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Kasidie Lifetime Memberships

I don't endorse products or websites that I don't believe in. That's exactly why I have yet to recommend any party in NYC besides Behind Closed Doors... But I wanted to let everyone know about Kasidie, the newest online phenomenon in the swing scene.

For those of you who are not familiar with Kasidie, I would best describe it as Facebook for open-minded, sexually adventurous adults. Since it is essential never to give out your Facebook information to people you don't know (you don't want to give NSA hookups access to your friends from work, family, and even information about your career) -- Kasidie is the perfect place to go. Discretion is paramount at Kasidie, and you can even hide your entire profile if you don't want people to find you. The levels of control are phenomenal. Since it was founded by a real swinging couple, the real beauty of Kasidie is that its extremely functional and makes for easy social interactions. And if you're a promoter or interested in throwing your own events, the Kasidie staff is there to help you every step along the way.

I know what you're thinking--you've already signed up for a million swinger personal sites, what makes Kasidie so different from the competition? Well, for one -- they actually put money into the site! Scott, the MIT educated Internet entrepreneur and swinger who started the site with his wife Nicoleta, has invested over a million dollars to ensure that the website was something special and actually works (that's an inside joke for all the users of almost every other swingers personal sites)! The site's user base has grown exponentially and every user is a real persone. Just last month, hundreds of New Yorkers signed up to see the difference at my recommendation -- and they're loving it. Just start a free account and at first glance you'll see that the site is nothing short of phenomenal.

Go ahead, click here and sign up--the free account is really 100% free of charge. Your Kasidie account will also give you access to their outstanding online magazine which is filled with stories about real-life swingers. If you are looking for advice or reviews, Kasidie has entire sections dedicated to providing you with lots of information. And, if you are a beginner, you will be happy to find blogs, including Swing in the City, in the "Forums and Blogs" section. This entire section is filled with information and interesting articles-you can spend hours reading the well-written content alone!

But what if you're just looking to hook up with some hot people? Aren't we all? You can view profiles, send messages, flirt, join communities, post meet-ups, sign up for Behind Closed Parties and much more. Now is the time to upgrade your account to a lifetime membership -- the introductory $99 price ends on November 7, 2009. So make sure you sign up for lifetime membership before this offer ends by clicking here.

If you are a Behind Closed Doors member and have attended a party in the past, send me an email for a complementary 90-day elite pass to Kasidie.

Jimmyjane Afterglow Candle

I am always excited to review multi-task products! So, when Babeland asked me to review a candle that melts body massage oil, I was thrilled! The product is called the Afterglow Candle. Babeland's website suggests lighting up the Afterglow Candle to set a romantic mood, then blow it out, dip the included body brush in the melted wax, and paint the warm oil in areas to be massaged. When heated, the wax liquefies into high-slip massage oil that softens and hydrates the skin. The unique blend of cosmetic-grade waxes provides great sensation at the perfect melting point. Pour a little on the skin, and enjoy the silky warmth. More than a candle, it's an encounter. Burns up to 42 hours, every one of them memorable. Matchbox included.

I get excited every time I light this candle because I know it's going to lead to massage...and massage leads to...well, you can read about it by clicking here. However, for the sake of the product review, I will primarily focus on the product, and not the sex experienced before and after use of the candle.

Nigel, Rocco and I had some fun with this candle during our latest rendezvous. It takes about a half hour of burning time before enough massage oil is available for use by two people. This is the perfect time for foreplay, or in my case, to have some hot sex. I wanted to show Nigel how to use the product so I demonstrated by giving him a massage. I took the brush that came with the candle and dipped it in the hot oil. I didn't want to burn his skin (but, I guess you can if you're into that sort of kinky thing) so I trial tested the temperature of the oil by touching the brush. It was perfect. I spread on 2-3 coats of the oil on Nigel's back and gave him a hot oil massage. The candle-wax-turned-oil was very easy to apply and smelled like light cucumber. I am going to try out the other scents to see if I can find something stronger. But this smell is perfect for anyone who is sensitive and does not want a strong smelling oil.

The product is very easy to apply and worked very well. I liked the fact that the oil is not overly sticky, almost the consistency of baby oil. There is not much residue left behind, which is good if you do not want to stain your sheets. After I finished giving the hot oil massage to Nigel, he reciprocated by giving me a deep-tissue massage. It felt great and the oil provided the proper amount of lubrication needed for such an intense massage.

