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2009 Fuck of the Year

Last year's Fuck of the Year was porn star Lexington Steele.  I know many of you ladies do not know of Lex, so I'm embedding a video for your viewing pleasure:

I actually saw Lex again this year at several parties but did not get a chance to play with him.  At the most recent party, a very controlling husband hooked his wife up with Lex and decided to lock the door while Lex played with her.  He had a fantasy of watching her get fucked by the 11" wonder-cock.  Another lady and I wanted to open the door and have some group fun (after all, it was a swingers party not a rent-a-porn-star-by-the hour party) but we were rudely greeted by the controlling husband who told us to give his wife some "alone-time" with Lex.  I didn't like the way this douche was talking to me and I was not his mime of a wife, but I kept my cool.  I'm a strong woman and I always speak my mind and that worried the husband.  Instead of creating a scene and giving him a piece of my mind, I simply walked away.

Luckily, this year's Fuck of the Year tops even my previous experience in 2008 with one of the most famous and biggest dicked porn stars in the world.  This year's hottest experience goes to my double penetration (DP) experience with Rocco and Nigel--my own personal porn stars!  As you ladies may know, the DP is one of the most difficult moves to pull and you need exceptional men who are gentle, attentive and have the ability to keep it up.  Thanks to Rocco and Nigel-the winners of Fuck of the Year 2009!

December's Wall of Shamer-Another Drunk

This month's Wall of Shamer has a lot of similarities to The Clown.  He came into the Girls Uncorked Annual Holiday event (where boyfriends and husbands of the women of Girls Uncorked are allowed in) with his lady and seemed nice at first.  I even thought he was kind of cute and started chatting with him.  However, as soon as this Clown 2.0 started drinking, it was like deja-vu all over again.  A life-of-the-party type guy turned into the party asshole as soon as the alcohol kicked in. Why?  My guess was he was extremely uncomfortable.

As you may know, the Girls Uncorked is a social event for women in the swinging lifestyle.  There is never any charge associated with attending the Girls Uncorked events.  The goal of Girls Uncorked is to empower women and help establish a strong community of swinging, open-minded, non-vanilla women.  The holiday party was completely free and the women and couples were welcome to bring a bottle of wine and appetizers.  So, how did Clown 2.0 get drunk off wine? Well, he didn't.  He brought in a flask of scotch concealed in his pocket.  What a high school level trick to pull.  I don't understand why a douche would bring a secret stash of alcohol to this kind of party.  After all, what is so great about getting drunk, acting like a moron, turning off all the ladies and prohibiting yourself from maintaining a hard-on at such an amazing party?  Maybe he should have taken his flask and gone to the AA holiday party instead. But, this lucky jerk was invited to an amazing, free erotic event in NYC with the sexiest, young women and couples and just couldn't mind his manners.

As soon as people started getting a frisky, Clown 2.0 started acting up.  He approached one woman who was flirting with his girlfriend and encouraged her to do "clit shots."  At first, we laughed at him and his comments, but as the night progressed, Clown 2.0 started getting more and more annoying and pushy.  He started raising his voice and screaming "THIS IS THE BEST PARTY I'VE EVER BEEN TO!"  Obnoxious, yes, but still not that bad.  Then I was began to hear all kinds of fucked up complaints about this tool and had to kick him out.  If he had only visited my blog and read up on proper etiquette maybe he wouldn't have acted like such a jackass.  In fact, a few of the ladies were very interested in his girlfriend and he probably would have had the time of his life if he stayed sober and acted like a gentleman.  I'm talking multiple threesomes at the least!  But, he didn't and you may be beginning to see a pattern with some of these Wall of Shamers.  In fact, I received an email from two women who throw parties in Canada who thanked me for posting the Wall.  They said that they encounter the same types of individuals that written about on the Wall.  They thanked me for being brutally honest and sharing my experiences.  Ladies, it's my pleasure!

