 40s, who are good-looking, intelligent, and open minded. I am typically a very humble person, but after attending and re-attending all my competition, I can firmly say that SoS events are the best parties in NYC!

We're always tweaking our events, and we want to make sure that everyone has fun. We value both looks and personality; and we assemble our guest list based on these criterea. What you will not find is a room of wall-flowers who are afraid to talk to each other. Because our crowd is so social and friendly, "action" typically begins well before midnight.

On to the next question:

Sex Kitten, we aren't interested in attending your parties, but we would very much like to meet for dinner and/or drinks. Can we arrange something?

This question is quite common. Often, as I've mentioned in previous posts, I will receive this kind of message from a guy trying to recruit me to convince his significant other to swing. I do offer private Swing School counseling sessions, but I do not convince women who do not wish to swing. I have a curriculum -- I give a presentation and answer questions, and that's it. I have helped dozens of couples find their niche in the lifestyle, and have more fun in and out of the party scene.

The second type of people who send this question do not wish to attend a party because they are afraid of meeting people they know at the party. I could understand that... Although, in all my years of swinging I have NOT met someone I knew from my personal life or from work. NYC is huge. But even assuming that you do meet someone you know. So what? Unless you're a celebrity, the other person will be revealing the fact that he or she is ALSO a swinger by disclosing the story about YOU. No one is that stupid. Think about it... If I saw my co-worker, we'd probably just laugh it off. The moment a co-worker tattles on you, the first question he or she would face is, "So, YOU were also at this party, hm?"

Often, these same people are perfectly comfortable posting their pictures on Craig's List or other personals sites. Get real. The excuse is lame. If you don't want to go to a party, just fess up. I throw smaller events too, like the Rooftop Masquerade I'm having tonight.

And, for the last question:

We'd like to attend your party, but we'd like some pictures of the attending guests -- and you.

We never distribute pictures that our guests have sent us for consideration. EVER! Our guests value discretion and we keep their information in the utmost confidentiality.

The people who ask this question are always men. These are the same types of men who register for a party as a "couple" and do not have a significant other who wishes to attend. Typically "trolls," as I like to call them, try to waste my time and have no intention of actually attending. Trolls use endless emails to communicate and try to get pictures out of us. It's not going to work, sorry.

We have a fantastic reputation in the swing scene and there is absolutely no reason to distribute pictures. If you see pictures from other events they are typically models or compensated couples. In fact, one group even solicits women with the aspirations of becoming "porn stars." The strategy is to pay these women to attend parties, take pictures of them fucking one man after another, and then create a porn site for the girl. These people are not swingers, but it makes for some decent photographs to show potential guests. Sounds like a disguised prostitution arrangement. Pictures do not tell all because the whole point is of them is to create an illusion of perfection. But you know, if I get enough requests, maybe I'll just cave and pay some models -- and then post on the SoS website for the trolls' jerk-off pleasure.

Unfortunately, part of swinging is exploring different venues to find the right fit. Our friend Athena told us last night that she "hit the jackpot" in terms of finding a quality group. Rocco and I searched for YEARS to find a group or location to have consistent fun with like-minded people who were "under 50," attractive, intelligent and open. It never happened. That's why I started SoS...

Kitten Eater - Danielle

I am writing this post for any woman (or male) who has wondered what it's like to be with a really bisexual woman. As you may know, I run the School of Sex (SoS) in New York City. The main goal of SoS is to promote sexual awareness and help women find a safe, comfortable environment to discuss and fulfill their sexual desires. How do we do this? We offer many seminars including the infamous Female Orgasm Workshop where women can come to learn how to achieve the best orgasms of their lives.

One might wonder how my workshop is different than many other workshops offered by sex toy stores throughout the city, some of which are taught solely by men? Firstly, unlike the sex toy stores, I am not trying to sell any products. REALLY! Secondly, there is a full demonstration of the tips and tricks we discuss. What good is a workshop if there isn't a live demonstration? If women were only provided with a lecture, couldn't they have stayed at home and read a book? Third, I get on the Sybian Sex Machine and show women how to use it before they get to individually and privately try it for themselves.

What if a woman has attended the workshops and is ready to take it to the next level? What if she wants to get fucked by 2 or 3 men? I hear you on this one, ladies. I love fucking thick, big cocks so you're not alone. This is why I try to have parties where single men are invited. Where else in Manhattan can a woman satisfy her craving for cock meat in a safe, sexy environment and take her pick of men? I always make sure to have a bunch of REALLY attractive, hung guys at my parties.

Finally, what if a woman is bisexual or curious about other women? As long as your boyfriend, fuck friend, sex buddy, Internet hookup or husband is not forcing you to pick up another girl to fulfill his fantasy, you can come to one of my couples and single females party. Similar to the fantasy about being stuffed by multiple cocks, you are not alone in this fantasy.

Now, on to my related story. This is a post about my friend Danielle. A bisexual female who was more bi than any other woman I have ever met (not including lesbians, of course).

Rocco and I were visiting our favorite and most famous swing club in Montreal in it's heyday circa 2005, L'Orage (it doesn't exist anymore). The party was happening and couples were fucking around us. We watched a lot of action but didn't engage with anyone. It was tough, because we don't speak French very well. Most people in the club spoke French exclusively and some didn't understand (or want to understand) much English. But Rocco and I had our own fun, as we always do. We had fucked in all the different play areas. Our favorite was the couch area because it was the first thing guests saw when they walked in. We also fucked in a room that had a live camera in it. The camera was broadcasting out to the dance floor area so that couples could see what kind of action was happening. We gave them a good show. Hopefully they weren't recording, or I might be in an unknown "The Best of Montreal's Swing Parties" DVD!

It was later on in the night, about 1am, and we found a free bed to fuck on. I got on top of Rocco and started fucking him. The French-speaking couples walked by us and said a few words here and there. When we told them that we were Americans, they moved along. Through the right corner of my eye, I spotted a beautiful woman and her cute husband. I didn't say anything to them but kept riding Rocco's hard cock.

When she spoke to her husband, she caught my attention. Not only did she have big beautiful breasts, a pretty face and a fantastic body, but she spoke English! She heard me talking to Rocco, and said to her husband, "Honey, they speak English!" I turned my body towards her (still riding Rocco) and smiled. The two of them walked over to the bed next to us and started playing. To the couples, please pay close attention to the next few sentences because I am about to reveal to you the best way to approach another couple you are interested in. She took his cock out and started stroking it. He had a pretty decent sized member. As she stroked his cock, she politely introduced herself as Danielle and started some small talk with us. She told us that they were from Texas. Why do the hottest women in the country come from Texas? Is it something in the water?

Rocco and I kept fucking and the two of them started to fuck as well. Due to the nature of the bed arrangements, we were unable to reach out to each other because the beds were too far apart. What a stupid design for a swing club play area. Danielle and her man took a break from fucking, but continued talking to us about how they love Montreal. Rocco and I, on the other hand, didn't take a break. We kept talking and continued the conversation as we fucked. We must have talked for about half an hour or so. They looked at us switch positions and started to crack up, "You guys are STILL going at it...and talking?" We all had a good laugh, but we were totally into them; so there was good reason for us to keep going -- we were both HORNY!

It was a bummer that we could only play next to each other so Danielle suggested that we go out for drinks and come back to their hotel room the next evening. Now, normally in NYC, when a couple asks you to go out for drinks, this will almost NEVER lead to sex. Why? Because, most times, both couples are a bit unsure of what to do/expect or one out of the two women is NOT into the idea of playing (even though she may say she is). Also, when couples go out with another couple for drinks, at least one party is bound to get TOO drunk. Sometimes the guy becomes an ass, or sometimes the girl reveals she really wants no part of it. You'd think a drink would mellow people out, but sometimes, it brings out the worst. This is why we never waste our time and meet couples we've never played with prior for drinks and dinner. Isn't that for real friends are for? Keep the swinger friends for fucking. However, because we knew that these two were cool we accepted their invitation.