I have been using this product ever since it came in the mail and I absolutely love it. If you're looking for a unique type of massage oil, I think you should check out the Jimmyjane Afterglow Candle. Of course, your night may not end with a massage, as mine ended with more sex. But, that's a good thing!

If you would like to purchase a JimmyJane Afterglow Candle, please click here.

Product name: JimmyJane Afterglow Candle, Cucumber Water Scent
Product retail value: $28
Available at: Babeland
The positive/negative breakdown:


*A candle AND massage oil in one!
*Lightly scented
*Quality oil
*Cool product

*The scent is not strong enough
*You may prefer traditional massage oils over melted wax that turns into an oil

Overall score: 5 out of 5 stars

Horny Ladies Party

The latest Behind Closed Doors party was hosted by Naughty America porn star Karen Kougar. A week before the scheduled party, we were having trouble with our online reservation system. As you might have noticed, I'm in the middle of a massive overhaul of the School of Sex website which will no doubt be the highest quality lifestyle information portal and FREE social network on the internet. Since we were unable to guarantee any spots with the reservation system, the party operated on a first come, first serve basis to approved guests. We had quite a guest list, filled with hot couples and beautiful single ladies. And then, they all started coming. Normally, we expect a certain percentage of cancellations at every event. But this time, that didn't happen! Apparently, the word is out about our events and no one wanted to be left behind. We actually had to turn away a few guests as the evening progressed! We really impressed Karen Kougar with the quality of the guests -- and all of the attendees concurred, this was a HOT party.

Karen Kougar, Rocco and I were happy to greet all the sexy BCD guests. Karen also helped as a Swing School co-instructor - and we did a fantastic job acquainting new couples with the "lifestyle." We had a ton of repeat guests too! I was happy to introduce all our old and new friends to Karen as she signed autographs and mingled. As more friends joined us, I also introduced the ladies to Kimberly and her team from StripXpertease. I am pleased to announce that School of Sex and StripXpertease will be working together to offer private lapdance lessons -- and yes, you'll be able to book sessions through the new School of Sex website. Many of the guests approached me to tell me that they had never seen so many beautiful people at one party. I only had one thing to say: BCD members are not only the hottest and sexiest people in the city, but also have the best attitude of any lifestylers! Why? We provide a warm, inviting environment where pretentiousness and judgments have no place. We screen all of our guests to ensure that everyone is beautiful, both inside and out.

As this party was being held in a new location, we were also greeted with all sorts of silly issues -- the sound system was acting up and a toilet had clogged without a plunger in sight! Unfortunately, due to additional issues with the location we also had to end the party earlier than scheduled -- and I was not happy! Luckily, all of our guests understood that "shit happens" -- and with the toilet issues, you can take that quite literally (ewwww!).

Rocco and I have taken steps to ensure that such an early end to a party will never happen again. We apologize to our members for any inconvenience that ending the party might have caused. Our guests were so wonderful and understanding that we will be offering free admission to a future event for everyone who attended! As you know, I am always truthful and very blunt. I stand behind my events, and that is why I always point out the good and the bad that might happen at every event (i.e. my "Wall of Shame"). My logic is simple. I don't run events to make a profit. I have a very lucrative, demanding career, and the parties are simply a fun activity for me and my friends to enjoy. If I lose money on an event, so be it. If I have to pay my staff out of pocket, no problem. The most important thing to me is that everyone is having a good time. I believe this philosophy is the only way to throw a quality lifestyle event and is almost unheard of in NYC, where every other promoter seems to be motivated by greed.

My goal is to create a large community of like-minded sexually-adventurous people. Then, maybe more quality parties will pop up in the scene. And that's exactly why the School of Sex website, and it's new social network will be entirely free of charge. I have invested a large sum of money to ensure that the website fosters the growth of the community that I have established. This is also why I am throwing events like Girls Uncorked, which is 100% free. As you might remember, June was "Ladies' Month" at School of Sex, and I paid out-of-pocket to rent various spaces in Manhattan to host free workshops. I am not a professional promoter, and that's exactly why my events are so fun and different from anything else you've ever been to. What other swingers party in the world offers a free counseling lesson (Swing School) before the event? I am a lifestyle philantrophist and I am here for you.

The Desire at Desire

This is the first post in a series of my adventures at Desire with the Kasidie takeover!

