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Pop Plugs Butt Plugs

I received the large Pop Plug in a fun package.  I had played with the traditional anal beads and smaller butt plugs in the past, but this was a big boy.  Warning ladies: you should only use this plug if you need to prep yourself to take on a pretty huge cock.  And of course, as with any anal toy, you need to use plenty of lubrication.  I used a little bit of regular lube mixed with Anal-eze to get the Pop Plug in.  It took a very long time for me to comfortably put the pop in.  
When I finally got it in, my pussy was pretty wet from me playing with it as I distracted myself by rubbing my clit.  I wasn't ready for Rocco's cock to go inside my pussy with the Pop Plug plugging my ass.  Or else, I may really have popped!  I do prefer two dicks inside my pussy and ass, respectively.  However, I only had one available hard dick and couldn't take out the Pop Plug and replace it with another penis.  But next time I do take on a large dick in my ass, I will keep the Pop Plug handy to help me prepare.

The ring handle made it easy to "pop" the Pop Plug right out when needed.  It is also helpful when masturbating where you may not have a third helping hand.

If you would like to purchase a small, medium or large Pop Plug from Babeland, please click here.

Product name: Pop Plug
Product retail value: $21
Available at: Babeland
The positive/negative breakdown:

*Erognomic design
*Pretty pink color
*Easy to ease
*No instructions neeeded

*May be too large for some butts
Overall score: 4.5 out of 5

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