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Couples and single ladies only.

Upscale lifestyle parties for the extremely sexy and open-minded.

Ladies only.

Where wine & conversation break free!

Open to select single men, couples, and single females.

Take a walk on the wild side with women who love multiple men.




The cure to the common case of self-consciousness

The lifestyle is about not only be open with sexuality but being open minded.  At any given club or party, you (or your partner) may not be into everyone in attendance.  Swingers may be selective, which means that preferences are key.  Some people are into voluptuous women while others prefer a very fit figure, for instance.  Others may have a preference for blonds or brunettes.  That's natural and perfectly normal.

Most women, and many men, are extremely self-conscious about their bodies.  Fear of getting naked, and consequently being judged by others, may be one of the single most popular reasons that people avoid swinger parties.  It's true; it can be extremely daunting to undress or perform in front of a crowd -- especially when most of the other guests look like models!  That situation holds actually true at very few parties (since most parties do not actually screen their guests, resulting in a large amount of extremely unattractive people).  But at a Behind Closed Doors party, for instance, a girl with curves may be extremely intimidated by the other female guests.

I recognize this problem and have found a way to address it, with the launch of MORE TO LOVE.  It's about time that a party catered specifically to voluptuous women and the men (and women) who adore them.  I, for one, am thrilled about seeing some sexy curves at our launch party.
More to Love is open to select single men as well as couples and single women.  So, ladies, if you're self-conscious and have been avoiding coming out to a party -- this event is for you!  I will make sure you'll have an incredible time.

Missed the event?  More to Love events will be held every month, so apply for our upcoming event via the links below:

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