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ATL Update!

Just a quick update -- I think I found Eden... in Atlanta! Rocco and I visited Trapeze Club in Atlanta, Georgia last night (note that this club is NOT affiliated with NY's Le Trapeze aka "Trap-sleaze"). We had one of the greatest nights EVER! Finally, a swingers club that cares and has done it RIGHT... Trapeze of Atlanta is clearly one of the greatest swingers clubs in the world.

The people, the atmosphere, and the staff were AMAZING. Stay tuned for my full review on this amazing club. This is the first swingers club in the U.S. that gets my seal of approval.

We will be returning to the club tonight to check out the SDC Western Night; I'm already wet with anticipation!!!!

"Newcummers" Review on SoS

The following review was written by "Newcummers" after attending the SoS Summer Lovin' party on June 20:

We were really nervous (but still extremely excited!) as we made our way into the building the night of the June 20th party. It was our first party of this kind, and we honestly didn't know what kind of expectations to have! We were greeted by a very friendly lady in a sexy red dress, and took the elevator up to the loft. The space was incredible. It was massive! Since we were some of the first guests there, we got to look around and watch the sex swing being set up. The terrace had an awesome view - we can't wait to go back when it isn't raining!

The "Swing School" session really helped us. As newcomers, it made us feel welcome and comfortable, and explained a lot of things that we were curious about. We were sitting on the couch when the HOTTEST couple walked in and sat down next to us. I instantly whispered to my boyfriend, "I want them." After the school session was over, we broke the ice with the hot couple and had a few laughs - it was their first time too. Me and the other girl changed into our bikinis in the bathroom and the rest was history :) We chatted over drinks for about forty-five minutes in the "play area"... no one was playing yet - we were all just kind of getting acquainted and sharing stories. It really made us feel less anxious, and like we were making friends!!

It didn't take long for the chemistry between the four of us to lead us to the more secluded play area. Let's just say - we made a LOT of noise. We clicked instantly, physically and otherwise, and had an amazing night together. Us girls also got massages from the beautiful (and talented!) sensual masseuse. Let it be known that six hands are better than one!! :)

Overall, we had an unbelievable experience at this party. We had been warned that a lot of on-premise parties are full of pressure and snooty people - but SoS wasn't like that at ALL. I never once felt pressured or weird about the situation - in fact, I was surprised at how liberating the whole thing felt! It was so fun to meet other, sexy, young, like-minded people who were down for a good time. Needless to say, we have been in contact with the other couple and are meeting for dinner this weekend ;) We will definitely be back to SoS.

Friends with Benefits

As you readers know, I do not discuss my swinging adventures with most of my "real-life" friends. Why? Because I do not think they can handle knowing the truth. But, that's not to say that I don't have friends with benefits. I would like to tell you a story about my friend, "Drew."

I met Drew about 3 years ago. Drew's fantasy was to watch a couple have sex. Drew came over and Rocco, Drew and I started watching a porn. One thing led to another, and I ended up with my top off and Rocco's cock in my mouth. Nevertheless, I did not want to push any boundaries by involving Drew, as I did not know him too well. But I did know about his fantasy, and I wanted to make it come true. Rocco and I were so fucking horny and I was even more aroused by the fact that Drew was there. Drew respectfully sat back and watched the two of us. A few minutes after sucking Rocco's cock, I looked over and noticed that Drew had his cock in his hands. He had a pretty thick cock too. Between Rocco and Drew, I was in big, thick dick heaven!

I suppose I was a little bit nervous and I didn't want to push the boundaries. I just let Drew stroke his thick dick as I took Rocco's cock in my pussy. We gave him a show until the three of us came.

A few months passed and I lost contact with Drew. I was having 3-somes with Lt. Love at the time and although I had fun, I needed a thicker, meatier dick. One day, I decided give Drew a call. I talked to him for a bit to try to figure out how I could seduce him at our next meeting--after all, last time we didn't do anything. He said that he had a great time watching us. Because he was not pushy and did not have any expectations, I was even more turned on by my thoughts of seducing him. I told him to come meet me and Rocco that evening and that I would love to fuck Rocco in front of him again. He said he could not make it. I was a little upset and he picked up on that; after all, when horniness attacks, you have to answer the call. Drew changed his plans to meet up with me and told me that he would not be late because he values my time and respects me. In fact, everytime I have met Drew from then on, he has been respectful, reliable and always on time. I was glad the he was able to come and I knew I would make him cum...

We talked for a little bit when he arrived and I was starting to get really horny. I grabbed Rocco's pants and told Drew to sit next to us. As I took out Rocco's dick; Drew quietly revealed his hard on. He took off his shoes and shirt to get more comfortable. He had a nice, muscular body. I could tell he could fuck well with a body like that. I gave a little show before going up right next to him. I took off my top and showed him my breasts. I told him to touch my boobs. All I could focus on was his big cock. I think what I did next shocked him--but in a good way.

I went right up and put my ass on his lap. I gave him a little lapdance and rubbed my breasts all over him. He was having a good time. I couldn't resist any longer and grabbed his cock. I guess you all know the rest...but I'll tell you anyway.

