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The Red Rooster in Las Vegas

In a city that is referred to as "The City of Sin," there is a need for a fabulous swing club for both locals and tourists alike.  But just like New York City, there is no hot, sexy club for couples and singles to go dance, flirt and most importantly, TO FUCK AT!

So what doesn't Las Vegas have when compared to NYC?  Well, unlike the so-called swingers clubs in NYC, in a city filled with escorts, Las Vegas did not appear to have fake couples (i.e., one John and a woman-of-the-night accompanying him).  Therefore, you don't have to fear the "my prostitute for your wife" trick.  What does Las Vegas have?  It is home to "the world's most well known swing Las Vegas" as the sign next to the bar at the Red Rooster boasts.

Whenever you ask anyone for advice on the so-called infamous Red Rooster swing club, they either tell you that it's the most aweful or most awesome place.  Therefore, I decided to visit the club and report back to the Swing in the City readers.

If you are a tourist visiting Las Vegas, you need to keep in mind that this swing club, which is actually the owners' house, is not very close to the tourist area by the Las Vegas Strip.  It is quite a drive out and is only accessible by car.  If you decide to take a cab out to the club, you will have to ask the owner to call a cab back for you when you leave and there is a surcharge for the driver to venture out to the distant, residential area to come pick you up.  This also makes it difficult for couples that may want to leave the club as soon as they step in it (which I'm sure is quite common!) -- you're trapped.

If you decide to drive out by yourself, keep the precise address on hand.  If you use a GPS, you will pass a bright sign on the side of a storage facility that states "Red Rooster."  Do not waste your time driving around the facility like Rocco and I did wondering whether they turned the storage units into a club.  They didn't.  It isn't NYC's meat-packing district.

As you approach the Red Rooster, you will notice a bright, red light eminating from an isolated house.  As you drive closer, you will notice tacky, multi-colored Christmas lights leading you to a house with a driveway.  Do not park on the street.  Pull into the drive-way.  The parking lot has rooms for about a 100 cars. 

You will see a parking attendent/security guard sitting inside a booth.  Directly across from him is the enterance to the house.  Go past the sign that states "Beware, Dogs" and open front door.  You will be greeted by an older gentleman who will ask you for the fee.  Upon entering, you will see a bar in front of you where you can drop off your liquor.  The swing club, much like many others in the U.S., is B.Y.O.B.  You will see a sign stating that prostitution is illegal and another on top of a bar that says "We do not sell ANYTHING so do not ask us."  Some patrons of NYC's so-called swinger parties will be upset to see that you can't buy hookers, pot, E, heroine or other drugs off the bartender and working staff.  Too bad for them.

Now, for the rest of us that go to swing parties to fuck, I will provide a detailed outlook of my two-night experience.  Our first visit was on a Friday evening around 11:00PM.  Rocco and I walked in to pretty packed house.  The other guests varied in age.  We were easily the best dressed of anyone there (especially Rocco, as practically every other guy there was wearing washed out jeans and a t-shirt)  There were many red-necks that drove in from the nearby trailer parks and a few tourists mixed in.  However, most of the people that stayed at the club were in-fact locals.  Apparently, the local couples get a deal -- $30 for both Friday and Saturday nights as long as they ask the man at the door for a "pass." 

Upstairs was a couples-only area.  That meant no single males OR single females.  No exceptions.  There were plastic chairs placed all around the couples-only area. 

We looked around the upstairs couples area; these couples were an eclectic bunch.  There was one frisky couple giving each other oral sex and about 5 others were just watching.  We noticed as a much older couple made their way up the narrow stairwell.  The woman could barely walk as she was very drunk.  Her husband was trying to hold her up and help her up the steps.  Even without shoes on, she barely made it.  If there was a Swing School at the Rooster (there isn't, as the concept of a REAL couple in the lifestyle advising other couples in an orientation does not exist at ANY other party or club), I would've advised these noticed (1) that I wouldn't recommend walking around bare-foot and (2) I also wouldn't recommend getting your date piss drunk in order to fuck her.  Rather disgusted by the behavior of the couple, Rocco and I walked downstairs. 

The dance floor was roudy with locals singing and dancing along.  The scene reminded me of an old saloon out of a Western!  There was a lot of cigarette smoke as you could smoke inside.  There were red lights by the bar and a dozen rooster statues placed on a shelf.  Rocco and I tried to walk around to see the other play areas.  This was perhaps the most challenging part of the evening thus far.  Finding the rooms was very difficult.  Plus, they had some sort of system of reserving private rooms by approaching the attendees outside the areas.  It was all very confusing.  We noticed a locker area to put your personal items.  "No locks provided.  There ARE theives among us, please lock your belongings." Fantastic.

Although the lockers are on one side of the house and that means you would have to walk around nude to get to the other areas.  I guess you should bring your own towels as well.  Also, you must bring your own condoms.  Perhaps you should bring your own clean sheets too because I did not see anyone walking around changing them.  I know that the staff were all volunteers working for free and trying to better the swing community but can't they provide some bare essentials??  I mean, the "club" DOES charge a fee for admission!

We moved on to the front of the club where pictures of some porn stars who had visited the club (such as Ron Jeremy) were hung.  There were some porno magazines on the shelves.  I hadn't seen so many magazines in a swingers club before.  It was rather raunchy, but not in a good way.  As we were looking around, we heard "Rocco, Sex Kitten!"  The couple who was getting frisky upstairs had made their way downstairs.  It turned out, they were a couple we had spoken with online.  It was nice to see them in person.  The girl was a real knock out -- she was a pin-up model and porn star.  She had some fantastic natural breasts that were popping out of her top.  Her man was a nice gentleman from Holland.  They were frequent visitors of the establishment.  He was glad to see us and continued to give us a tour of the rest of the play areas.  There was an outdoor yard and an enclosed indoor pool/jacuzzi area.  We didn't go for a swim and I would probably recommend against it -- we saw some nasty couples getting it on in the pool.

By now, I noticed many older single men in the club.  Some of them were playing pool.  Some of them were eating pizza.  It wasn't a turn on, at ALL.  Still, I tried not to be too jugemental of the place.  This was partly because Rocco and I had just returned from a beautiful, luxurious off-premise party where no one was geting lucky besides the cocktail waitresses making tips.  We don't mind if a place isn't exactly the Ritz so long as there are good guests and good action.  So, we tried to go see if we could find some action in the orgy room, which would have been my favorite room if the crowd was different -- it was a rather cool, multi-level play space which had potential if it wasn't overwhelmed with nasty old men.

Nothing was really happening in the public areas.  I noticed that as our new friends (the couple) were giving us a tour, we were followed by at least a dozen single men.  This is not unusual at most single guy parties but these guys were a bit too much, they were nasty and looked like hick zombies.  As you can imagine, the "feed-me" men, as I like to call them, were not particularly suave.  One rudely cut into our conversation to tried to tell us about himself.  Why anyone would do this, I don't know.  Anyhow, we tried to get away from this man, who told us he was from Guyana, but we failed.  He would follow us around everywhere we went and would joke about him being our body-guard.  I wish he would protect us from himself. 

The single men of the Red Rooster were, in general, perhaps the rudest and lowest-class men I have ever encountered in one club.  Some would just stop me and say "Hmmmm, I'd like to play."  Another would beg, "PLEASE!"  Another thought he was cute and ran his finger nail along my butt.  I told him firmly, "Please don't touch me."  It was quite comical and I had to hold back a few times from telling the guys to back the fuck off. 

One man must have been following me around and waited until Rocco wasn't looking to grab my left arm and say "I wanna play."  He grabbed my arm in such a sleezy and disgusting way that I could've kicked him in the balls.  But, I held back the New Yorker inside me and gave him a dirty look and said "Please do not touch me."  Usually, I like to repeat the phrase "Oh yeah, fuck me harder," to the men but during my visit at the Red Rooster, my most used phrase may have been "Please don't touch me."  It was sad how ignorant the single men were.  They ruined it for themselves mostly.

