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We-Vibe Review

I received the We-Vibe in a discreet package in the mail. I was excited finally receive the "Sex Toy of the Year". Would it live up to it's title? I had the We-Vibe in hand. Now, all I needed was a hard dick. That's where my husband Rocco came in.

It was almost 24 hours since my last orgasm, so I was horny and ready. I had planned to watch the instructional video, but I was far too excited. Using it seemed rather simple, so I dove right in. In mere seconds, I had figured out how to control the variable, 2 speed motor. The device itself is shaped like a "U". One end of the U goes inside the vagina while the other side stays outside, on top of the clitoris. This device can actually stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time, which is quite incredible!

The device is completely wireless and rechargeable. I grabbed Rocco, for purposes of experimentation and started making out with him on the bed. My pussy was really wet and Rocco got right on top of me and slid in. I took the We-Vibe and pushed it right on top of his dick. Rocco has a thick cock but because the We-Vibe is made from high-quality silicone, it slid in with little effort. You should always make sure put some lube on the device before inserting.

I turned the vibrator on the "low" setting. I found that although the We-Vibe could stay inside me, I had to use my hand to hold the vibrating head on top of my clit. Intense fucking may cause it to shift around, so you might want to have a hand free. Rocco started pumping his dick inside me; we fucked in the missionary position for about a minute before I started to cum. As I was cumming, my orgasm felt even more intense because of the vibrations from the toy. I told Rocco to keep fucking me!

I put my legs up in the air as he thrust his dick deep inside. I screamed out, "I'm cummmmmming!!!" As I was cumming, I continued to hold the We-Vibe on my clit, this time with even more pressure. When I let it go, I squirted all over Rocco's cock. Within about ten minutes, I came four times and squirted twice. As I pulled the We-Vibe out of my pussy, I was actually sore from cumming so much! Rocco's cock was also feeling extra sensitive after the intense session.

The We-Vibe far exceed my expectations. Not only is it the hottest new sex toy in the market, it is also one of the few toys that can be used by a couple. If you are looking to enhance your orgasm, I highly recommend this product. I should mention that I don't often use vibrating toys because I prefer the "real deal," but the We-Vibe allows me to experience the best of both worlds. The device also helped me achieve some of the best orgasms I've had in a long time! The fact that a woman can achieve multiple orgasms and keep going (as long as your partner's dick stays hard) is also a big plus.

I did use the We-Vibe in other positions (doggy, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl). Unfortunately, it was more difficult to keep the toy in place in those position and therefore, I would recommend using it missionary style. Also, the product seemed to chafe the top of Rocco's penis after prolonged use or more intense fucking if you fail to use lube.

How does it compare to the Sybian? I would say that it's a totally different toy and the fact that you can interact with your partner while using it makes it a great investment. And, it is less than 1/10th of the price of a Sybian, making it a great value. If you are used to the Hitachi Magic Wand or other intense vibrating toys, the We-Vibe doesn't have that kind of intensity. That's fine by me, because I am able to cum from penetration -- but some of my friends who use the Magic Wand every day say they need more of a kick...

If you would like to purchase a We-Vibe, please click here.

Product name: We-Vibe
Product retail value: $130
Available at: Adam & Eve and Babeland
The positive/negative breakdown:


*Portable/wireless device
*Sleek and beautiful design
*Comes in a discreet carry-case that looks like an eye-glass case
*Made to last
*Engineered to enhance sex between a couple
*Dual speed control
*Different than any product out on the market today
*Works well for women that cum from clitoral stimulation as well as g-spot stimulation
*Induces female ejaculation or squirting

*Best when used missionary style; may not work as well in other positions or with anal sex
*Costs more than $100
*May require a lot of lube when used with a penis that is very large in girth

Overall score: 5 out of 5 stars

Have you tried the We-Vibe? Please leave your review in the comments section and let me know what you think.

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Adam & Eve Adult Sex Toys

July's Wall of Shamer

Next on my Wall of Shame is a guy I met at an XXXtreme Events party in July. He brought his gorgeous girlfriend, who was not even remotely interested in swinging or interacting with anyone, including him. This event was open to single males, so it's not like she was his ticket in the party or anything. She probably just came to appease him.

He made several advances towards various single women that night as his girlfriend trailed behind him. But all the ladies were more interested in his stunning girlfriend, or at least the couple as a "package."

