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Two Parties are Better Than One - Round 1

To celebrate the School of Sex's third anniversary, Rocco and I partied it up on Friday AND Saturday.  School of Sex actually started off with two nights of Halloween debauchery, so it was clearly time to re-institute an entire weekend of festive, freaky fun.  On Friday, we kicked off the weekend with XXXtreme Events.  As you know, XXXtreme Events are not for the beginner swingers.  These parties are open to VERY SELECT single males, single women and couples.  What is the criteria for the single males?  Let's just say determining who to invite is a rigorous process.  Not only do the men have to be very handsome, well-groomed, decently endowed, and young, but they must be GENTLEMEN, first and foremost.  For those women who have been fortunate enough to date men in NYC, you can certainly understand how daunting this task is.  Nevertheless, XXXtreme Events gathered this top echelon of gentlemen and did not disappoint!

We were celebrating Angelina and Rocco's birthday at the XXXtreme party.  I was excited to see our beautiful friends Lady and Mr. E.  Lady E is an exotic, gorgeous woman.  The two of them are an amazing swinger couple -two of the nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet.  We have been fortunate enough to party with these two on many occasions.  Not only did Lady and Mr. E join us for Friday night's event, they also parties with us all weekend long and joined us on Saturday night.  We can't get enough of these two.  You may think these two were the only crazy enough party animals besides us to party all weekend-but you would be wrong.  Also joining us for the crazy weekend XXXtravaganza was Titan and Mrs. Titan.  As you may recall, Titan was the winner of the Biggest Dick 2009 contest. 

A cock-craving cougar started the action off, hoping to fulfill her DP fantasy (double penetration: one cock in her ass and one in her pussy, at the same time).  I started playing with the Birthday girl, Angelina as Brian helped me out.  We ate her out and watched her as she enjoyed herself.  Angelina was soaking wet and ready for Brian's throbbing cock.  As I turned around, two other ladies were playing with two gentlemen, each.  In the adjacent room, I could hear moans and screams.  Further still in the third room was Titan who had stacked two ladies on top of one another and put his foot-long, thick cock inside one of the ladies.  Mrs. Titan was sandwiched on the bottom of the two.  It was a hot, porn-like move.

Each of the two "DP ladies" from a previous XXXtreme party were back again for more.  Perry, who had previously DPed not one but TWO of the DP ladies, was back in action.  With a smile on his face, Perry was working over time.  We never have enough single men at XXXtreme Events (since finding high quality men is so difficult) so we needed heroes such as Perry and Hal to work overtime.  I've watched Hal pleasure multiple women over the past year and I have never had the pleasure of playing with him.  Every time I look up at him, Hal's been snatched up again.  That's OK, because sharing is caring.  But one of these days, I have to play with this man!

Mandy, one of the DP ladies, is a super-squirter.  This lady is sexual and sensual.  Playing with her is so much fun--every time I do, she squirts all over.  What a super sexy orgasm princess.  At one point in the evening, Perry was fucking Mandy, missionary style and while Mandy played with my clit, Perry took my foot and started to lick it as he fucked Mandy's pussy.  What a kinky scene. 

At the end of the night, we were all tired!  We laid down next to each other, caressing and talking about what a great night it was.  Titan, Mrs. Titan, Lady E and Mr. E, Rocco and I were ready for Round 2 of our crazy, sex-filled Halloween weekend...

Clip of the Week - Lex Steele

My long time blog readers know that I hooked up with Lex Steele at a party awhile back.  It was one of the hottest experiences I ever had.  If you want to know what Lexington's monster cock looks like, how good it felt to ride on top of it, and how good of a fuck he really is, check out this clip: