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March's Wall of Shamer

March's Wall of Shamer may sound familiar as he is not alone.  Let's call him "Luke."  Luke and I spoke on the phone a few hours before a BCD party since he had registered last minute (I direct all guests who register within 24 hours of an event to call the BCD contact number).  As you know I typically speak with the female -half of a couple.  Unfortunately, Luke's wife of many years was unavailable to talk on the phone with me for an interview.  I should have told Luke that I would be unable to accommodate them, for reasons you will find out as the story unfolds.

However, Luke assured me that his wife was very much interested in swinging and the both of them mutually agreed to attend the party.  Luke asked me some common questions regarding the party on the phone.  Due to the fact that I was already preparing for the party, I was unable to answer all his questions and directed him to the Behind Closed Doors website's Frequently Asked Questions section.  I further explained to him that all beginners should attend Swing School, which is designed to address all of his and his wife's concerns.  However, Luke cut me off frantically, "Well, ah, we got dinner reservations at a...10PM and can't to Swing School."  I insisted that Luke and his wife change their reservations if possible so they could at least catch the end of the school. 

But, for some reason, those that need to come to Swing School often never do.  As time goes on, I think I will be forced to institute more stringent policies because of people like Luke.  I extended him an invitation because  I just am too nice sometimes.  What happened? Well, when the action was well under-way at the party, Luke and his wife walked in.  I was a bit pre-disposed and was unable to greet the two.  So, Luke created quite a scene and walked into the play area without knowing any of the rules.  As he approached the area, he yelled out, "I just wanna watch!"  I turned around and put on my panties to talk to this loud-mouth.  However, before I even had the chance to address his problems and/or get my security to throw him out, Luke and his wife, who looked dazed and confused, walked out.  Apparently, she didn't want to be there and was totally taken aback by the dozens of naked bodies that were engaging in an orgy.  I just don't understand why Luke would act like a jerk and not come out during the school to put his wife at ease and learn proper etiquette.  Instead of getting some, my guess is Luke got none and went home with an angry wife that night. 

And with every ass, the rules for BCD get even stricter to ensure that only those hot young couples with an upbeat, positive attitude and good manners are permitted to join our events.  It's better for me, it's better for our guests, and it's better for pricks like Luke who won't have a good time anyway. 

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