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Another Complete Failure!

I have written about some of the best of the worst swingers parties in New York City. However, this past Saturday night Rocco and I attended an "event" that may make it to the top of that "Best of the Worst" list.

The host of the party, Ross, advertised his party as the first of many "bi-weekly" events. I had met the host once before -- as he has attempted to run swing parties in the past. Ross isn't a swinger, he dabbles in amateur porn and occasionally finds girls who are willing to escort him to swing parties. His rationale for throwing the party was not to make money, as he was charging relatively little and got his venue, a dance studio, for free as a favor from the owner. I will admit, Ross does have a few good connections -- and I figured that I would at least meet a few interesting people at his party.

Ross sent several almost threatening emails stating that the guests were to arrive between 7:30PM-8:45PM. In fact, he stated that no one would be permitted after 8:45PM. I thought this was a rather foolish cut-off since some guests inevitably come from NJ and the outer boroughs and have issues with traffic at that time. However, I respected the host's request and made an effort to be prompt as a courtesy to the host and the attending guests.

The day of the event, I had a bad feeling. Rocco and I attempted to contact the host of the party three times via phone and twice via email on the day of the party. We wanted to verify that the party was still on. Why wouldn't the party be on? Maybe it was our intuition or maybe it was our natural response after having been screwed at so many so-called "swing parties" (and NOT in a good way). We did not receive any response from the host but still decided to go to the party. Maybe he was just busy preparing for the "hottest swingers party to hit NYC." After all, I know what an ordeal organizing a party can be.

We arrived within the given time slot to the party. I was wearing a short dress exposing my cleavage and heels. Rocco kept staring at me -- so I knew I was dressed to kill! We tried to take the elevator to the third floor, as instructed by the host's email. However, the third floor was locked out and the elevator did not go there. So, we walked up three flights of stairs to see if we could get in. After knocking on the door for a few minutes with no response, we decided to give up and leave. However, just before we were leaving, we decided to go up one more floor to see if we could find anyone. We walked up to the emergency exit on the 4th floor and knocked. To our surprise, someone answered! "Is this where the party is?" we asked. An older gentlemen opened and replied, "Yes." However, we knew this was not the host. He was the owner of the space. We walked in to what looked like a dance studio.

There was one other couple that were sitting around and waiting. We asked the owner where the host was. "He's not here yet." How could the host not be there after being so stern about the arrival time? Well, maybe he'll show up soon, we thought. And maybe, the rest of the dozens of couples that supposedly registered would show up soon. After all, the host sent us pictures of some of the "hot" couples and ladies that would be attending the party. Sending pictures of guests via email may sound like a fantastic idea at first but, I know that couples do not want to share their pictures with random people. This is exactly why for SoS parties, I NEVER share anyone's pictures. If people want to see the guest list and mutually share their pictures in a safe way, they register for the SoS parties on SexxxyMofo, SDC or SLS.

Instead of waiting around for others to come, we decided to go and say hello to the other couple. Their names were Leilene and Charlie and they were a year younger than us. It was Leilene's first time at a "swingers party." Boy, did she pick the wrong one! If it wasn't for us -- the place would be empty. We told Leilene and Charlie that this was not the first time a host was late to his own swing party! It may sound unbelievable, but it's the sad truth. We talked for a little bit and after no one was able to reach the host via our smartphones, we figured the party was not happening.

Nevertheless, we felt bad for Leilene and Charlie and wanted to tell them that not ALL parties in the city are like this one (although, after you read my previous posts, I guess you may conclude that most of the parties are pretty bad). But if the other parties weren't so bad, SoS would not exist. We had a really great conversation with the couple and told them about how we started School of Sex to develop a community of open-minded, young couples. The two of them were very excited and eager to hear about SoS and our events.

We talked for a long time and although the party didn't happen, we had a fun conversation. Leilene was very positive and outgoing. Instead of saying what a waste of time the event was, she said, "Well, I guess my REAL, first time swingers party will be the next SoS Erotic Event." We were so happy we could turn a negative party into such a positive experience. No one ever likes to be stood up or dooped, especially at a swingers event. After facing so many problems at other events, I am very sensitive to these issues and that is why I learn from others' mistakes. I always try to make sure the SoS guests have a great experience and would never stand them up or lie to them by sending pictures of so-called "guests" that will never show up because they're not real. I feel an induction into the Wall of Shame for this party and the host is in order...

Summer Heat Party!

School of Sex is hosting a special erotic event for couples and single ladies on Saturday, August 8th. Why is it special? It's my birthday!! Cum out and celebrate my special day with me on Saturday, August 8th. This party will be ideal for first time couples and ladies as well as seasoned swingers. The couples and ladies can come out, mingle, flirt, dance and sip on cocktails. Ladies can feel free to go topless, dance and come explore their fantasies. There is never any pressure to participate and if you are have never been to a party like this before, I encourage you to come check this event out.