The aggressive guy wound up fingering a sexy single lady as she jerked off another man. But when she asked if his girlfriend would join, the girlfriend walked away -- and the guy followed his lady. As he made his exit, he motioned to another male guest and told him, "Take my spot, bro." I was shocked! How dare he treat the girl like she was some sort of petting zoo attraction? Women at real swingers parties choose who they want to play with and whom they wish to reject. We are not to be "traded" like baseball cards or mistreated -- that's not what this lifestyle is about. I welcome this son-of-a-bitch to my wall of losers. Any man who can't treat women, especially the SINGLE ladies, at a swingers party with respect has no business attending an event.
Needless to say, this "couple" went home together without having any fun. It was obvious that the man pushed his girl into coming without being totally upfront and honest with her.

Ignorance is a Dangerous Thing!

As you probably know, School of Sex and Behind Closed Doors were featured in Time Out NY in the "Best swingers clubs in New York City" article. In fact, Time Out used our pictures in the feature without properly crediting us. Yes, all four pictures in the story are from actual Behind Closed Doors events.

There is quite a lot to say about this article. First, a swinger club generally refers to a club with a brick and mortar location that is open several days a week. None of the profiled entities including School of Sex, are actually clubs -- they are roaming parties that generally take place once per month. Well, some roam more than others -- two the parties featured actually host every single on-premise event at the same location. Perhaps it would have made more sense to call the feature "Best swingers parties in NYC."

As I began to read the feature, I gasped at the first paragraph:

Shortly after it was profiled in the The New York Times, Gowanus, Brooklyn, sex
club CasBar was busted on more than “150 incidents of prohibited sexual activity,” including anal sex and fellatio. “The lifestyle is targeted by law enforcement, and you hear about clubs and parties being shut down everyday,” says Redd, a local event promoter who asked that his organization not to be named. “Adults should have the choice to participate in whatever they feel comfortable doing in life.”

This is perhaps the most ignorant, unfounded comment I have ever read. Casbar was shut down as a result of violating of New York Sanitary Code §24-2.2. As I discuss in my article on The Legality of Sex Clubs in NYC, the Code states that "No establishment shall make facilities available for the purpose of sexual activities where anal intercourse, vaginal intercourse or fellatio take place." The Code is typically used to go after homosexual venues, and was enacted to curb the AIDS epidemic.

Casbar was located on the premises of a previously homosexual club. So, eyes were already on the club. The NY Times piece probably pushed it over the edge. Clubs generally remain under the radar so as to avoid problems with the Health Department. For example, Le Trapeze and Checkmate have operated for 30 and 15 years, respectfully, without any problems.

Upon shutting Casbar, no arrests or raids were made. All of Casbar's patrons were safe. It was the health department that went after Casbar, NOT the police. It was a simple matter of padlocking the club to shut it down. And, no, there aren't clubs and parties being shut down every day. The Code has only been used to shut down Casbar and Plato's Retreat back in the 1980s! No one is EVER arrested in NYC for participating in a lifestyle event, an orgy, or anything related. What happens behind closed doors is YOUR business! The ONLY reason that law enforcement would get involved is if you (or management) choose to participate in illegal activities such as drug use or prostitution, or frequent a club or party where such illegal activities take place. Behind Closed Doors has a zero tolerance policy for these and any other illegal activities.

As always, Swing in the City consulted with an attorney before publishing this article. I always like to make sure that the information I provide is accurate, so as not to confuse or mislead my readers. That's why this blog is the best place on the Internet for comprehensive information about the scene. I'm real, up-front, and raw.

MFF Threesome

Rocco and I got our start in the swinging lifestyle by attending a full-blown orgy in Montreal. Unbeknown to us, the bottom floor of that swingers' club, which happened to be the first area we visited, was hosting a gang-bang night that evening! Rocco and I played amongst ourselves that night, but it was still a scene we will never forget.

Even during our very first experience (as well as our second, third, etc.) Rocco and I never had any expectations and always kept an open mind. To me, this is precisely what the swinging lifestyle is all about. Throughout the years, we have met some really great people. We have played with couples and singles. One of the most popular requests we get from readers is to tell our "male-female-female" stories. I have written about our first threesome with a lady seen here. I will continue to write more about our hookups with single ladies, including our friend Gena.