New Years Eve Party

You're a hard working person dealing with the tumultuous day-to-day roller coaster that is life in the NY metro area. You're looking for an erotic playground where you're free to explore your wildest fantasies in a fun but relaxed environment. You want to be surrounded by beautiful, sexy women and hot couples. Well, look no further. It's here. What you do Behind Closed Doors is your business... and truly anything can happen!

Behind Closed Doors presents our annual New Years Eve party on Thursday, December 31st, at a beautiful, upscale loft in Midtown.

Behind Closed Doors combines the flirtation and sexiness of an off-premise party with the freedom of an on-premise party.  At Behind Closed Doors, ladies rule -- and we decide how things go.  It will be a true women's paradise, as I have thousands of dollars of sex toys to GIVE AWAY to each and every guest!

Other highlights include:

*Champagne toast at midnight
*Premium sex toys for EVERY female attending -Sponsored by Adam and Eve!
*Pastease giveaways - Sponsored by Pastease!

*The return of the Sybian machine, the $1400 "ultimate vibrator" as made famous by Howard Stern
*Complimentary Swing School provided to all beginners in the first hour of the party
*Rapture rockin' Hip-Hop/House/Latin beats

Come join us on Thursday, Dec 31.  Registration and prepayment is required.  The price of the party for the ladies is $10 and $120 for the couples.  If you have never attended one of our parties before, you must complete the Behind Closed Doors application process.  If you are selected, you must provide a phone number where the woman of the couple can be reached for an interview.  Please register at the Behind Closed Doors website:

November Wall of Shame

November's Wall-of-Shamer is a guy I met at a recent party I hosted.  At first, the man seemed fine; he was outgoing and full of compliments.  However, after one too many drinks, a jerk emerged.  He began offering suggestions as to how I should run the event -- from mixer games to what type of porn I should play.  I always appreciate suggestions, but he wouldn't leave me alone!  He also didn't seem to understand that I don't force hookups at Behind Closed Doors events.  Instead, I let things happen organically.  If there is chemistry, couples and single ladies can figure it out!  In fact, I told him how much I despise games that force you to hook up with someone you have absolutely no attraction to.

I told him, "Look around, have you ever seen a hotter, or friendlier, crowd at any other party you've ever been to?"  He replied, "No."  Quite simply, Behind Closed Doors events afford couples with every opportunity to meet other like-minded couples and have fun.  It was 10:30pm and already two couples had started get frisky in the playing area.  The guy continued to follow me around to the point of harassment.  Instead of communicating and flirting with the other guests, he simply trailed me -- I think he wanted to hook up.  He reiterated, "Well, you should definitely play games at the parties-let's get that 23-year old couple in the corner to play."  I again explained to him that playing forced hookup games were not my style and none of the guests needed to be pushed into doing something they don't want to do.  Everything that happens during my party is completely organic and women always decide what they want to do and what they don't want to do.  In fact, I have been in at parties in NYC where hosts have tried to force me to do things I don't want to do.  It is disgusting and I would never put anyone in such a predicament.  Besides, it was the 23-year old couple's first time at a party and they were feeling everything out.  Sometimes it takes a few parties to get comfortable.  But later in the evening, that couple ended up having sex right next to another young, beginner couple.  They felt so comfortable and confident precisely because no one ever pushes or forces hookups at my parties.

After a few more minutes, the man came back and told me "Well, we should get a big, circle bed so everyone in the party can jump in."  This man just did not get it.  I was not going to force hookups in order for him to get some.  I wish he had only put his pride aside and showed up to Swing School.  But he didn't and stood around hoping that I would find him a naive, young couple to hook up with.  Fortunately, his wife understood what I was trying to tell him.  She walked over and made some new friends and the couples hooked up and had some fun.  However, this man still gets a slap on the wrist for not understanding that forced hookup games are for losers without any skill and there is nothing sexy about them.  I guess I can't blame him too much - his past experiences at other parties have led him to to behave in such a manner.

