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It Doesn't Get Any Hotter -- XXXtreme Stoplight Party

The first time we used bracelets to help distinguish who was the most fun was our first trip to Desire in Cancun.  If you recall, we gave bracelets to all those who were in "full-swap" couples and made waves at the resort.  People instantly utilized these indicators to find playmates and have fun.  A concept so simple really got a ton of people laid -- and a LOT happier!  We hadn't used bracelets to distinguish guests at Behind Closed Doors or XXXtreme Events because I felt that with so many beginners, many guests wouldn't even know what they wanted and it would be unfair to ask people to classify themselves at the door.

But since XXXtreme Events generally attract more seasoned swingers and we have been amassing a large group of repeat guests, I figured a "Stoplight" party would be a great idea.  Stoplight?  Yes, three colors for each of three groups:

Red bracelets for women who want to stick with their partner or be left alone.
Yellow bracelets for women looking for one, or possibly two, single males.
Green bracelets for women who would like a gang-bang scenario.  Of course, neither yellow or green means that it is a free-for-all, as all women attending any of my parties have the right and obligation to be picky about who they want to play with.

So now that I've laid out the blueprint for this amazing party, I have no doubt that you'll be seeing other promoters try to rip it off.  But folks, you've seen it here first -- as always :)  Anyway, the resulting party was amazing not because of the bracelets but because of the guests, and that's something that CAN'T be replicated -- anywhere!  I hand picked some of the hottest couples, single women and single males you've ever seen anywhere let alone a swing party.

During the first hour or so, guests mingled while I gave out the wristbands.  Most women took the "yellow" but several took "green."  I was excited to see how the night would unfold.  I was super-horny, so I went to the play area with some friends.  I hadn't seen Carlos and Rosita for quite some time, but things started off exactly where we left off several months ago -- completely naked and frisky.

Within minutes, the play area filled and I witnessed perhaps the HOTTEST action I have ever seen at any swingers party or club, anywhere in the world.  A gorgeous single female, Jessica, dove right into her first group sex in the play area.  She started off sucking two hard dicks side by side and alternated between fucking and sucking each of them.  Another girl, 5'10" with model looks and an insatiable sexual appetite, started going at it with her boyfriend and another hot stud.  The action unfolded all around us.  Moans and screaming filled the air, and I could see several other men with hard cocks ready when needed.  It was amazing.

Both Jessica and the model wound up doing double-penetration.  I was in awe and simply speechless.  Never before have I seen TWO sizzling hot girls attempt this maneuver at a party.  It was better than porn!  I got it on with two guys, one of whom is a sexy NYPD officer -- the other, a local cutie who knew exactly how to rock my world.  Many guys are just wham-bam, but both of these studs knew exactly how to please a lady.  Rocco hit it off with a beautiful African-American lady with amazing breasts and brought her over for some fun with me.  I received some of the best cunnilingus ever from this sexy woman.

All the men in attendance were extremely polite and very sexy.  In fact, because we never flood the party with single men (I actually reject most men who apply) there really wasn't much "gang-bang" action... it was mostly MMF threesomes all around.  But the vibe was super-hot, and the action was beyond good.  It was INSANE!!!!!

The next day I received dozens of emails thanking me for putting together such an incredible event.  Registrations began pouring in for the next party.  XXXtreme Events has gotten to be so good that I can't stop thinking about when the next one will finally come!!!

If you're sexy and looking for hardcore action, you should join us on Friday, July 9 for Karen Kougar's DVD launch party.  And then, in August, I'm having an XXXtreme Events to celebrate my birthday on Friday, August 6.  Visit http://XXXtreme to join us!

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