The next evening, we were a bit nervous but excited to meet Danielle and her husband. After all, we were 22 years old at the time and had never met a couple for drinks under these conditions. But, everything went great. I told Danielle about some of my sex toys and our sex swing. She was fascinated because it was difficult for her to purchase toys in Texas. I recommended a few websites to her. After I finished sipping my last bit of Diet Coke, Danielle invited us back to their hotel.

After the short drive back, we went into their hotel room. It was the Marriott Courtyard and since this was Montreal, I'm sure we weren't the only people having some fun in the hotel that night.

Danielle was very meticulous in everything she did. This was the neatest short-stay in a hotel I had ever seen. They had candles set up, and everything was arranged so nicely! She even organized all her underwear in a separate underwear drawer... but I'll get to that later.

Danielle revealed to us that she was very sexual and loved women. In fact, she had a girlfriend back home in Texas. I looked over at her husband and he said, "Yes, it's true." I told him that he must invest in a double-headed dildo, like the one I had used with my friend Jazzy.

Because we were fairly new to swinging, we were unsure of how to break the ice. Never fear, Danielle was here. She looked at me and complimented my breasts. She asked me what my breast size was. Without even thinking about it, I took my top off and showed her my D-cups. She then did the same thing. She showed me the bras she bought from a Canadian bra store-La Senza. She said, "I like these so much better than Victoria's Secret."

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, she had me out of my bra trying on one of her new bras! What a great pick-up, I had to share it with my blog readers. It was not creepy, it was not forced, it was natural.

Danielle, Rocco and I sat on on the bed while Danielle's husband sat on a chair and watched the three of us. He stroked his cock and said he loved to watch her. That was cool with us. I took Rocco's cock out and started sucking him off. Danielle assisted me for a little, but her interest was my pussy. She took my panties off and took control. As I played with Rocco, she went down on me and put her lips on my pussy. She started out very slow and sensual. I could tell she had done this before. I don't know what it is, but women eat out pussy SO much better than most men. Don't get me wrong, I have met a few men that are very good, but it's something about a woman's soft touch and lips that guys cannot replicate.

I went down to play with her breasts and made out with her. She was so soft. From the corner of my eye, I saw her husband stroking his cock while watching the three of us. He was having a great time. As I took her large boobs and sucked them, Rocco went down on her. I was getting really horny and needed to be fucked. Rocco took me doggy style while I played with Danielle. He fucked me until I came so hard. Danielle's pussy was wet. I touched and kissed her body, softly, as she had done to mine. As I orgasmed again while Rocco's cock was inside me, she was touching herself. Yes, readers, I had met a real, bi woman who was not trying to find another woman for her husband. As Rocco, Danielle and I finished, her husband came while stroking his dick. Everyone had a great time.


Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would share a few tips on "greening" your sex life. I offer a workshop on this very subject.

1) I use NiMH rechargeable batteries in all my sex toys. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries can be recharged up to 1000 times and are extremely eco-friendly.

2) You can actually fix broken sex toys (mostly vibrators). Many of these toys wear out over time or can't take the wear and tear or exposure to various elements. If you're not handy with a soldering iron, ask your partner... I've had more than one toy that stopped working because the wire inside broke, or the contacts were no longer in place.

3) While I enjoy vibrators, I prefer dildos. In the interest of saving power, you can ask your lover to use a dildo on you. There is no need to waste batteries when you have a partner to play with you! You can also invest $1350 in a Sybian (or simply come to one of my Female Orgasm workshops) -- the Sybian is powered via AC outlet, and is built to last! Arguably, the AC power used is much greater than the power supplied by batteries... but you'll never have to throw out any old batteries again! :) But I guess the greenest sex toy you can use is a banana...

4) Regular cleaning of toys helps preserve them. Before putting back any toys, I always make sure to wash and clean them. It's a little known fact that unclean toys can get gross, and one may be forced to throw out a moldy dildo!

Le Trapeze Review

We visited Le Trapeze for it's 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Unfortunately, Le Trapeze should hereinafter be referred to as Le CRAP-eze. Yes, readers it is awful. They have a great space, size-wise. I'm not even going to complain about the decor, which is arguably dated (the leather sofas in the lounge area were all ripped up). But the biggest problem was that the club attracts the WORST crowd of any swing club I have ever been to. Yes, even the 30th Anniversary bash was filled with a majority of really nasty people. While I didn't notice as many retirees as at Checkmate, the overall quality of the crowd was even worse.


Rocco and I were fortunate enough to bring along our friend, Athena, to Trapeze. Athena is a beautiful girl in her early 20's with a fantastic ass, and she is perhaps the most "chill" girl we have ever met. Single females are not allowed into Trapeze without a couple to escort them. The normal entrance fee for couples is $120, and when you bring a single female, it's $150 for the party.

When the door man saw us, he was a bit puzzled and took a minute to figure out the price for us. From the reaction, Trapeze hasn't seen a threesome enter in quite some time. We were a spectacle the entire night... If you've ever wondered what it would be like escort two girls to a swing party, read on!

Upon entering the club, we noticed that quite an effort was made to promote the theme -- the "80's," the decade in which Trapeze had its start. There were movie posters, streamers, and life-sized cardboard stand-ups of 80's celebrities. But then we looked at the people -- uh oh! We were counting on another couple to come join us, but after 10 minutes of waiting and calling, Rocco got a message that they would be not be joining us... Figures. Finding a reliable couple is like finding a politician who isn't a crook. But enough about them, on to Le CRAP-eze!

Three couples sat in the lounge area chatting together. These couples weren't particularly bad-looking, just older -- in their 40s. Rocco thought that one of them was a MILF. But then we looked across from us, and saw a couple in their 60s. They were just sloppy. The man was wearing old jeans and a flannel shirt; he was extremely overweight, and his wife looked at us, expressionless. Another couple were having a bite to eat from the buffet, which was rather well-stocked. We also saw a dessert area, and the bar. If there was a bartender, he was MIA for most of the night.

We ventured on to the play areas. The main hallway to the play rooms also contains private areas. Before you enter the hallway a large sign says "NO FOOD BEYOND THIS POINT." We looked into the private rooms. Each room was small and dimly lit. On the floor were two twin mattresses which took up the entirety of the floor. A small fan by the ceiling gave some ventilation. Claustrophobia was the other theme of the night. There were about four of these rooms, with a sitting bench in the hallway.

We knew the infamous orgy room when we saw it. It was the largest room, and again, dimly lit. To the side was an area for shoes on the wall, and a staircase. We noticed that the sign said "NO CLOTHES" so we continued on... We saw the bathroom and another, smaller orgy room that had significantly more lighting.

We were there to have fun, and we wanted to check out the action -- so we went to the locker area to change. The locker attendant showed us to our locker and opened it. We stripped down and wrapped ourselves in towels.

We ventured back to the large orgy room, and took the small spiral staircase to see what was upstairs. The area was way too claustrophobic. There were about 5 rooms up there, but it smelled like condoms and sweat, was very poorly lit and lacked ventilation. In the far corners were some sort of sex furniture devices -- they looked like giant spiders at kid's playground. Before we turned around to exit, I noticed a black guy who had just finished fucking a larger white woman. They were unremarkable and average looking, but the guy was hung -- so I took notice. The duo and their respective partners were about to exit, and followed us back down the spiral stairs.

We took a look at the large orgy area, but didn't enter it. The remarkable thing about the orgy area was that it was anything but an orgy! In fact, most couples were just watching. Some people were ASLEEP! This continued throughout the night -- once in awhile some full-swap action would start, but the majority of people in the area were watching or sleeping.


We were finally approached by a couple as we looked onto the orgy area. I noticed that the man was probably a seasoned veteran, as he brought his own large towel to wrap himself [he was likely too large for the towels provided by the club]. The couple was very nice but we were not at all attracted to them. So we engaged in some small talk, and then walked on.

I have to say -- if all swing parties and clubs were like Le Trapeze, I would not be a swinger. Finding compatible playmates at Trapeze was like finding a needle in a haystack... a haystack with unkempt, low-quality hay. Even if you do find fun, you will be surrounded by a crowd of some of the most unattractive people ever to assemble in Manhattan. And I don't say that lightly... The people who attended Trapeze just didn't take care of themselves, or have ANY pride in their appearance. I'm talking: jeans and t-shirts, women without ANY make-up, and haircuts from 1980's [wait, I'll let that last one go, maybe they were trying to blend in to the 80s theme of the party...]

The black couple who had come down from the upstairs area was now sitting outside of the second orgy area, and the three of us sat down across from them. Athena was getting horny, and so was I. We made out, and Rocco joined us. It was a hot three-way kiss. Our towels were falling off, and I touched Athena's lovely breasts. The black couple was intrigued, and I heard the black man encourage his wife to talk to us.

“That’s hot!" exclaimed the black woman, whose beautiful full breasts were exposed. “I never did a three-way kiss,” she added. I instinctively responded, “we can make a four-way.” She paused. "No, I can't kiss him." Athena and I looked at her, puzzled. "It's our rule," she continued. Athena said, "Ok, well let’s just try the three of us.” So Athena and I made the woman's dream come true, but we weren't particularly interested in the couple. In my experience, with one rule comes many more -- and the next thing you know Rocco, or I, would be cock-blocked from doing something. Of course, during the kiss, the man jumped in and attempted to get with me and Athena, roaming his hands on our bodies. Athena and I grabbed Rocco, and started stroking his cock. The man was a little intimated, and didn’t initiate any further. Zero game. And then the couple moved on...

But the couple were actually light years better than the pathetic attempts that followed. Athena and I saw that the smaller orgy room was empty, so we took over a corner. We started having some fun. Athena and I took turns sucking Rocco's cock. We kept making out, and fingering each other. It was a hot scene, so naturally, people started looking in. This particular area was slightly raised, so people had to go up a half flight of stairs just to see what was going on. Rocco slid on a condom and entered Athena. She was moaning, and I was smacking her ass.

The next thing I know, a strange hand grabs me from behind. Not cool. It's one thing if I make eye contact with someone, or at least see it coming -- but it's never cool to just grab someone. I was totally startled. I politely said, "No thanks." I didn't even turn around. So the man says, "Huh? What?" I clarified, "Please take your hand OFF ME!" He backed off. I wasn't trying to be snappy, but please do not just GRAB a girl. These people really need to go to Swing School!

I shrugged it off, and tried to get back into it. Rocco was concerned, so he made sure to keep me in clear sight. I made out with Athena while she was getting fucked. I screamed, "Fuck her harder!!" She was loving it. At the same moment, another couple approaches us. But they weren't interested in playing. She looked like a crack-whore (no I am not joking!) but he was really cute. Crack-whore asks, "How you three get along? I know a guy with two girls, they fight" in an honest to goodness 'Cletus-the-slack-jawed yokel' speech pattern. They wanted to know what our deal was. I responded, "We're all friends, we just like to fuck." They were puzzled. I didn't get it... don't you come to a swing club to fuck, and meet potential playmates? Why did we feel like we were on an episode of "20 Questions?" These people were really killing the mojo. So we took a break.

It was about midnight, and more people were coming in. We noticed a few couples that didn't quite fit... the prostitutes had arrived. We heard rumors about these escorts frequenting Trapeze - we counted almost a dozen obvious instances of obvious whores. For those who don't know, many hookers advertise that they are available as a "swing club escort." Men essentially pay them as a ticket in the door, since Trapeze does not allow single men. Once inside, the prostitute's main job is to find real women for the man to fuck. And that they did...

After a walk around the club, we returned to the now infamous smaller orgy room. We noticed a latina girl with a great ass in some sexy lingerie with a pale white guy. Rocco noticed they were quarreling. She had major attitude. It was pretty obviously that they weren't a "real" couple. The man looks at Rocco and nods to his girl, as if to invite Rocco to engage. We knew this girl was a woman of the night, these two were not a real couple. He motioned as if to say “My whore for your two REAL, hot girls?” Rocco didn’t look back. Perhaps if he was offering Spitzer’s escort in addition to his Latina prostitute, we would have thought about swapping… But not his $99 special!

We looked around, and saw more hookers. One woman looked like Luenell, Borat's whore! This was just too much...

Another couple approached us. They were foreign and spoke another language. The woman had ENORMOUS breasts, but her bra remained the only article of clothing she wore. She wasn't bad looking, but her husband was not very attractive. She wanted a piece of the action, and got in EXTREMELY close to us. In fact, we were now butted up against the wall. This was getting ridiculous. She touched us all, and tried to initiate -- but she didn't say anything. I was not interested in them, so we just sort of ignored them.

Athena attempted to ride Rocco, but it was getting tough in our little corner. Another man had wedged himself next to us and came across really creepy. He kept edging up on me and had his head next to my feet. I could have easily kicked him-that's how close he was. But instead, I uncomfortably tried to back off until I was in the fetal position. What a creep. Across from us, I saw a rather large cock getting sucked... I was intrigued. But the couple didn't even make a move, or respond when I was making eye contact... What a shame.

It was time for another break. The night was dragging on, and we found ZERO playmates. But we did see lots of really unattractive people... whoopee!


We walked over to the bar and snack areas. The food looked alright... but I wasn't about to touch chicken that was exposed to dozens of hairy-chested old men. One fit, black guy noticed as I quickly walked by the food. "Did you make this food?" What a line. I flirted back, because he was cute. "I don't come here to eat, I came here to fuck!" He was speechless.

But then his girl came around. Wait a second, she had been to my Monsters of Cock party last Halloween!! In fact, she was the girl who fucked the winner, Fred! I gave her a hug, and said hi. The girl has some good taste in men. I wondered if he was packing.

We weren't eating, and we were anxious to get back to playing. Athena and I were stalling, waiting for this hot piece of meat to come back to the play areas. We waited... and waited. Finally we just left. When we finally saw him approach the play area, we walked over to him. He ignored me as he spoke to an attendant. I'm usually not so forward, but I was horny. I finally interrupted, "Hey... we are thinking of starting some fun in the play area..." He said, "Ah yeah? Did you know it was BYOB, I didn't bring any. I wanted a drink." Alright, this moron was turning down TWO girls to get a drink? LOOOOSER!

Lots of guys "talk the talk." But few can "walk the walk." Rocco didn't drink an ounce that night, and fucked like a champion. He never left the side of his ladies. Few guys can handle two girls, and I think they know it. It's a great fantasy, but when it happens to a guy, many can't perform or even satisfy. But this guy didn't even try... Sad.

We were getting tired, and we were about to call it a night. We took refuge in one of the private areas, but we left the door wide open. I wanted to see if anyone would have the balls to approach us. No one had been able to seal the deal thus far, and it was getting pretty ridiculous. We didn't want an old man with an escort, a couple over 55, or someone that hadn't shaved ANY part of his body in the past few years. You'd think it was a simple request, but not at CRAP-eze.

So, we started playing. Within a few minutes of the two-on-one oral fun, a Jamaican man stood outside the door and attempted to close it, wedging himself in between. He was hogging the view. Moreover, he kept looking over his shoulder like he had some kind of guilt. After a few minutes of watching us in action, I decided to go up to him. I told him, "Can you open the door. I'm trying to find some big dicks!"

He released the door with one hand, but with his other hand he pulled his shirt aside to show me his raging hard-on. He said, "What about this?" He wasn't very respectful, so I treated him like he was just a piece of cock-meat. I grabbed his dick to make sure it was really hard. I asked him, "Why didn't you tell me you had a big dick?" He said, "You never asked." In all my years of swinging, I've never heard of a woman who roamed the club asking men to see what they were packing -- but maybe I should start; this guy must have thought that's how it happened...

I grabbed him by the cock and dragged him onto the mattress. I took his shorts off to expose his long, thick cock. He was about 9" and very thick. As soon as I called Athena over to check out the goods, his significant other popped out. She watched from the sidelines, and said "That's my man in there!" I took his big penis into my mouth. I love sharing dick, so I guided Athena's head onto it as well.

When his girl got closer, he completely ignored her. Being a team player, I invited the girl to come join us... and she did. At first she was a little shy, but I asked her to show me how she sucked her man's cock. She DEEP-THROATED the whole thing. It was like she was in a dick-sucking competition. Not bad! We each took turns sucking him, but I was getting horny. I asked her for permission to fuck her man [ladies, good etiquette should always be practiced before you fuck someone's guy]. I strapped on one of Rocco's magnum and he took me missionary style. His dick was so thick that it made me scream! It took my pussy a few pumps to get used to his size... to my left, Rocco was doing Athena doggy-style.

I made the Jamaican man fuck me hard until I came. His wife seemed to grab him as soon as I said, "I came" and pushed him off... They ran out! The fun was over. What a shame too, because Athena wanted a ride! I guess the couple had some issues they didn't resolve before coming to a swing club. But, whatever... I did nothing wrong, I asked permission :) Rocco continued pumping Athena hard, as a small crowd gathered outside the door. He came hard with her. It was just the three of us again, as it was all night.

We started to make our exit, it was almost 4am. We walked through the hallway back to the locker room. On our way, a middle aged man yelled out, "Lucky guy! He must be famous or something... How'd he get two girls" I was getting tired of this whole shtick, and having to explain to people why three people who want to fuck would come to Manhattan's biggest and oldest swing club, so I was a bit snappy, "No he's not famous, he just knows how to fuck... REALLY REALLY WELL!" To which he replied, "Really?? Really??" From the corner of my eye, I saw his wife salivating at a man who could come to Crap-eze to fuck... in his 20s, without a hooker, without 100lbs of extra weight, and with a dick that could actually rise to the occasion. But I guess that was too much to ask of the other men that frequent such a wonderful establishment. I will not be returning to this club, ever.

Killing Kittens-Scotland

Emma Sayle, owner of Killing Kittens, runs high society swingers parties and has attracted 6500 members including soccer players, actors and models, since the club launched in London three years ago. She is now introducing these swing parties to residents of Scotland. What's the big deal about Emma Sayle? She is a close friend of Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton. I wonder if the Prince and Kate have attended any of her parties?

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Killing Kittens sex parties creator defends bringing 'sexual elite' orgies to Scotland

Mar 28 2009 By Lindsay Clydesdale, Women's editor

The woman bringing organised orgies to Scotland has defended her plans and said she expects demand to outstrip her wildest sexpectations.

Emma Sayle's company, Killing Kittens, runs high society swinging parties and has attracted 6500 members including footballers, actors and models, since it launched in London three years ago.

In private mansions and luxury hotels, wealthy couples and single women pay up to £150 a time to drink, dance, strip off and have sex with strangers.

Now saucy Scots are being invited to take part with an Edinburgh branch opening in September.

Despite criticism from politicians and disbelief from many residents, Emma says the city is a goldmine for the "sexual elite" who enjoy her brand of group sex.

Emma, a close friend of Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton, says women are safer at the sex parties than in nightclubs and those against it are too old and unattractive to be asked to join the secret events.

One of the critics is Lothians MSP Margo MacDonald, who said: "I'd welcome this as much as I welcome the hen nights and vomiting parties that come to Edinburgh."

Emma replied: "It's not like they're my ideal demographic so I don't really care. They're not invited. They're probably over the age of 45 and ugly."

Aside from the cheap shot, Emma has a point. She restricts membership to the beautiful and filthy rich, aged 18 to 45, with one in three applicants refused.

The waiting list runs into the hundreds, with a clientele eager for the chance to cavort with as many desirable men and women as they like. Emma, of London, said: "The members are quite affluent, very inspirational, aspirational, very driven City and media types. They're more hedonistic because they want experiences, they've got all the materialistic things.

"We get quite a few famous people coming to the parties.

Secrecy is very important. These aren't Big Brother wannabes, they're company directors and managing directors. The whole idea behind the parties is they are discreet and anonymous."

The sleazy nature of this private members club is a surprising venture for Emma, the 30-year-old daughter of a diplomat.

Although running the sex parties is her main job, she also raises money for medical research and persuaded Kate Middleton to join her all-girl boating crew to raise £150,000 last year. But she says she has no problem reconciling one with the other.

"My parents and friends have never had a problem with the parties," she said. "The only ones who have got quite aggressive and anti it are alpha males because it's out of their comfort zone. They feel threatened by it all."

While the recession is crippling the rest of the country, Emma has it to thank for lining her pockets.

She said: "The business has grown massively since October and there's no other reason for that but the credit crunch. People get a lot more escapist.

"Even people's behaviour at the parties is a lot more hedonistic.

It's just people escaping from the stress in their day-to-day lives."

And Emma insists swinging is on the up and the secret to many a happy marriage.

She said: "Swinging has got more popular, a lot more open.

It's saving marriages because guys aren't sh**ging their next door neighbour because they're bored of sleeping with their wife. They're doing things together."

Though women may wear Agent Provocateur lingerie and Gucci gowns, there's no dressing up that the parties' reason for existing is sex: sex with men, women, or both - your partner, your friend, or just as a voyeur.

At the London parties, numbers range from 50 to 250. Condoms are scattered round rooms where the king-sized beds, showers, hot tubs and on one occasion, an outside balcony, are the setting for porn film scenes of tangled limbs and sweaty flesh.

Emma, who doesn't swing herself and wouldn't take a boyfriend along, insists women, who make up four out of five members, are in control and find the experience liberating. Men can only attend or watch the live sex shows as part of a couple and may only take part if invited to do so by a female guest.

She said: "Only about 60 per cent of the women who come end up naked and getting involved in the full-on action. The others have a laugh and they might end up dancing around on sofas and having drinks and they know they are not going to get jumped on.

"They come for a good party because it's so relaxed. You couldn't dance around in your underwear in a nightclub, you'd be mauled."

While those taking part in their sexual fantasies behind closed doors may be having the time of their life, those outside are far from enthusiastic.

No matter who is theoretically in control, this is a business where a woman makes money from other women having sex.

Though it's not breaking any laws, and changing venue for each party removes any licensing issues, it's not going down well with either locals, the council or police.

A spokesman for City of Edinburgh Council said the only way they could get involved was if there were complaints about noise or anti-social behaviour.

Similarly, Lothian and Borders Police currently have no power to prevent the parties.

A spokesman said: "This kind of club can operate legally, as long as money is paid for membership only, and any activity inside is fully consensual. While it is not currently subject to regulation under licensing, steps are being taken to change that in the future."

Emma is unrepentant though and with several years' experience of the parties in London behind her, she's committed to bringing her controversial business to Scotland.

She said: "I didn't expect the business to be so huge and so popular. It was launched as a bit of fun and it's kept going.

My opinion is no-one's getting hurt, no-one's getting cheated on, everyone's being respected so there's nothing to worry about."

Not everyone is convinced and it's unlikely she can expect a warm welcome when she arrives to start scouting venues for the orgies.

Malcolm Chisholm, Labour MSP for Edinburgh North and Leith, is among those unhappy about the club's arrival in the city.

His constituency covers the wealthy New Town area of George Street, which is rumoured to be the club's first choice for a party.

He said: "Edinburgh needs this like a whole in the head. I'll join with other politicians to examine the law in this area, which seems to be full of loopholes."

He'll have support in this from Margo MacDonald, who intends to get advice from legal experts on preventing Killing Kittens setting up in Edinburgh.

"I'm sure what they're doing is probably within the law but that doesn't mean to say it's desirable," she said. "Although I'll try not to be prudish, I'm sorry, it just seems seedy tome.

"The present law prevents brothel keeping. Arguably the people who own the company are benefiting financially, but they're not benefiting from the sale of sex, so the likelihood of being able to catch out the establishment on legal grounds is probably non-existent.

"But I'll be speaking to some of my learned friends to see if there's any way this can be discouraged. I hope it's not the end of the story."

The Legality of Sex Clubs in New York

With the recent shut-down of the Casbar swingers club, many people have been asking questions regarding the legality of sex/swinger clubs and parties in New York. Since a lot of misinformation has been spread, I took it upon myself to talk to an attorney. This post does not constitute legal advice, but has been carefully researched and should serve as the basis of more educated discussions on the topic.

FIRST, SEX / SWINGER CLUBS AND PARTIES ARE NOT ILLEGAL IN NEW YORK! There is no law that makes a swinger club illegal in itself. Casbar was shut down as a result of an alleged violation of New York State Sanitary Code Section 24-2.2 (10 NY CRR 24-2.2). Specifically, it was found that "Casbar has allowed acts which constitute a danger and detriment to public health to take place at the Casbar including sexual activities consisting of fellatio, vaginal intercourse and anal intercourse as prohibited by the New York State Sanitary Code." City of New York v. Casbar, 7819/09. Also note that no guests or patrons of Casbar were arrested or detained -- this was simply the city shutting the club down for being a "public nuisance."

The above cited section of the State Sanitary Code prohibits any penetrative sexual activity – oral, anal, vaginal – in commercial establishments. It's extremely broad, and quite vague. In New York City, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) is charged with enforcement of the Sanitary Code. DOHMH states that it initiates enforcement actions when it receives complaints about an establishment. DOHMH sends inspectors to venues and if they observe sexual activity, DOHMH notifies the venue that it is in violation of the law. If DOHMH determines that the prohibited activity has not ceased, it may issue subsequent citations and initiate legal proceedings resulting in closing the venue.

So how was Casbar shut down? The DOHMH initiated an undercover investigation of the club and, on April 1, successfully petitioned for an ex parte closing order. The investigation was going on for months. At the hearing, the DOHMH's investigators testified regarding the 150-plus acts of fellatio and intercourse they had witnessed. The alleged sex acts violated Sanitary Code §24-2.2, which states, "No establishment shall make facilities available for the purpose of sexual activities where anal intercourse, vaginal intercourse or fellatio take place. Such facilities shall constitute a threat to the public health." The Code traces its origins to the onset of the AIDS epidemic. There is no mention of protected or unprotected sexual activities in the Code; and the Code is extremely broad. Don't hotels "make facilities available for the purpose of sexual activities..." I think they do!

Now, you might ask -- don't all sex / swinger clubs permit the "sexual activities" as defined by the Sanitary Code? Of course they do. If you walk into Checkmate or Le Trapeze, for instance, you WILL find that type of activity any night they're open. But in order to shut down the club, the Department of Health has to launch an investigation. With Le Trapeze celebrating its 30th Anniversary, and Checkmate operating for a decade and a half, clubs can certainly get by without being shut down -- especially if there was never a complaint made to the Dept. of Health.

Why did DOHMH target Casbar? The Dept. of Health typically pursues "gay" venues, which have the highest probability of spreading HIV (according to the city). Casbar was operating at the same location that the "Hellfire Club" had used about a decade ago. The Hellfire Club was a known venue for transvestites and homosexual sex. It's pure speculation, but the Dept. of Health may have visited Casbar's site looking for homosexual sex, and found swingers having sex at the new club. It is possible that the Dept. of Health never received a complaint against Casbar and had simply continued its investigation into Hellfire. It's also possible that the Dept. of Health pulled the trigger so to speak when they saw that Casbar was featured in the New York Times a month earlier.

Gabriel Taussig, the chief of the city's administrative law division, called the case against Casbar "part of the ongoing effort to combat HIV by addressing high-risk sexual activities." But how can you consider all sexual activity, including activities with condoms, high risk??

You might also be thinking... this sound ridiculous! Well, it is. HIV does not exist in the swing community. Look it up -- I challenge you to find one instance of swingers transmitting HIV in the United States, or worldwide, in the past decade. If it happened, people just wouldn't swing! Everyone in the swing community uses condoms with new partners at clubs or parties. There should at least be a distinction in the Sanitary Code, which would allow an establishment like a swingers club to operate if condoms were provided.

Nonetheless, the DOHMH's inspection program has its limits. Gay bathhouses, which have been the target of a majority of DOHMH investigations, have both open areas and private rooms [similarly to swingers clubs], and to date attorneys for the City have decided that inspectors should not enter private rooms because doing so might violate a constitutional right to privacy and perhaps because of safety concerns. Furthermore, in the past, attorneys have felt that the City could not or should not attempt to bring an enforcement action if the sexual activity is not observed by a city inspector. Presumably, this limitation would also apply to the investigation of a swingers club. Thus, logic would dictate that a swing club consisting entirely of "private rooms" would not be shut down under the current rules.

It is apparent that the code, originally implemented in 1985 at the onset of the AIDS epidemic, is in need of revision in 2009. The infamous Plato's Retreat was shut down in 1985 for violating the EXACT section of the code that just brought down Casbar. See American Swing Review. In fact, the code doesn't even make sense for homosexual hangouts anymore. As commercial spaces are shut down, men turn to other venues, particularly private parties, which operate under the radar of outreach. The closing of venues also alienates patrons from health outreach and health officials. For these reasons, closing these venues may, in fact, exacerbate the syndemics of HIV, STDs, and drug use, when in fact, the Code was originally intended as a prevention effort.

San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver have implemented regulatory policies that require commercial sex venues to prevent unsafe sex (defined as unprotected anal intercourse) and to otherwise implement HIV/STD prevention measures, such as condom/lubricant distribution, HIV/STD testing, and referrals to community-based services. Rather than banning the clubs, those cities require them to spread HIV/STD awareness. NEW YORK SHOULD DO THE SAME!
I highly encourage everyone to stop worrying, and to contact their state senator letting him or her know that "New York State Sanitary Code Section 24-2.2 (10 NY CRR 24-2.2)" needs to be revised!

And, some practical advice (not legal advice):
-You will not be arrested at a swing event unless you are using illegal substrances or engaging in other illegal activities.
-Sex / swinger clubs and parties are not illegal, unless it is clear that the organizer has on-site prostitutes (as obviously, prostitution is illegal). See Shady "Sex Party" Review.
-If you run parties, make sure you know your guests. The greatest risk to swing parties are health inspectors. If your parties are small and intimate, you likely have nothing to worry about.

Besides the risk of an investigation by the Health Dept., clubs should be properly zoned. A prominent club in Philadelphia was busted in 2005 for improper zoning. The club had been operating out of a space zoned to be a restaurant.

Whenever I throw an event at a new venue, I consult my attorney to make sure that the venue is properly zoned and in good standing with the Health Department. I want my guests to rest assured that my events are safe and secure.

For more information on this topic, check out:


Disclaimer: This is not a “Sexxxy Post.”

When Rocco and I were totally new to swinging, we started by exploring swing clubs. The natural next step seemed to be meeting playmates online. We met Sally and Bob through the internet, and eventually made plans to meet up. The couple was in their early 30s, nearly a decade older than us. Their pictures looked fine, both were pretty attractive. The night before we met, we chatted with Sally. She indicated that she was getting ready, and shaving her legs. I thought it was bit odd that she would say that, as it’s not really something sexy. My intuition would be dead on…

The night went pretty well. We went out to dinner with the couple, and they were pretty friendly. We had already found out that many of the good-looking couples in the swing scene were rather pretentious – so finding nice, down-to-earth people was a nice change. They weren’t quite our types, but Rocco and I are always open-minded. Since they were so nice, that scored big with us.

We got back to their place, and started fooling around. This was actually going to be our first full swap. Our previous experiences at the clubs was more of exhibitionism, or threesomes (mostly MMF) – we had never really clicked with a couple who wanted to swap. A lot of times the girl wasn’t into it, and other times it was just soft-swap (only oral, or playing next to another couple). We were pretty excited about the prospect of finally hooking up with a couple and swapping partners, the true definition of “swinging.” We were READY!

Rocco made out with Sally, and I made out with Bob. Bob was extremely aggressive. He used way too much tongue while kissing me, and just groped my body. He was anything but sensual. I figured, whatever. At the time, I wasn’t very confident, and I let a lot of things slide. Rocco busted out Sally’s boobs, of course, and was having some fun. I was waiting for things to get better…

Sally made another comment about shaving, as Rocco began caressing her legs. “I hadn’t shaved my legs in a year or so, I’m somewhat of an Amazonian.” Ok, too much information! That killed the mood, but we kept going. I took Bob’s cock out. He was packing, and I started to suck his cock. As I made my move, Rocco mirrored me – and he took Sally’s jeans off. Whoa there… She was completely unshaven down there. I’m not talking “bush,” I’m talking bush, brush, shrubs, and weeds…. It was not only unkempt, it stunk.

Rocco, the poor soul, tried. He stuck his tongue out and attempted to go in like a trooper. Well, it must’ve been one lick that convinced him. He had never gone down on a woman that hairy, and has never since. He told me later that evening that he almost gagged from the smell and the fact that he wasn’t getting anything but HAIR in his mouth. Whew! When Rocco took his face out of her wilderness, he grabbed me. It was as if he was like, ‘Please rescue me!” At the time, aggressive Bob was trying to choke me with his cock. This wasn’t fun for either of us. I love giving head, but this guy was pushing it – and I wasn’t even into him.

I knew Rocco needed an escape. In fact, we were both so turned off that nothing else could happen. I forgot if it was me or Rocco who complained about stomach pains. We just tried to get out of the situation. Bob and Sally were nice enough about it, but we really just wanted out.
Therein lies a lesson. Even if we were attracted to them, sometimes things do not go as planned.

We’ve been through it all – girls who got together with us and wanted to get piss drunk before engaging in any play, guys/girls who were simply horrible in bed, etc. You should be VERY confident about people before inviting them back to your place, or visiting their place for that matter. The same is true for couples or threesomes. This is precisely why parties can be such a great place to meet. You can see if you’re compatible with other people, and, if not, you can just move on… As opposed to having people over your place who don't seem to want to leave. And of course once you initiate sex at your place, you can’t call a time out very easily.

Lately, we’ve only been inviting people over who we’ve met at parties or clubs. It seems to be a lot better way to do it. When you interact at a party and people suck in bed, you can just make up a quick excuse and leave. “Oh I’m getting really thirsty.” “I think my friend just arrived.” Bam, it’s over. Excuses come in handy when people suck -- and believe me, many do.
Oh, and for goodness sake, SHAVE, TRIM, OR WAX if you are getting involved with the swing scene. Yes, MALES too! Everyone should have a nicely trimmed area -- men and women alike. If you want someone to go down there, it better damn well be groomed and clean. [I know some have a fetish for hairy pussy, but the majority DO NOT. The year is 2009, not 1970.]

NYC Swingers Clubs

The Definitive Guide

This post serves as the definitive source of information regarding all on-premises (meaning that sex is permitted on-premises) Swing Clubs in New York City. These are the only physical clubs that exist in NYC. The post was last updated in July of 2009.

Le Trapeze [aka “Trapeze”]
Address: 17 East 27th Street (between Madison and 5th Avenue) New York, NY
Price: Door cover is $110/couple on Wednesday & Thursday nights. On Friday & Saturday nights, the door cover is $120/couple. Single men (or women) are NOT allowed but a couple may elect to bring an extra girl for an additional $30 on any night


The Low-Down

Trapeze is a couples-only establishment, and the most well-established on-premises swingers club in the city. “Special Events” take place every few months, and attract larger crowds. A buffet is provided. The locker room has an attendant, and the club provides towels.

What’s Good: This is one of the “go-to” swingers clubs in the city. If you’re a couple looking for fun on any given Friday and Saturday night, Trapeze is a NYC staple. Large play areas, and lots of open-minded people who are ready to play.

What’s Bad: Since single men are not invited, this club is plagued with “couples” consisting of a man and his hired help. Escorts specifically advertise to this extent. To make matters worse, many of the real couples attending are very unattractive, as there is no screening process – so there are lots of older, overweight, and/or unattractive people present on any given night. Many people also describe the ambiance as “too skeevy.”

Checkmate [aka “Check Mate” and commonly referred to as “Checkmates”]
Website: [non-functional]
Address: 227 East 56th Street - Basement Level (between Second and Third Avenues) New York, NY
Phone: 212-421-3313
Price: $140/couple; Open on Friday, Saturday.


The Low-Down

Checkmate in an on-premises swingers club with a BYOB bar, dance floor and DJ. The modern d├ęcor is reminiscent of the 1970s. In fact, the DJ hails from Studio 54 itself! There are five play rooms: three small rooms contain full-size beds suitable for 2-3 couples, and two larger, “orgy” rooms.

Checkmate has a locker area with an attendant (keys are not distributed, so you must wait for the attendant to open your locker for you), and provides guests with robes to change into. A shower is also available for use.

What’s Good: This is another “go-to” swingers club in NYC. Decent play areas and lots of dancing. You might find a few attractive couples here who simply have no place else in the city to go.

What’s Bad: The “manager” at the door is an ass, and will hassle you no matter how good-looking you may be. If you are a minority, or don’t know someone at the club, you might be turned away. Many couples who frequent this club are quite pretentious. The good-looking females are typically trophy-wives of much older, sloppy men -- and typically don't play. Lots of tease on the dance floor, not a lot of swapping in the play areas. Play areas did not have condoms, which further stifle playing. Overwhelming, despite a self-proclaimed “velvet rope” policy, a very large population of individuals over 50 (and as old as 70).

Casbar [CLOSED!]
Address: 117 25th Street in Brooklyn, New York 11232
Phone: (718) 788 – 2580
Price: Friday – Couples $40, Males $90, Females $10; Saturday – Couples $80, Females $10

NEWS FLASH (APRIL 2009): Club Casbar has been shut down by the Dept. of Health!

An open letter from Casbar:
We are sorry to inform you that the City of New York has closed Casbar permanently. Wanda, Steve and I wish to thank you all sincerely for your patronage and support over the years.