Gena wanted to meet up with me and Rocco and have some no-strings attached fun. She told us that she was a very horny lady but had trouble finding men that could satisfy her. She was curious about playing with another lady but still wanted some cock at the end of the night -- so she approached us about having a threesome. Gena is a petite lady with a deliciously curvy booty and full breasts. When she came over to our place, we were extremely excited at the prospect of hooking up with such a hottie. Sometimes, women get nervous in threesome situations, and it would have been quite natural if Gena was a bit hesitant. Gena later admitted that she was indeed nervous, but told us that we helped her feel at ease. Our secret? Zero pressure, just let things happen as they would. None of us even had a drink... it was just about the chemistry we had.

Gena was very horny, and she didn't wait for us to seduce her. Instead, she said, "Why don't we just get naked and play... I want both of you!" Simple and to the point, perfect! So, I started by taking my top off, with some help from Rocco. Rocco grabbed one of my boobs, and Gena asked if she could suck on the other. I was so turned on when Gena and Rocco licked my breasts simultaneously. I asked to take off Gena's top and she replied, "Of course!"

Rocco played with me, but was very respectful of Gena. He wanted her to have her fun with another woman for the first time, so he gave her some distance. After making out for a few minutes, Gena asked us, "So, can we go to the bedroom?"

Gena jumped onto our bed and asked if she could go down on me. I excitedly agreed! I enjoyed getting my pussy licked from this beauty. I asked Gena if this was really the first time she had gone down a woman -- because she was pretty amazing! She swore it was, but ladies, if Gena was going down on you with her skills, you would have thought she was a pro. Sometimes, women just know how to properly lick a clit. I guess we know what we want! Rocco watched the two of us play together. Gena kept licking my pussy until I came not once-but twice!

I got up and made out with her while I grabbed her body close to me. I passionately kissed her breasts. I noticed Rocco's cock was throbbing, so I grabbed his cock and invited him over. He and I both went down on Gena. She had some HOT pussy lips and was extremely tight. We noticed that she had a rock hard clit! It was extremely large too -- maybe three times as big as mine. I had never before seen this kind of clit, but it was extremely easy to lick her beautiful pussy.

I needed a dick in me, so as soon as Rocco finished eating Gena out, I took his dick and put it inside my pussy. His dick was still dripping wet from me sucking him off. He fucked me doggy style while I laid on top of Gena and made out with her. She watched Rocco pound me and was intrigued. She wanted to take Rocco for a ride and asked if he could fuck her. I grabbed a Magnum for Rocco's hard dick and he put it on. He laid her down and started to fuck her in the missionary position. She started moaning and he built up speed with every thrust. I grabbed her breasts and sucked them lightly. She took Rocco's cock until she came. Her clit had grown even bigger and Rocco put his fingers on it. He gave Gena a break and came back to me. I told him to fuck me doggy style until I came. We sure made him work a double-shift! After all, it takes a special man to fulfill the needs of two very horny women. Gena told us she had so much fun and couldn't wait to hang out with us again.

Party Like a Porn Star with Justine Joli

Friday night was the Behind Closed Doors party hosted by porn star and Penthouse Pet Justine Joli. Justine greeted all her fans and signed some autographs. She also helped us host the largest Swing School ever! We had newbies as well as seasoned swingers who showed up and wanted to hear Justine's take on taboo subjects like how to deal with having sex with multiple partners while maintaining a committed relationship. Two ladies came up to me and said, "You know, we have never been to a swing party where so many people have showed up by 10PM. Usually, we are the only ones there early and we wait hours for others to show up." After Swing School, it didn't take very before people started getting naughty in the play areas, especially with the sex swing.

When it was time to judge the lingerie contest, I was glad I did not have to make a decision on who the winner was -- it was the crowd who decided. Two of the ladies who entered the contest were my friends Adriana and Kylie. These two decided to get a little naughty. For those people who went to party, Adriana was our Brazilian bombshell model who wore a black leather bikini with chains linking the top and bottom. The outfit also had slits, so very little was left to the imagination. Kylie was the sexy, innocent-looking girl with a naughty, bisexual side who wore a black, one piece lingerie that covered her nipples. When Justine called up one of the ladies to the center, both of them walked up. They grabbed each other and started making out. Not many things surprise me at these parties, but these two ladies made my jaw drop. I wasn't sure where I was--was I on the shoot for the hottest bisexual women porno ever made? Adriana grabbed Kylie's beautiful body and brought her closer to her as they made out.

