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After the Party ...

I throw erotic events in NYC for fun because my husband Rocco and I wanted to introduce something entirely unique to the city; a selective party that attracts open-minded, attractive people and cultivates an entirely organic sexual experience. New Yorkers are some of the hottest (but most stressed) people in the world, and we wanted to provide them with a clean, classy, erotic environment to explore their sexuality. We simply wanted to throw the kinds of parties that we would want to attend. I run all the parties and make sure the ladies have a great time. My parties are all about female sexual empowerment. I also screen all of my guests to ensure everyone has a fantastic time. Hosting the parties and School of Sex seminars is not my full-time job. In fact, I have a very successful career and do not run the School of Sex to make money. I guess you can call me a sexual philanthropist -- between my time and the expensive venues I utilize, I am lucky to break even on an event at the low prices we charge.

In order to manage my personal life with my philanthropic efforts to help other, young, like-minded people explore their sexuality, I live a "double-life." In fact, you may have read about my double-life in publications such as Time Out NY.  I never mix my swinger life with my life outside the parties. But I recently made an exception in order to combat a stereotype I overheard at a local Manhattan diner.

After hosting our after-eXXXotica party, Rocco and I decided to make a pit stop at one of our favorite diners before heading home. We have a tradition of having a 5am breakfast after a party where we discuss all the crazy sex and fun we just saw (and had). Our minds are racing and it is the ultimate "high" to see and experience all of your fantasies come true. This is in part a reason why I started writing the Swing in the City blog. I never want to forget all my sexy adventures and want to share them with the world. This also gives the both of us a chance to talk about any fun the other had not seen seen. For example, Rocco told me in the diner about how crazy it was to see Totally Tabitha suck so many cocks and eat out Bella. Can't believe I missed that!

As Rocco and I finished our eggs and discussed the steamy details of the party, we heard someone else use the word "orgy" in conversation. Then we heard the word "swinger." I didn't say it, neither did Rocco--so who else could be talking about orgies at 5:00AM? I noticed a group, three guys and a girl, sitting in a booth across the restaurant. They were in their early twenties, and were rather loud. So, we couldn't help but listen in to their conversation. The entire group was drunk and it was difficult to make out some of their banter, but they were definitely talking about swing parties.

As we listened closer, we heard the girl say to her wasted male friends, "Well, I just don't know anyone who would do that. And, aren't the people that come like really gross? I mean, what girl would want do that? You don't even get to choose who you sleep with; I think you just have to do everyone there!" I smiled at Rocco; we both knew what we had to do. We went over to their booth and Rocco politely interjected, "I'm sorry, but we couldn't help but overhear your conversation...We actually just came back from the hottest orgy in the city."

Intrigued, the girl looked over at me. I told her, "I actually arrange the parties, and they're nothing like what you guys were talking about. Our guests are hot and intelligent; no one is ever forced to do anything that he or she doesn't want to. " She asked me, "Well, how does it work? Because my friend is telling me that the women don't have a choice and they have to just fuck everyone!" I looked over at her misinformed friend and smiled at the fact that she thought he was the authority. I explained to her how the parties work and how women choose what they want to do and what they don't want to do. A third friend of theirs, who was probably one drink short of needing medical attention, looks over at us and says, "So, you guys are like are like this milkshake?" I was puzzled at his statement because no one was actually drinking a milkshake at their table. At first, I thought he was making some sort of intellectual analogy but then he opened his mouth up again after taking a sip of his mixed drink and proved himself to be just another wasted drunk. He looked at Rocco and asked, "Can we please trade watches?" This dude was wasted.

The girl told me, "Well, my friend here says he wants to host an orgy at his place." OK, well that explained why he informed her that all the women attending must fuck all the men -- he wanted some!! "Well, good luck with that," I interjected. He asked me, "Wait, how can I get into your party? Can you give me a business card?" I replied, "Sorry. Our parties are by invitation only and have become popular through word of mouth. But, you can read all about me in Time Out NY." The ultra-drunk friend says to us "Wait!" as we walked away. I heard him say, as we made our way out, "Whoa, did that really just happen to us?"

I know that couples have been to some sketchy swinger clubs and parties in the city and that's where these types of rumors about "gross people" at sex parties start. I'm trying to end all that by providing a party that New Yorkers have never experienced before... and it's working!

Happy Anniversary! And, Charlie and Leilene Are the Best People Ever!

School of Sex and Behind Closed Doors were happy to celebrate our one year anniversary in November 2009.  We invited all of our approved members who previously attended our events to come out and celebrate this special milestone with us.  But since our credo is to introduce beginners into the lifestyle, we also extended a few invitations to couples who haven't had the chance to attend one of our parties.  And how did we celebrate our anniversary?  By taking care of all the expenses and providing our guests a chance to attend a party at absolutely no cost!  But wait, I know what you're thinking-you've never heard of a free on-premise couples party before.  Was Behind Closed Doors trying to up-sell anything?  Were guests forced to purchase bottle service or Swing School lessons?  What was the catch?

If you've read about my past parties, you probably know that I like to do things a little differently than other swing parties you may have heard of or been to.  So, no, I wasn't trying to up-sell any items, services or anything like that.  In fact, we even provided a free Swing School--no strings attached.  School of Sex took care of all the affiliated costs of hosting a party at a prime location in a cozy but sexy midtown Manhattan space.  With the help of our friend and sponsor, Sam--the original King of Swing--we were able to host an amazing party and provide the community with a totally unique party the likes of which New York has never heard of!  Who would be crazy enough to lose money on a free event?  People who are not trying to profit off swing parties but are trying to grow the swingers community and provide people with many sources of information, counseling and a place to meet other, like-minded individuals such as themselves--that is the principal behind School of Sex and that is what makes us so different than anything else out there.

