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It Doesn't Get Any Hotter -- XXXtreme Stoplight Party

The first time we used bracelets to help distinguish who was the most fun was our first trip to Desire in Cancun.  If you recall, we gave bracelets to all those who were in "full-swap" couples and made waves at the resort.  People instantly utilized these indicators to find playmates and have fun.  A concept so simple really got a ton of people laid -- and a LOT happier!  We hadn't used bracelets to distinguish guests at Behind Closed Doors or XXXtreme Events because I felt that with so many beginners, many guests wouldn't even know what they wanted and it would be unfair to ask people to classify themselves at the door.

But since XXXtreme Events generally attract more seasoned swingers and we have been amassing a large group of repeat guests, I figured a "Stoplight" party would be a great idea.  Stoplight?  Yes, three colors for each of three groups:

Red bracelets for women who want to stick with their partner or be left alone.
Yellow bracelets for women looking for one, or possibly two, single males.
Green bracelets for women who would like a gang-bang scenario.  Of course, neither yellow or green means that it is a free-for-all, as all women attending any of my parties have the right and obligation to be picky about who they want to play with.

So now that I've laid out the blueprint for this amazing party, I have no doubt that you'll be seeing other promoters try to rip it off.  But folks, you've seen it here first -- as always :)  Anyway, the resulting party was amazing not because of the bracelets but because of the guests, and that's something that CAN'T be replicated -- anywhere!  I hand picked some of the hottest couples, single women and single males you've ever seen anywhere let alone a swing party.

During the first hour or so, guests mingled while I gave out the wristbands.  Most women took the "yellow" but several took "green."  I was excited to see how the night would unfold.  I was super-horny, so I went to the play area with some friends.  I hadn't seen Carlos and Rosita for quite some time, but things started off exactly where we left off several months ago -- completely naked and frisky.

Within minutes, the play area filled and I witnessed perhaps the HOTTEST action I have ever seen at any swingers party or club, anywhere in the world.  A gorgeous single female, Jessica, dove right into her first group sex in the play area.  She started off sucking two hard dicks side by side and alternated between fucking and sucking each of them.  Another girl, 5'10" with model looks and an insatiable sexual appetite, started going at it with her boyfriend and another hot stud.  The action unfolded all around us.  Moans and screaming filled the air, and I could see several other men with hard cocks ready when needed.  It was amazing.

Both Jessica and the model wound up doing double-penetration.  I was in awe and simply speechless.  Never before have I seen TWO sizzling hot girls attempt this maneuver at a party.  It was better than porn!  I got it on with two guys, one of whom is a sexy NYPD officer -- the other, a local cutie who knew exactly how to rock my world.  Many guys are just wham-bam, but both of these studs knew exactly how to please a lady.  Rocco hit it off with a beautiful African-American lady with amazing breasts and brought her over for some fun with me.  I received some of the best cunnilingus ever from this sexy woman.

All the men in attendance were extremely polite and very sexy.  In fact, because we never flood the party with single men (I actually reject most men who apply) there really wasn't much "gang-bang" action... it was mostly MMF threesomes all around.  But the vibe was super-hot, and the action was beyond good.  It was INSANE!!!!!

The next day I received dozens of emails thanking me for putting together such an incredible event.  Registrations began pouring in for the next party.  XXXtreme Events has gotten to be so good that I can't stop thinking about when the next one will finally come!!!

If you're sexy and looking for hardcore action, you should join us on Friday, July 9 for Karen Kougar's DVD launch party.  And then, in August, I'm having an XXXtreme Events to celebrate my birthday on Friday, August 6.  Visit http://XXXtreme to join us!

'Oldest swingers' enjoy 300 sex parties

From Digital Spy Odd News

A couple claiming to be the oldest married swingers in Britain have celebrated 30 years of "total and utter hedonism".

Former delivery driver Ian Smith, 70, and his former dance teacher wife Jean, 75, of Buckhurst Hill, London, have taken part in over 300 "wild" sex parties since the 1970s, SWNS reports.
Ian said: "I admit we're a little older than most 'swingers', but we're not over the hill quite yet.

"We love going out, meeting new people and, of course, getting to know those people intimately if the situation or opportunity arises."

He added: "That's why our relationship is so strong. We trust one other implicitly, but understand each other's need for extra-marital encounters.

"Our children know but they prefer to say nothing about it - I guess it doesn't matter how old you get, you can still be embarrassed by mom and dad."