We arrived at in Cancun on Friday, Oct 9 for the first annual Kasidie takeover at Desire. Our flight had been relatively smooth. There weren't any delays on our nonstop flight from JFK, which clocked in at less than 4 hours. After a relatively short cab ride from the airport, we entered the gates which housed Desire along with a few other resorts. We liked the fact that security was tight and had verified our names before letting the cab pass through.

After an additional 5 minutes of driving, we arrived at the large gate. They did another check to verify that we were indeed guests. Welcome to PARADISE! As soon as we stepped through the large glass doors into Desire, we smiled. A sculpture of a naked couple served as the lobby's centerpiece and erotic paintings of women surrounded us. I was already desiring to get laid...

A beautiful blonde woman brought us champagne and checked us in. We had arrived early, so our bags were taken until the room was available at 3pm. After a brief orientation in which we were told that "sex was not permitted in public areas," we exited the lobby and toured the resort.

We were pretty impressed. The resort wasn't large, but it was tastefully designed. Some of the highlights were the beautiful pool, "skytop" jacuzzi with five surrounding beds (wink wink), and gorgeous beach with hanging "beach beds." We didn't waste any time before we stripped down to nothing and entered the water. "Are we in heaven?" we both asked. The ocean water had to be 80 degrees. We looked around, and the guests who were lounging on the beds were quite attractive... Oh my! This was going to be one hell of a vacation!!!

We rocked on a secluded hanging "beach bed" and began to make out. I was so horny. I wondered if the rule -- no sex in public areas -- was strictly enforced? I saw a security guard, so I didn't want to push it and get kicked out in my first hour at the resort. So, we waited until our room was ready.

The room was nice enough. We had an ocean-front room with a beautiful view and a cute little canopy on top of the bed. The shower was humongous -- enough for a half dozen people. There was even an LCD TV. Not bad!

We broke in the bed with our first sex session, and I reached for my bikini. "You won't be needing that," Rocco said. I realized my mistake, but it was my first time at a clothing optional resort. I was somewhat shy, but I followed Rocco's nekkid lead and we made our way to the pool area. We were glad to run into Scott and Nicoleta from Kasidie, who Rocco instantly recognized. Nicoleta is a tall, sexy blonde with legs that go on for miles -- it wasn't very hard to spot her!

Scott and Nicoleta were so sweet and welcoming. We had previously spoken on the phone about, and we knew that this couple was something really special. They are genuine swingers and really good people -- and that's precisely why Kasidie will succeed! These two bend over backwards to help promoters and members. We asked them what the real scoop was. Did people break the no sex in public areas? "Of course," said Scott. "Last time we were here, I think Nicoleta did a DP right on a beach bed!" I got really wet thinking about it.

We went to dinner with Scott, Nicoleta and their friends from Colorado at the all-white Italian restaurant that night. The food was delicious, and so were their friends. We ordered EVERY desert and split them all. It was a lot of fun.

We made our way to the disco, which is open every night starting at 10pm. The disco has a playroom adjacent to the dance floor. We also noticed that the jacuzzi was a hot spot at night. But then, we noticed a problem. There was a lot of flirting, a ton of sexy couples, and, of course, an extremely sensual environment in which to play. But, no one was playing. We kept going back and forth between the disco and the jacuzzi. Nothing. I got so tired of checking that I sent Rocco by himself to go back and forth every 30 minutes. Midnight, 1am, 2am... nothing. Uh, where was the sex?

I think some couples went back to their rooms. A few might have hooked up, but by and large most people were NOT playing. We started to find out that many couples were "soft-swap," but even still, there was no girl-on-girl play. There were also a bunch of voyeurs, nudists, etc. For the most part, the nudists stayed away at night. They were too scared that something freaky would happen! All this contributed to the lack of any juicy action going out. Then we met some full-swap couples who were petrified of directly asking, "Are you into us? Are you full-swappers?"

Rocco and I have been to many on-premise parties in which couples sit around and do nothing for hours. It's like being at an awkward high school dance. At Desire, things were a bit different. Everyone was social, but most were too afraid to make a move. Never fear, SchoolOfSex was there! We know how to encourage playing and how to ratchet up the action. It's what we do best- - and the basis of Swing School. So, we took matters into our own hands and began the "full-swap wristband" initiative the next day. We met as many people as we could and broke the ice. We asked couples directly if they were looking to play, whether they had previously attended any swing clubs/parties, etc. If they responded favorably, we gave them a special wristband and told them that anyone else wearing the wristbands were looking to get naughty.