As I played with his dick in my hand, I noticed the excitement on his face. I grabbed Rocco's cock with my other hand and took Drew's dick and started to lick it. I could tell he was excited because he had no idea that I was going to play with him. I teased him just for a bit more but I needed a dick inside me. I fucked Rocco for a little bit while sucking Drew's cock. Now, a lot of guys I have been with at this point would've shoved their dick in my face and tried to selfishly fuck me. But, not Drew. He was still very much a gentleman, even at this point. And that is why he got some that night.

I told Drew to follow me and lay me down on the bed. He watched Rocco and saw how I liked to be fucked. Drew put my ass up in the air, doggy-style and started easing his dick deep inside me. I could feel my pussy opening up on his thick dick. It wasn't too thick; just the right girth. As he opened me up, I started screaming with pleasure. I asked him for more and more. He took his hands and put them on my ass and fucked me like a locomotive. He just kept going and going. Just when I thought he was out of energy, he turned me around and fucked me some more. I loved every minute of it and he didn't stop. Rocco switched up with him and I took Rocco's cock in my pussy. He fucked me so hard. I was in the moment and I told him to smack my ass as he fucked me. I couldn't get enough cock. I just kept taking their cocks and switching up. Drew listened to everything I said and fucked me until he came. Soon after, Rocco released his load as well, all over my chest.

I was so exhausted that I fell asleep soon after Drew left. What a good fuck, and what a great friend.

My First SoS Event - Perspective of a Single Female

The following is a review submitted by a single female, "Katia" who attended the Summer Lovin' June 20th party:

My first SoS party was exactly like I expected my first swinger party would be…that is, if you replace all of the ugly, old people I envisioned in my mind with absurdly attractive younger couples and single women. The first person I met upon entering was Valerie, the beautiful, sensual massage therapist, who engaged me in conversation as she made one of the single ladies in attendance (who told me she had never before had an orgasm that wasn’t vibrator induced) come three times in a row. Valerie is magical. She deserves a Nobel Prize for Orgasms.

After observing Valerie’s magic and getting a Vodka-cran from the (once again, attractive) bartender, I shyly wandered over to the mattresses, where C, a perfect specimen of man I couldn’t help but check out immediately upon entering, had the legs of a beautiful blonde in stilettos wrapped around his head. Yum. His sexy wife K, also in stilettos, was next to them on the bed, riding the blonde’s husband. As I sat on a nearby mattress, soaking in the eye candy, I also got acquainted with two beautiful single women who were also virgins to the swinger scene. They were equally as impressed as I was (“that blonde has the tits of a goddess”, I remember one of them saying) and I was glad to have some ladies by my side to salivate with, as I watched C’s beautiful cock make Miss Goddess Breasts moan.

After a while, my two new lady friends and I spotted a cute couple across the room. With a sudden rush of vodka-fueled courage, I decided all three of us should approach them. What happened after that is kind of a blur (and not because of the vodka, but because there is a certain dream-like state you enter when a fantasy comes true…). It started with dancing, dancing which led to kissing, which led to me shyly working my fingers down (let’s call her) L’s lace panties, and eventually pulling them off and slipping my fingers inside, as (let’s call him) J kissed her neck, then my neck, then my breasts, and we worked our way to the mattresses…

I didn’t show up to the event expecting to be so turned on. If anything, I expected to be turned off, based on presumptions that were immediately shed within the first five minutes. The power dynamic added to my comfort zone as well, since the women are really the ones in control. SoS events, contrary to former expectations, are just as much (if not, dare I say it, more) about the girl getting off just as much as the guy, and this creates a giving environment that’s, in a sense, more ideal than the gender dynamic in the “real” world. Sex Kitten and Rocco make everyone feel comfortable, and make sure that no one is being disrespectful. Suffice it to say, my first SoS party will not be my last…

Summer Lovin' Recap

Despite the rain and the gloomy day, we had dozens of insanely sexy couples and some sexy single ladies attend our SUMMER LOVIN' event on Saturday. We held the event at a posh midtown loft, and everyone loved it! For many guests, the event was their first "lifestyle" event. For others, it was their first time at an SoS event -- and they couldn't believe what they had uncovered (especially as compared to the other events they had been to). Still others were our favorite SoS regulars. If you walked into the SoS party and saw the incredibly attractive, friendly and sexy people, you might have thought you were attending a ritzy gala. We worked hard to gather the hottest crowd in the city -- with both good looks and a good attitude.

Within minutes after the conclusion of our "Swing School" for beginners, two sexy ladies changed into bikinis. One of the women was a model; and the girls all caused quite a few drinks to be spilled! It was insanely hot... And, as usual, many couples hit it off right away.

Despite the upscale setting and the high quality crowd, this was no stuck-up cocktail party or cock-tease event. When these flirtatious, seductive couples started playing, you knew you were at an SoS on-premise erotic event.

A few delicious couples explored the outdoor terrace and attracted the attention of two French couples at a neighboring apartment. "Bonjour! Ca va? Your party looks sexy! Please, may we come!?" Rocco and I asked them to come closer to the window so we could see them -- and they were hot! I told them that we were hosting an erotic event where people come to explore their wildest and hottest fantasies. We met them at the elevator -- and since they were very sweet, curious and good-looking, we led them up to the party. We also had a surprise visit from a well-known actor. He loved what we were doing, but couldn't risk staying for too long. Stories like this only happen at SoS...