It's going to be a HOT event so it's aptly titled "Summer Heat." We encourage all the ladies to change into their sexiest bikinis. This event has limited space, and will surely sell out -- so it is important that you RSVP immediately! SoS is stepping it up with an improved website and an even more detailed questionnaire required before admittance to our parties.

As always, Swing School will be offered during the first hour of the party. Don't miss out on your chance to attend Swing School at no extra cost. It is the best way for you to learn about what the lifestyle is all about and meet like-minded couples.

And stay tuned for a special September event sponsored by SoS. The event, on September 18, will launch an entirely new series of parties. These events will be the largest, classiest lifestyle events ever held in NYC! This is REALLY exciting stuff!!!

Ride 'em Cowgirl!

Rocco and I were visiting our favorite swing club in the United States. Yes, I am of course talking about the one and only Trapeze in Atlanta, not to be confused with and not affiliated with "Le Trapeze" in New York City. We were fortunate enough to attend a couples party being co-hosted by SDC. Since I know a bit about the lifestyle, I know that when a swing club is backed by SDC, it's bound to be a great event. It was a Western night themed couples and single females only party.

The theme encouraged guests to dress in their best cowboy and cowgirl outfits. Unfortunately, the only hats I own are my Yankees caps! However, unlike me, a vast majority of the guests attending were dressed in at least their cowboy hats and some others actually dressed from head-to-toe in chaps, boots, hats and belts. Rocco and I have never been to a swing club where so many of the attendees were so eager to participate in the theme. In fact, the SDC hosts themselves were decked out in their cowboy gear. The male was wearing chaps and a belt with a huge buckle. He was really in the spirit of things.

I was wearing a low-cut top that covered just the right amount of skin and a short, short skirt. The thing I love about swingers parties is that women can come dressed as scantily clad as they want. In fact, the less clothing, the better. Women were busting out of their tops and teasing the hell out of the guests. One lady was wearing cowboy boots, a skirt and a sheer, lace see-through top. Another was wearing cowboy boots, a bottom, but no top. I mean, where else can you go wearing barely anything and not have to worry about receiving any comments about being inappropriately attired? Am I right, ladies? Where else can you go show off your shortest skirts, tightest tops and most revealing lingerie?

We got down on the dance floor for a couple of hours. We had so much fun that we could have almost forgotten that we were at a swingers party. We were quickly reminded when a stripper hopped on to the stripper pole located in the middle of the dance floor. Due to the theme of the event (and probably because we were down South), by 11pm, they had started playing country music. Some of the women were practicing their two-step. I got off the dance floor during that routine -- I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. But I did I notice the extremely attractive crowd around us. Couples were predominately younger than most other swing clubs--most people were in their 30's and 40's. There were a few older couples and a few younger ones as well; it was quite an eclectic mix of people and it worked. Unlike the NYC scene, no one was running around getting drunk and screaming: "EWWWWWWW old people!" or "Wow, this person's too fat," or "This lady has no body!" (Yes, I have personally heard all of those remarks in various clubs and parties in NYC!) And there were no creepers -- you didn't have to worry about getting harassed by anyone. Everyone seemed to respect everyone else, which is the ideal type of behavior at a true swingers party.

We had visited this same swing club the night before-on a Friday evening when single males were allowed in the club. Because of the single men and the horny women, the action started way early--around 11:00PM. Thinking tonight would be a repeat of the night before, Rocco and I went back to the play area around 10:30PM and decided to change into our towels and hope some fun action would follow. However, when we de-robed, we noticed we were the only couple in back play areas. It was like a ghost town back there! Nearly 200 guests had arrived, but they were in the front dancing! We were puzzled but then were reminded by a friendly staff member that tonight was a couples and single ladies party and that meant that action wouldn't start for another hour to hour and a half. So, we changed back into our clothing and went back out on the dance floor.

As it grew closer to midnight, I saw a lady start sucking her husband's cock next to the dance floor. She just dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants and went right at it. It was hot, so I stood next to them and watched her while I grabbed Rocco's crotch. She grabbed another man who was walking by with his girlfriend and tried to get them to join her and failed. Rocco and I noticed that it was not so easy to hook up with people as it has been the night before at the party allowing single men in -- couples are typically less direct at couples parties. There were a lot of couples who had come as a group or met up with friends but it was difficult for visitors such as us to meet and have a conversation with a couple. We watched some of the ladies on the dance floor make out and have fun with each other. Even some of the men were dancing--which is pretty rare at a traditional swingers party. I went up behind a bootylicious woman and watched her perform an erotic dance for her man. He had a big smile on his face as she backed her ass up into him. I was having a great time, but I was ready to go back in the play area.