It actually worked. Full-swap swingers readily identified other full-swap swingers. Armed with more confidence, people started getting laid. We did a public service, and had a lot of fun. We also met a sweet couple from Texas that day, and got some action going. S was a beautiful blonde with gorgeous curves. She was a dancer with beautiful legs and some big natural boobies! M was her hunk husband, a military man who recently returned from Iraq.

After we hit it off, we went to the jacuzzi area and started hooking up on one of the adjacent beds. I started off by sucking M's cock, and then Rocco's. S helped me out. Before long I was slipping M's hard dick inside me. I rode him while he thrust his cock from underneath me. It felt so good! Rocco got on top of S and started fucking her in the missionary position. She had no trouble holding her muscular legs up, and she moaned as Rocco's cock pounded inside her. We noticed a couple on the adjacent bed looking at us, point blank. She was a beautiful African-American girl, "Ms. Voyeur," who was mesmerized by the scene. M did me doggy-style for a little, until he came -- but Rocco was going strong. I think S was a little worn out, so I took Rocco's cock back inside me.

Rocco was loving the fact that the beautiful Ms. Voyeur was checking us out, so he put on a great performance. He switched me into 3 or 4 different positions and kept fucking like a porn star. He was beginning to wear me out too -- sheesh! It felt so fucking good. I was about to cum, and Rocco timed his orgasm in exact sync with my pussy's contractions. "Ooooooooh!" he moaned as he released his warm load all over my ass. We looked back towards the adjacent bed, but our voyeur friend was gone!

We were drained. Thirsty and hungry, we made our way to the bar and late night pizza station. If you go to Desire and get the munchies at 3, 4 or 5am, I can highly recommend the pizza -- it hit the spot. And there was the Ms. Voyeur again. "I can't even look at you guys!" I thought we offended her, so I apologized. "No, no!" she said, "that was the hottest show I've ever seen. And I've been going to places like Hedo and Desire for over a decade!! If you guys are fucking, I'm there. I'm a voyeur -- I love to watch, and you guys know how to provide porn quality material!" I was flattered. We had kicked off the action, helped other people get laid, and provided some entertainment... Mission accomplished, and it was only our first full day at the resort ;)

Girls Only Party-Free Event

Where can women go to hang out with other open-minded women in a comfortable, pressure-free environment to chat and share a glass of wine? I am proud to announce that I have started the New York chapter of Girls Uncorked for precisely this purpose.

As a woman in the lifestyle, I know that women interested in exploring their sexuality have no where to turn except skeevy sex parties. Many women are not ready to take the plunge and visit a swingers party. Lots of women just want to meet other women in a neutral location. Unfortunately, almost all of the party promoters that represent the swinging lifestyle are men (yes, even the ones claiming to throw parties "for women by women") and many of them are not even swingers!

That's where Girls Uncorked comes in. This event is for WOMEN ONLY. That's right. No men, not even Rocco, my husband, will be allowed to attend. You do not have to a be swinger, nor do you have to be bisexual or bi-curious woman to attend. Any woman who is open-minded and curious about the "Lifestyle" is free to attend. Imagine being a part of a real "Sex and the City" circle of friends -- because that's what we're all about. And there are no rules. This isn't a sex party, but girls have been known to get frisky. Men can come pick you up at the conclusion of the event at 9:30pm.

You must be thinking: "So, what's the catch?" Well, there is none! This gathering of women is 100% free. Neither I nor any of the attending guests are selling any products or services. We're simply getting together in a comfortable environment in order to have some juicy conversation and lots of fun. You can feel free to bring a bottle of wine or an appetizer to share with everyone. Girls Uncorked has several chapters throughout the country, but it's brand new in the New York metro area. We will meet one Thursday evening every month and it's very refreshing to get together with like-minded women. Would you like more information? Please check out the Girls Uncorked website and send me an email if you would like to attend on Thursday, October 29th at 6:30PM. I will personally voice verify with every woman who wishes to attend.

