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The World's First 3D Porn - in IMAX

My readers know that I absolutely love porn.  My preference is the juicy stuff -- gangbangs, big dicks, and so on. Over the years, porn has had a great influence over technology adoption (e.g. favoring VHS over Betamax due to its length; early pay-per-view use was primarily for porn, etc.).  And now, Hong Kong is leading the way in 3D --

No ordinary porn flick, "3-D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy" is being touted as the world's first IMAX-3-D erotic film.

First out of the gates, the soft porn Hong Kong film comes as the stricken industry, hit hard by free Internet porn in recent years, turns to 3-D as a potential money-spinner, following on from the success of Hollywood blockbusters such as James Cameron's Avatar.
Read the full story here.
I must confess, the thought of seeing some thick, massive cocks jumping out of my TV screen makes me wetter than a bottle of Poland Spring!