We had waited long enough and other couples were also ready to play. We all changed into our towels. However, I noticed that some women stripped down to their underwear or changed into their lingerie instead. We observed that the more "hard-core" couples were changed into their towels whereas the more self-conscious or timid couples kept their undies on. Couples found compatible partners and went straight for the private rooms. In fact, most of the private rooms were taken almost all night. I was not a huge fan of the private rooms, although I understood why some people liked them. Still, I was looking for some open, group fun.

Rocco and I sat in the couch area and saw a fun couple go right at it in the middle of everyone watching. Brandon and his wife Tina were exactly the type of people you hope to meet at swingers party. She took his dick out of his towel and without hesitation, gave him a blow job. It was hot to watch them, but the area was getting crowded so Rocco and I went to the couples area. There was a lot of pussy-eating and girl-on-girl action going on. It was fun to watch but the men were not giving it to the women for long before they ejaculated. There was one soldier that stood out above the rest of the men. He was a middle-aged man who was enjoying himself and kept going for a while. Rocco and I were not feeling the vibe of the couples' room and decided to move on.

Some couple was taking advantage of the cabana next to the pool. People were starting to fuck everywhere. The jacuzzis were filled with hot and horny couples. We walked back into the play area and were greeted by Brandon and Tina. He came right up to us and introduced himself: "Hi, I'm Brandon B. Smith and this is my wife Tina Smith!" Haha! This is why I love the South! I had heard many things at a swing club but never heard such a formal introduction. They were so sweet and innocent that I was instantly attracted to them. The four of us had the best conversation while standing outside the couples room and watching people fuck. Tina and Brandon were together for more than 10 years. The high school sweethearts were virgins when they met and enjoyed swinging for the past two years or so. They had amazing chemistry and I could tell they really loved each other. Perhaps they had such a great relationship, in part, because they were both great in bed? My theory was about to be proven correct.

We decided to find an open area to go play in. The only available room was the "Anything Goes" fantasy room. No other couple was playing in that room until we came along. I started giving Rocco head as Tina was getting eaten out by Brandon. I watched the two of them as Rocco and I had our fun. Brandon told me that they were a bit shy and weren't really sure "how it all works." I told him not to worry and just do whatever they felt comfortable doing. Tina started to blow Brandon and I asked to join in. She and I took his cock in our mouths as we played with each other. She had big, natural breasts and they felt amazing. Brandon, being the amazingly chivalrous gentleman that he is, suggested that his wife and I to go over and help Rocco out. And so, we did! Tina and I took turns sucking Rocco's cock. I was very excited. Brandon was ready with a hard dick and I knew Tina needed to be meat-filled. She rode Brandon's cock as I got fucked by Rocco. The four of us had great chemistry and had a lot of fun playing with each other.

We spent almost the rest of the night hanging out and sharing stories with each other. Tina and Brandon have never been to New York, but we invited them to come party with us if they ever do. We shared a great meal (the midnight breakfast served by Trapeze's chef) and said our goodbyes and departed.

It was 3:00AM and Rocco still hadn't cum yet. Before heading home, we decided to go back to red velvet couch area and have some fun. We sometimes saw couples napping in this area, but this time, there were about 3 couples having some fun on the couches. We sat down in the middle and started having some fun. I saw an interracial couple to my left. The lady kept giggling for some reason while playing with her man's dick. I wasn't sure why she was laughing so she caught my attention. I saw she had his big hardon in her hands. Maybe she was laughing because she didn't know what to do with his big dick?

I saw the man look over at me and smile in a flirtatious way. I took a break from sucking Rocco and moved a bit closer to the couple. I wasn't interested in the lady, but his dick got my attention. I tried to make conversation with them and said something along the lines of how nice his cock looked. She looked over at me and giggled some more. I'm not sure what this lady was high on; but it wasn't life. I decided to cut the bullshit and be direct. I asked her, "I think you may need some help with that big dick over there." She replied, "UMMMMmmmmmmm, I'm OK." Then she looked at him and asked in a stern voice, "What about YOU?" If looks could kill...she starred him down as if to say, "If you say, 'Yes' to her I will cut off your dick." He quickly replied, "No, no; I'm OK," and I was glad he said that because a swing club is no place for a jealous and outraged Lorena Bobbitt. Her obnoxious laughter and negative attitude kind of killed our mojo. Well, I guess not all couples can be as awesome as our new friends Brandon and Tina.

We will certainly be back to Trapeze in Atlanta. You will notice that all major Trapeze parties are co-hosted by SDC and are displayed under "VIP Events." You can also get a taste for what the couples down in Atlanta look like -- and they're as hot as the summer weather!

Swingers Date Club Logo
Swingers Date Club Logo

An XXXtreme Time!

