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Let's Play Doctor Game Review

I received the Let’s Play Doctor game and thought I could use it for some naughty play.  According to Babeland’s website: “Play doctor, or teacher, or firefighter, or traveling's up to you with the Let's Play Doctor game. You'll choose from 40 erotic role-plays and fantasies for couples-fun, flirty, and creative, this game is sure to inspire countless hours of naughty fun. Perfect as a bachelorette or newlywed gift, or as a way to spice up your own relationship. Includes 45 game cards, color illustrations, a spinner, and a storage box with lid.” 

Rocco and I opened the package and read the directions which were pretty easy to follow.  I was excited to play the game because I thought it may lead to some kinky sex.  I spun the spinner and drew a card and Rocco and I tried to get into it.  As we started to play out the role-play fantasy, we both thought the instructions were more silly than hot.  Maybe I just picked a bad card, I thought.  So, I placed the card back in the stack and went through and read the rest of the cards.  Although some of the scenarios were interesting, we thought it was too forced to read about a specific role-play and act it out.  I even tried to read the cards using a sexy voice but we just threw the game aside and had our own fun fantasizing about some of the fun sex we have had with some other naughty people in the past.

I wanted to give the game a second chance and see if we could involve some other friends and reenact some of the scenarios.  So, I took it to a party.  However, I never did get to find out if other people enjoyed the game or not because someone took it home by mistake.  As most people buying the product will NOT be using it in a group sex situation, I will base the review on the experience of a couple.  For me and Rocco, we did not personally like the cards in the game and think that part of the fun fantasizing is coming up with your own crazy scenarios.  Besides, when you have seen and experienced group orgies, women having sex with multiple men and other women and well…all the crazy stuff I’ve written about; a scenario involving a cop and perpetrator doesn’t do much (especially since I have been cuffed and detained by a real NYPD officer—while having hot, kinky sex in the bedroom, of course).  However, I will say that perhaps a more vanilla woman who is not usually very kinky may appreciate it.

If you would like to purchase a Let's Play Doctor game from Babeland, please click here.

Product name: Let's Play Doctor Game
Product retail value: $16.95
Available at: Babeland
The positive/negative breakdown:

*Interesting concept
*Beautiful packaging
*May spice up a vanilla's sex life

*Not so great if you have a vivid imagination
*Not recommended for swingers
*Might go "missing" if you bring to a swingers party

Overall score: 2 out of 5 stars

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