The crowd was going wild! Of course, these ladies won the hottest lingerie contest and won a pair of We-Vibes, a cash prize, free entry to our next party, a lifetime membership to Kasidie and made me drool. All of our other hot ladies who participated also won a free lifetime membership to Kasidie as well as free entrance to our next party. So, everyone was a winner!

As I was giving Sybian rides to all the ladies, I looked around and noticed that people were started to engage in group fun. Danny, our wonderful and talented body artist was painting works of art on our ladies. Danny's talent is being recognized by the Carson Daly show and he will be featured in an upcoming show. You can check out Danny's work on his website: and follow him on his Twitter by clicking here. I looked over the play area and the sex swing was being well-utilized. Then, I looked up at the middle of the dance floor and saw Justine Joli riding her man! When Behind Closed Doors said "Party Like a Porn Star," they failed to mention that the porn star WOULD be playing too. Even crazier was the fact that Justine Joli only does lesbian porn -- so watching her fuck a guy was quite an exclusive experience.

Porn stars gravitate towards attending Behind Closed Doors events because they are truly interested in on-premise partying with our HOT guests. And, it's just wild! Justine took her man and brought him over to the middle of the dance floor. She got on top of his dick and started fucking him. They went on and on -- it was totally hot. I have never been to an erotic event where a featured, A-list female porn star actually had sex. And, certainly not a lesbian porn star or Penthouse Pet. But, the Behind Closed Doors parties are so real, raw, and organic that anything can happen; so it was truly unique to see Justine and the other guests have so much fun.

People always ask me how many single women show up at the Behind Closed Doors party. There were 20 unicorns (or single women) in attendance! I guess the myth of the unicorn is dispelled--they all hang out at Behind Closed Doors parties! One of the single ladies wanted to celebrate her 23rd birthday with a BANG. She brought 5 of her single lady friends with her. I can't say I blame her; after celebrating my birthday at a party recently, there is no better way to add a year to your age. As the birthday girl rode the Sybian, we all knew 23 was going to be a great year for her!

I was glad to see so many couples and ladies have a great time. I gave away the third We-Vibe to a couple who wish to be called "J&P." These sweeties come out from Pennsylvania to attend Behind Closed Door events. "J" is so friendly and sexy--I know she'll be enjoying the We-Vibe vibrating inside her pussy and on top of her clit as "P" thrusts his dick inside.

If you would like to receive a lifetime membership to Kasidie (a $100 value), all you have to do is pre-pay for a Behind Closed Doors party. Joining Kasidie is a great way to meet other couples in your area and get advice from real swingers. This blog, Swing in the City, is a featured column in Kasidie magazine and you can see all my latest blog entries on there. We are working together with Kasidie to develop their NYC presence and create a fantastic social network for real couples in the NYC area.

The next Behind Closed Doors party is on Friday, September 25th at a new location with lots of intimate, private play areas. This is the only on-premise after party for the Exxxotica NY porn convention. And yes, more female porn stars will be attending and playing. If you would like more information on the hottest, on-premise weekly events hosted by Behind Closed Doors, please check out:

Welcome New Visitors!

I wanted to welcome all the new readers who are visiting my blog. If you are not familiar with Swing in the City, and School of Sex -- read on!

My name is Sex Kitten and I am 27 years old. I live and work in Manhattan, and party here too! I started writing this blog as a memoir of all the wild fun my partner, Rocco, and I have had since we started out in the "lifestyle." Being in the lifestyle has brought our relationship to a whole new level. Since there are no issues of jealousy or fear of cheating, we can both be completely honest with each other. The simple truth is that most people will be attracted to those other than their mates. It's OK to embrace that and be honest about it! Rocco and I love each other more than anything, but we've also managed to come to a point where we can distinguish making love and having sex... and we are totally comfortable having sex with other people. We always play together and most often engage in "partner swapping" with other couples.

Rocco and I have visited clubs all around the world and have had some amazing experiences. Unfortunately, every time we went to a swingers party/club in NYC, we were totally disappointed by the venue and crowds. We had seen so many great parties throughout the world, so why wasn't there a good one in the greatest city in the world? I began throwing parties with a simple mission: to find other couples and ladies like me and throw the hottest erotic events that New York City had ever seen!