Last week's XXXtreme party was the first decent party I have been to in NYC besides, of course, my own. I was especially eager to attend because the party allowed single males in; which is unheard of at any organized swing parties in Manhattan. The hosts of the party had invited 1 male for every couple; however, because a lot of men did not show up, the party was mostly filled with couples. Yes, what was supposed to be a sausage-fest turned into a couples event -- it was certainly not planned, but a hell of a party! But I wondered, "Where's the beef?"

I can certainly understand that reliable gentlemen are difficult to come by -- especially in NYC -- so I was not too surprised to see that there was a low male turn out. But, I found it ironic that the same guys who have BEGGED me to throw an event open to single males didn't even bother showing up after registering with XXXtreme. I knew, because I saw some familiar email addresses on the guest list. I was a bit disappointed, but not surprised.

The party took place at the midtown loft that is regularly rented by a certain "club." Actually, the location is NOT a "club" but a rentable loft space that has nothing to do with this particular "club". In fact, the owner of the space asked me to relay this information to my readers and forward the message that the space is available to be rented for events on a nightly basis. Throughout this entry, you will find pictures of the venue. If you are interested in renting the place for a night and organize your own party, please email me and I will get you in touch with the owner of the space.

Since Friday nights are normally "swinger party" nights at the loft, quite a few people who weren't on the guest list attempted to gain entrance to the party. But the XXXtreme Events security made sure that only people on the guest list were permitted inside. Apparently, they were forced to turn away a lot of people who did not belong at the party -- and I was impressed to see that. It also made for some funny stories. Quite a few of the couples who were turned away were most certainly above 65. One of the rejected was an old man who was hard of hearing -- I overheard as it took several attempts to explain the situation to him and ask him to exit the venue.

The XXXtreme Event was pretty packed. Throughout the night, I went around and talked to couples. I was impressed to see that many hot couples had attended. Quite a few couples were very interesting in finding single males, but couldn't find any! It's always the most secure couples who are interested in appeasing the woman's fantasy of trying multiple men -- and it was so refreshing to meet such open-minded couples. On the flip side, despite the party's advertisements, which had stated it was an event "for women who like multiple men" and made clear that single males would be present, there was one couple where the male "forgot" to inform the female about that pertinent detail. You may notice a pattern in my blog about douche bag men who lie or omit details about swingers parties to their girlfriends and wives. I would hope these women have the sense to realize that if their men are lying or leaving out details about something such important as a swingers party, they're probably lying about a lot of other things. Anyway, on to the details!

My friend Athena came early and was hungry for cock-meat. I saw her talking to a cute, young single male. I went over to greet them. His name was Martin and he told us that it was his first time attending a swingers party. He asked me a little bit about myself and I told him that I have been to quite a few swingers parties around the world. He was intrigued and wanted to know more about me. I told him that I actually like single male parties for many reasons; one being that when couples and single ladies come out to a party allowing single males, things get really wild. Of course, all the women including myself are selective about who we want to play with; it is by no means a free-for-all. We want to fulfill our fantasies; if guys want to fuck multiple women, why isn't it OK for women to want the same?

A lady I knew by the name of "E" came over to the party hoping for a gang-bang. When she walked in, I told her that there weren't many single males and mostly couples. I met E at a party almost half a year ago. She's an attorney by day; but, by night, she is a submissive gang-bang girl. She's certainly extreme, even for me! But even cock-crazy gang bang girls have standards. E had complained to me that so many of the guys who attend these events are nasty old men. So, she was happy to come out to a party with attractive people. I walked around and introduced her to some of the men I had met.

Some of the men just stood around shocked that we would come say hi to them. E went over and I watched her seduce a man. It was incredible to watch her! She began by spreading her legs on the bed and rubbing her pussy. She motioned to the man and then grabbed his crotch. She unzipped his fly, and his cock came out. She started stroking his cock and then motioned for more men to come over. At first, only one guy came over. The others watched. E started sucking the first guy off while the second man touched her leg.

I knew that this was hard for E -- she was submissive, yet none of these guys were taking control. This was the first time E had come to a party by herself. Typically, she had a male friend come with her and direct the men. So, I tried to help. I told the second guy to feel if her pussy was wet; and he started fingering her. Apparently, she was soaking wet. Another man approached and put his hard cock in E's hand. He was on deck to get some head. She had some excellent oral skills! She was taking on three cocks at once; but she wanted a couple more. Unfortunately, there weren't enough hard cocks for her. But, she made the best of it and had her fun with the three guys. A couple came over and sat close to her and watched her. I was touching Rocco's cock as we watched. It was getting late and I was ready to play.