Our Swing School session was very popular, as usual.  We were fortunate enough to see so many of our old friends who wanted to help out the newcomers during Swing School.  Our friends included Julie, who brought a girlfriend and a boyfriend along, Leilene and Charlie, Larry and Sidney, Liza and Berry, and Mr. and Mrs. Kinky.  Leilene was extremely helpful during the Swing School, taking the opportunity to share her experiences in the swing scene thus far.  I'm thinking of inducting her as a School of Sex instructor and enlisting her help in teaching the oral sex classes (yes, she's THAT good)!  Her positive energy spread like wild fire and soon everyone was engaging in stimulating and naughty conversations.  She came over and told me that she was so glad to see so many new people come out and she couldn't wait to make new friends.  And that's why Leilene and Charlie, who was equally helpful and enthusiastic, are the best people ever!

As soon as the School ended, I made my rounds and introduced myself to all the new faces.  A few of these new guests were shy, others were more outgoing.  One couple was pretty nervous when they arrived, but managed to feel a part of the group as soon as we introduced them to some other couples.  I turned around and noticed that Leilene and Charlie had already made their way to the play areas!  They brought some new friends over with them and it didn't take long for them to start playing.  It was barely 10:30 PM and the party was already kickin'.

Liza invited her friend who was dressed a pin-up girl -- yes, she had the aura, outfit, the hair, and the makeup! This beautiful babe was HOT, and she had some cum-tastic curves.  She and Liza both wore tight corsets (and I mean TIGHT).  Their boobs were looking juicy-licious and the outfits were perfectly framed for their bodies.  In fact, Liza's friend was a costume designer and she obviously had some talent.  She wanted to take the Sybian for a ride and I was more than happy to help teach her how to use the machine.  As soon as she increased the vibration speed, she started moaning.  Watching a pin-up girl on a Sybian...was I having a dream?  No-it was really happening!  She was loving the ride and started gently moaning.  In addition to the moaning, she had these incredible facial expressions that could make a person cum just by watching her.  Along with her "Oh's" and "Ah's" she tightened her lips and closed her eyes as she rode the Sybian saddle like a cowgirl.  With her last "Mmmm" she came.  Phew!  The women around her wanted to be next in line to ride after she got off (literally).  And, if you're still looking for the "catch" to our free, on-premise swingers party and were wondering if I charged women to ride the Sybian--think again, almost a dozen ladies got to ride the $1350 "ultimate vibrator" made famous by Howard Stern and numerous ladies in porn including Jenna Jameson for free.  There really was no catch!

The gorgeous Mrs. Kinky and her hot husband started talking to me and Rocco.  I was already turned on by our conversation but then she brought out her lethal weapon!  She had a vibrating glove that she rubbed all over my body.  I was already so very horny but she put me over the edge!  What a sexy vixen and what a naughty toy.  I wanted to make sure all the guests, especially our newbie friends, were relaxed and having a good time -- I knew they were when I saw smiles and sexy conversations all around, so I went over to the play area and started playing with Leilene.

I was having a hot time playing with Leilene, Charlie and two of our Private List friends who dropped by.  I love to watch the reactions of my playmates while getting down with them -- especially when they are vocal or physically expressive.  Leilene gave me her best moans and reactions as I slid my fingers deep inside of her.  I licked her sweet clit while my fingers were still inside; I could feel her tightening up on me so I inserted yet another finger inside.  She contracted her muscles and moaned louder and louder.  I could see the look of pure ecstasy on her face as she shook and came again.  She tightened up so much around my now dripping wet fingers that I gasped in disbelief.  What amazing keigel control!  All I could think of was how amazing it would feel for a cock inside her...

I looked to the corner and saw three of the beginner couples who had never been to any swing parties before.  They were all going at it!  It was so hot to watch and I felt really happy that I was able to make them feel right at home.  I also saw Sydney (who had been to a party previously) get comfortable enough for her first full swap ever!  The swap had actually been preceded by her first girl-girl session, so it was a night of many "firsts" for Sydney!  As always, we had a fantastic crowd of welcoming, friendly, open-minded friends with great attitudes -- but the fact that we got all our new couples to be comfortable enough to play and show off in front of others...well, let's just say that was the icing on our anniversary cake!

Thank you to all the Behind Closed Doors members for making our first anniversary such a fantastic and wonderful one.  Cheers!

Fusion Duality Vibrator Review

Babeland's Fusion Duality Vibrator is truly the next generation of vibrators. I have personally never been the biggest fan of vibrators-I like them but usually in conjunction with something else (like, a hard dick for example). Therefore, I haven't ventured out and bought many vibrators in the past couple of years (unless you count the Sybian). I was excited to receive the Fusion Duality vibrator from Babeland because-well, just look at it! It looks cool as hell! I didn't know whether I should put this thing inside my vagina or leave it out on the table as abstract art! I did take it out, but then I realized I didn't have 4 AAA batteries. So, Rocco went to the store and bought some rechargeable NiMH AAA's. So, ladies (and gentlemen) make sure you are well stocked.

The metal box the Fusion Duality came in is great. I always appreciate when manufacturers pay attention to the details. It makes me very happy to know that my new Fusion Duality has a cool new home and won't get tossed in with millions of other sex toys I have. Before using the product, I briefly read Babeland's description of the Fusion Duality which states that the vibrator has "two independently vibrating heads: one with a hook that’s perfect for stimulating the G-spot or prostate (5" insertable), the other contoured with exciting bumps and ridges (3" insertable). They combine with easy push-button controls to create 16 finely-tuned sensation combos. The dual heads also make it perfect for use with a partner—just customize this quiet, satiny-smooth toy to vibrate in exactly the right way for both of you. Oh, and did we mention that it’s waterproof? With all the possibilities, one thing’s for sure: you’ll never have a single dull moment with the Fusion Duality." 16 different combination of vibrations? Remember when you only had two options?