I always recap the parties from my point of view but this time, I'm trying something different. Instead of publishing what I thought about my party, I am opening this blog up to the party attendees to share their thoughts with others. All identities are kept confidential and alias are used, as always, to ensure discretion. Please stay tuned as the SoS guests submit their reviews of the Summer Lovin' party on June 20th. And, if you would like to be considered for the July 3rd Freedom "Hybrid On/Off Premise Party," please RSVP by clicking here. And yes, we did blow the fuse on the Sybian but it's all fixed. Our lovely hostess Veronika and I will be helping the ladies test out the Sybian at the July 3 party.

I will continue to post reviews as they come:

From the co-winner of the bikini contest, a gorgeous model:
As we pulled up to the building, stuck at a red light, we noticed a gorgeous girl with long legs and a very short black shirt walking in the door. We knew then that it would be a very good night! As this was our first on-premise, we weren’t sure what to expect and the swing school proved to be exactly what we needed. When we walked in the door, we were blown away by how incredibly HOT the couples attending the swing school were.

One couple caught our eye immediately, and we wasted no time in making introductions after class and changing into our bikinis. The attraction was palpable and we all loved the fact that we were at a similar place, experience wise, and that our personalities clicked in such a way that we became fast friends. We moved into the play area and were soon joined by another couple, who have been in the lifestyle for much longer and were able to share some sexy stories and pointers. Soon me & another girl walked over to the couches and pulled over another gorgeous couple, who were in from out of the country on a weekend getaway.

From there, the party got wild and delicious. There was a lot of girl-on-girl action, and the boys watched for a bit before joining in. The sex swing was a great idea and the staff, especially your yummy hostess Veronika, were sexy and friendly. We took advantage of the erotic massage but added a few extra pairs of oiled-up hands for an 8-handed full body massage. Yum ;) It was also fun to sit back and enjoy some of the action while playing with each other. All of the couples were truly sexy and hot. We wish the night could have lasted longer and we can’t wait for the Freedom party! Oh, and to finally experience the sybian ;)

From "M and J":
You had plenty of attractive people, the masseuse and bartenders were very a matter of fact, the entire staff was -- from the door man to the hosts. You and Rocco made us feel welcome with your approach and small talk....that was a plus. The venue itself was amazing, even though we never stepped foot out on balcony. The parking right next door was really convenient for us as J was wearing high heels and she didn't have to walk far at all....another big plus. What else?.....let's see.. Oh, the "clothes check" was a great idea. And that porn that was playing was a great choice...J said it turned her on because the chicks were hot and they weren't being manhandled like in most porns. So overall, it was a pleasant environment.

From "M and A":
The party was great. There were almost and overwhelming amount of really attractive couples. We started the evening with A getting a sensual massage from Valerie.Watching Valerie massage A with her entire body was extremely erotic... A was so worked up after that we went right over to the sex swing(another great addition). A was so wet she actually left a puddle under the swing. We continued to play after that but did find that there were a lot of first timers that were a little reluctant to engage. We did eventually hook up with a very nice couple and A and I did live out many of our fantasies.Thanks again and will will see you soon.

Shhhh, It's a Secret!

Last weekend we held another Private List event. As you may know, we have developed a tradition of holding a Private List event at least once a month. Our friends are not only young and sexy but they are all intelligent, polite, and lots of fun! No one on the SoS Private List is cocky or pretentious, but many of us do have high profile professions. I like the Private List events because instead of hosting the party, I get to relax and have fun with all of these great people. One woman recently asked me whether these Private List parties are the ones mentioned in Page Six. They're not -- although we have many New York "movers and shakers," I know to keep my parties underground as I am EXTREMELY discreet. Especially the SoS Private List events, they're my little secret. Besides, as you will soon read, the stories about these parties are way too hot for Page Six... and that's exactly why I write this blog.

As usual, we held the party at our penthouse location. Everyone came to have drinks and enjoy the views of the Hudson River on the rooftop. I decided to bend the rules a bit and invite a couple who were not on our Private List. After all, it's my discretion. I spoke to a sexy, young lady-let's call her "Wendy" on the phone. She said she was reading my blog and was interested in attending a party. Wendy was a total sweetheart. Unfortunately, Wendy was flying in from Miami and would leave prior to the June 20th Summer Lovin' party. I wanted to show Wendy and her man a good time. Let's just say I'm on a mission to make sure that NYC tourists have an amazing time in NYC. Hey, after all, this is our city and I take pride in it. I didn't want the couple to end up in Le Trapeze and then think that all of the NYC swing scene was disgusting. After talking to Wendy on the phone, I knew she would fit right in with the rest of the guests. Plus, with our Private List guests in attendance, how could they NOT have a good time? My instincts were right on and I'm so glad I invited these two.