Although we wanted to create a venue similar to the hottest sex clubs in France, we also wanted to make our parties approachable to the new couples and single women interested in exploring the scene. We remembered our journey into the swing scene -- we had no help, no guidance, and no support. We had to learn things the hard way. As we were sensitive to the issues and questions beginners have, we started the School of Sex. We understand that not everyone is willing to dive in head first onto their first swingers party/experience as we were (and yes, all the stories you see on this blog are true). Therefore, we developed a program geared towards beginners called Swing School. We offer an introductory, informal session of Swing School during the first hour of all our parties. The moment you walk into our parties, seminars, workshops, etc., you will feel a sense of warmth and comfort. I am a woman and I know the last thing that other young, attractive women and couples want to walk into is a dirty, skeevy joint with swingers that are your grandparents age. We are the only organic erotic event run by a *real* couple in the lifestyle in the entire city.

Thank you for visiting the site. I hope you check out our next party on Friday, September 18th with adult star and Penthouse Pet Justine Joli. Please visit the Behind Closed Doors website for details and to get on the guest list.

If you would like to view some of my favorite blog posts, here they are in no particular order:

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The (Former) Biggest Dick in the World

I wanted to thank Time Out NY for choosing School of Sex's Behind Closed Doors in the best swingers clubs in NYC. We were also a "Top Party to Hook Up". TONY exclusively used pictures from our parties and locations, as seen below, in their Sex Issue.

So if you're looking for the best place to meet hot, young couples at the most upscale venues in the city... come to a Behind Closed Doors event!

Cocks Down South

There's a funny stigma about sexually confident women. Male dominated views on sexuality insist that a threesome with two girls is hot, but a woman who wants more than one man may be a little too much. I've experienced MMF and FMF threesomes on multiple occasions and I enjoy both. Yes, men and women both do it for me -- but men have an added bonus, a cock. And, if you are a regular reader, you know I like big, thick ones!

I also know that I'm not the only woman in the world who loves to fuck some good dick. I know a number of special ladies who share my appetite for the cock, and it's always a thrill to play with them too. Unfortunately, a number women out there are too shy or repressed to be able to explore their secret desire of fucking amazing new cocks. But, that's why I'm here... to help!

At the extreme end of things are the ladies who enjoy gangbang action. The problem with gangbangs is that things can get out of hand, and fast! Porno flicks don't give an accurate picture of how regular men will fair in a gangbang. Indeed, I've experienced significant problems when I've attempted them (i.e. the men who have trouble getting it up, coordinating the positions, making sure everyone is getting his fair share, etc.) But, I think I've figured out the optimal situation -- a buffet of cock.

When I went down to visit Trapeze in ATL, one of my favorite swing clubs in the U.S. (not associated with NYC's Le Trapeze, aka Le Trap-Sleeze), I knew I had to check out the action on a Friday night when single males would be allowed in. As I filled out the application for membership to enter the club in the lobby, I noticed many attractive couples and males going inside the club. Even before stepping through the door, I knew this was going to be a great party. But, I didn't know how naughty I was going to end up being that night...

Couples attending a swing club on nights nights that allow single males are usually more seasoned and secure with their relationships (with the exception of Bambi). Bringing your girlfriend or wife into a swingers event that allows other males means that a man is confident and pretty selfless. Even if the couple isn't interested in playing with single males, it still takes a special couple to handle the inevitable advances by single men.

Upon entering the club, Rocco and I didn't spend much time out on the dance floor and neither did the other cock-seeking females. We went back to the locker area and changed into our towels. We walked over to couch area adjacent to one of the four bars at Trapeze. Yes, Trapeze is a true swingers paradise with an indoor pool, multiple jacuzzis, and bars at nearly every corner of the club.

As I roamed the play area I quickly realized there were a lot of confident, sexy women getting exactly what they wanted -- no strings attached, safe sex with attractive males. It was really something! Rocco and I sat down and observed a middle aged MILF and her husband. They were getting a drink at the bar and had walked over to the adjacent couch where a man I call Count Cockula was sitting. He was pretty cute, a Caucasian guy with an unusually thick dick. His cock was about 8" long. He sat back and stroked every last inch of that massive dick for us to see. He didn't act creepy, just very confident - which would prove to be a great strategy. I didn't make direct eye contact with him, I was just taking in everything that was going on around me.