A sexy single lady, Cynthia, went over to one of the back rooms with a couple she had met. The couple spoke Spanish -- and not much English. The male also invited me to come with them to the back room. Cynthia was attracted to the lady in the couple. She wore a red outfit displaying her delicious cleavage. Her long, black hair was just perfect, and she had a beautiful face. Unfortunately, her man was rather aggressive and I was immediately turned off by him. He had that "asshole" vibe-I couldn't put my finger on it but I knew I didn't like him. My intuition told me that he was a jerk and it turned out to be true. I saw him grab Cynthia and make out with her on the bed. Cynthia asked the girl in the red to come closer so she could play with her. She refused and look extremely uneasy. This aggressive son of a bitch obviously did not care that his lady was uncomfortable with the situation. Let me guess; he wanted to come to a swingers party and dragged her along without communicating with her. Well, his tactics with Cynthia did not work out very well -- she wanted his girlfriend and not him (or, at the very least, wanted the two of them together).

In the meantime, Martin started playing with Cynthia. I saw that she was not into the aggressive asshole and positioned myself closer to her. I asked her if she was doing OK and when I did, I saw the aggressive asshole talk to a another man, Len, in Spanish and told him to come in and play with Cynthia and take his spot! He walked out with his clueless girlfriend. I immediately spoke up and told the Len, "Hey, you have to ask her if you want to play with her." He followed my advice and did ask her, and she said, "Yes." It turned out that Cynthia had actually spoken with Len on the dance floor and was interested in him. Len turned out to be a great guy. But, I still don't believe the aggressive asshole thought he could just "pass" Cynthia to Len. Girls like us attend these sorts of events because we actually WANTED to play with guys that we select; not to be turned into some sort of commodity.

Cynthia had Len's cock in one hand while she sucked off Martin. She was looking so hot with her beautiful breasts exposed. Rocco and I watched her play with the two men and we fucked right next to her. I was so turned out by her. I saw Len's cock and looked over at him. He looked back and moved closer. I touched his erect dick; it was long. Len politely asked permission to touch my breasts. I told him yes. Rocco made his way over to Cynthia and she started giving him head. I heard Rocco moan in pleasure. He told me that Cynthia had driven him wild. She grabbed the base of his penis as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft.

As I sucked Len's cock, Rocco strapped on a condom and put his dick inside Cynthia's wet pussy. He started out slow, and then went faster and faster. Martin came over to me and I took his and Len's cock in each hand. I grabbed a condom for Martin and he fucked me doggy style while I kissed Len's rock-hard body. I wanted to take control of both cocks and I directed the boys to change positions. I told Martin to lay down. As I rode him reverse-cowgirl style, I took Len's cock in my mouth. Next to us, Rocco was pounding the hell out of the beautiful Cynthia. It was a hot scene and we had gathered a few spectators. We told one of the males to back off and give us some room. I was enjoying the three guys with Cynthia. Len switched with Martin and put his dick inside my wet, throbbing pussy. He grabbed my left leg and shoved his long dick in me. I moaned and screamed as he hit my g-spot. He asked me if I was OK; I guess I can be pretty vocal and guys are not used to it -- yes, I'm a moaner! He asked me if I liked his cock. I told him that I did and asked him to fuck me harder. Before I knew it, he made me squirt all over his dick.

I guess Athena had heard my moans and came into the back room to check out the action. She had already hooked up with Martin but was ready for round two. She had found another man and took on the two cocks. We watched her get fucked while Martin put his dick in her mouth. Now, this is my idea of a party!

Yes, the promoters of XXXtreme Events put together a great party. Although the guests, to our surprise, mostly consisted of couples, we had a great time. V and the XXXtreme team told me that they were extremely happy renting the space directly from the owner. The owner had taken extra care to make sure that the place was nicely decorated (as pictured) and that all their concerns were addressed. Apparently, there is no need for a middle-man and the prices are competitive for a large sized loft in midtown Manhattan. As I stated earlier, I wanted to share this information with the readers who may be interested in organizing their own swingers party.

Dove Campaign

I wanted to post this video during June, which was Ladies' Month. But I think every month should be ladies month! So, here's a video that I think every woman should watch. This video was created by Dove. As you can see, the media goes to ridiculous lengths in order to CREATE the "ideal" woman.

Over the past few months, many women have written to me concerned that they would not be "hot enough" for an SoS event. Apparently, the porn pictures used on my blog have been misinterpreted as exemplifying what women (and men) actually look like at our parties. While we certainly do have the hottest crowd in the city, voluptuous is not a bad word at SoS. Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes. For this reason, I will be making a point of choosing pictures for the blog that are less artificial. Most women are naturally conscious about their bodies -- and an erotic event should not make a woman MORE conscious, instead she should feel free to strut her stuff.

The Science of Sex

I don't need science to tell me that sex is good for me. But, some men and women may not be aware of the fact that sex is good for your health. Guys, you can use the following studies to help you pick up and convince women to have sex with you.