I will be working with various personal rights organizations, to over turn the statutes which allow the government to intrude on our individual liberties and lifestyle. I will keep you informed of our progress.

On a happier note, although the Casbar club is shut down this does not mean the Casbar family must disappear. I will be hosting very private meet-and-greet parties through out the year at a beautiful luxury loft in Manhattan. I will be in touch with more news about that, and I hope to see you all very soon.

CasBar 117 25th Street BKLYN, 11232 718-788-2580

The Low-Down

Casbar is an on-premises swingers club in Brooklyn. The 5,000-square-foot space offers BYOB bar service and a buffet. Rooms are also available (at no extra cost) due to the massive size of this club as compared to the Manhattan clubs.

Weekend Rendezvous

We met Jennifer and Tony at a party last month. Jennifer and Tony are a good looking couples in their 20s, and we hit it off as soon as we talked to them. They were both very down to earth, but also very sexual. Finding a young couple comfortable and confident enough to attend a swingers party is always quite a feat... but when the couple is also the first to kick off the party; well, let's just say, Rocco and I were impressed!

At the beginning of the party, we went over to Jennifer and Tony. Jennifer caught Rocco's eye -- she has gorgeous face, and what a figure! As you might've read before, Rocco loves boobs. When he saw Jennifer's cleavage through her low-cut top... he was almost speechless. It turns out, she has 36DDD's (and yes, all real)! But this girl wasn't just a pretty face and a fantastic chest, she had a fantastic body, ass, and was a real sweetheart! Tony looked equally appealing to me. He was very cute, and definitely knew how to take care of himself. I smiled as I talked to him, he was also a really nice guy!

Jennifer and Tony told us they had some threesomes with other girls before, but most were pretty bad experiences. Jennifer commented that the girls were very selfish or judgmental... almost like they thought that because she was open to a threesome there was something wrong with her relationship with Tony. And of course, they shared a few stories about flakes, fakes, and time wasters. They had come to the party because they were ready to see what swinging was all about; and they were hoping it was about less drama, and more fun. Of course, we weren't about to let them down!

Due to circumstances at the crowded club, we didn't get to hook up that night. Jennifer emailed us a few days later, also expressing their dissapointment that we didn't get to play. We made plans to get together three weeks later. We were all very excited. It was going to be Jennifer and Tony's first full-swap experience.

Jennifer and Tony were very direct with us over email. They wanted to have full-swap fun -- and asked what our likes/dislikes were. Jennifer was the one who was communicating, and we knew she was very excited. It was really refreshing to see two people as open, honest, and fun as these two...

The day finally arrived. Rocco had told me the night before that his rib was hurting him; he had bruised it a few days earlier. When he woke up that morning, it was even hurting him to walk. Rocco knew that he had to find out how serious his injury was -- so he went to the doctor as quickly as he could. It was just a torn ligament, but Rocco was experiencing a lot of pain. He made sure to tell Jennifer and Tony that he was injured, but insisted he would be alright.

Rocco took some pain killer, and rested up. Jennifer and Tony arrived that evening, and we showed them around. As soon as Rocco saw Jennifer, I could see a tent in his pants. I knew he'd be alright! We told Jennifer about the Sybian, and the workshop we did the week earlier. She was very curious about trying it.

Well, I didn't have to say much to convince her. Jennifer got naked from the waist down. As she slid her thong down, I could feel myself getting very excited. She started with the clitoral attachment. "Oooooh, that feels good." She liked it, but when Rocco showed her the other attachments, she knew she wanted something else. Like me, Jennifer said she achieves orgasm through penetration. So Rocco helped fasten the dildo attachment onto the device. The dildo vibrates and rotates at the same time. As Jennifer turned on the Sybian, I could see that she liked the dildo a lot more... She was riding the thing so well, like she was fucking a big penis. She moaned and grinded her body into the device. Tony got up behind her, and started touching her body. He helped her remove more clothing.

When a girl's clothes come off, I feel obliged to do the same. And so I did. I looked over and saw Tony unhook Jennifer's bra. HOLY SHIT! Her beautiful boobs were released, and what a sight it was. Rocco looked at Jennifer in awe. Tony grabbed them and grinded with her as she continued to ride the machine.

I couldn't take it any more, I was so horny! I grabbed Rocco and unzipped his pants. I wanted his cock in my mouth. Jennifer was moaning, and so was Rocco. As I sucked his thick cock, I wondered about Tony's. Jennifer had cum -- so I made some room on the couch. Rocco and Tony sat on the couch while Jennifer and I were on our knees sucking their cocks. I looked over to see Tony's penis, and I liked what I saw.

Tony was a bit nervous, but very confident. I was a bit surprised when he said to Jennifer, "Baby, go over and help Sex Kitten suck his dick..." She came over, and we started making out. We licked the sides of Rocco's shaft and then met up at the head and french kissed, our tongues intertwined. Jennifer was so hot. Rocco and I grabbed her boobs at the same time. They were so big, but so firm. She was truly blessed. I was intrigued, so I took a brief break from sucking cock to suck on those boobs. Rocco joined me, and Tony watched as he stroked his cock. I put my finger inside Jennifer's pussy. She was sopping wet. She had cum just minutes before, but she was ready for more. I put my boobs on top of hers, and we continued to make out.

I finally made my way over to Tony, and put his cock in my mouth. I took it all the way in, and gave him a wet, sloppy blowjob. Jennifer took Rocco's dick in her mouth as well. Wow... she was SO into it!! She bobbed her head up and down as if she was in a cock sucking contest. I mimicked as I sucked her man's cock. This was so fucking hot. Rocco was loving every minute of it.

Rocco reached for the Magnums. He was ready. I was wondering about his injury, but he looked alright. He strapped his condom on, and entered Jennifer doggy style. He fucked her nice and hard. I guess the pain killers worked? Well, I wanted my fill of dick too -- so I got Tony ready, and got on top of him. I took his dick inside me, and rode him cowgirl. He pushed up and started fucking me even harder.

Rocco commented that it felt amazing, Jennifer was so wet. She wanted it even harder. He kept going. I think he was in a bit of pain, but I saw him close his eyes and fuck the hell out of Jennifer. As she came all over his cock, he said, "If my rib didn't hurt I would've gone even harder..."

His condom was getting all bunched up, so he pulled it off and fucked me. Jennifer went back to sucking her man's cock. Rocco kept fucking me, and I was loving it. I shared Tony's dick with Jennifer as Rocco buried his cock deep inside me.

We kept going. Rocco got on top of Jennifer and did her missionary style. He positioned himself so he wouldn't exert any pressure on his rib, and fucked her hard... until they both came together.

The great thing about Jennifer and Tony was that after all the sex, we just hung out for awhile -- completely naked, and talking. Not only were they sexy, but they were smart and fun. We had a fantastic time, and we're already planning the next "weekend rendezvous..."

Upcoming Events-April and May

Thank you for everyone who voted on the poll about the next party. The next SoS party will be for couples and single females only. The party will be held in a private Manhattan penthouse with fantastic views. This will be an Elite SoS party -- and I will be personally voice verifying with every lady who wishes to attend (including the ladies in couples). So, if you wish to be considered for the party, please fill out the registration form and include your phone number. Submission of a registration form is only step one -- I will also require a picture and the telephone interview, as I mentioned prior to approval. All couples should be open to full-swap, please because this party will be a HOT one.

Also, the next "Female Orgasm Workshop featuring the Sybian" will be held on Saturday, April 18th, 2009. As always, this event is very limited so please register early. This time, we have a gorgeous assistant in the medical field who will be assisting us!

Single men-I didn't forget about you. I'll be having a Cinco De Mayo party for five lucky single males. Check the SoS website for details.

