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Another Record-Setting Event

Behind Closed Doors did it again!  Rocco and I attended the "Return to Summer" event in early October.  This event promised to be BCD's largest event in all three years of the exclusive club's existence.  Indeed it was.  In fact, this was the largest gathering of gorgeous swingers I had ever seen in the NYC area. 

There were so many hot, young couples and single ladies, I was on system-overload.  The sheer number of couples reviled those at the most popular swingers club in Paris and in the southern part of the U.S., but the venue was one of a kind.

As soon as we walked in, I knew this party would be unlike any that I had ever attended.  There was so much going on all night, I wish there were five clones of myself that I could have sent around the party to keep track of what was going on.  The action started out by the pool and jacuzzi.  Some couples changed into their bathing suits and hot bikinis; others changed into their birthday suits.  The venue was in pristine condition and by far the classiest I have ever seen for any swinger party anywhere in the world.  I walked around and met some old friends and new ones.  Karen Kougar and Tom Kougar walked in and I saw their jaws drop.  When you get a thumbs up from a porn star, you know that's a very good thing.

I walked out onto the outdoor area to view the beautiful Manhattan skyline.  Some couples even took advantage and were getting it on in the outdoor area.  I wanted to give my friends Jack and Noreen who were fucking right by the outdoor area a high-five.  Actually, I wanted to give Jack's dick a lick...but more on that later.

As I walked around, I also noticed that the various private rooms were occupied almost all night.  The rules on the doors of the rooms were simple, i.e. "Open door = open to playing."  Of course, as always with BCD parties, you had to ask before entering and it was not a free for all.

Besides the massive pool area, there was a giant group play room at the far corner of the venue.  Rumor has it that this multi-million dollar facility was previously used exclusively in a pro-sports team.  Certainly, the cleanliness and classiness of this place was second to none and perfectly appropraite for players being paid millions of dollars.  But I bet the ball players had never seen (and couldn't pay for) an orgy like this...

After speaking with all my friends, Rocco and I were incredibly horny.  There was sex all around us, and now, it was time for us to have some fun.  We played earlier in the evening with Jack and Noreen and Cleopatra and Apollo by the pool.  In fact, I had even had some time alone with the sexy Noreen.  We had quiet a six-person or so group scene going on.  But, the orgy in the group room had about 10-12 couples getting it on at the same time.  When I walked into the back, I couldn't believe my eyes.  Even I was taken aback!  I thought I had seen it all, but this was something new.

Brian and Angelina were escaping me all night.  But this time, I finally caught up with them.  I also saw sweethearts Leilene and Charlie.  They were also going at it all night, but I made them save their last bit of energy for me.  Charlie ate me out and I was in heaven.  Leilene looked over at me and accurately summed the experience up in a sentence. "This is like a dream come true."  And it was--well, a swinger's dream come true. 

Not only were there some gorgeous, hot couples, but the couples were engaging in some amazing sex.  I saw one man take on his lady and then switch and up and put his beautiful cock inside a lady friend of mine, Cinderella.  I licked my lips as I watched the three bodies intermingle with one another.  Again, I wish there was more of me to go around and play with everyone.  I played with Rocco and we went over to a bed with Greg and Lynn.  Lynn is the amazing lady who has such intense orgasms that she literally falls asleep right after.  I went over and played with Brian.  He has amazing stamina, enough to wear out this Sex Kitten.  On the floor next to Leiline and Charlie, I saw a newbie couple that came out to swing school having hot, screaming sex.  YES!  I love to see the new ones breaking out of their shells and having a good time.  It makes all the hard work and effort I put worth while and then some.

Gina and Brad, the acrobats, had made friends with some fantastic couples and outlasted just about everyone.  There was another couple that initially sat next to Christian and Trista and then swapped.  I watched Christian put his big dick inside his new lady friend.  If I was closer, I would've loved to lend a hand (or a hole).  Afterward, I went over to one of the many showers to see couples swapping everywhere!  I even saw people fucking in the steam room.  It was a steamy, hot time!

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