When she is looking blue
Sex, like all affectionate physical contact, elevates the level of the hormone oxytocin, which causes general happiness in both genders. But women get an added bonus from sexual activity, as a study has shown that exposure to semen will help quell depression. And it's a good thing too, because the old "sperm is good for the skin" canard is not backed up any legitimate research.

When your girlfriend thinks you're a keeper
So she thinks you're going to be together forever, and has stars and future children in her eyes. Well, she better be down with giving it up every night, because your good friend science states that daily sex increases the overall quality and fertility of sperm.

When she has bags under her eyes
Various studies have found sleep deprivation causes all sorts of problems, especially among 19-38-year-olds. Fortunately, sex is a great way to promote better sleep habits, because a good old-fashioned screw will bring on the zzz's by releasing body- and mind-relaxing endorphins. If you go this route, you should throw in a self-effacing joke about it not being habit forming.

When there is a bug going around

Researchers at the University of Wilkes-Barre have found that having sex a couple times a week increases your level of the antibody immunoglobulin, which prevents colds and other infections. Sure that's not going to make up for the litany of potentially more serious diseases you could leave her with, but it's a start.

When it's that time of the month
If you don't mind going there, a study has suggested that sexual intercourse during menstruation helps prevent Endometriosis, a painful condition which affects 10 million American women and sometimes leads to infertility. It is also believed that orgasms reduce menstrual cramps.

When she's at the gym

Yes, just like that StairMaster, sex with you can burn calories and be good for the heart. But would you really approach a chick at the gym with that weak sauce? Instead, be original and tell her that sex triggers the release of phenethylamine, a natural amphetamine which promotes weight loss by suppressing the appetite. And it would probably be best to do so delicately, and right after your own cardio workout, as studies have shown women most desire well-defined men.

When your wife is pregnant, and you want some oral sex.

In a fortuitous twist, one of the keys to good prenatal health is ingesting as much of the father's, ahem, DNA as possible. Reason being it heightens the pregnant woman's tolerance for the half-foreign object growing in her belly.

Read the entire article here.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Sex

Our Freedom event was a massive success! Forty couples and nearly a dozen single women attended the event. It was truly a sight to behold!

One gorgeous couple from Sexxymofo left us the following validation:

Wow is all we can say. We attended their Freedom hybrid party. It had to be one of the best events we have been to. The hosts are extremely down to earth, make everyone feel very welcome, and know how to throw one hell of a party. Not to mention the venue was impressive. The Swing School was a great ice-breaker, we immediately met 2 couples we hit it off with. The Crowd was attractive and there was something for everyone. It started like a Skin party....and ended like a ......(I will leave that to the imagination) Can`t wait until the next event. D&M

Don't believe the hype? Join Sexxymofo and check out our validation from this awesome couple! I like the sexy crowd on Mofo so much that for a limited time I'm offering anyone who signs up to become a Mofo member 25% off the next SoS event! (New members only!) Be sure to enter 'SchoolOfSex' in the referral box on Sign-Up Page #2 in order to qualify.

The night began, as always, with Swing SchoolTM. A dozen couples found a seat in the lounge area as we began our informal session. This time we explained the new format: the hybrid event.
For the first time in history, we had combined an off-premise party with an on-premise event thereby allowing lots of "newbie" couples to experience a party without the intimidation of walking into a full blown orgy. From 9pm to 11:30pm, the event was "off-premise" style meaning that no sex was permitted. From 11:30pm on, the party turned "on-premise" meaning that sex was allowed anywhere. Well, by Rocco's watch it was actually 11:23pm when some couples started playing -- but, there was no way we were telling them to wait!

Our guests enjoyed the outdoor terrace and the beautiful venue. We had so many guests, with our bartenders mixing SO many drinks, that we had to send our bartender out to restock our cup supply! Bottles poppin' and ladies droppin' on the dance floor... it was an insane scene. The winner of our Summer Lovin' bikini contest, an insanely hot Brazilian model -- and her boyfriend, made it out to party with us.

Rocco and I made it over to the play area and noticed the scene growing. Four couples had found their way onto the bed and had initiated a group sex session. The rest of the guests stood back in awe, watching. Other couples began to mess around in the lounge area, where we had held the
Swing SchoolTM session just hours earlier. The party was kickin' and it just kept getting better.

One sexy lady was too shy to remove her clothing. I made my way over to her. She had grabbed a vertical pipe running down one of the walls and began showing me her strip-tease routine. She had a hot Mediterranean look, and I was getting excited. I encouraged her to undress. "But there are all these girls here who look like models..." she said. I told her not to worry, as she was a gorgeous woman herself. She stripped into her bra and panties. I was getting really aroused. She began to feel a bit more comfortable and her man walked over to us. He had a fully erect cock which curved up and appeared to say "hello!" to me. Whew!

