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July's Wall of Shame

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say.  But, we also know that imitators are never quiet as good as the "original."  When it comes to the original ideas created by Behind Closed Doors and XXXtreme Events, imitators often try to steal these ideas and claim them as their own.  You may have seen imitators copy these ideas even word-for-word.  For example, I have seen old men that throw "swinger parties for hot, young couples run by a real swinging female," promoters that throw their version of BCD's hybrid off-premise/on-premise events that are nothing more than a sex-less tease, parties open to single males filled with prostitutes that promise "real couples and single women," and party hosts that promise "exclusivity" to their guests, only to allow in any "Hairy," Dick and Jane off the street -- because it's all about the bottom line, money.

Every day my e-mail box is flooded with e-mails from readers of the blog begging me to give them advice on so-and-so's swingers party or club or to tell them where they can find the hottest swingers party in NYC.  Well, readers, if you haven't read it in my prior posts, I will say it again, I cannot recommend the fake, shady, illegal and dingy swinger parties that exist in NYC to even my worst enemies.  Additionally, as you may have read about in my party reviews, if I had found even a half-decent swing scene anywhere in the area, there would be no need for Behind Closed Doors parties.  If you want to attend a decent swinger party outside NYC, you can check out the clubs Paris, Montreal, Southern Florida or Atlanta as I have reviewed in this very blog. In these areas, you may find real couples and/or singles and you may be lucky enough to find someone to hook up with.  Of course, the vast majority of the guests at these clubs will be older and many will be unattractive.  But that's par for the course, you have to sift through the nasties to find the gems.  That what makes BCD and XXXtreme so wonderful, I do the work for you and only invite attractive guests with whom you'd want to engage.

There is no doubt that people have tried to create confusion when it comes to all of School of Sex's parties and will continue to do so.  A newbie couple, "Mo and Sue" attended one of the Behind Closed Doors parties hosted a few months back.  Mo and Sue really popped their swinger-cherry that night.  When leaving the party, Mo and Sue told me they had a great time at their first swinger party and would love to be invited back again.  As they were not only cute, but very sweet, I extended them an invitation into the next month's Behind Closed Doors party.  But by the time I saw Mo and Sue at the next Behind Closed Doors party,  Sue told me they anxiously went to another NYC swingers club.  "I'm so sorry we didn't heed your warning about these places," she said. 

Apparently, when they walked into the loft of this other party, they asked the club owner if by any chance their party was affiliated with the School of Sex, our umbrella brand.  After all, the theme of the night was remarkably similar to a recent XXXtreme Event.  The club owner out-and-out lied and told this naive, young couple that it was indeed an "affiliate event."  As soon as the couple walked into, for lack of a better word, bawdy house, they knew this was NOT a School of Sex party.  The couple left within minutes, minus the door fee.  I was upset to hear about this couple's experience, but not surprised.

So readers, please be forewarned.  I can pin-point the exact hosts that misrepresented themselves as the newest members of the Wall of Shame, but if you want the exact club you'll have to talk to me at a party.  I don't make a habit of reviewing these NYC clubs and parties any longer because, as you have no doubt read before, the operators of these venues are very bad people and their parties always suck.  Among other things, there are connections to organized crime.  Over the past three years of running the School of Sex, Behind Closed Doors and XXXtreme Events, I have been threatened, followed, and otherwise harassed by these people.  Luckily, my parties are clean as a whistle.  All SoS revenue is reported accurately, no drugs are allowed at our parties, and we always make sure that our locations are not affiliated with bad people.

So, the swing scene in NYC and all the respective parties and clubs, particularly the one that held itself out to be affiliated with me, are hereby inducted into Wall of Shame for this month.  It is no surprise that the hottest and most popular real, swingers parties in NYC -- Behind Closed Doors and XXXtreme Events would be imitated, but never recreated!

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