When we finally went into a private room with Mr. Holland and Ms. Pin-up, the Guyanese man actually tried to force his way inside.   We had to push him out and tell security we did NOT want him to join us.   But, we did have some fun with the couple -- and a single female they knew, who they invited to come back with us.  We had a fun session, and Rocco was the man of the hour since Mr. Holland had problems getting it up.  Rocco made Ms. Pin-up, her friend, and me cum in the course of about an hour.  Ms. Pin-up's friend loved his thick cock; she was multi-orgasmic and told Rocco to keep fucking her hard as she came over and over.

When we finally left the room, one of the single men started bugging our single female friend.  He started off by saying, "I didn't get any tonight, can you at least suck me off?"  I looked at him, puzzled.  How could a guy actually say that in good conscience.  Pathetic!!!  But it didn't stop -- this loser kept asking the single lady to help him out and then said "Is it me?  Am I not attractive?  At least, can you give me your number?  You have to tell me the next time you come back here.  Please, PLEASE!!?"  I think also due to the fact that the prices at the Red Rooster were so dirt cheap, there was a plethora of TOTAL losers -- dirty, grungy, nasty men without ANY manners or skill.    

Overall, although the private areas seem to have some action going throughout the night, it was difficult to maneuver and fuck in the public areas.  As I mentioned before, this was partly due to the fact that the tourists just wanted to watch people fuck like they were zoo animals and mostly due to the poorly designed play areas (the house was straight out of the 1960's, and was NOT renovated). 

Despite the shabbiness, our friends convinced us to meet them at the Rooster again the next night.  Considering how HORRIBLE the Green Door was (the other competing club which is located closer to the strip), we decided to give the Rooster another go (the Green Door write up will come soon).

The next evening when me, Rocco, our couple friends and another single girl tried to play in the public area which had custom, cascading beds put into the orgy pit, we were overwhelmed.  We were surrounded by so many people that the security had to step in (which was nice of him) to ward people off.  It was nice of him to do my job because usually I have to politely tell people to back off.  But I realized the volunteer security job came with a perk--front row seats to a hot three-girl-on-two-guys show.  The security guard did not let the show go to waste and was multitasking--warding away the zombies and jerking off at he same time.

I wanted to like the Red Rooster because I know the owners fought so hard to have the right to keep the club open in Las Vegas.  They were trying to cater to the real and true swingers.  Even the fact that the club had many older, and some unattractive couples did not bother me.  Intermixed within the crowd were some younger, cute couples.  Most of them were not playing, but it was nice to see at least a few attractive faces.  But the fact that the play areas are so poorly designed (cramped) and the single men are so rude, swarming to get into the pit for at least a better view of the action, is just not cool. 

Still, the locals all looked like they were having a good time and it's nice to see people having fun.  Maybe some more areas for couples and invited single men in the downstairs area may help -- but that might mean adding an extension onto the house.  I would not recommend this place to beginners at all because it can scare a curious couple to the point that you'd never want to go to another swinger club.  I would also not recommend that the ladies dress up too much or draw too much attention to themselves -- you WILL be stalked.  Jeans (not skinny or form-fitted jeans) with a loose-fitting top will suffice.  But, if you are an experienced swinger looking for some alternative, adult fun in Las Vegas, you may get lucky here and meet a couple.  Yes, you will see people that look like extras from The Hills Have Eyes but maybe you will find someone compatible.  Or maybe, you can meet someone after messaging them online at a swinger site like Kasidie and then at least have a chance of having some fun. 

And don't be scared to get snappy with the single guys and put them in their place.  I certainly wasn't.


No, you can't buy your way in...

Money isn't everything, especially when it comes to swinging.  In fact, swinging is the great equalizer.  Since the School of Sex and our parties, Behind Closed Doors and XXXtreme Events, are not operated for profit we aren't looking to let in everyone off the street just to make a quick buck.  Every other club does just that, simply because at the end of the day their club or party is a business.  The dynamics work very different at my events.

First, it means hotter guests.  I have been around the world to check out the finest swinger clubs on the planet.  Even if the swing club itself is opulent, alluring, and grand, there is always a problem -- the guests.  In order to finance such an operation, these clubs need to let everyone in.  That's also the reason many clubs operate "single guy" nights where single males are allowed in, to help the bottom line.