"Run By a Woman"

The readers of the blog always ask me to share my negative swinger party experiences with them. After the last swing party I went to which was NOT hosted by me, I almost swore off going to any more. Why? Well, if you recall, the host of this so-called swingers party never bothered to show up and promised us "dozens" of hot couples and single ladies who also mysteriously vanished without any notice. I guess one good thing did come out of the bad experience--we got to meet my friend Leilene and her boyfriend Charlie.

Nevertheless, I thought if I could go to each every swingers party and club in NYC and write about how bad they are, I may be able to help out some of you readers who always ask me for "recommendations." When I say that I honestly cannot recommend any other parties, I'm not kidding. At least the stories detailing these awful parties are entertaining. I never call out parties by name, out of respect and since I throw my own events. But, I will remain steadfast in my mission in exposing these other parties for what they are.

Ever since Time Out NY featured me in their "Secret Life" cover story as a professional by day and swing party hostess and blogger by night, many party promoters in the swing scene have tried (and failed) to emulate my parties. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I don't appreciate the fact that these promoters straight up lie. What makes my parties so unique is the fact that I am an intelligent, open-minded woman in my 20's and a real swinger. I throw parties for FUN and consistently offer a tremendous value as compared with any other party in the city. I know what women want and more importantly, I know what women DON'T want. The guests at the party appreciate the fact that I screen everyone attending and it ensures that everyone has a great time.

When I recently received an email from a woman on a popular swingers personal site inviting me out to her weekly "swingers" party, I was thrilled at the potential of meeting another lady like myself! Could it be that another REAL woman (and not a man pretending to be one) runs hot, swinger parties in the city? Was I about to find my new best friend?

The hostess, "LuAnn", asked me for some assistance in writing up a confirmation email to all her attending guests. English is LuAnn's second language and I was more than happy to offer my assistance to her so I sent her a copy of a letter I send all my confirmed guests. LuAnn decided to use my letter by copying and pasting almost the entire thing! I would not have cared if the rules pertained in this letter were actually followed and the description was an accurate representation of LuAnn's party. However, I later found out what a sham LuAnn and her swinger parties are.

LuAnn hosted the party at her apartment. She told me that she knew a couple of cute single men and that she would be inviting them to the party. I was eager to go to a party open to single men -- it's been a long drought since my trip to Trapeze Club in Atlanta (not to be confused with Le Trapeze in NYC). Rocco and I arrived promptly, as we always do. We buzzed in and made our way to the apartment, located on the ground floor. As soon as we walked into the tiny apartment, I was a bit puzzled. How could LuAnn possibly host a party in this space? And, her party wasn't cheap. The door fee was $50 for couples and $120 for single guys.

For that kind of money, you could attend a party at a club or loft location! Already, I was suspicious of this "party" but I continued to check out the place. The apartment was small, approximately 400 square feet. LuAnn showed us the "bottom" basement level of the apartment where she had laid out some of those cheap, Coleman airbeds (not to be confused with the top of the line, Premiere Aerobeds). The apartment was shabby and NOT shabby chic. LuAnn informed us that some foreigners were actually renting out the bottom level of the apartment. Immediately, I was disgusted by the fact that someone else had been sleeping on the airbeds that we were supposed to fuck on. What about clean sheets and good hygiene? If this was my first time at a swingers party, I would have ran out in shock. But, sadly, I have been to worse, so I decided to stay for a little longer. After all, I needed some juicy material for you readers!

I introduced myself and Rocco to the 3 single men and one woman already at the party. There was something very peculiar about this single lady...I thought to myself. Something just didn't seem right. The lady, let's call her "Lala," was flirting with two of the single males in Spanish. Another single male was kind enough to introduce himself to me and Rocco. He asked us, "Is this your first party? Have you guys ever been anywhere like this before?" Oh boy, what a question! If this man only knew...

Some time passed and I noticed LuAnn greeting more and more single males at the door. She was really packing the house with sausage. The vast majority of these guys were just nasty. You can't promise people a swingers party without any swingers. Before I knew it, LuAnn brought out some body paint and tried to get the single guys to paint her. The party was really beginning to take a turn for the worse. These forced games never work and I started to get a sour feeling in my stomach. There's a huge problem when there is a lack of organic and comfortable environment. None of the men even volunteered to paint LuAnn. Her friend Lala tried to convince the guys as well. As I looked at Lala engaging with the men, I made a startling realization. Once again, I was not at a swingers party. Instead, once again, I had found myself in a place of prostitution. I say once again, because sadly, I had been to more than a few swingers parties that turned out to be anything but. Why did I think this party was any different than the ones before? Why did I trust LuAnn??? I guess it was because she was a pretty convincing madame.