A spokesman for the 'casual dating' website Forget Dinner confirmed: "Jean and Ian have been members of Forget Dinner since 2009, and I can confirm that they are our oldest married members - and the oldest known swinging couple in Britain."

Unfortunately Ian and Jean are too old to receive an invitation to a Behind Closed Doors parties.  The ceiling on membership age is mid-40s -- and only if both partners are in incredibly good shape.  But kudos to this amazing couple for living life to the fullest.  Although, as I was thinking about it, 300 parties in 30 years is only 10 parties per year...  I know plenty of New Yorkers who party more than that :)

February's Wall of Shamer

This month's Wall of Shame is a single man who skipped out on the bill at an XXXtreme Event.  This man, whom I had previously hit it off with, contacted me a few hours before the start of the party to ask if he could come out.  He had not paid or registered through the website, but I made an exception since I "knew" him.  I thought he was a good guy and would be honorable enough to pay his admission at the door.  As a working profession he knew that throwing these parties is an expensive proposition considering our prime location rental rates, furniture rental, staff, supplies, laundry, etc.

I knew there were some cock-hungry ladies at the party and figured they would have a good time with him, as he was a handsome guy.  I was right -- he came out and a great time with at least 3 sexy ladies.  He had a fantastic time at the party, but when I asked him to pay his admission fee after the party, he refused to do so.

This fine, upstanding gentleman then told me that he was extremely cheap.  Even though he makes a six-figure income in his late 20s, had aesthetic surgery, loves to vacation in the Caribbean, has a place in the city and a house outside, he would prefer not to pay me.  So, I ended up paying his admission price out of my own pocket for the pleasure of having him attend -- as well as tip the staff on his behalf.

This cheap fuck wound up writing me an email after the event saying that I shouldn't worry about him not paying the bill because he would love to come over to my apartment, bring a bottle of wine and fuck me to make up for it.  Haven't heard that one before... I think I'll pass!  And, he reaffirmed why the rules of my parties are so important and why prepayment is entirely necessary.

Can someone say L-O-S-E-R?  At least I know why this guy is single.  Why any guy would piss off the person who controls the guest list of the hottest erotic events in NYC simply defies logic.  He may just wind up being the top Wall-of-Shamer of 2010.

Let's Play Doctor Game Review

I received the Let’s Play Doctor game and thought I could use it for some naughty play.  According to Babeland’s website: “Play doctor, or teacher, or firefighter, or traveling's up to you with the Let's Play Doctor game. You'll choose from 40 erotic role-plays and fantasies for couples-fun, flirty, and creative, this game is sure to inspire countless hours of naughty fun. Perfect as a bachelorette or newlywed gift, or as a way to spice up your own relationship. Includes 45 game cards, color illustrations, a spinner, and a storage box with lid.” 

Rocco and I opened the package and read the directions which were pretty easy to follow.  I was excited to play the game because I thought it may lead to some kinky sex.  I spun the spinner and drew a card and Rocco and I tried to get into it.  As we started to play out the role-play fantasy, we both thought the instructions were more silly than hot.  Maybe I just picked a bad card, I thought.  So, I placed the card back in the stack and went through and read the rest of the cards.  Although some of the scenarios were interesting, we thought it was too forced to read about a specific role-play and act it out.  I even tried to read the cards using a sexy voice but we just threw the game aside and had our own fun fantasizing about some of the fun sex we have had with some other naughty people in the past.

I wanted to give the game a second chance and see if we could involve some other friends and reenact some of the scenarios.  So, I took it to a party.  However, I never did get to find out if other people enjoyed the game or not because someone took it home by mistake.  As most people buying the product will NOT be using it in a group sex situation, I will base the review on the experience of a couple.  For me and Rocco, we did not personally like the cards in the game and think that part of the fun fantasizing is coming up with your own crazy scenarios.  Besides, when you have seen and experienced group orgies, women having sex with multiple men and other women and well…all the crazy stuff I’ve written about; a scenario involving a cop and perpetrator doesn’t do much (especially since I have been cuffed and detained by a real NYPD officer—while having hot, kinky sex in the bedroom, of course).  However, I will say that perhaps a more vanilla woman who is not usually very kinky may appreciate it.

If you would like to purchase a Let's Play Doctor game from Babeland, please click here.

Product name: Let's Play Doctor Game
Product retail value: $16.95
Available at: Babeland
The positive/negative breakdown:

*Interesting concept
*Beautiful packaging
*May spice up a vanilla's sex life

*Not so great if you have a vivid imagination
*Not recommended for swingers
*Might go "missing" if you bring to a swingers party

Overall score: 2 out of 5 stars