I turned on the vibrator to test the different speeds. There were some unique options. There was a setting that made the vibrator pulsate; it seemed cool but when I later tried it, I didn't prefer this setting over the others. I took a second to decide which end I wanted to use. I went for the G-spot end and asked Rocco to lube it up. He helped me by playing with my clit (what a great helper). I was a little scared to put the hook-like end inside but I was certain that Babeland stands behind quality products so I went for it. I could definitely feel the different vibrations and knew why women would enjoy this product. However, I was hoping for a softer, more malleable surface that I could thrust in and out. I tried to thrust the Fusion Duality in and out, but found out that it felt best when left inside my vagina. I tried the different speeds and when I pulled out the pretty purple toy, I noticed I had creamed all over it. I did enjoy the vibrator and think that it puts the vibrators of the past to shame. It got me in the mood for some fun with Rocco but I did not try to achieve full orgasm with it. I would recommend this product for foreplay and for along side penetrative sex. If you enjoy vibrators and are looking for a new, different vibrator with options for variable speeds, you should check out the Fusion Duality.

If you would like to purchase a Fusion Duality, please click here.

Product name: Fusion Duality
Product retail value: $45
Available at: Babeland
The positive/negative breakdown:


*Portable device
*Sleek and interesting design
*Vibrant color
*The case is hot
*Looks like the hottest hand-held vibrator

*Lack of instructions
*Non-rechargeable-requires 4 AAA batteries
*You may not like hard vibrators
*The hook looks scary
*The pulsating setting is not that great
*The vibration speed is not intense enough

Overall score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Turning Tricks for Tuition

University tuition is anything but cheap these days.  That is one of the reasons why School of Sex has a scholarship program for graduate students who wish to attend our parties.  But a woman in London took tuition reimbursement to a whole new level.  She is known as London's "Belle de Jour" and became a call-girl in order to pay for her PhD.

But what makes Belle de Jour so special?  Haven't women partaken in the oldest profession in the world or hooked up with sugar daddies in order to afford the finer things in life (or sometimes, even life's necessities)?  Let's step back and see some other women who have been collecting tuition by alternative means. Melissa Beech (not her real name), a college senior from a swanky suburb outside Philadelphia, wrote about how a sugar daddy is paid for her schooling in The Daily Beast. Until last fall, a student alleging to be a call girl detailed her experiences on her blog, Confessions of a College Callgirl. And last summer, a Knoxville, Tenn. media outlet interviewed a 19-year-old using escorting to pay for massage therapy school.

The number of students having sex for tuition money has exploded in Europe, and experts believe it will continue to rise due to the rising costs of education. British researchers found this unusual trend in sex work has grown by 50 percent over the past seven years. In early 2008, France's education minister vowed to increase financial support after a freshman's diary and a book of interviews with undergrads exposed their experiences with prostitution.

What are your thoughts on this?  Leave a comment below.

To read the entire story, please click here.

Ask Sex Kitten-Addicted to Dick

This week's question comes from ADICKted. She asks,

Dear SK, I have been a regular at the XXXTreme Events parties for women that love multiple men. However, I have not been able to attend recently because I have a new boyfriend and I'm not sure how to introduce the idea of swinging to him. I don't want to scare him away because I really like him. But, I keep craving multiple cock. The sex he and I have together is incredible-don't get me wrong. But, the idea of playing with multiple men and being the center of attention really excites me. I am constantly fantasizing about it. How do I tell my new boyfriend that I'm addicted to gangbangs and MMF threesomes? ~Adickted

Dear Adickted,

I was wondering where you went! A few good men have been looking for you. Believe it or not, this question is one of the TOP questions I get from women. They want to know how to tell their men that they too have fantasized of being with multiple partners (SHOCKING!). Society tells us that it's acceptable for men to have multiple women in movies, music videos, and other forms of popular culture. However, the second a lady wants to be fucked by two dudes, all of a sudden, she is typically labeled a slut, a whore, etc.

How can we express our deepest desires of wanting two or more dicks at once? Do we have to keep it inside? Part of the reason I started writing this blog is to share my experiences with other women and men and let them know that it's perfectly natural for women to want multiple partners too, dare I say multiple male partners, just as men have wanted and expressed with regard to having multiple females for millennium. As much praise as you may think I have gotten for standing up for myself and other women through this blog, I have received an extreme amount of opposition as well. I don't take it personally -- they're just haters and are extremely jealous. Enough about me, now back to you.

I know your relationship is very young and you are just feeling your guy out. It is great to be totally honest and open in your relationship, however, with a young relationship, you have to slowly open up. You don't want to scare your guy by telling him "Honey, I want to go to a party tonight and fuck at least 5 hung men!" I would start out by talking to him about being open and feeling him out. For example, you can tell him about a TV program or a magazine article you read on swinging in order to see what his reaction is. You have to get him to open up to you. And that is a very difficult thing because many men are programmed to immediately close up when you open up to them. Start with baby steps, then work up to discussing his fantasies. Ask him how he would feel about being with you and another woman. Fantasize with him and ask him more details while you're having sex.

One trick that always seems to work is talking dirty to a guy when you're going down on him. And, since I know how well you give head, this trick will surely work. When you have your tongue on the tip of his dick, grab the base of his dick with your hand. Then, as you're going up and down tell him how good it would feel to have another girl's tongue meet yours on top of his dick as you make out with her. Pay attention to his reaction because you can judge a lot from it. Most men would go wild. Then, work in a conversation later on discussing your other, more extreme fantasies and how you would like for some of them to come true. Always communicate your inner feelings with him without bombarding him. Talk about it first, feel him out and then take it to the next level.

And remember, you are an extremely sexy woman and should never feel ashamed of your desires, including your fantasy of being with multiple men.