Needless to say I was very excited and happy to see everyone. Nigel was also able to take some time away from his work and come play. I hadn't felt Nigel's dick inside me for months. After that last cock-blocking incident, I was looking forward to actually getting to play with him. Also in attendance was my super horny queen Athena, bombshell sweetheart Liz, the sexy couple that never stops fucking-Rico and Ava, super sweet, cute and ultra fit Jason and his date, the one and only Lidia, sexy, long-legs Gina and her blond hottie Brad, the couple that is so hot we only refer to them as "D" and "A" as well as our sensual, sexy friends Jennifer and Tony. Jennifer and Tony just got engaged and we were celebrating their special announcement with some bubbly. We couldn't be happier for them. By popular demand, we invited the winner of our Biggest Cock in NY-Titan. The ladies and I just can't get enough of him.

Because we all knew each other (with the exception of the new couple) and because everyone is comfortable, it never takes long for the party to really start. I helped Wendy try the Sybian. Before I knew it, everyone started going at it in the next room. It didn't take long for Wendy to get comfortable enough to be naked. And then, the fun began. Rocco, Jennifer and Tony came over and joined Wendy, her man Darrell and me. Jennifer, Wendy and Lidia all have some incredibly beautiful breasts. Rocco and I were in boob-heaven. I wanted to make sure that Wendy and Darrell were doing alright. I looked over at them and they were doing more than alright-they were starting to get wild! The other guests and I thought they were awesome. Tony ate me out while I played with Jennifer. They do make a great couple. Before I knew it, I could hear my female friends in the other room moaning and screaming. Yes, it was just about 11:00PM, and the fun had just begun.

Nigel was running late and I needed a hard dick. As he was coming up the elevator, I went downstairs to meet him with nothing but heels on. It's a good thing the penthouse has a private entryway. This was a first but I was so horny that I didn't have time to put on clothes. I just went to the elevator and grabbed him. I told him I was going to punish him by tying him up next time he showed up late. He laughed and replied "Oh, maybe I will be late next time then..."

Athena and I shared Nigel's cock while we gave him head. He just loved getting his balls licked by Athena. Before I knew it, Lidia came over to us. I sucked her beautiful, big natural breasts and introduced her to Nigel. I saw a twinkle in her eye. This lady knew what she wanted. She deep throated all of Nigel's cock. Athena, Lidia and I had fun taking turns fucking Nigel's cock. We wore him out a little.

I went over to Rocco and told him to fuck me doggy-style while I took Jason's meaty cock in my mouth. Jason is very respectful, but I wanted to shove his cock deeper in my mouth. So, I took it in as deep as I could while Rocco fucked me hard. Everyone was having fun all around. Throughout the night, I saw Liz get fucked by "D" while she kept her heels on. "A" took Rocco's cock from behind while sucking "D" off. Brad took Gina like a porn-star and fucked her standing up against the wall! The scene did indeed look like the hottest porn you may have ever seen. However, this was no film production; just a bunch of hot, horny people having fun.

I also had some fun with Wendy and Darrell. He fingered Wendy while I played with her clit. Then, the two of them did the same thing to me. I came pretty fast. Titan kept making the ladies scream and moan in pleasure all night long. His ten inches went a loooong way! It was a good thing that no one could hear us. We all took mini breaks--except for Rico and Ava. They kept going all night long-as they always do. At one time, I saw Rico cum on top of Ava's pussy. He continued and said "No, I have more in me, let me keep going." I couldn't help but stare as he continued to fuck her!

Of course there was a lot more stuff that happened that night. I could write an entire book on these Private List parties. But, I'll just share the highlights here... Do you want to join us? Come to an SoS event, and we might find YOU!

Ask Sex Kitten-Do You Have DP Advice?

This week's question comes from Clarice. She writes:

Dear Sex Kitten, My boyfriend and I have been together for four years. We have a pretty honest relationship and we've been getting into what you refer to as the "sexual exploration lifestyle." Since we have had several "MFF" threesomes, it's about time I got to experience a "MMF" threesome. My boyfriend has agreed, and is just as excited as me. In particular, we have been fantasizing about double penetration (DP). I usually have vaginal sex with my boyfriend and have tried anal sex only a few times. We would really like to know more about DP. Have you tried it? Can you offer some advice? ~Clarice

I have attempted DP a handful of times, but I have only really been successful once. To find the right two men to fuck you in the ass and in the vagina at the same time is difficult. It is good that you already have your boyfriend that you trust--that's one down, one more to go. Trusting your partners is most important thing in a DP scenario. For that reason, I do not suggest going on Craigslist or an online site and finding a random dude you have never met before to come over and help you fulfill your fantasies. All my failed attempts at DP occurred because the participating gentlemen either were (1) too agressive and made it hurt way too much or (2) could not maintain an erection long enough for me to adjust into the position. It takes time, practice and patience, so make sure you have found the right kind of guy to join the two of you -- which can be a task in itself.

Also, there are several positions you can try until you find an optimal one. I like to straddle a man's penis and while on top of him in a cowgirl position and get Rocco to put his dick in my other hole. The dick inside your vagina must stay hard in order for the process to work. I suggest having the man underneath you gently push his dick in and out of you using gentle thrusts so that he stays hard. Also, try to relax and have fun. Make out with the two men and talk dirty to them. After all, these two men are pretty damn lucky to find a girl like you.

Unless you have anal sex every single day, you are probably pretty tight back there. I suggest using plenty of lubrication and about 20-30 minutes before engaging in the act, you can sort of "train" your booty by inserting a butt plug back there. This will make it easier for the ass-man to insert his dick up there. When he's ready to go in (after the vagina-man has entered) simply replace the butt plug with his penis.

