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A bit XXXtreme!

After a few month hiatus, XXXtreme Events made quite a comeback on Saturday night!  Produced by School of Sex, I was intimately involved in building the guest list for the party... which meant a multitude of hot young studs for the ladies in attendance to choose from.  The XXXtreme party lived up to its name; things got WILD -- which is exactly what you get when you combine insatiable, horny ladies with gorgeous, hung gents.

Everyone came in quite cold from the frigid temperatures outside and it took a little while to warm up.  I moved one of the large, portable heaters into the play area and my girlfriend Sheila made her way over to get things started.  Sheila has extremely large breasts and a slender frame, so she turned heads as she began to strip down.  Rocco and I sat on one bed with my friend Mike, who had an amazing time at the last XXXtreme Event and knew he couldn't miss out on this one!

Sheila noticed that some of the guys were shy.  After all, most of them were very young and a little intimated by the beautiful, confident women walking around the party.   So Sheila advised Rocco to grab a special red siren light to attract everyone's attention into the play area.  Rocco grabbed the light, and a bunch of the boys made their way over...

I was getting very horny watching Sheila, who already hit it off with a guy.  His hand found its way inside her panties, and he began fingering her.  Mike raised my leg and began giving me a very sensual foot massage.  Since Rocco had gotten up, another guy had taken his seat on the other side of me.  I was putty in their hands.  We watched Sheila getting fingered at an ever increasing rate, until the guy's fingers were a blur!  It didn't take long for each boy on either side of me to start getting frisky.  I was wearing a very accessible top, so my boobs were readily accessible and ready to big licked.  I dropped to my knees and began giving Mike head.  His cock was delicious, but I was a little curious about the strapping black guy who was next to me.

He was extremely hung!  I was soaking wet just thinking about how good these dicks would feel inside of me.  Sheila's date had hooked up with a regular at our parties, Mary -- a beautiful, slender blonde with a voracious sexual appetite and a moan that could wake our neighbors out in the Garden State!  He was also a hung African-American guy, and completely ripped.  The three of us girls had started the party...

I took turns sucking each cock until I couldn't take it anymore.  The black guy grabbed a condom and slid his huge cock inside me.  I continued to suck Mike's cock, and then Rocco came over.  He smiled at me as if to say, "Naughty girl..."  I knew he loved it.  He had been distracted for a few minutes, but knew I didn't waste any time to get some quality cock inside me.  Rocco unzipped his pants and I sucked him as well.  It was a sizzling hot scene.  By now, the rest of the guys had congregated over to watch as Sheila, Mary and I were going wild on these boys.

Sheila began to fuck her new friend, whose hand was probably exhausted from the impressive fingering feat he had performed.  A few couples started hooking up next to us.  The huge cock inside me kept going and going, with phenomenal stamina.  I had already cum at least twice, and I wanted to fuck Mike's throbbing cock -- so I told the hung man to try a go with Sheila.  It didn't take long for him to change his condom and enter her soaking wet pussy.  After all, sharing is caring!

I took Mike's cock in the missionary position, and noticed that someone special had arrived and was watching me in the play area.  It was TITAN!  Yes ladies, the winner of my cock of the year competition had come out with his monster cock ready for action.  As more people made their way to the beds, I shifted over to the area where Mary was hooking up with Sheila's date.  She was scared of his big dick, but took it quite well.  Soon, she started sucking Mike's cock and completed her "Eiffel Tower" fantasy of being in the middle of two hot men.

One of my favorite couples, who had partied hard with us on New Years Eve, were also looking for some fun at XXXtreme Events.  Violet is a South American with a body and tan to die for... her husband, Greg, is super-sweet, sexy and debonair.  Rocco introduced them to Titan, but these two fun-seekers didn't need much help in finding hot men for Violet to play with.  The next thing I knew, Violet was being triple teamed.  Greg received a blowjob while his lovely lady got pounded from the back.  I could hear her moans and then ::squirt!!!  Violet must've had an amazing orgasm, because she came all over the bed sheet.  (Of course, we changed the sheet after she was done playing!) 

Rocco and I made our way over to Violet to congratulate her.  To our side, Titan already began hooking up with Sheila, who was in awe of his monster manhood.  I talked to some of Violet's suitors, who were impressively polite and very cute.  One of them was a Latino stud, the other a cute guy-next-door type.  They were extremely friendly, and couldn't stop expressing how much fun they were having.  The Latino stud commented, "I had been seeking this type of party for a long time.  Every party open to single men that I had been to... well, let's just say something wasn't right about them."  The pushy, nasty men; the hookers; I knew exactly what he was talking about.  XXXtreme represents a shining star in the skeevy world of "gangbang" parties.  XXXtreme Events are for real, horny women who want their pick of handsome, pre-screened gentlemen.

Rocco and I were horny, having just seen Violet take on a group of men.  Rocco slid his cock inside me right then and there, and began fucking me.  Rocco still hadn't cum yet, so I was determined to do something really hot to send him over the edge.  I grabbed the Latino guy and invited him to the far bed.  He followed, and laid down on the bed.  His cock was already rock hard, so I took turns sucking his cock and Rocco's.  I put a condom on my new Latin lover, and slid down his cock.  It felt so good.  Rocco got up on the bed, and I continued to suck his cock.  We switched it up, and Rocco took me from behind.  He build up speed and watched as I gave Mr. Latino a wet, sloppy blowjob.  Unable to take it any longer, Rocco fucked me as hard as he could and let out a roar!  He was cumming... all over my ass.  I smiled, but wasted no time in getting in the missionary position and getting fucked by my new friend.

To our side, two beautiful lesbians were going at it.  They had attended the party because they were curious about getting involved with some guys, and had been entertaining an audience of men since they had arrived.  They had been going at it for hours!

XXXtreme will be back soon!  We have already started getting even more applications flying in for our next event, which will be announced soon.

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