She told me, "I am a woman and just like you, I throw parties for women." Oh, she threw parties for women alright-women of the night! And I have nothing against women of the night; but PLEASE, stop luring unsuspecting swingers into your events. For one thing, I always choose the people I want to play with. Do I really want to go to a party filled with hookers where the men think I'm one of the hookers they can pay money to fuck? No way.

Rocco and I started discussing our exit strategy as soon as we made this realization. Another couple in their late 50s walked in to the party. I wanted to warn them, but I was more concerned about getting the fuck out of there. The male half of the couple asked LuAnn how much she paid for rent. Fabulous topic of conversation. Maybe he wanted to find a place and throw his own events and join the club of sleazy sex party promoters. Sheesh!

I saw LuAnn make out with one of the single men who had been starring at me like a piece of raw meat. How about instead of starring, come and say hi? As we walked towards the door to make our exit, a lad wearing a checkered Scottish-style beret snuck up behind me and said "Hi...hi...hi." Yes, he said it in a really creepy manner about three times. It was one thing that he was old enough to be my dad (and sorry, I do not have some sort of reverse-Oedipus complex), but another that he was a total creep. I looked around and the so-called swingers party had quickly revealed itself for what it truly was--more than a dozen single males waiting to fuck the prostitute Lala and maybe, as an added bonus, an unsuspecting lady in a couple. Rocco and I stood in the bedroom as more and more single males were greeted by our fabulous hostess, LuAnn.

Another man just walked in as we layed low in the bedroom. He asked LuAnn if there were any people already at the party. He didn't want to hand over any money before he took a look inside. But as soon as he saw me, he gladly handed over his buck twenty. I had seen enough and I was thoroughly disgusted. Rocco and I couldn't be happier to leave. As bad as the party was, I'm glad to know that none of the readers of Swing in the City were at this so-called "swingers party." And, I am happy to report this fake ass party to everyone to make you all aware of what really happens at these kinds of places. In fact, the new School of Sex website will have a party review section where all our members can rate all the parties and clubs in the city (and, throughout the world). This way, we can share our opinions and change the NYC swingers community for the better.

For more information on finding real, attractive couples, I suggest you check out Kasidie and SexxyMofo.

How Sex Kitten Unwinds

It seems like everything has been going wrong at work this week: international correspondents received incorrect documents, clients are withholding payments and my secretary forwarded an unedited email to a client. Overworked, stressed and drained-what's a girl to do? After a rough week at work, I like to unwind with a thick, hard dick or two.

Some professionals in the city like to drink their sorrows away. Others like to smoke up or shoot up. The only thing I'm smoking is a juicy dick and the only thing I'm drinking is yummy cum or take a shot of it on my chest. I invited one my favorite fuck buddies, Nigel, over to come help me de-stress. Nigel, always a gentleman, showed up on time. I was already creaming after thinking about fucking him and Rocco all day. We talked for a little before we started turned on one of Totally Tabitha's pornos. I love how Tabitha takes on really big cocks. I watched Tabitha cream all over the monster dick and I just couldn't contain myself any longer. I mounted Nigel and grabbed his body. Rocco helped me take my top off. I helped unleash their hard dicks. I got down on my knees and sucked Nigel's thick dick as I held Rocco's in my left hand. I knew Rocco was waiting to enter my pussy so I backed my ass up into him and let him take me from behind as I sucked off Nigel. This is one of my favorite positions because I'm giving pleasure as I'm getting it.

We decided to take a mini break and I gave Nigel a massage using my new After Glow Candle by Babeland. This candle melts down to a massage oil when burned. Nigel switched positions with me and gave me a deep-tissue massage. It helped me relax but also made me even hornier!

I had bought a new butt plug that I wanted to try out while being fucked. I had also come across this amazing product called Anal-Ease. I think it's the best kept secret amongst porn stars but the secret is out! Ladies, if you like (almost) painless anal sex, this product will be your new best friend. Rocco helped me ease a butt plug in as I played with Nigel. As soon as my ass was plugged, Rocco grabbed my legs and thrust his dick inside my pussy. The feeling of being completely stuffed was driving me wild! After we fucked, Rocco brought out my double headed dildo (yes, the same one that the painters found by mistake!). He lubed the big dildo up and slid it inside me and fucked me so hard with it. I squirted so hard as I came. But, I wanted to replace the plastic with some flesh!