Finally, it takes a few minutes or more for both dicks to be inserted up both holes. However, when done properly, you will experience a brand new feeling like never before. Watch a lot of Bang Bros or Lex Steele (Mercenary Pictures) movies and take notes. The ass-man and the pussy-pumper must coordinate with each other in order to pump their hard dicks inside you, subsequently. Once they get the rhythm going, and you are relaxed, it is possible to orgasm uncontrollably over and over again and even ejaculate. When done right, it feels FUCKING GOOD!

I hope my advice helps, and if you need help finding a gentleman to be the third, feel free to email me or come out to an SoS party. I know a few good men.

Swinger Love Up Above

Rocco and I have had fun in some of the craziest places in the world. Being in the sexual exploration lifestyle has enhanced our sexuality and we have met some amazing people. When we were invited to a Madison Square Garden box suite by a couple in the lifestyle, we gladly accepted.

This was our first time meeting the couple. We had corresponded with the male via emails and on the phone. He informed us that a dozen couples were scheduled to come party in the suite. We were optimistic, but we knew better. Usually, when people try to throw private events, the rule of one-quarter applies. What is the "rule of one-quarter"? The number of couples that will show up will be one-quarter of the number of people on the guest list. In certain situations, it may be even less. We once threw a FREE Superbowl swing party, and one couple (out of a dozen) showed up. Of course, you will be sure to get a last minute txt or email from the male half of the "couple" saying something along the lines of: "My girl got her period and is feeling sick. Is it OK if I come alone?" Why don't these men know when their girlfriends' periods are? Or, is it that there is no girl...

We arrived 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. We were excited! A band called Dispatch Zimbabwe was playing at the Garden. We had never heard of them, but apparently, a LOT of people had. We were happy to not have to stand in the general admission line because it was LONG. We walked past the line into the box suite entrance. Rocco and I picked up our tickets at the VIP will call. We were a little nervous that the tickets would not be there and that the guy was full of crap. But we were happy to see that our tickets were waiting for us. We made our way up to the suite and introduced ourselves to the hosts. The couple was in their late 30's. The wife was a very pretty lady with some fantastic curves. She was short but was wearing sexy, Mary-Jane stiletto heals. Her husband was cute, although a bit shy at first. As we got to talking, we felt very comfortable. She was really cute and I was interested in talking to her about her fantasies. She made me feel at ease. She had one or two swing experiences in the past but he hadn't. She and I were sitting down on the bar stools as our men stood across from us. I grabbed Rocco and started making out with him. I was getting really turned on. The crowd below us was cheering, but not for us -- for the band. As soon as we started making out, another couple arrived at the suite and promptly killed the mojo.

The arriving couple was not only late but were terribly ill-mannered. I went over and introduced myself to them. After a few minutes of talking, Rocco whispered to me that he knew the couple that walked in--apparently, they had contacted us on a swinger site in the past and tried to hook up with us. Rocco reminded me that we had rejected him because the man was an asshole. I faintly remembered the two, but when they started talking; my memory came back. Just as we had recognized them, they recognized us. "Hey, ain't you Sex Kitten and Rocco?" What could we say? "Yes, we are." A minute after they arrived, the hosts offered them drinks and food. They didn't have to ask twice before the couple started getting trashed.

Rocco and I walked away. We went over to the front of the suite, which consisted of two rows of seats, to watch the concert. We noticed all the other suites around us; some were filled with teenage kids; others had older men partying with obvious escorts. It was very interesting to see the scene in each of the surrounding suites. I wonder if the owners of the "Citibank" suite adjacent to us knew their employees were using the space to fuck prostitutes? It was certainly amusing. We turned around to watch the trashed couple. At this point, the man had already drank a 6 pack of beer. About an hour into the concert, we realized that no other couple was coming. Rule of one-quarter (or less).

We went over to talk to the hosts but every time we did, we were interrupted by the trashed couple. The man had always seemed to have a chicken wing in one hand; a beer in the other. The guy just kept drinking and drinking and kept telling us how he loved drinking--especially when it was free. Ironically, the hosts did not even drink -- just like us. At one point, we came up with a plan to try to go fuck in the attached bathroom. It was small, but certainly workable. As we walked over, we were interrupted by "Jeeves," the suite's butler. He wanted to know if we wanted any more mini cheeseburgers. The trashed couple wanted to keep them coming. They turned a potential swing party into an all-you-can-eat and drink buffet. I think they drank about 18 beers by the end of the night.

Rocco and I fooled around by ourselves for the rest of the night and enjoyed the concert. A few minutes before the end of the show, the trashed couple left. Finally. But, it was too late to do anything. The show was over and it was time to go home. We wanted to invite the hosts back to our place but they had to go home to relieve the babysitter. Our fantasy of fucking in an MSG Box Suite will have to remain a fantasy...until we can make it a reality.

Ask Sex Kitten - Better than a One Night Stand?