The MILF smiled at him. He literally sprang up and made his way over to her. He shook her hand, completely naked with his raging hard-on leading the way. It was kind of funny to watch. The MILF wasted no time at all. She grabbed her drink, her husband, and her new friend and made led them to a private room where she would remain for about an hour. I had never seen anything like it. No-nonsense, no flirting. These people just knew what the wanted. Several other men sealed the deal with women in couples. It was fascinating. So, this is how they do it in the south? The city of Atlanta should put Trapeze in the guidebooks and state: "Any lady looking to get fucked by multiple cocks, come on down." It would be enough to convince me to visit!

Of course, there were plenty of men I wasn't attracted to; but there were also a ton of really hot guys. Some guys could have easily been models, others were gym rats and totally buff. There was a variety and I appreciated that. I noticed that none of the ladies played out in the open, in the public areas. All of them took their single male selection into a private room. What a bummer. I wanted to see some action. In talking to a few men, I also got the impression that the men down south are significantly nicer and more polite than the men in NYC. Rocco and I didn't feel intimidated at all.

A few men approached me and tried to pick me up when Rocco went to the bathroom. Usually not good form, but perhaps they thought I was a single female (and YES, there were quite a few single females who were present too). One man, "Dwayne," asked me if this was my first time at a swing club. I told him that it was my first time at this particular swing club. He told me that he had been to Miami Velvet but didn't like it. I agreed, I told him that I thought Miami Velvet was a nice venue, but the women under 65 years old did not play all night! He was intrigued by my openness.

I thought Dwayne was pretty cute and could see a large tent developing down below. He inquired as to whether I was bi. I told him that I love women, but I'm always into guys with big cocks. He immediately got up and unzipped. My eyes were locked on his rock hard cock. Just in time, Rocco came out of the bathroom. I grabbed the two boys and took them over to a large couch in an open area.

I took Dwayne's cock in my hand as I blew Rocco. The minute I started sucking his cock, about 15 males swarmed over to us! The men formed a circle around me as I gave Rocco head. It was a bit distracting but everything was under control and Rocco was looking out for me. I told Dwayne to strap on a condom and fuck me doggy-style as I took Rocco's cock in my mouth. Before I knew it, the men around me were completely exposed trying to put their cocks in front of me.

The attention was fun, but I was getting a bit overwhelmed. So, I told the boys exactly what I wanted. I said, "I like BIG DICKS; really large, hard cocks only, please." Who knew that this was the secret phrase to get the men to back off?! The crowd eased off and only a few guys remained within 5 feet of me.

Some of these last men standing were not even erect; others were kidding themselves into thinking they had big dicks. But then, right in front of my face, I noticed a long cock that curved up nicely. I grabbed his cock with my free hand and said, "Yes, you."

At that point, the men were a bit too rowdy so I was forced to go into a private room with Dwayne and Rocco. I wasn't sure where the curver-upper went. I closed the room and Dwayne put on a new Magnum. I rode the big boy until he came. I then fucked Rocco until he made me cum. When Dwayne opened the door to leave, the other man I had selected was waiting outside with a hard dick. These men knew how to play! He didn't want to keep me waiting so he had his hard dick ready to fuck--just how I like it. I was so excited that I brought him back into the private room with me and Rocco. He asked me politely in his Southern accent if I had any limitations. I told him that I wasn't going for anal yet. He was pretty vocal, and a lot of fun. He told me to suck Rocco's cock while he ate me out. I usually don't like the way most men lick my pussy, but this guy was an exception. I enjoyed him eating me out while I played with Rocco's cock. Then, he put on a condom and fucked me really hard. His dick reached my g-spot and it felt great. He pulled out and I saw him cumming inside his condom. After he came and left, Rocco and I fucked each other some more before taking a break.

We walked around and made some new friends. We met a very shy couple from Georgia. She was a curvy woman with large, natural breasts. Her husband was a foot taller than me. I noticed he had nice sized equipment. The shy couple went back into the private rooms and were going to play by themselves, as they had not summoned up the courage to talk to anyone. I didn't want the two to play alone, so I did something that I usually never do-I knocked on their door. They answered the knock and I said, "Mind if we join you?" They looked at each other and replied, "Of course!"