But when you open a club to everyone, there are issues.  Despite lovely decor of a top swing club, it's never sexy to see people old enough to be your parents -- or grandparents in many cases!  The sad truth is that the overwhelming majority of swingers are old, extremely out of shape, and don't take care of themselves.  The older men are typically the ones who are the worst, even if they bring some eye candy to the club with them.  So, if you decide to check out a swing club, a swinger resort, or anything of the sort, be prepared to see people that you will probably find very unattractive.

Then there's BCD.  We ONLY invite hot, young couples and single women.  The age range of our guests is 21 to 45 (and those who are 40+ must be exceedingly hot).  BOTH the male and the female of a couple must be attractive.  Sorry old men, but we don't want fugly sugar daddies -- you can't buy into our party the way you bought your Barbie doll (yes, we HAVE seen such displays as the one pictured at swing clubs).

Single males beg for entrance into BCD, even offering thousands of dollars for a chance to attend -- or simply watch.  They're always turned down.  NO single males are permitted at BCD events, that's why we have XXXtreme Events (assuming the guy is hot enough).  And no boys, I don't have a single female friend to hook you up with.

XXXtreme Events are also very selective -- but in a different way.  XXXtreme parties are open to extremely handsome single men.  Single men are 21 to 40, attractive and complete gentlemen.  The couples who attend XXXtreme are slightly older (many MILFs have the cougar/cub fantasy, and are definitely welcome).  The caveat here is that at XXXtreme, everyone plays.  It is NOT a party for couples to come watch.  For that reason, there is a mandatory undress rule in the play areas.

So, the lesson?  If you don't meet the criteria of these parties, you can't buy your way in.  It's as simple as that.  Welcome to the promised land...

March's Wall of Shamer

March's Wall of Shamer may sound familiar as he is not alone.  Let's call him "Luke."  Luke and I spoke on the phone a few hours before a BCD party since he had registered last minute (I direct all guests who register within 24 hours of an event to call the BCD contact number).  As you know I typically speak with the female -half of a couple.  Unfortunately, Luke's wife of many years was unavailable to talk on the phone with me for an interview.  I should have told Luke that I would be unable to accommodate them, for reasons you will find out as the story unfolds.

However, Luke assured me that his wife was very much interested in swinging and the both of them mutually agreed to attend the party.  Luke asked me some common questions regarding the party on the phone.  Due to the fact that I was already preparing for the party, I was unable to answer all his questions and directed him to the Behind Closed Doors website's Frequently Asked Questions section.  I further explained to him that all beginners should attend Swing School, which is designed to address all of his and his wife's concerns.  However, Luke cut me off frantically, "Well, ah, we got dinner reservations at a...10PM and can't to Swing School."  I insisted that Luke and his wife change their reservations if possible so they could at least catch the end of the school. 

But, for some reason, those that need to come to Swing School often never do.  As time goes on, I think I will be forced to institute more stringent policies because of people like Luke.  I extended him an invitation because  I just am too nice sometimes.  What happened? Well, when the action was well under-way at the party, Luke and his wife walked in.  I was a bit pre-disposed and was unable to greet the two.  So, Luke created quite a scene and walked into the play area without knowing any of the rules.  As he approached the area, he yelled out, "I just wanna watch!"  I turned around and put on my panties to talk to this loud-mouth.  However, before I even had the chance to address his problems and/or get my security to throw him out, Luke and his wife, who looked dazed and confused, walked out.  Apparently, she didn't want to be there and was totally taken aback by the dozens of naked bodies that were engaging in an orgy.  I just don't understand why Luke would act like a jerk and not come out during the school to put his wife at ease and learn proper etiquette.  Instead of getting some, my guess is Luke got none and went home with an angry wife that night. 

And with every ass, the rules for BCD get even stricter to ensure that only those hot young couples with an upbeat, positive attitude and good manners are permitted to join our events.  It's better for me, it's better for our guests, and it's better for pricks like Luke who won't have a good time anyway.