This week's question comes from Wet:

Hi Sex Kitten! I am a good looking woman in my mid-20's with a need for more sex in my life. I work long hours as an attorney, and I recently broke up with my boyfriend. I do not have the time or desire to commit to a relationship right now. But I do want to experience different men, explore my sexuality, and have my needs fulfilled. I have even thought about experiencing a "MMF" threesome. Lately, I've been going to bars and clubs in the city to pick up men. However, one night stands have been less than desirable or fulfilling. Do you think that I would have fun at one of your parties? Is there any place for a girl like me, who has minimal interest in other females, but just wants to have casual, safe sex in a safe environment? How do you assure discretion, so that I do not have to worry about my career? ~Wet

What a fantastic question! First, I want to assure you that you are not alone. I have met dozens of women in your position. You really hit the nail on the head -- women want to explore their sexuality an environment that is safe, clean, and alluring. SoS parties provide such a sexy, erotic environment where all of your desires can be fulfilled. At each party, there are a number of women who attend because they are sexually frustrated and simply looking to get fucked. These women aren't necessarily looking for couples (or women) to play with -- they are looking for some dick. But, at the same time, these women don't want attend a sausage-fest, where the party is open to any male that wishes to attend and females will surely be harassed.

I found the perfect balance in inviting my own entourage of a few single men to each party. These men are my personal friends, and they are under strict instructions not to bother couples who may not be interested in them. My men are there for me and my single female friends (like Athena, Kate, and Julie who have been featured on the blog). Some of these men, like the ten-inch Titan, are super-stars. I look for men who are handsome and ready to satisfy. There is NO other party in NY that strikes this careful balance; and it took me a long time to build the types of relationships required for such.

In light of the SoS parties I throw, I strongly encourage ALL of my female readers to stop engaging in one night stands and start attending SoS events if you have not already done so. But I also recognize that attending the one SoS party per month to fulfill your sexual needs is not practical. So I began inviting my best guests, including single females, to more intimiate private parties -- the SoS Private List parties. My goal is simply to provide more options for women looking for fun. Heck, sometimes Athena or Kate call me up and I'll throw an improptu orgy just for them! I do whatever I can to make sure ladies get laid without hassle or danger.

So what's wrong with one night stands? First, the lack of control. I know plenty of strong women who wind up doing something they didn't want to during a one night stand. Many women will let things go because they are just (1) horny, or (2) feel like they have already invested the night with the guy so they might as well get something out of the deal. But what if the guy sucks? He may cum in minutes, leaving you totally unsatisfied. Or worse yet, what if he's too aggressive or acts like an asshole?

Second, one night stands aren't safe. You don't know what kind of twisted, crazy, perverted things a man might want to try behind closed doors. There is no one else there to ensure your safety, either.

Why would you want to risk an evening with a guy who might be terrible, or just too aggressive, in bed? At an SoS event, if a guy can't get it up, you can move on. If a guy cums, you can move on to another cock that is ready, willing and able. Everyone practices safe sex and condoms are plentiful. There are people all around you to ensure that "no" means "no." It's safe, sexy, and lots of fun!

So, what's standing in the way? First, as you mentioned, many people are concerned about discretion. Rest assured, so am I! Unlike many other parties, there are NO photographs or video taken at SoS events. I never share any of the information you submit via the registration process with anyone else. Discretion is paramount.

Second, many women are hesistant about having sex at a party atmosphere. But part of the fun is about doing things in front of other people. What holds women back? Sometimes it's about being shy, but most often it is about body image. Let me assure you no one will judge you at SoS events. Most women are conscious about their bodies. That is precisely why I do not invite prententious people to my parties. Women of all shapes and sizes attend SoS events. Of course, everyone is attractive and takes care of themselves. Judgments should be left at the door. If you aren't into someone, just move on. Some women do look like models, others are voluptuous. I make sure there is a good balance of both. This sexual exploration lifestyle is about being open minded. And once you embrace your own beauty and summon the courage to walk around topless or to have sex next to others, you will feel more confident in your every day life as well.

So, as a single female, you should know that SoS is here for YOU!

Ladies' Month Update

To all my dear female readers: June is Ladies' Month at Swing in the City. I will be focusing my blog content for the ladies throughout the month. I want every woman out there to know that it is very normal to have sexual desires and be curious about what I like to call the "Sexual Exploration Lifestyle."

I would also like to present you with the following opportunities.

1) I am hosting a Female Orgasm Workshop completely free of charge to all of the single women out there. I will be taking care of any costs associated with renting a comfortable space and hosting the workshop in Manhattan. All you have to do is register, voice verify with me, and show up. You will also be given a chance to try out the Sybian "Ultimate Vibrator" (in a private room) at the end of the workshop. This seminar is 100% pressure free and you will not interact with the other female guests, as it is not an orgy. It will just be a chance for you to come out and experience the "Big O" while riding the Sybian. If you are interested in attending, please send me an email. I will voice verify with you before extending an invitation. Tell all your friends!

2) I am running a story-submission contest for all the ladies. If you have a story you would like to share with everyone and for me to post on the Swing in the City blog, please email it to me. The story could be erotic, informative or comical. I will be picking the winner that submits the best story. The story must be non-fictional, focused around sexual exploration and include at least one other person. The winning story will be featured on the blog and the winner gets a prize pack containing some of my favorite lubes, goodies, dvds and a dildo personally picked out by me. I will keep your identity confidential.