Girls Uncorked NYC - A Wild Success!

For those readers who are not familiar with Girls Uncorked, I will explain a little about it. Girls Uncorked is a nationwide organization of straight, bi-curious, bisexual and lesbian women who are sexually curious, open-minded, and looking for a great place to socialize with like minded women. While many of the members of Girls Uncorked are swingers or enjoy having sex with multiple partners, we are always welcoming of women who have fantasized about being with multiple partners or are simply curious.  Meetings are 100% free; women merely bring their own wine or appetizer. I know what you're thinking: "Free? Yeah, right... What are you trying to sell?" This is the beauty of these events-neither I nor any of the guests are trying to sell anything, really! Girls Uncorked is a real community of open-minded and intelligent women from the NY metro area.  We all meet, sip a glass of wine, unwind and share some crazy hot stories and fantasies with other, like-minded women. For more information about the events, see the links at the bottom of this entry.

I snuck out of work early to start preparing for our first Girls Uncorked meeting in late October. I was very excited to see some of my old friends from parties past and many women whom I hadn't met before. I personally called all the women who wished to attend, and I was happy to see that all the wonderful ladies I spoke with actually came to the event! That's right, 100% of the women who signed up actually came out. It was clear that these women really appreciated the event and were glad to be a part of this community. You guys rock!

As we all started talking, I noticed that not only were these women gorgeous and sexy, but they were highly intelligent. We were able to talk about almost any topic and although we had a diverse group of women ranging in age from 20s to 40s, we were able to relate to each other and bond.  I was so excited to hear about the experiences of each women, and I could feel the positive energy spreading like wild-fire. I even found a couple of women (well, more than a couple) who love to fuck big dicks and have fantasized about being with multiple men like me! We were definitely the "Samanthas" of the group but we had our share of "Carries", even a "Miranda" and more than a few "Charlottes"!

Although the event was a wine social and we had some wine connoisseurs among us, two other ladies in attendance were not drinkers. Lucky for us, our new friend "T" brought along some non-alcoholic wine for us to sip on and toast to. After we took our drinks outside and stood around overlooking the Hudson River on the rooftop, our conversations got a bit steamy...

We regrouped back inside and a few of the women took their tops off to try on some Pastease. I posted a picture of seashell and star covered nipples in the Kasidie Girls Uncorked group. So, what happened at the meeting after we finished sipping our wine and champagne and officially ended the meeting? Well, what happens at Girls Uncorked stays at Girls Uncorked!

If you're an open-minded lady interested in finding more about our group or signing up to become a member, please check out School of Sex or Girls Uncorked for more information. We hope to see some sexy new faces at our next event!

The Clown

I know you readers have been waiting for a good, juicy Wall of Shame post so here it is.  A man who shall herein be called "the clown" came to a pre-Halloween private party accompanied by a good friend of mine.  The party was small, about half a dozen couples.  I was told that the clown had previous experience with group sex in an orgy situation, and was attractive. However, more important than experience or looks is one's attitude.

As soon as the clown arrived to the party, he started to act like an annoying frat boy. I excused his peculiar behavior for nervousness and told him to relax. After all, it's not every day that you get to walk into a fantasy-land with a bunch of hot girls who are ready to get down with you. The clown drank a few glasses of wine within a few minutes and started acting flirtatious around a lady with big, beautiful natural breasts. He grabbed her boobs and kissed them. He then turned around and started commenting on my Halloween costume, which happened to be a Jungle Jane bikini. We made out and it seemed that he was starting to get less nervous and more excited. How could he not? After all, where else can a person go and find young, beautiful women who are all about no-strings-attached sex without drama?

A few of us were really horny and wanted to go play, so we walked over to the beds to get naughty. I noticed the clown pour himself yet another drink before he followed us. We all started to strip down and play but the clown stood in the corner. A female friend of mine and I grabbed this clown and asked him to take off his underwear (as he had already taken off his pants by himself). We wanted to see what this dude was packing and what his deal was. Unfortunately, this douche had drank too much within a short amount of time and it showed when he had trouble getting it up. On top of that, he came to an orgy without shaving anything.  Yes, he was extremely hairy and un-groomed.  Even the massive jungle of pubic hair on top of his millimeter peter (yes, he was VERY small... boo!) would have been forgivable if he was a nice guy.   I was completely turned off by his demeanor, so I moved on. The clown managed to get his limp, unkept dick inside my friend's mouth. The insatiable lady was eager and attempted to revive his sad little member unsuccessfully.  Insatiable, but not a miracle worker.  He remained soft, and grew increasingly annoying.  He grabbed one girl's thong and put it on his head to parade around like a fool.  No one was laughing, we wanted to fuck!  He continued clowning around and came back with another girl's sunglasses on his head.

The clown left once again to top off his glass with more alcohol. At this time, I was deeply absorbed into the my sexual fantasy turned reality. Yes, I was on top of my friend's big beautiful cock and loving every minute of it... until I notice the clown again.  He came back into the playroom and was sitting on the corner of a bed yelling something in a foreign language. I believe he was unsuccessfully trying to impress one of the guests by showing off his bilingual language skills. I was just hoping he would shut the hell up and let the rest of us fuck. As I was getting pounded by my handsome friend, the clown made his way over to us to make comments about the dick being so large. Yes, everyone knew it was large and hard -- I had been moaning loudly as I rode it, "Fuck me with that big dick!"

But this guy wouldn't shut up, or chill out.  Earlier in the evening, he had smacked a guy's ass and we let it go.  But, he repeated his frat boy antics and proceeded to smack the ass of one of the men who was fucking  missionary style!  I wasn't sure if this guy thought he was at an orgy or thought we were casting for the sequel to Bruno, the movie.  It was eerily reminiscent of the scene where Bruno attends a swingers party where he has no intention of having sex with the women and proceeds to act like a fool, touching and staring at the men, as they are having sex.  Unbelievable!