Rocco was busy coordinating all the help (DJ, bartenders, security, door-people, cleanup crew), but I was getting horny. Due to the size of this venue and the scale of the event, it was hard for me to just dive in and play. But, Rocco knew what to do. He took me to the bathroom and fucked the hell out of me. I came hard, and I had my least for awhile!

More guests joined in the fun. Some wanted to show off as exhibitionists, while others got into orgy action. Overall, the night was a wild success and everyone was thrilled to have attended. I met so many smart, sexy people that I could hardly contain my excitement. I even saw two of the single ladies that attended hit it off with each other and suck each others' breasts. It was just WILD!

Defining Open-Minded

This entry comes from a couple who has been in the lifestyle for the past few years:

What we've found in our explorations is that everyone proclaims themselves to be "OPEN." Over the years, we've figured out what most of them actually mean: Note that this usually comes from the MALE of a couple. He says, "Oh yes, we're OPEN!" What he seems to really mean is HE is open to being with YOUR wife... or that HE is open to seeing HIS wife with YOUR wife... or best of all... HE is OPEN to being with YOUR wife and HIS wife at the same time!!! That doesn't exactly fall under the definition of "OPEN" to us!

It seems that being open should be just that, open to explore, open to new ideas, new sensations... and comfortable around all sorts of people we might not necessarily want to immediately hop in bed with, if that makes sense to any of you. That is the whole point of going to a swingers club or party is seeing diversity. Of course, if we're around a person or persons with whom we find mutual attraction and good chemistry, then we might find ourselves open to where things may take us. Male/Female/Couple/Group...
Tall/Short/Thick/Thin... Black/White/Brown/Yellow... all of these things are just labels and labels serve, more than any other purpose, to separate us from others. Throw all the labels out and have fun, that's been our hope but we seem to be on an island!

I was taken aback by those words. Being open, in the truest sense of the word, is essential to entering this lifestyle. There is really no room for judgments or a pretentious attitude. Personality matters at least as much as looks do. This is precisely why SoS terrifies the competition -- at SoS, women rule. We decide what we want and when we want it. SoS also intimidates pretentious, elitist would-be guests who are more interested in showing their goods and judging others than having fun. A "hot" crowd is, after all, subjective. My screening process does not ensure that I will only have models attend my parties. To the contrary, I want people of all shapes, sizes, and races. Of course, everyone must be height/weight proportionate and take care of themselves, but we do not want to throw a party where everyone looks exactly the same... it's a swingers party after all, not a Klan meeting. At SoS, there is something for everyone.

Southern Hospitality

Rocco and I have been to swing clubs and parties all over the world. In fact, we have made a hobby of visiting these clubs and sharing our experiences. People always ask us which club we consider to be the best swing club in the world? As my readers know, New York City has one of the worst swing scenes in the country -- which is precisely why I started throwing my own parties. I've always recommended Montreal and Paris for the best swing clubs. Unfortunately, Montreal's scene has really fallen by the wayside. But I have seen the light -- and it's in Georgia!!! I am pleased to announce my selection for BEST swing club in North America: Trapeze in Atlanta, Georgia.

Trapeze Atlanta is actually the second Trapeze club. Neither are affiliated with Le Trapeze in NYC. In fact, even the southerners knew that Le Trapeze NYC was a dump! The other good Trapeze Club is operated by the same owner as Trapeze in Atlanta and is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It's supposedly even better than the club in Atlanta -- so I am going to have to plan a special trip out to Florida soon to find out!!!

We arrived at Trapeze on Friday evening around 10:30PM. We drove from our hotel in downtown Atlanta and it took us about 15 minutes to get there. Trapeze is open every night of the week except Monday. On every night except Saturday and Sunday, single men are allowed in. It was a Friday; single men were allowed in and I was excited! The last time I attended a good party that allowed single men in was my own that I held 3 months ago! I was dressed in my pink cleavage top, and my boobs were practically falling out. Rocco fingered me on the car ride over because I was wearing a short skirt with no panties. We were READY to play! The first thing I noticed was the sheer size of Trapeze. Even from the outside, you could see this place was massive. There was valet service available as soon as you pulled up to the club, which was located off of a major highway.

As we walked inside, there were about a dozen couples and single men lined up to pay and get inside. A sexy southern lady wearing an Ed Hardy dress greeted us and told us to fill out a membership form. The form was electronic and we had to complete it on a computer in the corner of the lobby. Rocco and I were very impressed by the system employed. As soon as I checked off the membership agreement and entered my information into the computer terminal, the lady retrieved a printed membership card for us.