I asked Rocco to take the butt plug out of my ass and put his dick inside. He slid inside with help of AnalEase. I needed a distraction while he entered me, so I asked him to play with my clit. But that wasn't enough distraction. So, Rocco put the dildo back up my pussy and that was the distraction I needed. As he eased into my ass he started pounding my pussy with the dildo and my ass with his dick. I was getting really close to cumming so I told him to go faster. As he let out a moan, I knew he was about to cum to. I held him close to me and let him give me an ass cream pie! It was one of the best anal fucks ever and no pain! Thanks AnalEase and thank you to Rocco and Nigel for a fabulous evening of de-stressing.

September's Wall-of-Shamer

September's Wall-of-Shamer was an Ecuadorian man who came to a party with his wife. After a few hours, his lady went back to their hotel room while he attempted to stay at the party without her. He makes the Wall of Shame for trying to use his girl as a way to get in to a couples and single women party. I caught him right away and had security escort him out of the party because couples must arrive together and leave together. You can read all about him by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom.

The eXXXotica After Party with Karen Kougar and Totally Tabitha

The eXXXotica NY convention, held this year in Edison, NJ, is the largest porn convention to hit the east coast. The convention featured in the most famous adult film stars. Rocco and I interviewed many of the hottest stars attending and spent time with them. Yes, we chilled with Jesse Jane, Tera Patrick, Jenna Haze, Olivia O'Lovely, and Sarah Jay -- and even got some video interviews. Many had heard about School of Sex and our fabulous Behind Closed Doors events. Quite a few stars were even regular readers of the blog! The convention was hot and the ladies were sexxxy, but I wanted to do more than just take pictures with them...

After a few hours hanging out at eXXXotica, we came back to NYC and got ready for the real fun -- the after-party presented by Behind Closed Doors. I invited some of my hottest single female friends including the lovely Bella. I was so happy to see her again. She wore a sultry black see-through halter top that barely covered her nipples. As always, Bella was looking soooo sexxy -- and she was ready to party! Some of our favorites also showed up, including J&P, Pocahontas and her man, my lovely assistant Mia and her husband Evan, Greg and Lynn and Athena. All of these awesome people have been previously featured in my recaps of past parties.

Among the single ladies was my friend, Julia. It was Julia's third time at a BCD event, and this time I actually got to spend some time with her! We all welcomed some of the newcomers including a young couple visiting from Toronto. These two had heard about the Behind Closed Doors from Time Out NY-- since we were rated "Top Party for Hooking Up"!

Porn stars Karen Kougar and Totally Tabitha arrived early with their posse. These two beauties love to play, and that's exactly why they chose Behind Closed Doors. We were the only on-premise eXXXotica after party featuring real porn stars who actually got down and dirty with our guests!

Totally Tabitha is a busty blonde beauty who has starred with some of the hottest male talent in the business, including my favorite, Lexington Steele (yes, he was my favorite male porn star even before I fucked him!). Karen Kougar is a gorgeous brunette MILF who is as sweet and smart as she is beautiful! The best part about these gorgeous ladies is that they are amazing both on and off camera -- and they are both swingers, so they know how to party. I also had the pleasure of meeting Karen's husband, who loves to watch his beautiful wife in action. I'm hoping to take his big dick for a ride at the next party!

Both Karen and Tabitha were smokin' hot and literally hanging out of their dresses. I knew it was just a matter of time before they would get completely naked -- and I was right! Rocco thanked Tabitha for coming out. She grabbed his crotch, and began to tease him. Rocco said, "I saw you grabbing a few cocks, are you just trying to tease us guys???" Well, that was all it took. Tabitha dropped to her knees and unzipped Rocco's pants to reveal his rock-hard member. She took his cock in her mouth and began to give him head, right in the middle of the lounge. They took the action over to a couch, and I could hear Rocco moan as Tabitha continued to give him a wild blow-job.

By popular demand, I brought my Sybian along to the party. Julia even helped teach some of the ladies how to ride the ultimate vibrator, since she enjoyed it so much at the last party. One after another, the ladies kept cumming and cumming. After we finished giving Sybian rides, Julia and I practiced our skills on the stripper pole. However, we were no match for an ebony beauty with an amazingly juicy booty. She looked like she owned that pole.