By this time, Rocco had noticed and was getting agitated.  After he heard another comment or two from the clown, he politely asked, "Can you just cut it out?," in a low voice.  The clown mumbled under his breath and walked over to yet AGAIN top off his liquor. He was not only interrupting the hot sex I was having but was extremely rude to the rest of our friends -- I had just about had it with him. I had to literally stop fucking to go over and talk to him. There's NOTHING worse than when a douche interrupts my sexual fun, so needless to say, I was pissed.

Nevertheless, I walked over and talked to him in a very cordial manner, especially given the circumstances. I asked him that since he was not playing with the guests, if he could just stop drinking and behave himself. No one wants a drunk idiot walking around making comments while people are engaging in an orgy and I'm sure he did not want any of the men that got their asses smacked by him to beat the shit out of him. After all, this wasn't a fucking frat party-just a fucking party. At this point, the clown showed his true colors and got extremely hostile with me. "Why should I stop drinking? I tried to play... [but I couldn't get it up]" he said to me, rudely. I replied, "Well, quite frankly, I don't want to have to clean up after you puke. So, just cut it out." To this he replied, "Well, I haven't thrown up in like months..."

At this point, I saw this clown had no respect for anyone and especially not women. I can imagine that no woman in this douche's life probably ever stood up to him but I was not threatened or impressed by his credentials, his demeanor or his lack of manners. I no longer wanted him to stay and project his negative energy onto others. So I told him, "Well, I would like for you to leave." After all, he had already seen the hottest orgy and wildest live sex he could only dream about witnessing and it was time for him to go. The stubborn son of a bitch just stood there and smirked. I politely told him about 5 times to leave. I then finally told him, "Listen, are you going to keep me from fucking? I just want to go back to my friends, so just go," and walked away.

I went back to where everyone was playing. The clown followed me and took his sweet time gathering the clothes that he had left in the play area. A gentleman came over and told me that the clown was also disrupting his mojo and I knew it was past time for him to leave. One of the other guests asked the clown if he was already leaving the party. The clown replied, "Naw, I'm not." Did this guy not understand the words that came out of my mouth? The clown then projected, on top of the moaning and screaming of the orgy, "SHE doesn't want me here" and looked over at me. That was it... I once again had to leave the side of a pretty lady I was playing with and just about to go down on to deal with this jerk. I went over to him and said, "You need to leave NOW! Get out!" The New Yorker in me must have came out because a couple of men adjacent to me came over to help me throw the douche out of the party. Yes, I was successful in throwing out the clown.

If this was the first time a man had acted like a complete moron, I would say it was an isolated incident. However, time and time again, douche-bags like the clown ruin the fun for themselves and others. Imagine, you're lucky enough to witness and be a part of a real-life porno. The least you can do is be polite and respect the hostess and guests. But, what do you do instead? You act like a complete moron, disturb her guests, disrespect the venue and do everything you're NOT supposed to do. So, to all the men out there who are even as half as lucky as the clown to ever attend a swingers party, let this be a lesson to you. You never know when you'll be attending a party that is run by an ACTUAL woman (well, that doesn't typically happen in NYC, but maybe somewhere else in the US) who will not tolerate your horrendous behavior.

Porn Star of the Week - Jesse Jane

I am starting a new segment on the blog called "Porn Star of the Week." This week's featured star is Jesse Jane (born Cindy Taylor on July 16, 1980 in Fort Worth Texas). You may have seen her in some very popular porn movies including Pirates. Jesse Jane has gotten more mainstream in recent years and even made an appearance on the HBO series Entourage. Jesse Jane is married to Rick Patrick, who is about a foot taller than her.

Good news ladies--Jesse describes herself as a bisexual female. She has even hosted a few swinger parties, including a recent party in Texas. Jesse told me that although traditional swinger parties have old people and she has nothing against that, it's nice to find a party like Behind Closed Doors which attracts younger, attractive people. I recently met Jesse Jane at Exxotica, where she endorsed School of School.  She was not only gorgeous, but extremely friendly -- and sexy!!!

Check her out!

Kinky Nicole Kidman?

According to a recent interview, Nicole Kidman has dipped her feet into some fetish-related activities. When interviewed, Nicole said she has had some kinky fun: "I've explored obsession. I've explored loss and love in terms of being in a grief-stricken place, I've explored strange sexual fetish stuff, I've explored the mundane aspect of marriage, and monogamy."

What was that part about strange sexual fetishes?

"It's a very extraordinary, adventurous place to be: incredibly raw, incredibly dangerous and you're very much out at sea,” says Kidman about her marriage to Keith. “You're exposed. You could drown." Drown? Does Keith have that large a load?

Hey, maybe Nicole will show up to the Behind Closed Doors Eyes Wide Shut party with a mask on. You never know.

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Nothing Lost in Translation

We visited Desire in Cancun, Mexico for the first annual Kasidie takeover. As soon as we got to the resort, we were completely turned on by the erotically charged atmosphere. Almost everyone was completely naked, roaming the resort, relaxing, and playing. We wondered how many hot couples we'd meet; we were extremely excited -- and horny!

As we toured the resort for the first time, I noticed Rocco's eyes locked on a cute Mexican lady. She kept smiling at us. She was with her husband, who began to disrobe by the pool. Whoa there! Before I even noticed his face or athletic body, I was taken aback by the size of his lower member. He was hung... boy oh boy! He looked more European than Mexican -- but we overheard them both speaking Spanish. I smiled and nodded at Rocco as if to say, "Go for her, I want them!" He kept the eye contact going but was interrupted since we had to go check into our room.