The sexy lady proceeded to ask us for our drivers licenses so that she could scan them in. I was a bit hesitant but we handed over our licenses. I thought about what my NYC brethren would do if a swing club asked to scan in their drivers licenses. I can’t even imagine how many people would turn away. But a club is as good as its reputation -- and Trapeze is one of the most well regarded swing clubs in the world. We had done our homework and knew that Trapeze was a legitimate and trustworthy establishment. The lady explained that it was necessary to scan our license to make sure no one else would use our membership card. We understood.

A gentleman by the name of David came out and introduced himself to us. He knew we were Rocco and Sex Kitten from the School of Sex and was very excited to see us. He proceeded to give us a personal tour of the club.

As soon as we walked into the club, we saw a nice dance floor area and a lounge area with chairs and tables. To the immediate right was a bar; adjacent to the bar was a top-notch buffet area with a real gourmet chef! Now, we had seen a gourmet dinner served at a swing club in Paris, but never something quite like this in the States. There was a salad bar, carving station, cheese platter, dessert table, and plenty of fruit. It was really amazing! Rocco and I had just eaten dinner, but we made sure to come hungry on our subsequent visit the next night.

We walked over to the back of the club. We first saw a small lounge room to our right. The room was small, with a giant velvet red sofa spanning the entire space forming a big "C." This was the only play area in which persons could be clothed. The next area was more hardcore, and required that everyone change into towels. The area was MASSIVE.

The manager showed us the changing area; complete with lockers, towels and a group shower. After the changing area, we entered a swinger’s paradise -- the biggest play area we had ever seen at any club. Not only were there play areas, but more bars as well. There were a total of four bars throughout the entire club, and two of them were in the play areas. I have never seen or heard of a club designed so well! As with any swing club, it was BYOB. Your membership number was written on a sticker and placed on your bottle. At your request, the staff would move your bottle(s) to any of the four bars. The level of care didn’t stop there. The entire staff was amazingly helpful and friendly. A locker attendant would lock/unlock your locker (and within seconds!) and a towel attendant was situated in front of the locker room to distribute condoms and towels. Don't forget to pick the condoms up in the front or bring your own because the play areas did not have any.

Our guide showed us a total of 6 private rooms (all of which could be locked), a couples only room, an “anything goes” room and two huge lounge areas for people to mingle, flirt and play. One of the lounge areas had a pool table. But our tour was not over. The manager showed us the swimming pool area. This was INSANE!!! The swimming pool was a nice size, and heated. There were three large jacuzzis adjacent to the pool. On the opposite corner, there were two cabana beds with curtains. And in the corner, another bar. I took a step back and looked around. A club done right. Rocco and I had our mouths open. It was like Disney World -- for swingers!

We went back into the main play area since the pool area was a little humid. We walked over to the couples’ only room and observed the bouncer. He was making sure that only couples entered the room, and couples were required to leave the room together as well. He never left his area and never let anyone slip -- and he never hassled anyone unnecessarily, as many bouncers at these clubs do!

The manager told us that the club was about to undergo massive renovations to expand the couples only play room and generally update the decor. I was so glad to see that the club is trying its best to answer and anticipate the needs of its guests. We also heard that the owner had recently fired his entire staff and hired a whole new crew. I was overwhelmed by the care and professionalism of the new staff. As soon as I put my drink down, someone ran over to pick up my glass. These were people who loved their jobs, and took pride in making Trapeze a true destination.

The only bad thing I could even say about Trapeze was that the dance area and lounge in the front was not big enough to hold the 300-400 guests expected on busy nights! When we came back for the couples-only Western themed Saturday night, the place was jam-packed. But the manager informed me that the dance floor would also be undergoing an expansion to better fit the guests’ needs. Their goal is to expand to be similar to their Trapeze location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida -- which I cannot wait to see. The hospitality of staff and attending guests combined with a massive space makes for an amazing experience that everyone should check out. Trapeze Club in Atlanta was simply AMAZING and gets the SoS and Swing in the City seal of approval!

I will be writing about how the rest of my night went at Trapeze Atlanta within the week... suffice to say, it was insanely HOT!

Big Willy Style

Ever wonder how Hollywood celebs like Will and Jada Smith make their marriage work? According to a recent interview with the UK magazine Reveal, Will and Jada are very much open minded and are open to having sex with other people. Will says "Our perspective is, you don't avoid what's natural and you're going to be attracted to people." He said being open has made his marriage successful. He further adds, "And lots of sex makes for a good marriage too!"

The media is so quick to throw labels at us and associate negativity with swingers, polyamorists and open-minded couples. It's time to change those conceptions. Swing in the City is here to let the world know that open-minded people are not bored with their sex lives and partners; we are not weirdos looking for attention; we are not cheaters; we're honest people who are open about our sexual desires.

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