3) I am planning on having an off-premise SoS event because I have received some demand. For those that don't know, an off-premise event means that sex is not permitted on-premise. It is a good way to meet other like-minded people and see if you have any chemistry with them. For those guests that find compatible partners, an on-premise event will be offered the following week for you to have some fun. The off-premise event will give you a chance to mingle, flirt and share naughty fantasies with other guests. There will also be a very sexy erotic performance set up. Although there is no sexual intercourse, you are free to flirt, strip down and have all kinds of other fun. It is a perfect way for people who are new to the scene to get an insight on what the Sexual Exploration Lifestyle is all about. If you have suggestions on where you would like to attend an off-premise event, please email me about locations.

For more information on any of these topics, email me at

The Horror Date & Advice for Women

One of our good female friends, had a terrible experience over the weekend. Using SDC, a swingers personals site, she began corresponding with a guy and made plans to meet him. Unfortunately, the rendezvous went terribly wrong. The guy, a complete asshole, did the following:

(1) While making out, he sucked her lips so hard that she thought she'd have a hickey on her mouth;
(2) Told her that she could stand to lose a few pounds [I'd like to note that she is actually a beautiful, curvy girl in good shape...];
(3) Could not, for the life of him, get his dick hard;
(3) While attempting to fuck her with his limp dick, he commented that "if [she] were thinner, it would be easier to fuck [her]";
(4) Demanded more oral sex after removing his condom, which contained spermicide; he refused to wash off his penis; and
(5) Upon receiving the oral sex, he proceeded to PEE in her mouth!
(6) After the date, emailed her via the personals site and asked if she could "verify" him!

Luckily, our friend was not totally traumatized after this encounter. She has been to SoS parties and knows what a GOOD experience can be like. After Rocco spoke with her and discussed the situation with me, I have to make a public announcement:

If you are a single woman (or a woman in a couple) and you are in a situation where a man has disrespected you, mistreated you or you simply get a bad vibe... JUST LEAVE! Additionally, you should probably avoid these random one night stands all together. If you want instant gratification, come to an SoS event -- where you will be much safer.

We talked to our friend and she agreed wholeheartedly. In fact -- she submitted the following piece that she wanted me to post:

Finding men or couples online can be a challenging task, especially as a single female. Whether you are searching on Craigslist or on swing websites or forums, you must screen through the fakes, the sleaze, the idiots and the dangerous. When you find someone (or a couple) that interests you, there are some things you should consider before actually meeting up with them.

Before you even think about giving out any personal information (i.e. your address), ask the guy or couple for a phone number so that you can you can voice verify. If they are unwilling to give out a number, do not proceed any further. Voice verification is the only way to find out that the person you have been corresponding with actually is who they say they are (i.e. a couple, or a female). You might be surprised to hear that many men pose as if they are women or say they are part of a couple to lure you in. Be sure to speak to the women as well since many times the female half of the couple doesn't have a clue as to what’s going on. You should also gauge the person you are talking to with regard to his/her age. Finally, you should find out whether the person you have chatted with is even serious about meeting up with you. Too many times do people like to play cyber games. These games mainly consist of attempting to get you to engage in cybersex or endless exchanging of pictures. After the person has gotten their fix, they'll leave you high and dry. Those are the kind of time wasters that you want to avoid. Talking over the phone is also a bit more personal and a better source of getting details from someone (especially when they don’t have all the time in the world to make things up when asked a question as they would online).

You should be able to hold a nonsexual conversation with the person over the phone. There is nothing attractive about a person who can’t hold an intelligent conversation. Pay close attention as to whether you are actually having a two-way conversation. If the other person has nothing to say except “yeah”, “ok”, and “um hmm”, then you may want to move on. It may seem obvious, but try to ask questions and avoid talking too much about yourself. The idea is to get to know the other person and determine whether there are any red flags. If the person is being too vague or quiet, move on. If a person can't impress you on the phone, don't count on him or her impressing you at a rendezvous. Red flags should include anything that doesn't seem right. If you have any inclination that a person is bizarre, or has some issues, stay far away. One guy I spoke to from a swingers personals website kept asking me about my childhood. He wanted to know details of whether I caught my parents having sex. That's the kind of creep you should stay away from.

Once you have spoken on the phone, you may want to meet the person. Meeting in a more public place is safest for a single female. Public--as in at a bar for drinks or at a swing event is best (I highly recommend attending SoS events!). There is nothing worse than meeting a person at your own home or his/heir's only to discover you are having a bad time and you get a feeling of being obliged to stay. If you do ever get in such a situation, call a friend to help bail you out or make an excuse to leave. Stay polite, but get out as soon as you can. There is no need to do anything if you are uncomfortable. If the person is doing something to make you uncomfortable, whether he or she is too aggressive or are being rude, don’t be afraid to let them know how you feel. If it continues, recognize that as a sign to get out and leave.

After trying, and failing to pick up men for casual sex online, I would probably recommend that you don't. It's a waste of time. Sex Kitten and Rocco agree with me on this one. From both a single female and couple's perspective, the safest way to have fun is at an event. If a person is weird, you can simply move on. If you are thinking of meeting up with strangers, why not give Sex Kitten a shout -- and tell her you want to attend an event. If there is demand, she will likely host multiple events in the same month.