Rocco and I played with the pretty lady, taking turns sucking her large breasts. She was shy, but she managed to tell us what she wanted -- Rocco! So, swapped partners. Because of the small size of the room and our differences in height, I decided to ride the man. His dick was just right. Rocco took the lady from the back. I reached over and sucked her breasts as I rode her husband's cock. I rode him until he came. Rocco was still fucking the lady and she surprised us all by saying, "Yeah, fuck me HARDER!" I told Rocco to listen to her and he fucked her so hard that she came, twice!

We thanked the couple and told them to come up to visit us if they come out to NYC. The lady, in her accent, told Rocco, "Well, now you can say you fucked a southern girl!"

Now, this would've been an end to any great night, but we weren't done yet. In fact, Rocco hadn't even cum once yet. I had cum a few times already, but I was still horny. I met a few single females who came to find some fun. I told them that they had cum to the right place. A few couples were fucking in the couples only area, and the ladies and I were watching.

As we watched, one of the club's managers came over. Uh-oh... Was I in trouble? Did I fuck too many guys or something? "So you write Swing in the City??" he asked. The manager was so happy we had come out to the club. Of course, it was our pleasure. All of the club's staff was super accommodating and the facilities were amazing. The manager told us to come back soon because the club was going to go through additional renovations to further improve the place! The owner of this club, who we later met, truly cares about his patrons.

I had a few more hot experiences that night, but I'm going to save those for another post!

Oh, Nina!

Rocco and I had the pleasure of meeting Nina Hartley last month at her workshops on oral sex and threesomes. For those that may not know, Nina Hartley is one of the most famous adult stars in the world. Nina is also one of the most intelligent females in the adult industry. Nina is actually a nurse and knows a lot about sexuality-both physically and psychologically. My love for Nina is shared by many others including Lexington Steele. After shooting a porno with Nina in 2001, Lex said that sex with Nina was undoubtedly the best sex he's ever had!

During her first seminar, Nina discussed various tips and techniques for performing oral sex. What made her seminar unique was the fact that she formed a comparison between a man's penis and a woman's clitorious. It was a great way to get people to understand how to please members of the opposite sex; especially, the beginners.

It was her next seminar that really intrigued us. Nina has come out of the closet, so to speak, and admitted that she is a swinger. Nina has had to stand up to many people and face an intense amount of negatively as an adult star and sexually liberated female. I certainly commend her for standing up in what she believes in.

Rocco and I approached Nina and mentioned that we ran the School of Sex. She was happy to hear that we were spreading a positive word on sexuality and helping people in New York City explore their wildest fantasies without judgment. Nina saw our website and told us she supported our mission. I was taken aback.

During the seminar, Nina began by explaining various options for people who want to have more than one partner. I was intrigued to hear more about her multiple relationships. In fact, most of the guests had more questions about her personal life than any other topic! Nina spoke about her affection for her several regular sexual partners, both men and women. But she also emphasized how much she loves her husband, and that she is able to love everyone differently. When Nina began to discuss how to get involved with the "swing" scene in NYC, the crowd was especially intrigued. As you may know, there are many people in NYC that know they want to go to an erotic event, but just don't know where to go. Nina encouraged the crowd to check out the School of Sex for more information on how to find events catered to like-minded people.

The crowd began to ask questions. One man raised his hand and started out by saying, "Hi, Nina. First of all, I want to say that my girlfriend and I are over 30 years old and we do not think that anyone under 30 is mature enough to be a swinger..." I looked at Rocco and smirked. It's funny how you expect to find OPEN-MINDED and NON-JUDGMENTAL people at a seminar on swinging, but that doesn't always happen.

A "sex therapist" who had attended the event asked Nina to comment on finding playmates on Craigslist. She also indicated that she and her boyfriend had trouble finding anyone to play with. Upon the very mention of Craigslist, the crowd went into an uproar. "Craigslist is a waste of time!" "You can only find EVENTS on Craigslist, not people..." It was pretty funny to hear the reaction. Nina recommended trying swingers personal sites like Kasidie and again, encouraged people to check out the School of Sex. After all, instead of wasting your time trying to find real couples on Craigslist, why not just come out to an event where there will be dozens of other curious couples like you?

