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February's Wall of Shamer

This month's Wall of Shame is a single man who skipped out on the bill at an XXXtreme Event.  This man, whom I had previously hit it off with, contacted me a few hours before the start of the party to ask if he could come out.  He had not paid or registered through the website, but I made an exception since I "knew" him.  I thought he was a good guy and would be honorable enough to pay his admission at the door.  As a working profession he knew that throwing these parties is an expensive proposition considering our prime location rental rates, furniture rental, staff, supplies, laundry, etc.

I knew there were some cock-hungry ladies at the party and figured they would have a good time with him, as he was a handsome guy.  I was right -- he came out and a great time with at least 3 sexy ladies.  He had a fantastic time at the party, but when I asked him to pay his admission fee after the party, he refused to do so.

This fine, upstanding gentleman then told me that he was extremely cheap.  Even though he makes a six-figure income in his late 20s, had aesthetic surgery, loves to vacation in the Caribbean, has a place in the city and a house outside, he would prefer not to pay me.  So, I ended up paying his admission price out of my own pocket for the pleasure of having him attend -- as well as tip the staff on his behalf.

This cheap fuck wound up writing me an email after the event saying that I shouldn't worry about him not paying the bill because he would love to come over to my apartment, bring a bottle of wine and fuck me to make up for it.  Haven't heard that one before... I think I'll pass!  And, he reaffirmed why the rules of my parties are so important and why prepayment is entirely necessary.

Can someone say L-O-S-E-R?  At least I know why this guy is single.  Why any guy would piss off the person who controls the guest list of the hottest erotic events in NYC simply defies logic.  He may just wind up being the top Wall-of-Shamer of 2010.

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