Good luck, ladies!

The Largest XXX Theater in North America

Cinema L'Amour, located in the heart of Montreal, is one of the oldest and largest XXX theaters in North America. Not only can men watch porn on a big screen but can jerk off as well. Forget the popcorn-I'd rather suck some dick. After hearing about this theater, Rocco and I had to go check it out.

Rocco and I were about 21 years old when we first visited the theater. We entered through the mirrored front doors. The place was actually pretty clean. Upon entering, a ticket salesperson greeted us by saying "Bonjour." We were asked if we wanted tickets to the VIP couples only balcony overhanging the theater or tickets to the general public area. The clerk highly recommended the balcony area to us and indicated we might be uncomfortable downstairs. But I wanted to check out the REAL deal; so we asked to purchase tickets to the main floor.

The salesperson charged us $20CD and lead us to the main entrance. Once more, he hesitated and told us that we should at least check out the couples area before entering the main hall. We made our way upstairs, just to see the couples area. It was empty -- because it was the middle of the day. We didn't want to have sex in an isolated area of the theater; we were there to show off a bit. So, we made our way back downstairs. I didn't understand why the clerk was trying to dissuade us from going into the main theater. But, after the end of our excursion, I would!

The main floor of the theater was extremely dark. I guess that was the point. It was a bit difficult to walk at first until our eyes adjusted to the darkness. We made our way down to the center of the theater where the "couples row" was located. The row was roped off so as to prevent any unwanted men from jumping in. I looked around and noticed a lot of men scattered throughout the theater. It was a large theater so there was no way to tell exactly how men were there at first. We were the only couple there, of course. Most of the men were senior citizens. These men clearly took advantage of the "$1 discount for patrons over 65" being offered by the theater. Maybe the theater should offer a $1 discount to men under 25 instead? Whatever. I didn't judge them, I just wanted to watch the porno on the big screen and see what kind of fun Rocco and I could have.

The minute we sat down in the couples row, old men started to make their way close to our row. Within a few minutes, about half of the theater had surrounded our row. Rocco was getting nervous but I was getting excited. I looked around and saw a couple of men under 60, what a relief. I was not interested in them but I was excited about the fact that these men were about to watch a live porno. These men were about to get quite a value for their $10CD (or $9CD)...a movie and a live sex show!

At first I played it cool. I just sat down and watched the movie. As the seconds passed by, more and more men congregated in the rows around us. I heard a lot of plastic bags squishing around and couldn't figure out what was going on. It was snowing outside in Montreal and my guess was that a few men were seeking refuge in the warmth of the XXX Theater. At this point, I think most women would have been horrified and ran out of the theater. I guess I'm not like most women... I'll admit, the situation was extremely seedy -- but it was also exciting. I knew Rocco would protect me if anything got out of hand.

I slowly moved my hands on top of Rocco's fly and started to unzip it. I was carefully watching the scene around me to make sure no one would try to jump in. Everything was clear and the men were behaving pretty well. I took my eyes off the screen for a second and attempted to go down on Rocco's hard cock. He was making me so horny. As soon as I bent down, dozens of men surrounded us like bees to honey. Still, no one was attempting to touch and were perfectly content with watching (as they should have been--I cannot imagine any other 21 year old couple that would ever have the balls to do what we did). I continued on to give Rocco head.

After a few minutes, it felt as if a dark cloud was hovering over us. I looked up and saw about 50 men surrounding us! Most of them were jerking off; some of them were just starring at us. I grabbed Rocco's cock in my hand and we both knew that the second I would try to mount him or try to take his cock inside me, things would get out of control. We were a little bit scared of the situation.

We grabbed our coats and belongings and tried to sneak out and "go to the bathroom" instead. This turned out to be a bad idea. We walked to the basement level and ran into a stall in the men's bathroom. I'm not sure if there was a woman's bathroom. Why would there be? I took Rocco's hard dick and bent over so he could fuck me standing up in the stall. We made sure not to touch anything! Rocco must have gotten one or two pumps in before the flood of men followed us into the bathroom! It was the craziest thing ever. We were now "stuck" in the stall because dozens of men were waiting outside for us. I wasn't leaving until I came anyhow; I had enough teasing and could not wait to get back to our hotel to fuck. Rocco slammed me hard standing up and the men heard all of my moans and screaming. Now, you may say to yourself that this is one of the craziest stories you have ever read. But wait, it gets crazier...

As Rocco was slamming me, we notice random hands reaching out from underneath the stall! All hands trying to reach in. We backed off to the corner of the stall and noticed hands coming in from the top of the stall as well. Hands everywhere trying to touch anything. I felt like we were in the middle of a zombie movie scene!

Somehow, we managed to avoid the hands long enough before we both came. The second we came, we bolted out of the bathroom, ran all the way up to the main theater and ran out of the exit. We ran and ran to make sure no one was following us and they weren't. We knew we could outrun the men with walkers. We laughed so hard all the way back to our hotel. Although the creepiness factor was maximum at this theater, we had a crazy experience that we will never forget. In fact, five years later, we returned to theater and had some more fun... but this time, in the couples area!