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Couples and single ladies only.

Upscale lifestyle parties for the extremely sexy and open-minded.

Ladies only.

Where wine & conversation break free!

Open to select single men, couples, and single females.

Take a walk on the wild side with women who love multiple men.




No, you can't buy your way in...

Money isn't everything, especially when it comes to swinging.  In fact, swinging is the great equalizer.  Since the School of Sex and our parties, Behind Closed Doors and XXXtreme Events, are not operated for profit we aren't looking to let in everyone off the street just to make a quick buck.  Every other club does just that, simply because at the end of the day their club or party is a business.  The dynamics work very different at my events.

First, it means hotter guests.  I have been around the world to check out the finest swinger clubs on the planet.  Even if the swing club itself is opulent, alluring, and grand, there is always a problem -- the guests.  In order to finance such an operation, these clubs need to let everyone in.  That's also the reason many clubs operate "single guy" nights where single males are allowed in, to help the bottom line.

But when you open a club to everyone, there are issues.  Despite lovely decor of a top swing club, it's never sexy to see people old enough to be your parents -- or grandparents in many cases!  The sad truth is that the overwhelming majority of swingers are old, extremely out of shape, and don't take care of themselves.  The older men are typically the ones who are the worst, even if they bring some eye candy to the club with them.  So, if you decide to check out a swing club, a swinger resort, or anything of the sort, be prepared to see people that you will probably find very unattractive.

Then there's BCD.  We ONLY invite hot, young couples and single women.  The age range of our guests is 21 to 45 (and those who are 40+ must be exceedingly hot).  BOTH the male and the female of a couple must be attractive.  Sorry old men, but we don't want fugly sugar daddies -- you can't buy into our party the way you bought your Barbie doll (yes, we HAVE seen such displays as the one pictured at swing clubs).

Single males beg for entrance into BCD, even offering thousands of dollars for a chance to attend -- or simply watch.  They're always turned down.  NO single males are permitted at BCD events, that's why we have XXXtreme Events (assuming the guy is hot enough).  And no boys, I don't have a single female friend to hook you up with.

XXXtreme Events are also very selective -- but in a different way.  XXXtreme parties are open to extremely handsome single men.  Single men are 21 to 40, attractive and complete gentlemen.  The couples who attend XXXtreme are slightly older (many MILFs have the cougar/cub fantasy, and are definitely welcome).  The caveat here is that at XXXtreme, everyone plays.  It is NOT a party for couples to come watch.  For that reason, there is a mandatory undress rule in the play areas.

So, the lesson?  If you don't meet the criteria of these parties, you can't buy your way in.  It's as simple as that.  Welcome to the promised land...

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