I looked over to see my new Canadian friends getting friendly with a single lady. It was the gentleman Canadian's birthday and he sure was celebrating. There's nothing like getting a blowjob from two beauties as you grow one year older!

People were playing everywhere. That's the beauty of on-premise parties. Bella told me she received the best pussy eating of her life by Totally Tabitha. She was so turned on and excited by being with a real porn star. Rocco and I started having a little fun, and our friends found their way over. Athena started deep-throating Rocco and I looked up to see lady "J" of J&P standing in front of me. She was a little shy at first -- but not for long. She started kissing my boobs and making out with me. I cupped her breasts with my hands and made out with her. She looked up at me and said, "It's my first time with a woman!" J is a cutie and I have a feeling I just opened a Pandora's box of fun for her.

As the night progressed, the new couples all joined in on the fun. Some of them wanted to play next to other couples, some wanted to to show off, and some played with others. Because there is never any pressure at Behind Closed Doors, the guests were free to have their fun in whatever capacity they wanted. There was one woman who came with a man for her first time; I will call her Aphrodite. A lady so sexual and beautiful must appropriately be named after the goddess of love! Aphrodite is a gorgeous Latina with an insanely hot body, perfect T&A all the way! She intrigued both me and Bella. I saw Bella flirting with her -- and before I knew it, they were playing. Bella told me she had a lot of fun getting wild with Aphrodite, as did Julia. The ladies all had fun with Aprodite's man too... I saw Julia sucking on his cock while Aphrodite ate her out. It was certainly a wild scene!

Many have asked me why there haven't been as many nominations for the Wall of Shame in my party reviews lately. I think that people are reading the blog and learning to mind their manners at swing parties. However, I did meet an Ecuadorian couple who made the cut this time. The couple was actually really sweet and were attending an erotic event for their first time. But as the night progressed, I noticed Mr. Ecuador standing around the bar by himself. I went over to ask him where his lady was. He told me that she had left because it was her first time but she "wanted" him to stay and have fun by himself. I think not...

My security and I kindly escorted the mild-mannered and polite, but misinformed, Mr. Ecuador out. NY or Ecuador-- it doesn't matter where they're from, some men just don't get it. You can't use your girl, your wife, a random ho, or whatever, as a ticket in to a couples and single ladies party only to later ditch her. If only this guy had attended Swing School, he would have known better. But, let this be a lesson to all men out there who try to pull this kind of stunt at a party I'm hosting. Don't even think about trying it or you will be banned for life.

But, all in all, the night was unbelievable. Rocco later saw Tabitha giving head in the corner to my friend Mate and another man. She was really the superstar of the evening and made a LOT of men very happy. Tabitha is so cock-hungry that she asked me to coordinate an XXXtreme Event party open to single guys just for her -- a gangbang of handsome, hung men. Karen Kougar had a great time too, and will be returning for our Horny Girls from Around the World party on October 17 where she will be helping us teach Swing School during the first hour of the event!!

Desire - Kasidie Takeover 2009

As you know, I've been raving about Kasidie, the hottest new online couples community. Scott, the founder of this exciting site, is an internet entrepreneur. He's gone to great lengths to make sure that his site has the best content and the most usability of any naughty community online. All the profiles are real, and you are never bombarded by ads. I love the site! I've joined forces with Kasidie to build their NYC metro user base, and we're doing a phenomenal job...

I'm also excited to announce that I will be joining Kasidie for their first annual Desire takeover from October 10-17, coming back just in time for School of Sex's own "Horny Girls From Around the World" party in NYC!

For those of you who don't know, Desire is the premier clothing optional swingers vacation destination in the world. People get freaky all over the place, and there are tons of designated play areas. During a "takeover," you can expect that the HOTTEST couples will be on the grounds of this gorgeous all-inclusive resort. I've been rubbing myself all morning looking at the profiles of all the hot couples who will be attending. Are you on Kasidie? Check out the Travel section to find the over 150 sizzlin' people are registered for this takeover event!!

There's still time to book too... Find a flight (I use Bing to find the best deals) and then use Shoes Only Travel to book a room! There will be a non-stop orgy in the official School of Sex love den, and we can't wait to get wild!!!

Going to miss out on the action? I'll be updating the blog on my adventures as often as possible, and tweeting from Cancun!