Girls want it too!!

Bachelors might have sex on their minds more than their single female counterparts, but once in a committed relationship, men and women have similar attitudes toward the act, a new study finds.

In the context of swinging, I would also venture to say that both partners in a relationship may have fantasies about experimenting with a member of the opposite sex. Sure, many women say they're open to threesomes with another woman... but those same women have a secret desire to try another man too. If a guy can wrap his head around that, and embrace it, he will probably wind up hooking up with many more girls than merely pursuing the elusive single female.

Women are just as sexual as men, and it's about time that we opened up. That's the entire point of this blog -- to send the message that it's OK to want more. In the words of my newest friend Julie, it doesn't make you a whore or a slut, it just allows you to embrace your sexuality.

Ask Sex Kitten - Diseases?

I usually post the "Ask Sex Kitten" column on Friday, but I didn't think this could wait. As you may know, I carefully screen for all my parties -- especially for smaller events. We will be holding a special party this month, an SoS "Elite" event, for couples and single females at a penthouse in Manhattan. I am personally talking to every female on the phone to voice verify.

Last night, I spoke with a woman, "Sarah," who asked me the following question:

Sex Kitten, my friend "Karl" asked me to come with him to your party, but I am not so sure. I mean, what about diseases? I've only been with a handful of guys in my life, and I don't think I'm ready for this. Karl, on the other hand, is very experienced and has been to many swing parties.

I'll start with the simple answer. Obviously, Sarah was using the "fear of disease" crutch to express her doubt about attending a party. But, from a purely logical perspective, if your fuck-buddy is actively swinging and exposed to whatever "diseases" you are so afraid of, then wouldn't the problem start WITH HIM and not with MY party???? You can put a rubber on a guy you meet at a party for a blow-job, and of course, during intercourse. It's your perogative to be safe, and to talk to the people you want to play with. If a person has a new partner every night, like Sarah's "very experienced" fuck-buddy may have... then it's probably a good idea to bundle up (even for a blowjob) or stay away.

Personally, I like to find a small group of trustworthy playmates and play regularly. As you have read in many of my entries, it's the same people who I mess around with. And, I don't do this every night, or even every week. Going to parties can be great to expand your circle. But you have to gauge your partners, and have some sense. After all, my "small group" always shrinks... things change and people sometimes move on, like my previous "regular" Lt. Love has.

I did not try to convince this woman to come to the party. I stated all the facts, but I didn't try to win her over. Since we only have room for a dozen couples, I am not going to populate the party with people who aren't sure whether they want it or not. And I certainly don't like it when a guy is dragging a girl along just to get in. I can tell within the first minute of a phone conversation with a girl whether she really wants it. And I should be clear, I am not looking for guests who necessarily just want to strip and fuck. "Wanting it" means that that a person wants to be there to meet people, watch the action without judgment, and are open to participating if they find someone they may like. Nothing is EVER forced, and it's always a lot of fun. People set their own limits, and sometimes they do no more than light touching or exhibitionism.

So, be wise and be safe. But if you are scared of swinging because you aren't ready, don't use the disease excuse -- just be straight up with your man, or your "fuck-friend."

Don't be fooled...

Rocco and I take it upon ourselves to visit swing clubs and parties all over NYC -- and the world. Unfortunately, NYC is probably one of the worst places in the world for the exploitation of the term "swinger." There's a lot of shady shit that goes down here, and it's high time someone wrote about it...

We attended an underground "club" located in Midtown. Well, it's not really a club or party despite being advertised as such on the Internet... Since the time we first visited the place, we found the owner advertise extensively on Craig's List. That's also where the owner found his whores. Yes readers, the place was a bawdy house. The owner basically advertised and promoted each night as a "Swinger's Party" open to couples and single men. In fact, couples would be free for the first two hours. We decided -- what the hell -- and went to check it out.

The problem is that this affair was NOT a "Swinger's Party." There were no other couples there; anyone who looked half decent would come in and walk RIGHT OUT. Why? It was all single guys, and some prostitutes. The owner had his business-model disgused a bit, but it was pretty transparent to anyone with half a brain. No, the men didn't give money to the girls -- the sex was included in admission. Yes, for $150, a guy could come in and fuck one of the working girls. To make matters worse, many of these men thought it really was a "swing party" -- my "half a brain" comment was spot on. These guys were predominantly pretty nasty, low class, and quite stupid. Yet somehow these guys thought these crack-addict looking, young girls were "swingers" who wanted to fuck each one of them, right after the other. Even nymphos have standards, boys...

At first, we really had no idea how extensive and elaborate the operation was. The first time we visited, we walked in and left because it was just a skeevy place. We thought maybe it was because it was a weekday, and we knew that most of the good swing parties happen Friday or Saturday night. So, we returned on a weekend. Same deal, but this time, one or two couples other were present. Any couple present looked pretty petrified (especially the female half), and never attempted to talk to any other couples. The "hostess" of the party was the only girl that wouldn't play, and it was quite clear from her demeanor and outfit. All the whores were in their bras and not much else...

Now, due to the business model operating, the whores had absolutely no interest in talking to couples... because they were only paid for each guy they fucked. So the only true "swingers" or potential swingers, were shunned. This was kind of stupid, considering that if the place was more accomodating of real swingers, they might have been able to hide what was really going down with all the single men. Rocco and I conferred and agreed that this had to be a bawdy house, another name for a house of prostitution.

The hostess did greet the couples, but not much else. She was pretty fake, and very judgmental. She asked me and Rocco "whose idea" it was to come. When I told her that it was mine, she couldn't believe it. "I just don't get it... it's always the guy who wants it." I thought to myself, "Lady, this is some skeevy old apartment obviously hiding a bawdy house operation... the only couples coming to this joint are either (1) male dominated [honey, we're GOING to this party, and I'm getting another girl -- haha, fat chance, the hookers didn't get paid for doing couples], (2) totally clueless about swinging, or (3) just curious as to what the FUCK is going on." We, of course, were in the third category.

Rocco and I felt very unsafe. Knowing it was a predominantly a prostitution house, we knew it could be busted at any time. We have lives and careers -- getting busted at some bullshit whorehouse disguised as a swingers party was not sitting well with us. So, we started planning our exit. I looked around and noticed that all the guys were staring at me. They might've thought I was a "woman of the night" like these ladies. Not a word came from their mouths, just a lot of staring. And finally, some guy grabbed my leg and said, "you know you want some of this baby." Rocco almost got into a fight with this asshole, and we left.

We wound up emailing the owner, telling him what great potential the place had, but how off-putting it was. We also indicated that we would never returned as long as prostitutes were there. In fact, upon leaving from our last visit, we saw the owner paying one of the working girls in the back.

Now, readers, I know that most of you are smart enough to realize this, but I'll say it anyway. Prostitution is NOT swinging. If you encounter a party where you see obvious working girls, going from guy to guy and fucking each one individually, get the fuck out. This skeevy place surely scared many couples who walked up the stairs to see a whorehouse, and might've thought that's what a swing party is. I can assure you that it is NOT. Upscale, clean, safe environments exist throughout the city for playing.

When it comes to a swing party, don't be cheap. If something is free for couples (as this party generally advertises it is for couples) -- there's probably a reason. The swinger clubs in the city charge $120-140 per couple on a weekend... Specialty events cost event more. Single females are a different story, some clubs allow girls in free, but that's usually because girls don't ever come. Several of the single women who came out to our St. Patty's Day party (at which we had over a DOZEN single females attend) actually suggested that we SHOULD charge girls from now on, if even a nominal fee. As with a lot of things, it weeds out those who aren't seriously interested. And, that we will... especially for the atmosphere and crowd we get at our parties, it's well worth it.