A man in his late 40's asked Nina why he and his wife couldn't find single females at bars to take home. I noticed the body language of the female. She looked very uneasy when her man asked the question. I thought perhaps the man should have asked his wife the same question: if she was single and was approached and propositioned by a couple, would she go home with them? If not, then why? Nina recommended that his wife should try to talk to women instead of him, as women are less intimidating. A single man in the audience raised his hand and said, "I can volunteer myself if anyone is looking for fun." The crowd laughed. Actually, he was kind of cute.

I think the best part of Nina's seminar was when she told everyone that swinging is meant for couples who are secure with their relationship and have discussed their boundaries and limitations before engaging in any acts. She even has a video on swinging. In fact, Nina produces many educational tapes for people who are interested in a variety of topics including swinging, threesomes, oral sex and much more.

We were so happy to meet this intelligent and sexy icon. And for those that are wondering, yes, she does have a sensational booty! Something tells me, our paths will cross again...

For more information on Nina, check out this website.

Also, check out the following video of Nina talking about the School of Sex:

June's Wall of Shamer-Busty Bambi

I fell a bit behind in posting wall-of-shamers this summer, and I'm going to catch up over the next week! The Wall of Shame is designed to point out examples of how NOT to act at a swingers party in a fun way that is sure to make you laugh!

June's Wall of Shame goes to a lady by the name of Bambi. I saw Bambi at my visit to the Trapeze Swing Club in Atlanta, Georgia. Bambi was a very fit lady with a small frame and big, fake breasts. She was in good shape, but had a terrible attitude. I noticed Bambi sit around with her towel around her waist next to her husband on a couch; it could barely cover her chest. Bambi had come to Trapeze on a night open to single men, Friday night.

Bambi had finished up a drink and was noticeably intoxicated. It's never good to be drunk at a swingers party, especially if you expect to have any fun. Rocco and I observed Bambi engage in some peculiar behavior as men tried to hit on her. Bambi would reach out and touch their cocks, and then glance over at her husband. She was obviously seeking approval to play, but her man's body language clearly showed that he forbid her from playing with the men. So, she was basically a total tease to these men. All this was happening in the play area in the back area of Trapeze, where dozens of other ladies were engaging in fun.

I saw Bambi tease another guy, an average looking man. But then my eyes made their way to his penis, which was anything but average! And unlike the majority of the men who approached Bambi, this guy was rock hard. I couldn't help but stare at his manhood. I was really horny and I was interested in seeing more, so I walked over to get a closer look. The man was very friendly and introduced himself. He must have caught me looking at his thick dick because he told me, "It's OK, you can touch." He didn't have to say it twice -- I touched his penis and got really wet. I wanted to play, but I wanted to move to another area because I had a feeling that Bambi would be a total disruption.

So my hung friend immediately got up to follow me as I pulled him over to the next room. He said goodbye to Bambi, and she looked at me and told him in a slurred, drunken southern accent: "Yeaaaaah, you go fuck that biiiiiitch, haha." I looked over at her as I grabbed the huge dick and told her in a no-nonsense New York quip, "I'm sorry but I'm not a bitch." She laughed it off and went back blue-balling more dick as I went to go have some fun without worrying about anyone restricting me, as her husband did her.

Of course, Bambi made her way over to watch me take every inch of that meaty cock that I could fit inside my pussy. He made me cum at least twice, and I had a great time! As soon as I finished with Count Cock-ula, I went over to play with Rocco and some new friends I made. My new friend Cindy started to eat me out. Bambi in her drunk state looked at Cindy and said, "Is that a man?" A man? Bambi was more intoxicated than I thought... Cindy was a beautiful blond woman, a true Southern belle. Obviously Bambi was jealous of the fun we were having, but she needed to stop bothering people. Bambi's husband escorted her out of the room before Cindy could reply back to her. We went about and had our fun like we always do.

At the end of the night, before we left, I was collecting my belongings. I noticed Bambi in the room we had been playing in earlier. She had about 4 or 5 men around her and her husband was policing. All the men had their hands on her body -- her legs, her big boobies, and her shoulders -- as she laid there limp. It was as if Bambi was a display at the petting zoo. They spent a while just touching her and nothing more, as her man didn't *permit* it. I actually felt kind of bad for her, she was probably really horny and couldn't do anything about it. But she's my June Wall of Shamer for her insults to both me and Cindy that night. There is no place for name-calling or disrespect at swing clubs or parties and no room for wild drunks, either.