Divine Vibe Review

Babeland's Divine Vibe is another new-age sex toy for women. The shape of the vibrator is unique because it is angled to stimulate that hard-to-reach G-spot. I really liked the design of the toy as well as the packaging. But, as nice as the boy looked inside the box, the real test came when I inserted it inside me. I put on one of my favorite porn series, Fuck Team Five by BangBros. to get me riled up. I placed the batteries inside the toy (batteries not included) and turned it on. I'm not a big fan of overly-powerful vibrators so I thought the speed was just right.

As I watched my favorite ladies seduce men on TV, I was ready to put the Divine Vibe inside. The ribbed center felt a little weird at first and the vibe itself is a tad wider than usual so you may want to keep some lube at hand. The end of the vibe reached my G-spot but as I started masterbating, I wished that the tip of the toy was made of a softer material. As I got more excited, I started working the vibrator in and out of me. I put one finger on my clit and rubbed. The vibrator had the right intensity for me, but may not be strong enough for women who like a littel more juice (figuratively).

I would recommend the Divine Vibe for ladies that are looking for an all-in-one water-proof vibrator (yes, you can take it in the shower) that stimulates the G-spot.

If you would like to purchase a Divine Vibe from Babeland, please click here.

Product name: Divine Vibe
Product retail value: $37
Available at: Babeland
The positive/negative breakdown:

*Portable device
*Cool design
*Vibration speed intensity is just right

*Non-rechargeable-requires 4 AAA batteries
*You may not like hard vibrators
*The G-spot extension is too hard
*The vibration speed is not intense enough

Overall score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Tiger at BCD?

My email box has been flooded with inquiries from Behind Closed Doors guests as to whether Tiger Woods was in fact at one of the Behind Closed Doors sex parties earlier in the year.  I can neither confirm nor deny that Tiger Woods attended any event due to our strict privacy policy.  It is extremely important that I protect the identity of each and every BCD guest.  When it comes to celebrities, I am even more cautious because I do not want to fuel media frenzy or endanger the anonymity of the rest of my guests.

I typically instruct celebrities that wish to attend our events to come incognito so that even the other guests do not recognize them.  Status and fame don't matter at our parties, because everyone is classy and intelligent.  It's all about raw attraction and passion.  Where can else can you go to find a crowd of hand-picked, sexy couples and single women who are sexually open minded and ready to play?

One thing that I will say is -- if Tiger Woods did attend, he most certainly did not come with his wife, Elin Nordegren.  If he had brought her, and attended Swing School, perhaps the couple would have opened new lines of communication so Tiger could be honest about his obvious sexual needs and allowed to explore them in a safe, controlled environment.  In return, maybe Elin could have gotten with another strapping hunk of a man as well!

I will also comment that dozens of celebrities have in fact attended our parties, and they are always impressed with how I handle discretion and my advice to them on how to approach the evening.  Indeed, lawyers, doctors, bankers, and even politicians who also attend our parties are always discreet -- what happens Behind Closed Doors stays there!

Casual Sex

Vanillas often judge open-minded swingers for having multiple sexual relations and believe that having casual sex causes emotional and psychological damage.  Well, a surprising new study reveals that having casual sex may not be a bad thing.  That is, if you are responsible and safe, of course. 

Despite the pervasive belief that hooking up casually is detrimental to the well-being of young adults, researchers found that not to be the case in a recent study, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
The study asked 1,311 Minnesota-based young adults, between the ages of 18 and 24, about their most recent sexual experiences, their self-esteem and their general well-being after the experience.
Only one-fifth of the subjects said their most recent experience was casual. And overall, their emotional status wasn’t any different from those who said their last sexual experience was with a committed partner.

“We were so surprised,” said Marla Eisenberg, who is an assistant professor at the university School of Public Health.  “The conventional wisdom is that casual sex, 'friends with benefits,' and hooking up is hurtful. That's what we've been teaching kids for decades,” she said, adding that abstinence-only sex education programs in particular enforce this notion.