As we escorted by the bellboy to our room, we noticed the cute couple making their way up too! We wondered if they were coming to say hello. It turned out, however, that they were staying in the room right next door to ours! We quickly unpacked our stuff, and Rocco wrote a quick note on the back of one of our School of Sex business cards stating: "You guys are really hot! We'd love to get together. We are staying in room 1016 -- come by any time! ~Sex Kitten & Rocco" We weren't sure whether the couple spoke English, but we figured that the message would be a good way to find out.

We didn't see the couple again until the next day. They smiled at us again, but didn't approach us. Rocco and I thought that maybe we were too aggressive. Perhaps these two weren't swingers? Maybe they weren't into us? And then, utter confusion ensued. Around 5pm, we saw the couple engaging with another, much older couple at the jacuzzi. The older male really wasn't attractive, but his wife was. It was light playing, but we noticed a lot of flirting and even some oral. The older couple spoke Spanish as well. Maybe that was it? The cute couldn't speak English and were looking for Spanish-speaking couples? We were totally clueless as to what was going on.

As I mentioned in an earlier post on Desire, lots of people were begging for action but had no idea how to "seal the deal." So, I distributed bright pink wristbands to females that were open to "full swap." This way, the true swingers could easily find playmates. As I was putting a wristband on a sexy lady from Cali, the cute Mexican couple walked by. This time, I spoke up. "Are you two full swap?" I asked. They looked perplexed. I clarified -- "Swinger?" I pointed to Rocco and then to the pretty Mexican lady and said, "You and him," and then I pointed to myself and the hung mystery male and said, "And us?" They replied, "Si, Si! SWINGER!" I did it, I broke the language barrier!!!

The girl introduced herself as Fatima, and she grabbed Rocco, "Sexy!" We introduced ourselves by name, and they gasped. In broken English, they told us, "Got note... we looking all around for you two, ask 'Who is Sex Kitten and Rocco???'" They were so happy to have found us -- and we were happy we solved the mystery. The hung man introduced himself as Tony. Fatima and Tony were in fact talking to Spanish-speaking couples almost exclusively. Despite their adequate English speaking skill, they were extremely conscious about not being able to communicate effectively. It turns out, the couple was from Playa del Carmen and they were in fact Mexican.

We went back to our rooms, and the couple told us they'd meet us right outside of the club in about an hour. We actually wanted to grab them and have some fun right then and there, but they had something special in mind for later. We were really excited! We met the couple and began to chat again. It was getting difficult to communicate, so Rocco ran back to the room and brought his laptop back. We logged in to Google translate and started a great dialog.

We went back and forth, typing and translating (English=>Spanish and vice versa). Fatima and Tony told us again that they were so glad to have found us. Like us, they were twenty-somethings and found it impossible to find any young, good-looking couples to play with. Tony indicated that despite the attractive MILF "trophy wives" at Desire, he did not want Fatima to have to "take one for the team" with a nasty, sleazy old man. We agreed, and found it unbelievable that we were all totally on the same page. In fact, as we were talking to each other, we were interrupted by a really disgusting older man.

The man, who wore extremely thick 80's-style glasses, was bilingual. Apparently, he had spoken with the couple before. He came over to greet Fatima and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He looked at me and said, with a shit-eating grin while pointing at Fatima, "This is my girlfriend!" I just politely smiled at him, hoping that he would go away. Instead of leaving, he continued talking to me. He whispered, "I've been trying to get with this beauty for three days." I actually heard this winner trying to pick up another woman by the jacuzzi bar earlier in the day. His pickup? "I would never go for LASIK eye surgery. I don't mind my glasses. What's it to you women? You could just close your eyes and pretend I'm Brad Pitt!" Sorry old man, not every cute, young woman is for sale.

We were so relieved when he finally walked away. I really had to bite my tongue so as not to start a scene with that loser. Fatima and Tony continued to compliment us. "You are a beautiful couple," they said. "I would like to see her with you," Tony told Rocco. I then told Tony how I love really big dicks, and was excited to see his. I even showed him a hot video clip of me getting fucked by a nearly foot-long, thick dick that we had on our computer. This was as direct as it gets in the swing scene, and despite the lack of a shared language, this was all about the language of lust.

Fatima told us that she wanted to change before we went up to the disco. Before we knew it, she came back in a see-through dress. Rocco was besides himself. "Wooooooooow!" She looked like a Mayan princess. We really couldn't take it any more, so we made our way up to the disco. Fatima immediately asked, "Play area?" I think I found my Mexican counterpart! While other couples were at the bar downing drinks just to get comfortable dancing next to scantily clad women, we were making our way to the play room to get laid. No drinks necessary, thank you. It was 10:30PM and the play room was desolate -- but we started off the action.

Fatima and Rocco made out as I rubbed Tony's package. We congregated in the middle of the room, next to a large vinyl couch. Tony helped me remove my top and began to suck on my breasts. Rocco's hands traced the outline of Fatima's perky boobs through her see-through gown. Fatima removed her dress and dropped to her knees. She began sucking Rocco's cock. It was so hot! I could hear Rocco moan as she furiously sucked the head of his dick while stroking the shaft.

My pussy was dripping wet -- I was so eager to see Tony's big dick fully erect. I quickly unfastened his pants and pulled them to the floor. Out of his boxers popped a large, thick penis. He was fully erect and throbbing. I took his dick in my mouth and began sucking. It was delicious. As I took every inch I could fit in my mouth, I imagined how good it was going to feel inside my pussy. Fatima and I positioned ourselves on the couch, right next to each other. The boys ate us out, and we thanked them by giving them each a rubber. Tony pulled out some sort of Mexican condom, but I quickly elevated him to Magnum-status and handed him a shiny, gold Magnum condom. Trust me ladies, his beautiful penis really needed one.

