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Bikini Blast-Off

Last weekend we held our first "spring-break" themed event. We've definitely had events where women wore bikinis (i.e. our July Fourth Freedom party and Summer Heat), but for some reason the action this time around was even wilder. It was GIRLS GONE WILD on steroids!

I have noticed a trend in the past half year -- we are getting a LOT of repeat guests. In the past, as many as 75% of couples and single ladies at any given party were new. Many of these people were newbies and appreciated the fact that we are the most accessible erotic event around.  We have redefined the traditional swinger party into something much bigger.  Voyeurs, exhibitionists, hedonists, and the mere curious attend our parties and are shocked to find out how amazing a party catering to like-minded, attractive people can be.  Many of these people wind up playing -- even swapping partners -- because the atmosphere is so HOT!

As I had encouraged guests to check out other parties and clubs in the area, it took some time for them to complete that task.  After all, there are dozens of parties and lots of very attractive, albeit totally misleading, advertising out there.  But I always find people coming back to BCD.  Those guests appreciate our parties and our selection process even more! Still other guests just take time to come back because life has a habit of getting in the way.  Between work, family, and friends, it's sometimes difficult to find the time to come out to a party.  That's totally understandable -- and I'm thrilled when my guests come back.

With so many familiar faces, the parties are getting even more exciting because friendships are forming.  People meet at a party and may not wind up playing with each other until several months, or years, down the road.  At the Bikini Blast, some old friends reunited and the party got kickin'!

Kareena, the gorgeous East Indian goddess who had made her first appearance at the "Get Lucky" XXXtreme Event last month, was back.  She wore a gorgeous pink bikini and turned heads.  As guests realized that that it was perfectly appropriate to change into a skimpy bikini, things got hot.  People made their way into the main play area and started getting it on.

But it was time for the wet t-shirt contest!  Sexy lady after sexy lady followed me to get prepped.  Boys, you wish you could have seen what was going
on.  Boobies everywhere!!!  I helped each gorgeous girl into a tight white t-shirt and used a scissor to cut off excess material around the stomach and sleeves.  I had pre-soaked the shirts and nipple by nipple was popping -- it was so hot.

The girls shook it to the music and the competition began.  Some stripped, others got it on with their new girl-friends.  The excitement was contagious -- everyone was cheering and super-horny.  But that wasn't all.  Our lovely hostess, Veronica, grabbed Ramone.  Ramone is a BCD regular and it was his birthday.  What we witnessed from Veronica was perhaps the HOTTEST lap dance I had ever seen.

Our friend and mentor Sam, the King of Swing, has been giving us very sage advice on how to improve the play area.  So, at this party we launched a totally new configuration and it was phenomenal!  After the contest and lap dance, people were rushing in and eager to get it on.  Our friends Desiree and Ron were already fucking.  But it was Cici and Brian who politely asked Rocco and I if we wanted to come to the back.  And -- we did!

We made our way over to the slew of new, extremely comfortable mattresses and got next to Desiree and Ron.  They were fucking like rabbits but took the time to reposition themselves to get into closer proximity.  Desiree and Brian sucked Cici's pierced nipples while Rocco fingered her.  It was hot!  I couldn't take it any more, so I grabbed Ron and started sucking his thick cock.  I wanted to get fucked so badly -- I needed to be filled!  So after a wet, sloppy blowjob, Rocco handed me a condom and I started riding Ron.  Rocco was rock-hard but was busy eating out Cici's sweet pussy.  Brian was a lot more vocal than ever before, and suggested that Rocco help him double team Cici.  I could see that Cici and Brian had really come into their own -- they were having a ball.  Rocco slipped on a condom and started fucking Cici as she sucked her man's long cock.

The action was unbelievable. I looked around and counted twenty couples main play area.  People were fucking EVERYWHERE --  even up against the wall.

I lost count of how many times I came, but I had a GREAT time -- as did all our guests!  I am SO excited about our next BCD party, Arabian Nights.  The lovely Kareena is giving belly-dance lessons, and we're going to be giving our guests the ROYAL treatment.  It's going to be a night to remember!