As each thick dick made its way inside the other's partner, you could hear the moaning increase in volume. Fatima, like me, was very vocal. Rocco had no idea what many of her Spanish expressions meant, but they sounded hot. We did understand "Aye papi!" Tony eased his big cock inside me, and built up the pace. He had actually emulated exactly what he saw in the video clip of me getting fucked by a big dick that I showed him. I was impressed!

The boys increased their pace and were fucking the hell out of us. Despite the AC, sweat was dripping down their foreheads and chests. They were doing an incredible job. Tony's cock felt so fucking good, I was loving every minute - and every inch. We could hear the music pound in the disco area which was on the other side of the wall. The guys matched tempo with the music. I lost count of how many orgasms I had, but Tony was working overtime.

Fatima got on top of Rocco and rode him with more energy than I had ever seen! I followed her lead. Tony and Rocco wanted to finish us off, so we both took the doggy style position. We both came as the men did. It was some HOT sex!

We found out that the couple was leaving mid-week, so we made plans to have dinner the following night. We had the best conversation, despite the lack of a laptop with Google translate at the dinner table! We spoke about our careers, the economy, and even movies. The two of them loved South Park and kept repeating the phrase: "You killed Kenny!" They had us cracking up! We had a stimulating conversation and then, the sex... let's just say, we went back to their room and Fatima literally wore Rocco out (and yes, that was a first!). As for me, Tony serviced me over and over again. He turned me on even more when he insisted on going down on me before I sucked his cock. "Women get pleased first," he said. Tony was a true Latin lover and extraordinarily polite gentleman. We met our Mexican match, and will surely be back to see them again!

Jamaica, Oh I Wanna Take Ya

Based on the latest blog poll, I was sad to see many of you have not had the chance to experience a "lifestyle vacation." I must admit, after my recent trip to Desire in Cancun, Mexico, I am hooked on swinger vacations! There is no substitute for vacationing at a beautiful, all-inclusive resort where you can make great new friends and have sex anywhere and everywhere! Even if you're not big on exhibitionism or group, it's a voyeur's dream cum true -- and everyone is really nice!

When our new friends at Desire saw how wild Rocco and I were getting, they all had one recommendation -- go to HEDONISM II! Upon hearing their tales of delicious eroticism, public displays of sexual activities, and orgies, I was convinced that I HAD to experience Hedo II! Of course, the amount of fun you have at a lifestyle trip largely depends on the group you go with -- and I'm organizing a fantastic group. If you thought School of Sex parties were wild, wait until you see us on vacation!!!

I am pleased to announce that School of Sex has partnered with Hedo-KamaSutra to present a week of ecstasy at Hedonism II in Jamaica from January 23-30. Rooms are available for both COUPLES as well as SELECT SINGLES! We are taking over the resort and providing some very exciting free "extras" including massages by the beach, sex education classes (including Swing School as well as various classes by the famous Jamie Waxman), latin and ballroom dance lessons, fantasy photography, and a live DJ by the pool every afternoon. All that on top of the incredible all-inclusive package that Hedonism II offers. The prices are incredible too, as low as $980 per person for 7 nights based on double occupancy.

For those of you who don't know -- Hedo II is a clothing optional resort. That's right, you can go naked at the clothing optional beach, pools, jacuzzi, play areas and more! The all-inclusive resort includes drinks, food, and activities, so leave your clothes and wallet at home!

Every day will be hot and filled with naughty activities. I'm only opening up a few rooms to attractive, respectful single men so if you are interested, I suggest you book early before all the rooms are sold out. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on this fun-filled trip where your fantasies will come true. Don't have a week of vacation? Join us for a shorter stay... you'll thank me later!!!

All couples joining us on this trip will receive a complimentary admission to a Behind Closed Doors party (valued at $140) where the ladies can try out the $1300 Sybian ultimate vibrator machine. All attendees with our group will also receive a free gift bag with lots of goodies and a special "Sex Kitten" schedule of naughty activities (you know what that means!). Book by visiting HedoKamaSutra and selecting a room. Upon checking out, select that you are a member of "School of Sex" to receive your complimentary party admission and prizes. Please note that airfare is not included, so you'll have to book your own flight (try to get the best rates).

Can't wait to see -- and play -- with everyone! If you book, or have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at!

Two Parties are Better Than One - Round 2

I can't think of a better way to celebrate part two of our Halloween weekend than with sexy friends at the Behind Closed Doors parties.  After a night of fun the previous night at XXXtreme Events and a good-day's sleep, we were more than ready to party.  I'm not sure what the vanillas were doing, but the sexy, curiously-minded came out to play at BCD!

Couples and ladies showed up in some of the most amazing (and sexy!) costumes I've ever seen.  We had belly dancers, vampires, sexy witches, a French maid, jailers and their sexy parole officer, a Geisha girl, Cat woman, Trinity and Morpheus from the Matrix, Star Trek fleet commanders, cowboys, a sexy leprechaun duo, Harry Potter and Hermione, among others. 

Around 11PM, the guests were getting antsy and desperately wanted to take their costumes off so they could play.  After all, this was NOT just a typical Halloween costume party--it was a play party!  Therefore, our host Karen Kougar decided to move up the costume contest early so that people could get out of their costumes and fuck! 

The winners of the contest were the naughty leprechaun duo who won a fantastic inclusive stay at Hedonism II in Jamaica courtesy of Greg and Lynn, our resident travel agents!

Rocco and I took a dip in the olympic sized pool and met some new friends.  Two gorgeous women dipped their feet in the pool while we talked.  They had shared their horror stories about other clubs and events with us and I was sad to hear them.  But, reassuringly, the ladies told me that they had never seen a gathering of so many sexy, young and nice people at any party they had ever been to before. 

Rocco and I looked around and saw couples getting comfortable on the mats next to the pool by the outdoor space.  But, we wanted to get it on -- so we walked back to the group play room and joined in on the fun.  Some people were already finished with round one of their play while others were just getting started.  I think this was the largest group of hotties we had ever seen at a BCD party ever!

I was happy to see the couples break in our brand new sex swing.  Karen Kougar hopped up and put her feet through the stirups.  It was hot to watch a real porn star (who is also a real swinger) having sex with our sexy guests... only at BCD.

Jack and Noreen were going on about round 12 when we finally joined them.  These two are the most entertaining duo and amazing in bed.  I started playing with Jack and he built up his speed and banged the shit out of me.  Rocco was going strong with Noreen.  Greg started playing with Noreen and Lynn paired up with Jack.  I have never heard Lynn moan so loudly in my life!  Jack has some serious skills.  In fact, at the end of the night, I saw Jack pleasure another single woman who liked to be fucked even harder than me!  Jack is truly a Jack of all trades!  I can safely say Sex Kitten has met her match.  Jack doesn't quit, he keeps going and going...

Some of the graduates of the Swing School got their feet wet by the end of the night.  We were proud of these newbies and happy to provide a safe, comfortable environment for the ladies.  What a sexy crowd.  It was a weekend we will never forget!

A Pleasant Surprise

Rocco and I typically meet couples at parties rather than through online personals sites. The reason for this is rather simple. We, like many of our friends, have been let down by couples that we have met online. Typically, it is the male who is sending correspondence. Many times the woman doesn't even know what her partner is planning. As a result, when it comes time to meet, a last minute excuse often comes into play. We've been through it all -- and the worst is when I get ready (makeup, hair, and a hot outfit) and we receive a last minute call: "Oh sorry, we won't be able to make it; my partner is !" I must say, however, that when I speak to the female half of the couple on the phone early in the "courting" process, the likelihood of a successful meet-up increases dramatically. But even still, it is by no means guaranteed. On the other hand, at a party, if a few couples don't show up it's not the end of the evening. There is still plenty of opportunity to meet people and have a fantastic night.

I found Desiree and Ron's ad on a very popular website which is always filled with fake ads -- men pretending to be women, men pretending to have a female partner, and even prostitutes. Most people know which site I am talking about. Most experienced couples try use swinger personal sites such as Kasidie and SexxyMofo to find real hookups. I have seen so many fake ads that I can actually pick out the real ones, like the ad posted by Desiree and Ron.

Rocco and I immediately emailed Desiree and Ron to see what they were all about. I also wanted to warn them about the time-wasters who troll the website their ad was posted on. Could Ron be using fake pictures of Desiree to lure couples in? Was their relationship filled with drama? Luckily, after five minutes of talking to Desiree, Rocco and I found out that these two were the real deal and were relatively new to swinging.

As we talked to Desiree, we became more and more interested in her and Ron. She told me she loves MMF (male-male-female) threesomes! It's always refreshing to find an intelligent, open-minded young lady that is liberated enough to admit exactly what she wants (and, is lucky enough to have an equally intelligent, encouraging and open-minded husband such as Ron). I love meeting these women and couples. After speaking to Ron and Desiree, Rocco and I really wanted to hang out with them -- so we invited them over. The work day was ending in a few hours and Desiree was just as horny as us. She spoke to her husband Ron and he was able to take some time out of his demanding career to have some fun. That's why I always say, sex before work, people! Sex before food, sex before sleep, sex before drinking, smoking...well everything! These two were true hedonists, just like us!

We were planning to meet Desiree and Ron at our place. However, the subway on the way to our home decided to skip our stop! So, we were forced to walk home briskly from the next stop (about 10 blocks up) and rushed to get ready. Desiree called us as she left her place and we were happy to hear from them. It's always good to hear a woman's voice on the other end of the phone confirming that she's on her way instead of a man's voice stating: "Guys, my girl just got her period/isn't feeling well/isn't feeling like swinging/does not exist, can I come to play by myself instead?"

I was just finishing my hair when Desiree and Ron walked in. These two were punctual and we always appreciate that. I went over to greet them and I had an instant connection with Desiree. She looked like the type of girl that is so innocent but I knew deep down inside, she loves to have fun. Vanillas (people who don't swing) would look at her and think she's just a girl next door, but we knew better!

After we got to know each other a little better, I was getting a little horny. Desiree and Ron's stories excited us because it showed us how open-minded they are. Not only were we physically turned on by our new found friends but it was really refreshing and turning us all on to speak honestly about our fantasies. We started to mess around and I went right over to play with Desiree. She had some boobtastic breasts and Rocco and I loved sucking them. Ron was excited -- and it showed! I watched Desiree go down on her man and then we swapped partners. I had to stop sucking Ron's thick cock a few times to watch Desiree. Her sexual energy was off the charts and Rocco was moaning in ecstasy! I kept wanting to make out with her, and we took turns sucking each man's cock together. I felt so attracted to her, but I also wanted to feel Ron's dick inside me.

I strapped on a condom and rode Ron's dick. He pushed it in deep inside and held it. His dick was just long enough to reach beyond my g-spot and he knew how to work it. As the two of us played, I watched Rocco plow Desiree's pussy. As she took his dick, she was screaming out of pleasure. The two of them looked so hot. I saw Ron look up at his wife and smile. I LOVE real swingers! Desiree was a spunky one--she even licked my clit as I got fucked by Rocco. This is always an instant way to an orgasm!

We took a little break from fucking and I found my way to Desiree. I grabbed her body close to me again and made out with her. Her pussy tasted so sweet and she started moaning as Rocco and I played with her. We had so much fun with our new friends, but we knew that the next day was a work day so we couldn't keep them much longer. Besides, Ron had to get back to some work. We did manage to have a little more fun with the JimmyJane Afterglow candle and us ladies got amazing massages.

We can't wait to see our awesome new friends again!